Polygamy and US Marriage Immigration

Polygamy is not acceptable as per US law. the people who are already married and want to marry again to a US citizen have to finish the previous relation otherwise they will simply rejected by US visa authorities.

US visa authorities will severely check your matrimonial background prior to issue you a US marriage visa. Here, the example of a Syrian man can be taken into account that was already married and marry again to a US citizen. But his visa was declined due to the reason of polygamy. Even though he divorced his previous wife at a later stage but he was refused to enter in USA because polygamy is a serious offense under US laws and US visa authorities do not allow such a person to enter in USA who has been involved in polygamy.

Immigration to Quebec Canada

Quebec is the single province in Canada that does not contain a sole Provincial Nominee Program. The remaining provinces and one territory have their individual PNPs, which are being exploited so as to meet the exact skill requirements of the provinces with overseas nationals. Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the speediest methods of obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence status.

However, the province of Quebec has its own immigration selection system customized to pick eligible immigrants from dissimilar parts of the world. The province identifies the necessities pertaining to the immigration and for that reason nominates overseas nationals to meet those requirements as maintained by the regulation or criteria it sets under the selection system.

For example, if someone wishes to immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker, then he will be required to follow a certain customized selection process, which is afterward the approval of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Skilled Worker Program of Quebec is active in selecting those foreign nationals who have the prospective to turn out to be economically well-settled in the province.

The eligibility decisive factor for applicants are slight different from the ones that are required to meet so as to settle in other province of Canada. Upon meeting all the criteria, Skilled Worker Program’s applicants of the Quebec immigration selection system are giving with a Quebec Selection Certificate, which lets them to enter and resolve in the province. With the intention of receiving the certificate, all applicants are requisite to score minimum points of 49, based on numerous factors, such as;

1. Age
2. Experience
3. Training
4. Validated employment offer
5. Language skills
6. Financial support/funds

Canada Wants More And More Chinese Immigrants

Canada is welcoming more and more immigrants from China, and will keep on being. China is one of the primary source countries for immigrants to Canada. Canada has benefited extremely from immigration from China. China remains the main source country for immigrants to Canada.

In the first quarter of 2010, China ranked primary in visas and extensions issued to visitors. Canada saw 14% more visitors from China than in the initial quarter of 2009, or 46% more than in the first quarter of 2005.

That means extra Chinese nationals are visiting their relatives h in Canada than ever before. With the execution of the Approved Destination Status, which let Chinese travel agents to promote and organize tour groups to Canada, that figure will only rise.

And the figure of Chinese students studying in Canada is also on the rise. Almost 50,000 students from China live in Canada last year. The numeral of Chinese students living in Canada has risen by more than 300% in the past decade.

At the same time as the door is open to Chinese students, visitors and immigrants, the Government of Canada is grave about cracking down on immigration deception. At the same time as a lot of consultants do good work, Canada want people to know that it’s not essential to hire a consultant to come to Canada.

Live-in Caregiver in Canada

Live-in caregivers in Canada provide child care, senior support care, or care of the disabled in private homes of Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants. At the time live-in caregivers complete a two-year work agreement with a Canadian boss, they can submit an application for permanent residency in Canada.

The requirements to be a live-in caregiver in Canada are as under:
• Have effectively completed the comparable of secondary/high school in Canada (12 years of full-time equal education)
• Have finished six months of full-time training in a classroom setting or have completed one year of full-time paid employment (including at least six months of continuous employment with one company) within the three years as a live-in caregiver right away before a live-in caregiver
• Have the aptitude to speak, read, and listen to English or French at a level enough to converse efficiently
• Have an service contract with a prospect employer
• Applied for a work permit as a live-in caregiver previous to entering Canada

If you meet up the requirements and have arranged employment to work as a live-in caregiver in Canada, please ask your queries in comments below.

How to File I-130 Application? | US Immigration

If you have already immigrated to the United States and are presently residing there and now, you wish to live in the United States everlastingly? If yes, you have to begin working on the process now yourself. After you are complete with your I-130 form, you would require gearing up totally for the course to get a status as a Legal Permanent Resident, usually known as the LPR.

The chief aspect here is to discover a sponsor. In case of family immigration, the sponsor would be one element of the family. Though, the application forms that require to be filled would provide to two people in question.

1. Sponsor: He is previously a citizen or a Legal Permanent occupant of the United States.
2. Beneficiary: The individual or the candidate applying for a Legal Permanent Residence.

