Scope of 4152 Social Worker in Canada!

Canada is a land of numerous opportunities for social workers. There is scope for everybody in search of an appointment in social worker field. This might be the cause why the country is one of the positive immigration destinations for populace crossways the world.

People go into and go a mile additional to create Canada their home for clear reasons. The country has the capital to feed its population and lead a improved life. Typically people immigrate to this North American country to find an employment. Although, once they reach their destination, they find more than they predicted. The country is identified for offering some of the viable salary packages to professionals in any likely field you can think of.

If you have degree(s), no other country can offer you what you expect as a social worker in life than Canada. If you have knowledge, that’s an added advantage. Canada offers much range for social workers. With grade and experience, one can work in dissimilar areas of social work, like as a therapist or analyst in various fields.

There is lot more associations that offer service opportunities for social workers. The high-quality thing is that these organizations employ fresher’s so as to help them increase experience on social work.

You can turn out to be a licensed/certified social worker in Canada by obtaining a higher degree. Opportunities are additional for those who grasp license and they do get paid higher too. As for the educational qualifications, individuals require to have a diploma/degree in social work to be talented to turn out to be social workers in Canada. A lot of provinces in the North American country believe a Bachelor Degree in Social Work as one of the required credentials for the occupation.

So as to work as 4152 social workers in Canada, one has to make himself/herself index in the country. This ought to be kept in mind that frequently a diploma of 2 years in social work might not work in order to obtain registered in certain provinces. In central territories like the Yukon; the Northwest Territories; and Nunavut a 2-year diploma can be use for the registration. In these regions, social worker profession is not synchronized.

Other than the above stated territories, social worker line of work is regulated in each province in Canada. As for overseas individuals, if somebody has earned a credential from documented university out of Canada, he/she may be allowable for transfer credit. If the individual holds a B.SW. Degree from any overseas country, then he/she may be necessary to enroll into extra courses. In this case, the person may be acknowledged for direct licensure in Canada.

The occupation of a 4152 social worker is rewarding one and it’s superior if you think pursuing a career in the field in Canada. Canada holds never-ending opportunities for social workers. It is likely to explore the chance once you are in the country.


janed said...

I am 23 years old, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a licensed nurse and currently taking up my master's degree in nursing. I am working as a Program Coordinator for two years in an extension program within a University which I believe is tantamount to NGO. I have also taken the IELTS already with a total band score of 8. Will I be eligible to apply under 4152? Even though I do not have a degree in Scoial Work? I would really appreciate it if you'll give your feedback asap. Thank you.

Jaideep said...

Is journalism included in Social Work category for Canada ?

Reality said...

Is Journalism included in the Social Workers category for Canada ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, i am a University Lecturer and have worked as a social worker in one of the NGOs in Pakista. I do not have bachelor or Master degree in this field but I am a published writer. Could you please guide me whether I can apply under the title of this profession 4152.
My e-mail is;

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