Frequent Problems for Immigrants in Canada, UK and USA

There are some widespread immigration problems that you must consider if you are a Canada / United States / United Kingdom immigrant or desire to be converted into US resident. The situations that can occur can be very disagreeable and sometimes tough to solve. Here are some problems that can affect you. These problems are also widespread for Canadian, UK or Mexican immigrants, in addition to with most countries.

• If you are already living in the USA, Canada, UK but wanting to travel (for example, for a holiday), whether you will be allowed back into the Canada/UK/USA/other country
• Whether you are entitled to use state services or claim benefits, for example, education, health services, council housing, social security benefits, housing benefits, council tax benefit
• Getting permission to stay in the Canada/UK/USA/other country longer than you originally intended
• Getting permission to do something which you are not at present allowed doing, for example, being allowed to work
• Bringing relatives into the country, for example, a spouse, fiancĂ© (e), children
• Being threatened with deportation from the UK/USA/Canada or other country
• Being held by the immigration authorities in a detention centre
• Wanting a passport and not knowing whether you are entitled to a UK/USA/other country passport or some other passport
• Wanting to apply to become a UK/USA/other country Citizen
• The right to vote
• A relative or friend being refused entry to the UK/USA/other country when arriving at an airport or port

A legal advice from an immigration lawyer is time and again the most excellent solution to address these common immigration problems.


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Respected Sir,
I am an Nurse. My 38 is a old category, my file is received at New Delhi canada Office date is 13 january 2011. In letter mantion, waite for 10 month for medical, 10 month is finish. still i can get the any responce, Pl. ask me when shell I get medical and visa?
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