In case, your partner is your sponsor that is whichever your husband/wife, in such a case, your marriage has to be confirmed. This would need a certificate proving your marriage. In case, the marriage certificate is written in some other language, a certified conversion is required. Lest previous marriages, certificates pertaining to those too must be submitted. With this, evidence or documents proving that those marriages have been lawfully put an end have to be shown also.

In case your children would also be go with you; documents proving that those kids are really your children would also have to be presented. These can comprise birth certificates of the children and their translations (if they are not English).

On the other hand, if you have adopted children, there would extra procedures that have to be followed too. Two passport size snap of you also have to be submitted together with the application form with all the above documents.

Based on the habitation of the sponsor, the request has to be filed thus. Those sponsors living in Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Wisconsin, and California and so on would have to file their official procedure at the USCIS in Chicago. This is if you are just filing a Form – 130. On the other hand, confirm to find out the right address or the department before truly submitting your application.

If done properly, the process for I-130 can make to be quite an easy victory. You can also put forward your form by means of the Internet which could show to be much easier.

Illegal Immigration and US Immigration System

Illegal immigration of United States has been a subject matter of debate for quite a while now. Though, many have failed to understand that there is a kind of connection between the financial and market realities pertaining to work and the current situation of immigration. This can be liable on an immigration system that can be measured as being out-of-date.

The major foundation for illegal migration has been the employment market of the United States which has led to a far above the ground demand for workers who are fewer skilled. This is further than that is being supply by the local Americans or even by those migrants who are lawfully in the United States.

The unsuccessful enforcements over the previous decade at the borders obviously plan the unawareness of immigration policies towards other financial forces which provide to such undocumented migration. In place of regulating the entire process, it has more deteriorated the whole system.

So, in flanked by the disorder, two messages are obviously predictable: “Stay Out” and “Labor Needed”! Therefore, we have two clashing messages which lead to even more confusion. One answering to immigration policies at the same time as the other caters to the economics of the nation…keeping the present scenario in mind, economics part is leading with more and more undocumented residents living and working in the United States.

Large numeral of jobs is being created by the financial system of the United States particularly under the low skilled decisive factor. This is in spite of the reality that most of the local people are growing older and are improved skilled with education. This formulates them over qualified for such low jobs.

Despite knowing the present situation, there are restrictions forced by the government of the United States which can effortlessly be considered as being out-of-date. These form a small or no relationship with the realities of the local financial system which demand for alter which it could cater to.

The result is clear with the enforcements committed to cut down on the migrants who are attracted towards the US financial system due to globalization. With increasingly workers attracted towards the low skilled jobs, not a great deal is being offered when it comes to opportunities by the current system of immigration in the nation even if the migrants would want to lawfully reside in the United States.

Which is the Best Country for Immigration ?

Canada is the best country for all people around the world who want to immigrate to explore better opportunities and bright future. Canada is one of the major and urbanized nations of the world. A main part of the nation’s population and financial system is depended upon immigrants from all over the world. Immigrants in Canada are measured as an advantage by the government of Canada and feels that it has been mostly because of their giving that the nation has came into sight as an urbanized financial system.

It is but clear that Canada is the favored objective for those planning to immigrate. Being a developed nation which has limitless opportunities for immigrants and more so, they are greeted with open arms. Every year, thousands of applicants file their applications for Canadian immigration. This is for the reason that the nation offers the uppermost standards in all aspects of employment and living in the country. Also, it just going from better to best with each subsequent day.

There are a lot of provinces in the Federal division of Canada. On the other hand, the province of Quebec has a dissimilar process for immigration. Quebec has a inhabitants which is dominated by the French speaking and, as a result, it is obligatory to be talented in the language of French. There are three territories and ten provinces of Canada. Foremost part of the nation’s inhabitants is intense in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

If an applicant wants to settle in one of the provinces in Federal Canada, he has to submit an application straight to the Canadian Government. All the applications of immigration are received by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) which is in charge for Canadian Immigration.

Each province of Canada is offering its own Provincial Nominee Program and each is different from the other with dissimilar benefits for an immigrant to benefit. It is vital for an applicant to make a decision in which province he would want to reconcile down previous to filing his application. This would superior provide the applicant concerning the place in question particularly concerning its climate and the local culture which is the vital to get familiar to.

For Canadian Immigration purpose, the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) has been created by Canadian government which is an independent and a self-regulating body for the immigration consultants. If you want to immigrate to Canada, It is suggested to only sort out the members of this body. Other organizations include the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) apart from the CIC which can moreover aid an applicant to file for his Canada visa.

