Increased demand of Indian IT professionals in UK and EU

Approximately 50,000 Indians will obtain UK work permits to let them live and work in the UK, findings of disclosed paper. Every year, sums of 20,000 IT workers are issued UK work permits in the deal between India and Brussels.

On the other hand, as indicated by Migrationwatch UK, a self-governing think tank, disclosed documents of European Commission have exposed negotiations with India to permit additional IT professionals in EU.

The details of the deal disclosed that Germany and France would take 3,000 and 7,000 skilled IT workers from India, concurrently with the UK which will let 20,000 Indian migrants to immigrate to the country.

Therefore, as indicated by the negotiations, EU is purportedly heading for offering around 35,000 to 50,000 UK work permits every year for CSS (Contractual Service Suppliers) and IPs (Independent Professionals).The continuing negotiations are probable to get finalize in the compromise Round next week.

And this is, unquestionably, a basis of staid concern for the UK since inhabitant UK workers are previously facing high rate of unemployment, stated Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, Sir Andrew Green. The exposure comes at a point when the UK is previously facing debate over the UK government’s plans to control UK immigration levels by restricting the figure of migrant’s flag down from non-EU nations to come to the UK.

Several opponents maintain that the vow of the UK PM (Prime Minister) David Cameron to cap UK immigration levels is diluted because of hostility from several UK businesses. British IT professionals are finding it hard to get appropriate jobs in the UK. This is obvious from the pointed unemployment rate of 17 percent amongst computer science professionals graduating from UK universities last year, Sir Green maintains.

Consequently, we cannot visualize providing side-door entry to around 20,000 Indian IT professionals to live and work in the UK which by the way has no jobs for its domestic workers. Sir Green has stated that it’s elevated time the secrecy is put to an end at the most primitive and has sought explanations from the UK government. In addition, there is a requirement for execution of safeguards to stop such unexpected circumstances happening in the UK, Sir Green asserted.


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