Marriage Immigration of the USA

The Marriage migration is issued as per the United States Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for the overseas spouses of US citizens. A lot of requirements or terms and conditions must be followed as stated by the laws of the United States in order to get hold of this visa.

This visa is mainly a petition for a family based immigrant. At this time, the US citizen files a petition for his immediate family member for an immigrant position in the USA. The direct relatives comprise spouses, parents and children who are small and unmarried which also comprise stepchildren. On the other hand, when it comes to stepchildren, this link should have been shaped prior to the children were 18 years of age. It has to be apprehended that this immigrant visa is a form of Green Card only which allow the immigrant to reside and work in the US.

Lest, a relative does not fall in the immediate relative group, he would be termed as the derived receiver. So, in such a case, a separate petition has to be filed for every of such relatives.

It has to be keeping in mind that previous to filing the K1 Fiancé visa or an immediate relative petition, the main part of the procedure for immigration must have been done with before the immigrant’s entry into the USA. This is for the reason that the immigrant would enter the United States as a Green Card which means that the person would be entitled to find work the day he/she lands in the USA. This means that the set check on the candidate which includes the immigration history of the claimant, bona fides of the connection etc. are carried out. Together with this, the candidate is also interview by the consular officers prior to obtaining a visa. The interview is carried out at a US Embassy in the inhabitant country of the candidate of which the applicant is a citizen.

The necessities for both the marriage visa in addition to for the K1 Fiancé visa are comparatively similar. The evidence provided must be sufficient that the relationship with the US citizen is authentic. Therefore, the proof should include a marriage authentic which is honest; lawful in addition to sincere. This must prove that the couple is lawfully and is not trying to dodge the laws pertaining to immigration. In addition, if the couple was into an earlier marriage, they have to show that it has been ended before walking into this relationship.

Best Way to Bring Your Spouse To Canada !

The best way to bring your spouse to Canada is to submit an application to CIC along with all required documents of Canada marriage Immigration. If you want to bring your spouse to Canada, following are 6 aspects that must be kept in mind:

1. Genuine relationship with your spouse; an important requirement is that you and your spouse have to have a real relationship with each other. The Immigration officers must never think that this association is created just to accomplish the purpose of Canadian Immigration.
2. Marriage Certificate: If you were married in Canada, you are requisite to show your marriage certificate. If married exterior to Canada, the marriage must meet the terms with your country’s law.
3. Medical Fitness: Spouse or dependants might be refused on the foundation of their medical inadmissibility. It is binding to provide documentation linked with health records and other facets.
4. The Immigration officers at Local CHC and CIC should never think or consider that the applicant is trying to take advantage of the Canadian immigration system.
5. Make sure that the spouse has a transparent background and is free from any criminal record
6. You have to show that you have sufficient finances to sponsor your dependents. Financial statements should be shown in the form of bank slips, loan payments (if any) and proof of other assets

How to Bring Your Souse to Canada?

Sample Invitaion Letter for Parents - US Visitor Visa

Following is a sample letter of US visitor visa for parents. This may be used just a a template and you may modify it as per your requirements.


Hassan Chohan
12223 Park Avenue,
Iselin, NJ 08830 USA
Home: 732-391-9293
Work: 732-733-4087

November 22, 2010

American Consulate General, Mumbai
Lincoln House
78 Bhulabhai Desai Road
Mumbai 400 026, INDIA

Re: Issuance of US Visitor's Visa to My Parents

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Hassan Chohan, working as a Software Engineer at AT&T Inc. located at Piscataway, NJ and earn 73,000 USD per year. I am going to invite my parents, Mr. Ahmad Naseer and Mrs. Madhia Ahmad, to visit the USA for tourism purposes and to meet me. My parents will be staying with me at my home at the above-mentioned address for the period of 6 months.

During their reside in the United States, I will put up with all responsibilities including, but not limited to, financial responsibilities, return air ticket to travel from INDIA to the USA and back, travel expenses inside the USA, medical coverage, housing and food. I will for myself confirm that they leave United States previous to the expiration of their sanctioned stay. I will also ensure that they will not turn out to be a public charge on the part of United States government.

So I respectfully request you to grant a visitors' visa to my parents.

Thanking you


Hassan Chohan

ICT UK Visa – A Loophole in Immigration Cap

The interim UK immigration restriction has led to a large boost in applications for Intra-Company Transfers (ITC) – the only UK visas exempt from the cap. Home Office statistics disclosed a 35 per cent increase in ICT UK visa applications in the three months in view of the fact that the interim cap on employment-based visas was implemented in July. More than 8,100 non-EU workers came to the UK in the third quarter of this year, compared with 6,000 for the same era last year.

The release of the statistics has been met with state that companies are exploiting what they see as a “dodge” in the UK visa cap. Peter Skyte, of the trade union Unite, told The Telegraph: “It is a huge ambiguity. Our prediction has always been that the immigration restriction would be all smoke and mirrors.”

There are currently fears those ICT visas numbers may carry on to rise even after the permanent UK immigration cap is imposed in April subsequent year. The government just announced ICT UK visas will be exempt from the new UK immigration cap – a shift which media reports recommended was an effort to mollify the UK’s largest businesses. UK businesses have been foyer hard since the cap was introduced, warning that restricting their right of entry to skilled labor may force them to move operations overseas, harmful to the UK economy and joblessness rate.

Canada – The Ideal Destination for Irish Immigrants in 2011

In accordance with Canadian Government officials, immigration levels will be advanced than ever as the populace ages and the birth rates stay low. Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, expects around 240,000 to 265,000 new permanent residents in 2011.

Canada's post downturn financial system demands a high level of lawful immigration to keep its workers strong. All of the country's personnel growth will come from immigration within the next five years.

Prospects in 2011 show the Federal Skilled Worker Programme to be the most admired source of entry. A predictable 25% of newcomers will be intended for provinces outside of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec; this is a boost from 1997 at 11%. The Federal Skilled Worker Program accepts personnel in such fields as medical, technicians, skilled tradespersons, managers and professionals.

Canada has shown to be a well-liked immigration target for Irish immigrants. As there has been a notable influx of Irish expats looking for jobs abroad, finding major achievement in Canada. Those looking for jobs in Canada are quite varied from medical professionals, construction managers and marketing executives. Irish companies are also require the Canadian market as more than 220 Irish companies sell goods and services into Canada, with an additional 45 Irish companies operating offices and facilities in Canada.

In recent times, the largest Irish trade mission in history was direct by Mary Coughlan, Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, to Canada, visiting Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. The missions focus was to show and endorse the achievement of world-class Irish companies that have had a breach into the Canadian market.

