Greece Immigration Rules

All countries have immigration rules that help regulate immigrants' rights, possible violations, sentence and requirements for approaching to the country. Similar to most other countries, Greece has draw round its immigration rules through legislation. On January 1, 2006, Greece pass several immigration rules that outlined immigrants' rights, compulsion and the punishments they will take delivery of if they violate Greek law.

Rights of Immigrants in Greece:
Permanent immigrants are permissible to depart and re-enter Greece at any time. They do not require asking for permission to leave the country as their immigrant visa will do something as a multiple entry visa. All permanent immigrants to Greece have the right to be informed of their rights in the country and obligations (which includes universal Greek law) in a language the migrant can obviously recognize. Greek immigrants are also permitted the similar educational and social security rights as inhabitant persons. This comprise: free public schooling for students beneath the age of 17, university instruction at a lower or no cost, and medical and departure coverage the similar as other Greeks.

Temporary immigrants contain rights that are outlined when they obtain their visa. Visas that temporary immigrants might get are tourist, student, work and business visas. The rights for short-term immigrants are extra limited, but they will be outlined by the Greek embassy/consulate while the immigrant completes his visa application.

People who desire to immigrate to Greece have to complete a visa application or an application for residence. The application for habitation is future for any person who wishes to stay in Greece longer than three months (whether this is an ultimate permanent or a temporary stay). Visa applications have to be filed with the Embassy of Greece if you are applying for a visa. If you are applying for a nationality permit you must file for the permit once you are in Greece. This application will have to be case at any police station if you are located outside of Athens or at any Aliens Department Office if you are located within Athens.

Immigrants are also compelled by Greek law to put up with by all restrictions placed on a visa. Not all visa holders will be entitled to work, go to school, or move to sure areas of the country. Most visas issued will also come with an ending date. The immigrant must obey all restrictions placed on the visa or the visa holder can be fined, locked up or even expelled.

There are a lot of instances where an immigrant (temporary or permanent) can be expelled from the Greece. These can comprise, but are not restricted to: fake documentation on the visa application, violating Greek law that has led the settler to a sentence of custody for more than one year, or if the immigrant has been seen to be a danger to public security.

Objectionable Foreigners:
Objectionable foreigners are foreigners who have been a proven danger to national security. These foreigners have been located on a list issued by the Greek government. These persons will not be permissible to enter Greece as permanent or temporary immigrants. If they effort to enter Greece at any port-of-entry the Greek government reserves the right to refute their visa, deny admission into the country, and place them on the soonest return flight back to their country of citizenship.

Unlawful Entry/ Exit:
If a migrant unlawfully tries to exit or enter Greece the immigrant can be fined up to 1500 EUR and be sentenced to three months in a prison. If the immigrant tries to leave or enter the country unlawfully and the immigrant also has outstanding money owing, has a warrant out for his take into custody, or owes money in back taxes, Greek law states that the penalty can be more severe; the punishment can be up to 3000 EUR and six months in jail.


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Where can i report a person for Deportation? for not having any kind of Documents to stay here in Greece,absulutely nothing of any kinds of papers that shows that he is allowed to stay here in Greece and also that this person is causing problems to the public and others.

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