US Doctors Immigrating to Canada!

More and more doctors from the United States of America are scheduling to migrate to Canada. This has happen with lots of of the doctors considered that Canada is a striking place when it comes to work. In a tendency being followed, it could be simply seen that more numeral of doctors are moving and migrating to Canada from the US while the amount of doctors leaving Canada is lessened.

In keeping with the figures brought out by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the figure of doctors walking into Canada has greater than before the number of them leaving the nation each year. This tendency has been become aware of for the last five years.

The information has been taken as quite a shock because for years jointly, Canada has witnessed many of its skilled doctors moving to the United States. The nation has been in front of this problem from as early as the 1990s. This was when the health reforms in Canada bring about doctors from Canada to immigrate to the United States.

Conversely, health reforms in the United States appear to be facing a comparable problem. With the result of these reforms being unidentified together with the aspect of payment, many doctors are being encouraged to immigrate to Canada. This choice seems to be the most pretty at this era.

Some quote the reason at the back this as the health plan brought out by President Obama which is making the doctors in the United States run away. More so, even the doctors are surprised at the sum of wealth that they can make in Canada.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program

The Northwest Territories is a federal territory of Canada and located in northern Canada. The territory borders Canada's two additional territories, Yukon to the west and Nunavut to the east, and three provinces: British Columbia to the southwest, Alberta and Saskatchewan to the south. Northwest Territories has a land area of 1,140,835 square kilometers (440,000 sq mi) and a inhabitants of 41,464 as of the 2006 census, an boost of 11.0% from 2001. In 1967 Yellowknife turns out to be the capital as a result of suggested by the Carrothers Commission.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program
Northwest Territories Nominee Program is run by the government of the Northwest Territories in collaboration with the federal government’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Similar to any other Canadian provincial nominee program, the NTNP is also a plan taken by the governments to be a magnet for international skilled workers to the province, who have the prospective to put in to the Northwest Territories financial system.

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program helps worldwide people in immigrating to the province who wish to resolve there. The program let the province to suggest the qualified individuals who it thinks would be able add to the labor market of Northwest Territories. The provincial program has one very important advantage on the international immigrants’ part. The Northwest Territories Nominee Program nominated international immigrants are make possible with fast-tracked application procedure to get permanent residency in Canada.

The victorious applicants to obtain chosen to immigrate to the province of Northwest Territories are provided with a certificate, which additional get ready the application procedure to obtain Canadian permanent residence status. The Northwest Territories nominee Program let overseas individuals to immigrate under four categories. They are;

1. Skilled Worker
2. Critical Impact Worker
3. Entrepreneur Business
4. Self-Employed Business

Skilled Worker Category of Yukon Nominee Program

The Skilled Worker Category under the Provincial Nominee Program of the Yukon is designed to allow its companies to suggest the international skilled workers and employ them for the requirement of the financial system. International skilled worker who have the purpose to immigrate to Yukon and the ability to put in to the provincial wealth can think this exacting category of the Yukon Nominee Program. Though, the category is entirely employer-driven.

Employers utilize this YNM category to fill up place in the labor market with foreign skilled workers, since the skills necessary for the positions are sometimes not obtainable in local workers. The Skilled Worker Program is additional divided into two sub-categories-
1. Skilled Worker
2. Critical Impact Worker

Eligibility Criteria:
• Applications must have job offer from an employer based in Yukon in hand. The jobs offered to them have to have to do with occupations that are incorporated in the ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘O’ levels of the NOC.
• Possess the certification essential for the offered occupation/job.
• Must not be an asylum applicant.
• Adequate language proficiency required of the job offered.

Easy process of Quebec Immigration

You as a skilled worker require submitting a correctly filled up application form and filing that with the Quebec Immigration Visa post. Incorrect applications are rejected at the initial place. Necessary credentials and other essential documents have to be enclosed with the applications, on the basis of which visa officers will decide whether you are fit for the next step, that is interview or not.

Personal selection interview is an essential part of the Quebec Skilled Worker selection procedure. This is when the visa officer gets to decide whether you have the spirit to set up yourself in Quebec productively or not! Your French language ability is also reviewed in the interview. To help you in personal interview, it is always suggested to seek the help of an Immigration Lawyer.

