New Points System of Australia Condemned!

The freshly announced latest points system so as to facilitate the country in evaluate people applying to immigrate in the skilled migrant visa group by the nation’s immigration minister is facing disapproval of late. In accordance with the Australian Industry Group, the fresh points system is not expected to provide to the skill scarcity that country has been presently facing.

The new points system was publicized on last Thursday by Chris Bowen, where the smallest amount number of points required to pass has been attuned from earlier 120 to 65. The group of industries in Australia has disapproved of the system, claim that it does not assure to increase the migration to the country so as to meet the skill requirements.

If we have an impending of the system, we can glimpse that it does not award points to applicants with capable language skills in English. Only the applicants who have better language skills are awarded with points, but that also very less, dissimilar to the old points-based system that existed. This surely does not make sure the level of migration that the country needs in the current time. Other than the over, there are more glitches to the new points system.

One major feature of the new points system is that overseas doctorates will be awarded with the similar number of points as the country’s local doctorates. Previously, foreign doctorates applying under skilled migrant’s visa class were not allotted with any points.

All the changes to the Australian skilled migrant visa category points system were made as fraction of the immigration department’s effort to improvements skilled migration program. With the amendments, the department hopes to get together the country’s economic needs in the long term. It is predictable that the new points system will work well in incorporation of Australia’s new skilled occupation list, which has been in effect since July1, 2010.


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