Some Negative Aspects of Multiculturalism in Canada!

Multiculturalism has been the spirit of Canada. Till 1971 the migration policies generally emphasized on aspects such as culture and language. But with the arrival of more immigrants in to the nation, this focus was shifted to anti-racist immigrant policies.

In 1982, Multiculturalism was fused as an essential part of the Canadian constitution. Each person was equal under the law regardless of what’s his/her race, religion, color, ethnic origin, any kind of disability, age etc. bias of any person based on his race was a punishable offense. In due course the Multiculturalism Act was introduced for the nation in 1988.

But the problems start with the introduction of reservations/quotas for the freshly immigrated individuals. This angered and even got the old citizens unconfident on their status as a Canadian citizen. From the previous special preference for the French speaking Canadians the focus was now shifted to immigrants and women. The Canadian nationals of British descent together with the French speaking Canadians felt quite left out from the recently introduced special policies.

Increasingly people were immigrating to Canada, result of which there was a fast change in the Canadian population and culture. The adaptation to a variety of cultures of the world was not easy for the Canadians. The addition of immigrants beneath one roof i.e. the Canadian culture was a challenge for the immigrants in addition to the existing citizens. The aptitude of the immigrants to understand the democratic structure that was the foundation of Canadian politics was tested. The francophone inhabitants speculate if the immigrants would study French or adapt their own culture.

Multiculturalism has led to a unclear sense of patriotism in some people’s mind. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto and MontrĂ©al though unwillingly have accepted multiculturalism as a fraction of the Canadian culture. The truth is Canada requires immigrants, and therefore no one turns their backs to immigration.

The immigrants just want to be documented as Canadian citizens. Not a deviant name of some ethno groups.


Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism can be negative for the reason that it is level to conflicts, particularly between ethnic groups or religions. But this can only come to pass if multiculturalism is viewed in the incorrect perspective. The wrong viewpoint here is seeing multiculturalism as a danger in place of something that is totally normal. For example, radical groups or primeval mindsets. Those are the negative effects of multiculturalism.
I reside in Canada; it's one of the most multicultural countries in the world. We are taught about these things at school.

Aria said...

The negative things of multiculturalism are:
• When populace try to win over other racism/ethnicity's/etc. for certain senses of superiority.
• From that come racial tensions and social tensions.
• When people don't recognize, they will misunderstand and make something bad out of it and start seeing others as lesser than them.
• People will begin to get persecuted and start being used as scapegoats.

Malika said...

There are positives, undoubtedly, but there are negatives, as with the majority things in life.

1) Makes racial discrimination more likely since there are more probable to be disagreements.
2) When citizens are of one culture, it's easier to relationship.
3) There is no leading group, subservient groups, or minority/majority groups; there is only single group.

Sapil Choudhary said...

Multiculturalism has positive point also which are heavy over negative one that the country only let those people to immigrate into there country those who have some ability of doing well for there country, so whenever there are immigrants there is the need on both side i.e the country as well as the immigrats. In such situation the multiculturalism have to be accepted to fullfill the need of country and the immigrants have to accept the culture of other country to live and survive in other community.

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism Zindabad

Anonymous said...

Already you are seeing the internet being infected by the fallout of multiculturalism; from the self righteous screeching from the *separatists/extreme nationalists and supremacists (Particularly w/YouTube Channels)to the sociopolitical homicides in Norway, fully illustrates what can go wrong when the self righteous are fueled by fear and proud ignorance.

*And by "*separatists/extreme nationalists and supremacists" I do not exclude non-whites, just take a look in every country on the face of the earth and you'll be bombarded by instances of the barbaric-minded cavern dwellers.

Our only defense that we have is to become like a wall of stone between the disruption and destruction of society via left and right wing extremism and to truly maintain a centered and functional society which humans as a whole will benefit, as is our creed.

The only path I see to that end would be to "understand and accept" others differences, while also using our common interests (of a safe environment in which to work, live and play) to maintain a fully structured and functional base of symbiosis in which to have a working society, instead of just simply "Tolerating" each others differences..

You "Tolerate" a buzzing fly or a screaming kid, but you "understand and accept" a quirky best friend, and even a bratty younger sibling!

The major importance of this method is that we do not want to have WW III which is a true possibility as we are still in an economic struggle world-wide, several countries responses are becoming more and more nationalistic, coupled with fear and resentment including both rise of antisemitism, and the fear of the resurrection of the former Soviet Union as voiced by former presidential candidate (John McCain) and a new one. (Michele "Brick-Smart" Bachmann)

I recognize the solution, but unfortunately most don't want to give an inch, I just would like relative peace in my lifetime because the inevitable will arise whether we like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Stop wasting your time discussing about this, it has already happened and you can't change it.


Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism seems very noble, however we in the uk seem to have slowly had our identity diminished. Don't like England flags etc. Ireland, Scotland and Wales are very patriotic. Good on them. However when a country is absorbing immigrants at a fantastic pace, how can they e integrated. Imagine if for example, all of europe moved to china. The local culture would disappear, riots, disharmony. There is a lot of distrust between cultures in uk. I fear that this will head to war eventually, and with the advent of peak oil, food prices rising, inflation, water scarcity, the human race is headed for oblivion a lot sooner than anyone thinks.

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