Canada Student Immigration

In excess of 130,000 worldwide students arrive to Canada each year for general studies and to learn English and French, in accordance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Requirements of Student Visa:
International students who desire to study in Canada generally have to get hold of a study permit. To do this, they should have been accepted at a Canadian college or university. They must have sufficient money for tuition, living expenses and the homecoming journey to their country. They have not to have a scandalous record, must be in fine health and must convince an immigration officer that they will depart Canada when their studies are completed.

Exceptions in Student Visa:
1. Those who desire to study in Canada for six months or less do not require obtaining a study permit.
2. Foreign delegations and representatives to Canada may not require the study permit.
3. Family members of overseas armed forces do not require a study permit.

Documents Required for Student Visa of Canada:
Prospective worldwide students must submit an application for the study permit and perhaps a temporary resident visa, depending on the country in which they exist in. With their study permit request, students have to submit proof of approval at their prospective school, evidence of identity, evidence of financial support and a letter of explanation if they are applying for a study permit when they are not requisite to do so. Applying for a study permit when not required to do so let students to work part-time on campus and if they make a decision they want to carry on studying further than the six-month limit, they can concern for renewal from within Canada.

Immigration After Studies:
CIC usually offer work permit to those students who successfully completed their studies in Canada. This leads to immigration to Canada ultimately.


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