The Famous 7 Steps of Canada Immigration Process!

There are two distinct ways to meet the criteria for a Canadian Immigration Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker group and there are dissimilar requirements all through the immigration process for each:
1. Candidates with Arranged Employment.
2. All other Federal Skilled Worker applicants have to have work experience and education from a list of 29 qualifying occupations.

All applications are firstly submitted the Central Intake Unit (CIU) in Sydney Nova Scotia.

Step 1: Your Canadian Immigration Application Is Screened In Sydney, Nova Scotia:
Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Central Intake Unit (CIU) in Sydney, Nova Scotia will only accept your application if it contains the following:
• Signed and correctly completed application forms
• Accurate Canadian Government processing fees
• Proof of English and/or French language proficiency, in the form of the results of an approved language test
• All the documents required (work experience and education documents, etc.), as listed on the Canadian Visa Office checklist responsible for processing your application
• A photocopy of your passport’s bio-data pages
• 2 self-addressed mailing labels
• Proof of application for Security Clearances
• Additional required documents in support of your application for Arranged Employment:
• Photocopy of your work permit & your employer’s offer to employ you indeterminately once you are a Permanent Resident; OR
• Copy of an Arranged Employment Opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada

If the above requirements are met, the Central Intake Unit (CIU) will recognize your application and make a beginning decision as to whether your request will be accepted for processing.
If any of the above requirements are missing, the Central Intake Unit will revisit the application to the dispatcher.

Step 2: The Transfer Of Your Request And Supporting Documents From The Canadian Intake Unit (CIU) To The Canadian Immigration Visa Office That Will Be Dispensation Your Request:
The Canadian Immigration Visa Office will only recognize your full application if it contains the following:
• Proof that indicates you have selected the right Canadian Immigration Visa Office for the processing of your application
• All the documents required as listed on the Canadian Visa Office checklist accountable for handing out your application
If the above requirements are met, the Canadian Immigration Visa Office will agree to your application and make a final conclusion as to whether your application will be accepted for processing.
If any of the above requirements are absent, the Canadian Immigration Visa Office may recognize your application for processing and decline it, or return the application to the sender.

Step 3: Your Application Is Evaluated By A Canadian Immigration Visa Officer:
A Canadian Immigration Visa Officer will make a thorough analysis of all the information contained in the application and of all the supporting documents and review the application next to the current selection criteria and pass mark.

Step 4: Personal Interview:
A personal interview may or may not be required. An interview may be required to:
• Ensure that information and/or documents are truthful and accurate
• Ensure quality control
• Assure the security of Canadians
• Verify work experience and/or education
• Clear up inconsistent information and/or documentation

Step 5: Medical Instructions:
Upon completion of a winning interview or if the interview is waived, medical instructions will be further to you. You and your associated family members, if appropriate, are required to undergo a medical examination by an approved doctor.

Step 6: Request for Your Passport and Right of Permanent Resident Fee:
After the medical results have been received by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office and security clearances have been completed, the Canadian Immigration Visa Office will ask for the Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) sum and your passport for the purpose of issuing a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa.

Step 7: Issuance of Your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa:
Your Canada Immigration Visa will have an end date, by which time you and your associated family members have to enter Canada.

Finding an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is a big business, particularly in developed countries like the United States of America, Canada, Australia and UK. It is for the reason that of the readiness of the applicants desiring to obtain a legal right of entry to all the privileges of the new and possible countries, the rights and the opportunities, which were not obtainable to them previously in their native countries.

As a consequence, each year thousands of optimistic candidates compete for gaining permanent residence status or the citizenship of the possible countries like America, Canada, Australia and UK. But there are a variety of steps and complex procedures involved, which everyone has to oblige to immigrate fruitfully. And for that reason, a first-rate immigration lawyer is utterly essential.

Initially, the candidate desiring to immigrate to the new country ought to find an excellent, experienced and well-informed lawyer, concentrate in immigration. This is for the reason that there are a lot of documents and official procedures to take care of, together with a sound knowledge of the laws of the adopted country. The immigrants typically cannot carry them out on their own. Consequently, there are a variety of agencies as well as organizations devoted to immigration lawyers only. One such relationship is the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association or AILA, CSIC etc. They have a huge figure of lawyers registered under them.

All the candidate needs to do is state his purpose there and they will look up the most excellent lawyer suited for him. In addition, all the lawyers have a registration code linked with them. So in case of any future suggestion, they could be effortlessly found back from the Association. The AILA also explains each and every process to the confident candidate and guides through every detail, minimizing the chances of refusal of the applications. Additional details can be obtained from their authorized website on the net.

There are a host of other associations loyal only to immigration lawyers. On the other hand, a good research of the organization is to be done by the candidate before approaching them for ay help.

Controversial Immigration Law of Arizona Costs $141 Million!

In accordance with a study, an estimated sum of US$141 million has been lost by Arizona after the state had passed the controversial law on immigration little months. The Center for American Progress (CAP) has brought out a story which estimates that about 2,800 jobs in Arizona in the coming instant few years. The major reason for this loss of jobs is the annulment of meetings which have been taking place continually because of the protests in opposition to this law.

As said by the report, this loss of job would absolutely hinder the financial system of the state by more than a quarter billion US dollars. In addition, over 86 million would be misplaced which would have catered to wages if not.

This controversial law on immigration was brought in a few months back. The controversial provisions in the law incorporated the police to be given the power to question and detain suspects who might be living and working unlawfully in the state. In other words, they would be given the responsibility of immigration agents tour of duty throughout the state. A lot of have objected to this law claiming that this could lead to ethnic profiling.

On the other hand, some of the clauses in the law have been allowed to be put into practice. This prohibits the execution of the above mentioned provisions which have been blocked. These provisions were blocked after the Obama management made appeals in the court. In keeping with them, the state authorities do not have power to execute federal laws.

As indicated by above mentioned study, such immigration laws and policies would lead to more of impacts which can be measured as being catastrophic in nature. This would additional lead to other state authorities to implement such policies.

CAP has lastly stated that this would directly hit the visitor spending and that too, at a time when the economic start is in fact not very good.

Can an American Immigrate To Canada?

Yes, Americans can easily immigrate to Canada. There are a lot of options of Canadian immigration for Americans who want to immigrate to Canada. As an American citizen you might be interested to know that Canada welcomes (even encourages) you to consider becoming a Permanent or Temporary Resident of Canada.

A lot of Americans are able to meet the criteria for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under the economic stream of immigration– whichever the Skilled Worker Category or the Business Category of Canadian immigration.