Applicants, together with their associated family members, are also requisite to go through medical and safety checks. You will be giving with the instructions to be undergone by the visa officer. When it comes to security checks, you are probable create documents like identity and civil status documents; and police clearance certificates. As for the health check, you would be requisite to go through an examination by a physician, who must be accepted by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Sample of Sponsorship Letter for Parents | Canada Visit Visa

I, Mr. XXXXXX XXXXXX (DOB: 00/00/000) hereby declare:-

I am a landed immigrant in Canada, and is living on the address 00- XXX Road, XXXXX, Ontario, Canada.

2. I am employed on permanent position at The Bank of Toronto, Ontario SSS UU1, Canada as an Operations Manager.

3. I wish to sponsor my Parents to visit Canada for a period of 3 months. Details are as under:
Mr. XXXXXXXXX, Passport # 000000
Mrs. XXX XXXXX, Passport # 00000
Resident of: XXXX XXXX XXXX

4. I hereby accept that I will be accountable for the travelling, housing, food, health and all other expenses of my parents all through the period of their stay of 3 months in Canada. During their stay in Canada they will live with me at XXX XXXXX XXXXX X00 0XX Canada.

I realize that this undertaking shall be made available to the CIC who will take suitable steps to recover from me the cost of any public funds paid to or regarding the above mentioned persons who are the subject of undertaking.

Declared at Ontario, Canada
On 19th July, 2010
Before Me:
Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths

Business Program of Yukon Nominee Program | Canadian Immigration

In the Business Program of the Yukon Nominee Program, worldwide citizens can immigrate to the Canadian province of Yukon as entrepreneurs/self-employed individuals. In explanation, his program permits the provincial government of Yukon to suggest the qualified international individuals with business skills to immigrate and reside in the province. The applicants can whichever start off new business or make investment in some obtainable businesses in Yukon.

There are 2 sub-categories of this program:
1. Entrepreneur
2. Professional Self-Employed

Eligibility criteria of the Entrepreneur sub-category applicants:
o Must have visited the province previous to filing application with the YNP.
o Must have required language skills, in English or French.
o Must have the necessary experience.
o Applicants must make an investment of 150,000 Canadian Dollars as equity in order to start a new enterprise.
o Applicants must have smallest amount of personal wealth of 250,000 Canadian Dollars.

The Professional Self-Employed group is meant for those international professionals who can serve the province with the professions which are in demand, for example doctors, nurses and engineers (only a few branches). Now, let’s have a glance at the eligibility criteria for Professional Self-Employed category applicants:
o Applicants must have enough communication skills. They must also have essential knowledge of the province and its financial system.
o Applicants must have sufficient resources to begin a expert practice in the province.

Processing Time From Pakistan

This post is speacially for pre-feb 2008 old applicants of Canadian Immigration. Share your updates in comments so that other old applicants can gain experience from your precious comments.

As of April 2010, all immigrants files are shifted from CHC Islamabad to CHC London.... Whats new about processing times????

Skilled Worker Applicants | New Brunswick PNP | NBPNP

Skilled Worker Applicants stream of New Brunswick PNP is divided into two sub-streams

1. Skilled Workers with Employer Support
2. Skilled Workers with Family Support

Skilled Workers with Employer Support:
So as to be eligible for this stream, applicants should be having the aim to resolve in the province of New Brunswick enduringly. Moreover, they should gain a minimum score of fifty points on several factors such as education, language skills, age, experience, and adjustability. Alongside, they must have an employment offer from a New Brunswick company. On company part, to be capable of employing a foreign national, the employer must:

•show that it has tried a lot but unable to find a Canadian citizen/permanent resident to fill up the position; and
•He/she must make sure that the foreign national is offered with a full time, permanent job offer.

Skilled Workers with Family Support:
Skilled Workers with Family Support enable immigrants in New Brunswick who have been residing in the province for a minimum period of 1 year and have get hold of the Canadian citizenship/permanent residency provide help to their family members in establishing themselves in New Brunswick. A foreign applicant in this stream is assessed on several factors, such as;
•Work experience
•Language skills
•Full time employment offer
•Employment skills

As for the sponsor (the family member in New Brunswick), he/she is evaluated on the foundation of his/her connection to the province of New Brunswick. His/her commitment towards the province’s immigration procedure, as well as productive settlement of previous family member(s) are also measured when letting them sponsor family members to be capable of settling in New Brunswick.

Business Applicants | New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program | NBPNP

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program invites applications from worldwide businessmen or entrepreneurs are meet the criteria for the Business Applicants category, given they have the aim to set up a business in the province. In addition, they must score a smallest amount of fifty points on factors, such as business (work) experience, education, age, language skills and adjustability.

