UK Marriage Visa | Marriage Immigration to UK

For a UK marriage visa / marriage immigration or a spouse visa to be issued only if both partners must be 21 prior to application of visa. The UK spouse visa would let the spouse to submit an application for leave to enter or leave to remain inside the UK on the basis that he/she is married to somebody who has established status in the UK. This would imply that the UK is their home and they are legally living here as an immigrant with no limit on their stay.

Benefits of UK Marriage Visa:
A small number of of the benefits for the UK Marriage visa / UK spouse visa is that once a claimant is granted the visa, he can start employment immediately. There are no limits upon the type of work he/she assume and no arrangements need to be taken for a work permit.

Duration of UK Marriage Visa:
Once the claimant has received the UK Marriage visa / UK spouse Visa it will be subject for a two year time. Once this era is completed productively they can then submit an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) which is besides known as permanent residency or Citizenship of UK.

Relationships Requirements for UK Marriage Immigration:
To meet the criteria for the UK Marriage immigration, couples have to meet the following requirements.
- Parties ought to have met each other and be married.
- Also they have got to intend to live jointly and be able to support themselves without any help from public funding in UK.

Accommodation Requirements:
A vital part of the UK Marriage Visa requirement is that the couple ought to have sufficient housing where they and any dependants can reside without help from public funding.

Any kids who are under 18 years can be approved entry as dependents. These dependents would be able to make their request together with the primary applicant. Once they have spent a total of three years in the UK and have met the requirements of habitation they are entitled to submit an application for British naturalization so that you might stay in the country under UK citizenship.


Tariq said...

I am very thankful if some one answer my Question.
Now I am in problem that my wife lived in the UK from last five year.During that period we are married as per the Pakistani laws. Now she wants to sponsor me in UK.Now the problem is that what type visa can she apply to sponsor me.
1. Fiancee Visa (Because UK laws dose not accept our marriage that is in Pakistan).
2. Are as married person(if then what process of it).
And my second prom is that as per the Pakistani laws I am married so that on the my passport my marital status is now if I can submit application as unmarried partner there is any problem.

About my wife:
She is financialyy stable in the UK she has her own house over there.she has per week 400 pounds short she is well sattled over there. reply me I am to match worried about it. thank you,

Nixen Paul said...

If you are in U.S.A and your spouse is in foreign country or your home country then you can apply K3 Visa to quickly bring your spouse into the U.S. and get their green card.

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