A Canadian Permanent Resident may turn out to be a Canadian Citizen and take delivery of a Canadian Passport after three years. Canada allows dual citizenship and you would not have to surrender your U.S. citizenship, if you do not wish to. Both Canada and the America allow dual citizenship.

Americans who desire to enter Canada on a short-term basis also take delivery of special treatment. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) facilitates the admission of Americans who desire to come to Canada to work or to set up or get hold of a Canadian business.
To find out if you qualify to come to Canada on a Permanent or Temporary basis, you may visit official website of Canadian immigration

Visa Invitation Letter Ireland Sample

Following is a sample invitation letter for visit visa of Ireland. This is just a sample for your reference, you can modify this sample visit visa invitation letter for Ireland as per your requirements.


November 19, 2010

The Visa Officer
Embassy of Ireland

Re: Issuance of Visitor visa

Dear Sir / madam:

I, Angel Smith of legal age and holder of Irish passport # A12457777 issued in Dublin on 05 May 2008, have been residing in Ireland for 7 years, and permitted to remain in Ireland till 2015. Find enclosed copies of my passport.

I have been residing at 18, Peter Street, Dublin Ireland for the last 11 months. I confirm that I have invited Mr. John Abraham, 31 Example Street New Delhi India, for visit commencing 08 December 2010.

I have been knowing Mr. John Abraham for 10 years and am connected to him by virtue of the fact that he is my ex-class-fellow. John Abraham will reside with me at 18, Peter Street, Dublin Ireland for the duration of his stay. The house is a 3 bedroom Apartment (Tenant Agreement Enclosed). I also enclosed are my pay slips, bank statements and Income tax returns as an evidence of my financial status.

I have never relied on public funds, and have not acted as a reference for a visa previously. Mr. John Abraham is also currently employed with Microsoft India. For the duration of stay in Ireland, Mr. John Abraham will be partially support himself by his savings.

I guarantee that he will return to India within the defined time limit and he will not be a financial liability to Ireland public funds. Please find enclosed proof of applicant's ties and assets in his home country certifying his intention to depart Ireland after the visit.

In case of any query, I can be reached at [Your Contact # Here] or E-mail address [Your Email Address Here].


Angel Smith

Immigration Problems for UK

The UK administration during elections had dedicated to decrease the net immigration from the present 200,000 to tens of thousands per year. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) made available the report on 18th November 2010 on the agreed level in non-EU skilled immigration to the government. The report highlights the enormous task ahead of the government with a promise like this.

MAC has not in a straight line stated the merits of this strategy of the government though; they do admit the high figure of queries sent to their discussion in this regard. They take delivery of on an average around 400 responses expressing the anxiety over reducing migration and how the government is actually planning to put it into practice.

It is said that to reach an objective of 50,000 migrants, the non-EU net immigration has to drop by 146,000 by the end of the parliamentary session. BBC reported that to attain the current goal on capping overall immigration, the non-EU migration has to hang anywhere between 13%-25%. To attain the overall goal, this lessening should not only be forced to the upcoming years 2011-12 but, be functional for the next four years for the net immigration of the skilled migrants to drop down by 50%, and most possible reach 100% by the year 2015.

MAC says that to attain the goals on capping the overall immigration to the levels committed by the government, would not take place only by stopping the non-EU skilled immigration. To acquire the immigration numbers to tens of thousands the student and family categories must also face reduction.

Managing these issues is a big difficulty for the government. This relocation reduction could hoist many social, economical and caring connected questions. It is pleasant that the government is planning to speak to the public concern on the high numbers of largely immigration. Though, the policy of the government must be sensible and more rational. Such promises could have a harmful influence on businesses, public services, technology and arts.

IELTS for UK Spouse Visa

IELTS is now mandatory for UK spouse visa. Commencing from 29 November 2010, migrants who are the spouse of a British citizen and who desire to move to UK will be required to show their proficiency in IELTS or that they can speak and understand English. The fresh UK spouse immigration rules will influence the spouse of a British citizen or resident from countries exterior the European Economic Area (including Switzerland).

To show English language skills, you as a spouse will need showing one of the following:

1. Pass a satisfactory English language test, for instance IELTS, approved by the UK Border Agency (UKBA)
2. or Come from English-speaking country
3. Have a degree taught in English which is authorized by the UKBA

English Speaking Countries:
The UKBA accepts the following countries as being majority English-speaking countries:
•St Lucia
•St Vincent and the Grenadines
•Trinidad and Tobago
•St Kitts and Nevis
•The United States of America
•New Zealand
•Antigua and Barbuda
•the Bahamas

New Points System of Australia Condemned!

The freshly announced latest points system so as to facilitate the country in evaluate people applying to immigrate in the skilled migrant visa group by the nation’s immigration minister is facing disapproval of late. In accordance with the Australian Industry Group, the fresh points system is not expected to provide to the skill scarcity that country has been presently facing.

The new points system was publicized on last Thursday by Chris Bowen, where the smallest amount number of points required to pass has been attuned from earlier 120 to 65. The group of industries in Australia has disapproved of the system, claim that it does not assure to increase the migration to the country so as to meet the skill requirements.

If we have an impending of the system, we can glimpse that it does not award points to applicants with capable language skills in English. Only the applicants who have better language skills are awarded with points, but that also very less, dissimilar to the old points-based system that existed. This surely does not make sure the level of migration that the country needs in the current time. Other than the over, there are more glitches to the new points system.

One major feature of the new points system is that overseas doctorates will be awarded with the similar number of points as the country’s local doctorates. Previously, foreign doctorates applying under skilled migrant’s visa class were not allotted with any points.

All the changes to the Australian skilled migrant visa category points system were made as fraction of the immigration department’s effort to improvements skilled migration program. With the amendments, the department hopes to get together the country’s economic needs in the long term. It is predictable that the new points system will work well in incorporation of Australia’s new skilled occupation list, which has been in effect since July1, 2010.

Sample Employment Offer Letter for US Green Card

Following is a sample employment offer letter from a US employer for the work permit of USA


23 November 2010

US Department of Homeland Security
United States Citizenship and Immigration Service

Re: Permanent Residence of [your name]

Dear Sir / Madam:

This letter is to validate that will be working with us on full time, permanent basis upon receiving authorization of his permanent residence application. He will be given an annual salary of no less than . His designation will be Systems Analyst, and he will be performing the following duties:

• Develop full life-cycle object oriented software, including analysis, design of application's specifications,
• Documentation of software user requirements,
• Development of programming using C++ and/or Java languages, Windows NT,
• Design of graphical user interfaces and Object-Oriented Databases (OODBMS) using OMT Methodology, testing and implementation.

Please feel free to contact us if your office should require any further information.