Eligibility Criteria:
• Have minimum personal wealth of 300,000 Canadian Dollars.
• Invest a smallest amount amount of 125,000 Canadian Dollars.
• Invest a refundable fund of 75,000 Canadian dollars before the nomination.
•Have well-built intention to settle in the province of New Brunswick. They should sign an agreement to settle everlastingly in the province.
• Visit the province so as to explore business potential in and meet an Immigration Program Officer.
•Applicants’ business proposal must portray economic advantage to the province. The suggestion must be approved by an immigration official.
• Have extensive experience of managing business. They have to have been a position of senior executive, or business owner.
• Possess the sufficient funds to support their business, in addition to their families in the province.
• Ensure that they will be in a decision-making role in the business in the province.
• Have the language aptitude in either English or French. In case, if they do not have, they must take up language lessons prior to nomination by the New Brunswick PNP.

You may contact a Canadian immigration lawyer for more information

Advantages and Disadvantages of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has constantly been an issue of discussion with the legislator in addition to the governments of dissimilar nations. If examine narrowly, illegal immigrants are merely those who are seeking healthier opportunities and looking for better standards of living. They are those who are trying to give up dictatorship, joblessness and deprived living conditions in their country of origin. It is decided that in the procedure they have broken the law and therefore are facing tough challenges.

For example, presently there are around 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Consistent with the statistics collected from the Pew Hispanic Centre, approximately fifty six percent of undocumented inhabitants in the United States are from Mexico. They provide to the thousands of employers in addition to the farmers in the United States with the low skilled work force.

Here, it has to be well thought-out that just similar to any other issue; there are advantages and disadvantages attached here too.

Advantages of Illegal Immigration:
• Improved standards of life for the illegal migrants.
• The financial system is aided in the form of obtain workers at lower wages.
• Those residents who are not lawfully residing and own property are supposed to pay real estate taxes too.
• Illegal migrants have a tendency to occupy those areas which are generally not chosen by the local residents to rent property.
• Commissions are made for brokers and agents when property is bought by the illegal migrants.
• They increase profits made out of mortgage loans.
• Interests and dividends are produced for the bankers whenever a new bank account is opened by an illegal immigrant.
• Profit margins are added on the buying of auto insurance.
• Appearance of a new section of consumers who are seeking goods and services.
• It costs less for the farmers to produce and harvest crops.
• Sales taxes are collected from all the illegal migrants.

Disadvantages of illegal immigration:
• Illegal immigrants effect on the local working and middle class population.
• A row of producing bogus documents is continually on.
• This leads to be a short of of balance in the quotas set for immigration function.
• Millions of US dollars are sent to Mexico and other countries.
• Many deceitful practices occur in the process.
• The tax resources are intensely affected which results in figure more to the local taxpayers.
• The job of prosecution and bringing those to justice who break the law becomes very tedious.
• A difference develops between those who are residing legally and the illegal ones.
• Threat to life is likely while crossing the borders of one’s nation.
• An illegal migrant give confidence his family and friends to approach also which in turn increases the numbers.
• The demand for cheap labor and low wages continues to boost.
• Illegal immigration affects the financial system of a nation. Additional resources are invested to cope with the problem. This in turn affects the home population who are left out to illegal immigrants for lower wages and poor working conditions.

Most of all, the issue of illegal immigration is an extremely multifaceted one but it cannot be considered as something which cannot be solved. The governments of different nations could start with charge heavy fines on employers who employ illegal migrants. With this are the well-organized system and appropriate checks at the border which are of key significance. But it has to be keeping in mind that sympathy and justice must go hand in hand here.

YNP - Yukon Nominee Program

Similar to any other Canadian provincial nominee program, the YNP Yukon Nominee Program is also intended to allow the province to nominate skilled international immigrants to reside and set up themselves in the province and make input to its financial system. Individuals who desire to immigrate to Canada and then get the permanent residence status in the country can use of the Yukon Nominee Program and turn out to be permanent residents of Canada.

The Canadian province of Yukon allows international people to immigrate under 2 main categories. They are:

2.       Business Program

With the assistance of the province’s nominee program, Yukon attracts brilliant and skilled foreign nationals to exist in and set up them the province in such a means that they could be able to contribute to the Yukon financial system in some way.

