Basics of Canadian Immigration Policy

Canada's immigration system facilitates potential immigrants to find a new home inside the nation's borders. In accordance with the Canadian government, there are 3 major objectives for Canada's immigration plan. These three goals are

• To support a well-built and wealthy Canadian financial system
• To join up families in Canada
• To provide refugees with a safe haven and protection to people in need

Canada is presently working in the direction of improving its immigration system so more immigrants are capable of entering the country so as to promote a more economically stable and assorted culture.

Reformed Immigration:
Canada's immigration policy has been made easy so as to let immigrants to rapidly enter the country to ensure financial success in Canada. Skilled workers are the primary applications to be assessed, and if they are accepted they will be allowable to enter Canada so as to work in high-demand areas for example finance, natural resource extraction and health. Skilled workers' eligibility can be determined within 12 to 18 months as opposed to the earlier six-year wait time.

Reuniting Families:
Ensuring that families are being brought back together is still a significant part of the Canadian immigration program. Canada's administration states that its plans will carry on setting up clear targets for immigrants every year. Canada expected up to 265,000 new immigrants in 2010 and 70,000 of these were immigrants were a division of the family class.

Cultural diversity and government funding play a big part with Canada's monetary growth. Toronto, Ontario, is the main city in Canada and where more than half of all immigrants inhabit. Toronto is also Canada's leading city for showcasing how variety and government funding for immigration helps the city to be economically strong. Other cities around the Canadian country struggle to implement Toronto's prototype of immigration. "Diversity is Our Strength" is the slogan for Toronto, which was rated the fifth-most inhabitable city in the world in an Economist Intelligence Unit report, consistent with CIC News.

Security and Protection:
Canada's immigration goal with security and protection for populace in need has been put into effect as a consequence of the Haitian earthquake crisis that happened in January 2010. The Canadian government held a particular meeting and decided to let main concern status for Haitian people to immigrate into Canada. For the reason that Canada has a rather large Haitian community, it allowed the people in this sole community to sponsor Haitian refugees. There are exact qualifications that sponsoring Canadians have to follow, and providing they meet the criteria they can help bring Haitian immigrants to Canada.

Additional Features:
There are additional features to the Canadian immigration system that make it a significant part of the country. Canada's government has made a billion-dollar venture into the country so as to update its immigration system. It also made significant changes to the Immigration and Protection Act that helps the immigration procedure to be completed within a comparatively short amount of time. Temporary foreign workers can be hired rapidly and with less annoyance for Canadian employers. There is also a Canadian experience class that let skilled temporary foreign workers and university graduates to stay in the country in anticipation of receiving their citizenship status.


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