[Signature, name and designation of authorized person]
[Company name]

Types of Australia Immigration Visas | Emigrating to Australia

A lot of people have a dream of Australia immigration and many of those emigrate to Australia every year. In accordance with a survey, over 150,000 citizens emigrated from the UK to Australia or New Zealand in 2008.

If you are thinking to emigrate to Australia through Australia Immigration Services, primary you will need to find out whether you are entitled for a visa. There are numerous visas you can obtain to allow you to emigrate to Australia.

Generally, the Australian Immigration visas fall into the following categories:

1. Skilled migrants
2. Entrepreneurs and business people
3. Investors
4. Family sponsorship
5. Working holidays

Following is a brief overview of these Australian Immigration Visas

1. Skilled Migrants:
Skilled migrant visas are subdivided into three categories:
a) Independent
b) Sponsored
c) Regional sponsored

If you have skills in a specific field for example IT Consultant, Business Analyst or the visa selection for you is almost certainly the skilled migrant route. In the same way, if you are trained in the medical profession or are in middle or senior management, finance or IT then you may be entitled for the skilled migrant route.

Eligibility will be judged beside the Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL), which is a points system based on the occupations that are desirable in Australia.

2. Entrepreneurs And Business People:
If you are looking to purchase or create a business in Australia and have as a minimum two years experience in running a business or you would like to spend a considerable quantity in purchasing a business, then the route for you is Business Investment.

The Business Skills Program is divided into four categories:

a) Business owner - for owners or part-owners of a business
b) Senior Executive - for senior executive employees of major businesses
c) Investor - for investors/business people willing to invest in Australia
d) Business Talent - for high-caliber business people who have sponsorship from a State/Territory government

3. Family sponsorship:
If you have relatives in Australia, depending on your state of affairs, it may be likely for your family to sponsor you.

The following group can submit an application for family sponsorship to emigrate to Australia:
a) Spouse/spouse-to-be/same-sex partner
b) Child/orphan relative/adopted child
c) Parent
d) Other dependent family member

4. Working Holiday Visas:
Those having age between 18 and 29 who wish to work in Australia for the time being can submit an application for a working holiday visa. With this visa you can take employment for equal to six months for an employer in Australia and you'll require to do a minimum of three months' agricultural work.

Scope of Pharmacists (NOC 3131) in Canada!

Canada is a stunning country with overabundance of opportunities. At present Canada is facing a scarcity in many professions. These occupations have been listed in the Canadian Priority Occupation List (POL). NOC 3131 Pharmacists are included in the 29 demanded occupations list for Canadian Immigration.

3131 Pharmacists work in pharmaceutical corporations, government departments and agencies in addition to in drug research. There are two major categories of pharmacists i.e. the Hospital/Community pharmacists and the Industrial pharmacists.

a) Community Pharmacists:
•Proper storage of pharmaceuticals
•Offer consultative services to customers and health care providers
•Dispense prescribed drug dosage

b) Industrial Pharmacists:
•Quality control
•Analyze risk factor of drugs
•Promotion of drugs
•Engage in research
•Clinical trials

Specializations Under NOC 3131 Pharmacists:
•Hospital pharmacist
•Clinical pharmacist
•Community pharmacist
•Industrial pharmacist
•Retail pharmacist

Minimum Requirements for 3131 Pharmacists to Be Professionally Allowable In Canada:
•Relevant training
•Licensure required for Hospital and Community pharmacists
•A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or related field is a must

Salary of 3131 Pharmacists:
The compensation is just immense on average CDN$35-45 is paid for an hour. With the hourly figure as high as CDN$57!

Employment Potential for Pharmacists (NOC 3131) in different Provinces of Canada:
On the whole, demand in the nation is stable, but the following provinces and territories are experiencing more deficiency than the others.

Immigrant’s areas like Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula-Brantford Area, London-Woodstock Area and Ottawa region are mostly experiencing more shortage.

Job prospects for Pharmacists are great in this province. With the current changes in the Alberta health legislation, the demand for pharmacists has seen a never before increase.

British Columbia:
BC offers good scope for pharmacists. The figure of hospitals is uppermost in Lower Mainland Southwest, Vancouver Island and Coast Regions therefore there is an increasing demand for pharmaceutical services. The predictable employment this year is 4240.

New Brunswick:
Areas like Campbellton, Bathurst, Caraquet, Miramichi Fredericton, Woodstock, Grand Falls, Edmundston and other local areas are experiencing meticulous shortage of NOC 3131 Pharmacists.

Employment opportunities for NOC 3131 is chiefly good in the Regina area.

The predictable employment this year is supposedly 1,095.

Nova Scotia:
The job forecast is great in this province. Areas like Annapolis Valley, Antigonish, Pictou, Guysborough, and Cape Breton Island are experiencing an acute shortage.

Prince Edward Island:
On a universal basis the province offers high-quality scope for 3131 pharmacists.

Greece Immigration Rules

All countries have immigration rules that help regulate immigrants' rights, possible violations, sentence and requirements for approaching to the country. Similar to most other countries, Greece has draw round its immigration rules through legislation. On January 1, 2006, Greece pass several immigration rules that outlined immigrants' rights, compulsion and the punishments they will take delivery of if they violate Greek law.

Rights of Immigrants in Greece:
Permanent immigrants are permissible to depart and re-enter Greece at any time. They do not require asking for permission to leave the country as their immigrant visa will do something as a multiple entry visa. All permanent immigrants to Greece have the right to be informed of their rights in the country and obligations (which includes universal Greek law) in a language the migrant can obviously recognize. Greek immigrants are also permitted the similar educational and social security rights as inhabitant persons. This comprise: free public schooling for students beneath the age of 17, university instruction at a lower or no cost, and medical and departure coverage the similar as other Greeks.

Temporary immigrants contain rights that are outlined when they obtain their visa. Visas that temporary immigrants might get are tourist, student, work and business visas. The rights for short-term immigrants are extra limited, but they will be outlined by the Greek embassy/consulate while the immigrant completes his visa application.

People who desire to immigrate to Greece have to complete a visa application or an application for residence. The application for habitation is future for any person who wishes to stay in Greece longer than three months (whether this is an ultimate permanent or a temporary stay). Visa applications have to be filed with the Embassy of Greece if you are applying for a visa. If you are applying for a nationality permit you must file for the permit once you are in Greece. This application will have to be case at any police station if you are located outside of Athens or at any Aliens Department Office if you are located within Athens.

Immigrants are also compelled by Greek law to put up with by all restrictions placed on a visa. Not all visa holders will be entitled to work, go to school, or move to sure areas of the country. Most visas issued will also come with an ending date. The immigrant must obey all restrictions placed on the visa or the visa holder can be fined, locked up or even expelled.