To be entitled to immigrate in any of the categories of the Yukon nominee Program, each foreign national has to meet numerous criteria. Though, this should also be kept in mind that the eligibility criteria for each group may differ from each other. Thus, this is obvious that in order to know about the categories, you keep visiting this Canadian immigration blog.

Canada to US Immigration

Many Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are thinking to move or immigrate to US for better opportunities. Keep in mind the following things before Canada to US immigration.

First thing is foremost; can you work in the United States? The primary way to attain this is to be a US citizen. The next is to get married with a citizen, in which case you'll have to submit an application first for a work permit and then ultimately for whichever a green card or citizenship if you so wish. Each of these steps will need a huge quantity of official procedures, an immigration lawyer or immigration attorney and some money.
The further way to come over is to be support by a company, which will cost them $3000 and they would have to justify that you are capable of providing a work service that a US citizen or greencard holder cannot. Coming over illegally is probable but not advised.

2. The subsequent thing is working out where to reside. The US is as big and diverse as Canada and it is particularly recommended to visit the states previous to deciding where to live, if not of course you sent by your job to a exacting location.
It is importance noting that every part of America, north east, East coast, west coast,  north west, south, mid west and deep south all differ as much in agriculture, culture, politics and weather as Canada does and all these factors must be measured when immigrating.

3. The third thing is quite significant i.e. to be careful of Healthcare system. While we are familiar to a free health service, in the US you are required to purchase cover for yourself.  Your job may offer health insurance, which is great; however it does mean that like many Americans you are quite tied to your job. If your job does not give it or if you wish to give your own cover, you can buy health care insurance with a variety of options but it is significant to make sure that you recognize what you are covered for.

4. The next thing is about understanding the culture of USA. There are a lot of differences between the cultures.

So if you are thinking for Canada to US Immigration, remember these things.

Canada is welcoming a rising figure of Indian immigrants, students and visitors

CIC is helping an increasing numeral of Indian people to visit, study in and immigrate to Canada. For over a century, Canada has gained from the aptitude and uphill struggle of newcomers from the subcontinent. Approximately one million Canadians can outline their descent to India, and now rising figures of Indians are receiving the opportunity to visit family and friends in Canada, study at Canadian colleges and universities, or certainly immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

Previous year, India was the top supply country of immigration to Canada, with further than 32,050 permanent resident visas issued to Indians, a rise of 13% from the previous year, and 53% further than the 3 year average from 1997 to 1999.

The figure of Indian students approved visas to learn in Canada has seen a sharp boost in the current years. By the ending of year 2010, it is anticipated that the figure of student visas that CIC issues to Indian students will have tripled over 2008 levels. This is in part because of the Canada-in-India Student Partners Program begin earlier this year by CIC in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

This is good news for those submit an application to visit family and friends in Canada. At the same time as every visa assessment is made on the merits of every application, these improved figures show that CIC officials have been functioning harder, and more competently, to make it likely for a rising number of genuine travelers to visit Canada.

Minister Kenney commended Indian officials for the development made in addressing immigration fraud. One of the causes why lots of visa applications are discarded is that they comprise fake documents, or have been mismanage by corrupt immigration consultants.

H1B visas of USA - Above 31,200 Available Now

The H-1B visa is destined for those specialized who have bachelor’s degree or higher who plan to work in the United States for a US based company. This visa also comprises fashion models. It is for those professionals who aim to work in a particular field of job.

All the professionals working on an H-1B are allowable to live in the United States for an era of 3 years ahead of which they can submit an application for an expansion for up to 6 years. In case, the applicant also qualifies for one more visas, he can live in for a longer period of time.

As per United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), approximately 31,200 H-1B visas are still on hand to be applied for the financial year of 2011. These visas were forever found with a lot of firms finding it hard to cater to visas for their workers of overseas origin.

As of now, the financial system of the United States has not entirely got back from the worldwide render down. With this state of affairs in consign, not loads of are petitions are being filed for this visa. At the similar time, this is absolutely a superior sign for those organizations who have been finding it durable to get H-1B visas. If explore the past, for example in 2006, all the visas were file for in at some point itself.

The typical limit on these petitions on a yearly basis is 65,000. With this, an accumulation of another 20,000 petition is allowed under the H-1B Masters Degree exception. This permits the first 20,000 applications for those with a Master’s degree or superior to be free from the cap.

The accessibility of visas for 20th August 2010, the restriction limit for the normal H-1B cap is 65,000. But only 33,900 have been established as of now. The H-1B Masters Exemption has a restricted boundary of 20,000 with only 12,600 applications received till now.