There are a lot of instances where an immigrant (temporary or permanent) can be expelled from the Greece. These can comprise, but are not restricted to: fake documentation on the visa application, violating Greek law that has led the settler to a sentence of custody for more than one year, or if the immigrant has been seen to be a danger to public security.

Objectionable Foreigners:
Objectionable foreigners are foreigners who have been a proven danger to national security. These foreigners have been located on a list issued by the Greek government. These persons will not be permissible to enter Greece as permanent or temporary immigrants. If they effort to enter Greece at any port-of-entry the Greek government reserves the right to refute their visa, deny admission into the country, and place them on the soonest return flight back to their country of citizenship.

Unlawful Entry/ Exit:
If a migrant unlawfully tries to exit or enter Greece the immigrant can be fined up to 1500 EUR and be sentenced to three months in a prison. If the immigrant tries to leave or enter the country unlawfully and the immigrant also has outstanding money owing, has a warrant out for his take into custody, or owes money in back taxes, Greek law states that the penalty can be more severe; the punishment can be up to 3000 EUR and six months in jail.

Complete Ban on Immigration in UK!

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that the alliance government would live up to what has been promised by them in the shape of immigration restriction. Consistent with the official statistics, in the previous one year, companies have brought in thousands of software engineers, care assistants and chefs. This was done in spite of the same skills being possessed by about countless local British people.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary would shortly be releasing the initial annual limit for immigration which would be put into practice from April 2011. She would also shed beam on the number of workers that businesses would be allowable to bring in particularly from the non European countries in 2011-12. It is also being predictable for her to speak on other groups for example those of students and families and implementing controls on them too.

In accordance with Mr. Cameron, if looked at the better picture, immigration between UK and other nations of the European Union are comparatively in balance. On the other hand, when it comes to immigration among Britain and the other countries of the world, it is not precisely in balance with more and more people approaching to UK.

If the official figures are to be supposed, foreign workers were being employ for jobs despite thousands of local people are suited for the similar jobs and are jobless. It was experiential that company sponsorship certificates in the preceding year were brought about to cater to 1,700 care assistants who approach from nations other than those of EU.

In contrast, the government figures scheme that in the preceding month, the nation has over 33,000 local residents dependent on Jobseekers Allowance and had mentioned their job description as care assistants.

Likewise, over 4,500 software professionals were talk about on the JSA last month when over 1,000 software professionals were brought about from countries exterior the European Union. Another 2,200 chefs and cooks came concerning last year when there are approximately 12,000 chefs by now unemployed in the nation.

The above obviously shows the lack of well-organized control when it comes to immigration and therefore is leading to more being without a job rather than catering to the development of the economy.

Updates on UK Immigration Restrictions !

Immigration restriction is the recent noise in UK. The most recent has been that the Home Secretary Theresa May has stressed on the truth that the information of those creating prosperity would not be limited. The British government has also given into the difficulty by the industry and has made an exemption for the migrant workers who are coming to the state through the system of intra-company transfers.

The draw round for the plan has been presented by the Home Secretary. This diagram included reducing the figure of those skilled workers who are a member of the non-EU nations to 21,700 from the initial 28,000. Simultaneously, this restriction would not provide to another 22,500 workers who company to UK on a transfer basis from their abroad offices. This is based under the scheme of ICT.

As maintained by May, these workers who mean to live in the nation for over a year would still qualify. On the other hand, they must have an income of at least £40,000. The minimum level was formerly £24,000.

Consistent with CBI Director-General Desginate John Cridland, the statement made clearly projects that the government has heard the commerce and its requests and has acted consequently. This can be measured as a good result for the economy.

The government has also planned to cater to 95 percent of skilled professionals entering the nation have a job offer in previous through the Tier 2 immigration system. On the other hand, only 1,000 visas would be made obtainable for the skilled migrant categories which comprise professionals such as those of engineers and doctors catering to the Tier 1 system.

2011! Canada Needs More Skilled Workers from Ireland

As exposed by the Canadian government officials, the state is going to need record elevated immigrants in the upcoming year, thanks to an older population and little birth rate. Canada will require more abroad people to meet its financial demands, as its locals are getting older, alarming a scarcity of skills.

On the other hand, the country’s immigration minister announced that Canada is most probable to attach to its present migration level when it comes to greet permanent residents. This year’s, Canada set quotas for permanent residents is between down and up limits of 240,000 and 265,000. As for 2011, the immigration department is to be expected to remain the cap same as 2010, as hinted by Jason Kenney.

The immigration minister also recognized the significance of immigration in Canada, post slump. He said that the present Canadian financial system requires a far above the ground level of immigration so as to keep the strength of its personnel. It was also said that the country’s work force enlargement is dependent on its immigrants, particularly for the next half decade.

Amidst of all this, it was also exposed by government officials that Canada can be expecting a noteworthy inflow of immigrants from Ireland in the upcoming days, considering the North American country is a well-liked immigration destination amongst Irish people. Financial crisis in Ireland is one of the numerous reasons as to why Irish people may think immigrating to Canada.

The truth that Irish people looking for jobs in Canada is fairly obvious from the job portal, launched by Irishman Eamonn O’Loghlin. He set up the website for online job seekers together with the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce, which caters to Irish people and assist them finding jobs in Canada, in addition to moving to the country. In proportion to O’Loghlin, Canada has always been a hospitable towards Irish people; therefore this has been a well-liked immigration destination among the Irish. He also implicit that Irish people interested in immigrating to Canada are typically seeking jobs like mechanical engineers, IT system analysts, construction managers, accountants and marketing executives.

Furthermore, as said by the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce’s report, a lot of Irish companies are all for investing in the Canadian market. Canada by now has over 220 Irish companies that are selling goods and services in its market, and about 45 companies from Ireland have their functions in Canada.

Historical Facts about Irish Emigration to US

The residents of the republic of Ireland are approximately 4.5 million and that of Northern Island is about 1.8 million. About sixty million people all the way through the globe assert that their ancestry belongs to either the southern or northern parts of the Irish island. The main Irish population resides in the US, and also plenty of Irish people live in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

They are also bringing into being in some other parts of the world living in tiny communities. In the Australian continent, around 2 million claim to be from Irish ancestry that makes up around nine percent of the whole population. People of Irish descent are also found in the UK that makes around ten percent of overall population of the country.

How the Irish emigration took place in such huge numbers is a big subject. But noteworthy studies have provided facts that states how emigration in such big numbers took place. Thousands of Irish fled to America at some stage in the great famine in the 1840s from Ireland. An utmost population among these landed up in Boston and the inhabitants in Boston increased from thirty thousand to hundred thousand. The majority of the population was not expert sufficient and were uneducated at that time. This led them towards slavery and it is predictable that around seventy percent were servants from the Irish origin in Boston. For that reason the Bostonians started believing that the Irish are from a servant race.

The Irish feminine servants were called as “Bridget”, and the Irish male servants were called as “Paddy” by the citizens of Boston. In the Irish, servants that supply to around seventy percent of the total population of servants, and around 2/3rd were women amongst Irish servants. A lot of of the Irish servants lead a despondent life like the men suffered from seclusion and depression while most of the women suffered from psychological illness that also of high level.

The Irish immigration gradually declined in the US by the start of the nineteenth century as serious carelessness was offered by the Natives in the American society.

Scope Of 1122 Professional Occupations In Business Services To Management In Canada

Globalization and rising international competition for business has made business and management professionals crucial for any field.

Provincial Prospects For 1122 Professional Occupations In Business Services To Management:

Job prospects are immense in the coming years. Professionals with a penchant for consulting and free lance work have a superior chance to do fine. Some of the companies in Ontario offering a good pay-scale for 1122 are; Dirondack Information Management, Dare Human Resources Corporation, Aramark Canada, Athena Consulting, Horizons Renaissance, Infield Marketing Group and others are.

New Brunswick:
Local areas such as Fredericton, Woodstock, Grand Falls, Shediac, Sackville, Richibucto, Saint John, Sussex, Edmundston, Moncton, St.Stephen and others offer excellent employment opportunities for 1122. Professionals in advertising and marketing have an edging over the rest. Al-pack enterprises, Hawk Communications, Apropos Marketing Communications, Economical Mutual Foresight Marketing & Design, Enterprise Saint John, NB Milk Marketing and others are some of the first-class companies in New Brunswick offering best opportunities to 1122 professionals.

British Columbia:
The prospects of 1122 in this province are outstanding. The overall jobs in the next 4 years will be amounting to at least 4000.

Around 77% of the job vacancies are positioned in the Winnipeg area.

Specializations under 1122 Professional Occupations In Business Services To Management:
•Records management specialist
•Researcher, organization and methods
•Business Management Consultant
•Business methods analyst
•Promotion specialist
•Senior consultant in operations management
•Consultant in organizational analysis
•Management analyst
•Organizational analyst
•ISO consultant
•Advertising account executive

As a 1122 professional in Business services and Management you will be working for:
•Consulting firms
•In any public/private sector
•Advertising agencies
•Self employed

The minimum requirements to be a professional in 1122 are:
•Bachelors degree/diploma in business administration or commerce or any other related field
•Certification by the provincial management consulting association may be a must for some consultants
•Certification by the health information management association is a must with those working health care related business and management services
•Graduate degree in business administration may be required for some posts

Salary of 1122 Professional Occupations In Business Services To Management:
The compensation is one of the most excellent with up to CDN$57 per hour wages.

With your qualifications you can obtain placed in some superior companies in Canada. We hope you want to rest your career in Canada.

Canada Exempted Visa Requirement for Taiwan

The people of Taiwan possessing Taiwan passports will not be required to have a Canada visa for visiting the country, the Canada immigration has exposed. The result will come into effect right away and will let all Taiwanese travelers to reside in Canada for a time of six months without Canada visa.

To be qualified for the visa-free opportunity, Taiwanese have to possess Taiwan passport issued by the MOFA (Minister of Foreign Affairs) having a pin (personal identification number). These Taiwanese will not need a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) for visiting Canada.

The declaration was made by the Canadian Minister for immigration and citizenship Jason Kenney.
Canada has turn out to be the 39th nation granting visa-free freedom to Taiwanese. This will effect in saving valuable cash spent by Taiwanese nationals at the same time as traveling to Canada, revealed the CTOT (Canadian Trade Office in Taipei) on its official website.

Mr. Kenney said that the fresh move is aimed to develop trade relations between Canada and Taiwan. He said that it is being expected that the visa-waiver extended to Taiwanese passport holders will increase cultural, trade, investment and people-to-people relations among the two nations.

The visa plan of Canada is based on evaluation of a variety of factors including rates of immigration violation, honesty of traveling papers and asylum claims by the nation in question. The newest visa-waiver pledge has been made by the Canadian government after it was found that the Taiwanese visitors had a constructive giving towards the Canadian financial system.

An evidence-based study revealed that the approval rate of Canada visitor visa for visitors from Taiwan was rather high. And the rate of refuge claims filed by Taiwan nationals in addition to the involvement in immigration violations of Taiwan travelers in Canada was extremely low.

The year 2009 saw influx of around 51,000 Taiwanese in Canada. Furthermore, Canada is home to approximately 150,000 natives with Taiwanese descent. The yearly rate of visitors from Taiwan to Canada is predictable to be 150,000 and Canada at present has around 15,000 Taiwanese students pursuing different courses of study in the country.

Canada happens to be the fourth well-liked nation for Taiwanese studying abroad after the US, the UK and Australia, the ministry disclosed. Canadians are not required to have a Taiwan visa for visiting the country from the time of the year 1994.

Immigration Lawyers Toronto

Following are the renowned immigration lawyers in Toronto. Immigration Lawyers Toronto can assist you in all the matters of immigration and citizenship in addition to deportation problems etc.

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This group serves everybody including Canadian and American citizens, Permanent Residents in addition to foreign nationals globally. It also represent small, medium and multinational businesses.

Niren and Associates specialize in Temporary or Permanent Visas to Canada and USA and offer commercial global recommendation and form processing for universal nationals entering Canada for work and citizenship applications.

The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, Barrister and Solicitor
This is a Canada immigration law firm having immigration lawyers Toronto, Canada. It focus in all types of immigration cases, including applications for permanent residence, for example skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and family sponsorships; applications for temporary residence together with Canada work permits, student visas, and visitor visas, other visa applications, and citizenship applications. This firm also provides the full variety of Canadian immigration appeal and lawsuit services, such as judicial appraisal facing the Federal Court of Canada, citizenship appeals, and immigration appeals to the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Matthew Jeffery, B.A., LL.B., A Canadian Barrister & Solicitor and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. As a licensed Canada immigration lawyer, Mr. Jeffery is certified by the Canadian government to stand for clients in all types of immigration matters. Mr. Jeffery has over 10 years of experience fully in the field of immigration law and has the expertise needed to productively direct your case through the often complicated immigration system.

The Bellissimo Law Group
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Scope of Psychologists (NOC 4151) in Canada!

Psychologists (NOC 4151) are always countrywide high demand in Canada. Psychology is a resourceful subject where psychologists learn behavioral problems in addition to cognitive disorders. They counsel clients in addition to engage in research.

Provinces crossways Canada are facing a sharp scarcity of these professionals, following are details:

British Columbia:
Areas like Lower Mainland and Vancouver seem extremely gifted. Professionals specializing in Neuropsychology and Forensic psychology are very much desired by employers. Those who wish to confidentially practice can also do really well.

Saskatchewan: The scope of Psychologists (NOC 4151) in this province is good.

The scope in this province is very tempting. The ones having doctoral degree in Health and Social Psychology can do actually well here. There are huge opportunities for research activities here.

Nova Scotia:
Areas like Halifax and Cape Breton are hubs for 4151 Psychologists in this province.

Prince Edward Island:
There is a grave shortage of Psychologists in this province. More than half of the vacancies for Psychologists are waiting to be filled.

The various specializations under psychologists:
•Research Psychologist
•Clinical Psychologist
•Experimental Psychologist
•Psychological associate

The minimum requirements to be a Psychologist in Canada:
•Membership in professional associations is a must in some provinces
•Successful completion of written Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is a must in certain provinces
•Doctorate in Psychology is required to be designated as a “Psychologist” in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba.
•Master’s in Psychology is required to be designated as “Psychologist” in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and other North West territories
•Registration with a provincial regulatory body is a must
•Supervised practical experience is a must before you practice

As Psychologists you can work in:
•Community service organizations
•Private and government research agencies
•Mental health facilities
•Correctional facilities
•Rehabilitation centers

Or you can choose to:
•Privately practice

You can earn equal to CDN$51 on an hourly basis as a Psychologist in Canada.

Introduction of iEnquiry by Singapore ICA

The Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has freshly brought in the iEnquiry which would be the single purpose for applicants to confirm the standing of their application. This online service would provide to all the services accessible by the ICA and would be obtainable round the clock.

As of now, there has not been any one stop shop when it comes to migration enquiries. The applicants have to ensure their application status only in the course of the same application portal. With the iEnquiry prepared, the local sponsor or the candidate can make sure for the status of his application for the immigration facilities in a minute by a click. The applicant does not have to call or email or even alternate queues. This system can be right of entry with or without having a SingPass.

On the other hand, those with SingPass would be capable to contact the ICA applications that they have filed or sponsored. Those not holding a SingPass; individuality confirmation would be done with the help of a set of identifiers. These comprise the date of birth, the Foreign recognition Number and alike. These details are checked on previous to the application can check the status of his application.

Aside from the above, the iEnquiry also caters other functions for example iCheck and VERIFI. These are online tools which can be used to make sure the soundness of the identity cards in addition to the immigration procedure. These tools could also be accessed from the same portal aiding as an extra handiness for a user.

Above all, this system has been shaped for a user to have an annoyance free experience. This way the applicants can enhanced manage their time when it comes to checking the status of their application. At the same time, concern is being maintained in the form of SingPass or other identifiers being used which caters to maintaining privacy of the application in addition to the applicant.

Frequent Problems for Immigrants in Canada, UK and USA

There are some widespread immigration problems that you must consider if you are a Canada / United States / United Kingdom immigrant or desire to be converted into US resident. The situations that can occur can be very disagreeable and sometimes tough to solve. Here are some problems that can affect you. These problems are also widespread for Canadian, UK or Mexican immigrants, in addition to with most countries.

• If you are already living in the USA, Canada, UK but wanting to travel (for example, for a holiday), whether you will be allowed back into the Canada/UK/USA/other country
• Whether you are entitled to use state services or claim benefits, for example, education, health services, council housing, social security benefits, housing benefits, council tax benefit
• Getting permission to stay in the Canada/UK/USA/other country longer than you originally intended
• Getting permission to do something which you are not at present allowed doing, for example, being allowed to work
• Bringing relatives into the country, for example, a spouse, fiancé (e), children
• Being threatened with deportation from the UK/USA/Canada or other country
• Being held by the immigration authorities in a detention centre
• Wanting a passport and not knowing whether you are entitled to a UK/USA/other country passport or some other passport
• Wanting to apply to become a UK/USA/other country Citizen
• The right to vote
• A relative or friend being refused entry to the UK/USA/other country when arriving at an airport or port

A legal advice from an immigration lawyer is time and again the most excellent solution to address these common immigration problems.

Looking For IELTS Online Tutor

Countless - but not all - students or immigrants who want take the IELTS Examination for a quantitative assessment of their English-language skills for entry to universities in the Canada, UK, Australia or USA take course to organize for the test itself. It's a strongly recommended idea.

People with extremely high English skills can do fine in the exam with no training. But even a lot of of them find the harsh time limits on the writing tasks, for instance, to produce IELTS 'band' scores that do not precisely reflect their real writing skills.

Even its creators approved that IELTS is a complicated test. Question types - there are 10 in all - are frequently not used in a simple manner, requiring both nimbleness of thinking and additional time in answering on the part of the IETLS applicant. Learning how IELTS asks questions, in addition to the kinds of questions it asks, can make a important difference in general performance.

Possibly most seriously, for both the writing and the speaking tasks - the most hard for most candidates anyway, for the reason that they involve self-expression in English - are predictable to be performed consistent with established IELTS formats. On the other hand, the administrators of IELTS make obvious those formats nowhere in their published text. For that subject, the formats are not frequently made clear in the numerous books on IELTS preparation on the market.

For all these reasons, to obtain the IELTS band score that most precisely reflects your real English-language skills, some kind of tutorial is advised. In large cities with educational centers, there are universities, schools and private companies that offer such IELTS- training courses. In such places, it is also usually possible to find private tutors, though looking for them out can be harder.

The books on IELTS Exam preparation are astonishingly poor overall. There also are online courses. Looking in your preferred search engine for 'IELTS online preparation' will give you with some sensible choices.

If not you know your English skills are at or near the native-speaker level, it is powerfully advised that you take some kind of IELTS tutorial previous to you take the exam to get the band score that most precisely reflects your real skill level. On the other hand, taking an IELTS-preparation course to get better your English skills is wrong-headed. That must be done in another background. There is too much to be taught about the IELTS Exam itself to let for the teaching of skills at the same time.

IELTS Photo Requirement

Following are the IELTS Photo Requirements for those who are going to submit their application for IELTS Test. 2 matching photographs are necessary to be attached to the IELTS Application Form.

Age of Photograph:
Your photograph must have been taken in the last 6 months. This is to guarantee an up-to-date similarity. If you attach an old photograph, it might create trouble for you in examination center.

Standards for Acceptable Photographs in IELTS application form:
•Candidates are not allowed to wear glasses in the photograph.
•Photos should be taken against a plain white to 18% grey background without shadows. An 18% grey background is suggested for persons having white hair and/or wearing white clothing.
•The features must be square to the camera with a neutral expression and with the mouth closed.
•Either black and white or color photos are good enough.
•Photos should be originals, not taken from any existing photo.
•A full front view of the subject's head and shoulder is required.

IELTS Photograph Stamp:
•The rear of BOTH photos must have the following:
•Date the photo was taken (not the date the photo was printed).
•Name and address of the photographer or the studio.
•Name of the applicant.

Record Number of US Green Card Lottery Applications

As indicated by a media report, a highest number of 15 million applications have been received from all over the world for this year US green card lottery.

The US green card lottery scheme of offers a fast route to turn out to be permanent and legal resident of the US to a total of 50,000 immigrants yearly. The statement maintains that the US green card DV or diversity visa scheme, entries for which were stopped up on 3rd November 2010, fascinated around 25 percent higher entries over the last year.

From Bangladesh, a record highest number of 7.67 million people submitted an application to the US green card lottery program. Bangladesh was go after by Nigeria, Ukraine, Ethiopia and Egypt from which 1.47 million, 760,000, 580,000 and 340,000 people correspondingly applied under this US visa program.

Such an enormous response to the US green card lottery program is proof that the US dream of having better life still allures many particularly from the Middle East. The assortment of the potential immigrants in this US green card lottery scheme is done on the foundation of a lucky draw.

People from all countries of the world can submit an application under such US visa plan with the only omission being the nations from where a big number of their nationals have migrated to the US including countries like India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines and Mexico.

The US green card lottery program does not need any special skills for meet the criteria under this scheme. Even a high-school diploma is think to be enough for applying for such a US visa. The winners turn out to be qualified for gaining US citizenship.

The scheme which was recognized by the US Congress in the year 1990 is becoming the greed of a few US lawmakers who want an end to this lottery system at the first.

It’s being dispute that the US visa lottery scheme is a danger to the national security, an unjust governing of US immigration laws and provides an chance for the fake US visa seekers to come to the country. As the entries are chosen from a lucky draw, it can cause to be the US susceptible to potential terrorist threats.

Expected Questions in IELTS Speaking Test

Following are some expected questions in your IELTS speaking test. These questions are useful for both Academic and General Modules of IELTS

1. What is the meaning of your first name?
2. Does your name have an effect on your personality?
3. Tell me somewhat about your place of birth.
4. What are the differences in pronunciation between your hometown and Hanoi?
5. What is the character of the populace like in your hometown?
6. What is people's favorite food in the region where you live?
7. Do you think that citizens have sufficient time for leisure now?
8. Are there any significant monuments in your region?
9. Explain your Job? How do you spend your typical day?
10. Tell me somewhat about the Hue Festival.
11. How have weddings changed in current years?
12. Tell me something about the popular Festival in your country.
13. Describe a traditional marriage ceremony in your country.
14. Name an individual whom you admire? Why? What pressure does he / she has on your life? Would you like to turn out to be like him / her in future?
15. Are there any traditions relating to the birth of a baby?
16. How do you like compare it to your hometown? How did you get to this place?
17. What place do you like most excellent in Hanoi?
18. What places in Delhi are supposed to be best for a foreigner visitor?
19. What places would you advise a visitor to go to in your region/hometown?
20. If you had the option, where would you decide to live in India?
21. Which parts of India would you advocate a foreigner to visit?
22. Tell me something concerning your family.
23. Which is your favorite colour?
24. Do you think colors influence our life? How?
25. Which is the most excellent place you've been in your country?
26. Who does most of the household everyday jobs in your family?
27. Are the traditional roles inside the family changing?
28. Why is the separation rate increasing so quickly? Is it a problem?
29. What is your view of the family policy?
30. How do you control your child?
31. Is it satisfactory for couples to live jointly devoid of marrying?
32. If you had the picking, would you have a son or a daughter?
33. Are you going to bring your child up any in a different way to the way your parents did?
34. What hopes do you have for your child? (If you are married)
35. Do women still have excessively heavy a burden in their day to day life?
36. Is the increasing power of the West mainly a positive or negative thing?
37. Are you looking forward to anything in exacting in Australia / UK / USA ?
38. What do you do in your spare time?
39. What will you do if you be unsuccessful the IELTS?

40. Who should bear the blame for payment of tuition fees?
41. What can be done to get better education in rural areas?
42. Have new changes affected your job in any way?
43. Do you have the same opinion with private education? Why?
44. What can be done to shut the gap between urban and rural areas?
45. If you had the power, what changes would you perform within education?
46. Explain a typical working day for you
47. How do you perceive yourself in ten years time?
48. If you had the chance to change your job, what would you do instead?
49. If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?
50. If you could begin your life again, would you do everything differently?
51. What goal do you have?
52. Which country/place would you the majority likes to visit?
53. What changes do you consider India will see in the next few years?
54. Will any likely future changes affect your job in any way?
55. How do you believe you will cope abroad?
56. How does it feel to go abroad for the first time?
57. Are you looking forward to anything in exacting in Australia / UK / USA?
58. What do you do in your holidays?

This is a likely list of questions that may be asked in speaking component of English (speech exam) being confident as public speakers does assist a lot in the exam.

Excellent Results of Canada Visa Policy!

In accordance with the newest statistics brought out by the immigration department of Canada, the result has been excellent from the skilled worker program. An evaluation was conducted of the newest statistics with the pre-2001 statistics. This was previous to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) was introduced. This act frazzled more on the arranged employment offer, education in addition to the skills in language.

As indicated by the fresh statistics, there has been a climb by approx 65 percent in the earnings levels of the skilled workers in Canada following the IRPA was introduced. It was also resolute that there have been less chances of these skilled migrant relying on employment insurance or social support. This has been particularly after the new laws had been bringing in.

Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada said that the appraisal projected that the skilled migrants have been doing fine in the nation and are clever to add to filling gaps in the national workers. He also said that the government is pleased to see that the policy and agenda is giving out the expected and the desired results.

The other aspects incorporated in the assessment were advice concerning how the immigration system of the country would be further enhanced. These recommendations comprise giving higher right of way to young workers, stress on proficiency in either English or French language or raising the reliability of the system of arranged employment so as to keep away from fake involvement.

This would be followed by the immigration department of Canada to open a variety of new proposals for the discussion of the public. This would be brought about as an attempt to bring about more improvements in the system. The Minister mentioned as it as a promise made by the government to bring about amends in the next few weeks.