Tier-2 Sponsorship Standard Has Been Changed By UK Border Agency

The UK Border Agency has released the advanced UK Tier-2 sponsorship criteria to make sure increased certainty to employers in the UK. The fresh decisive factor will be related to requests of the holders of UK Tier 2(General) Employer Sponsorship License for getting extra sponsorship certificates. And it will give UK employers greater confidence by ensuring them of support of all requests connecting to any Tier 2(General) employee who is previously employed by any sponsor or a possessor of UK Work Permit.

The modified criteria will ease in meeting the current employment requirements of sponsors at the same time as stick on the provisional cap on UK visas introduced this July, the UKBA revealed.

All requests for receiving extra sponsorship certificates is measured by a body of UKBA managers on the first of each month. On the other hand, because of the new developed criteria, there will be delays in the November panel till 12th November. The wait will allow the UKBA to get additional information previous to the November panel from all sponsors who previously have submitted their Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) AR forms.

Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, David Frost stated that the businesses in the UK have been frequently asking the UK regime concerning the difference in the short-term migration cap. And, therefore, all the employers in the UK will feel ecstatic to hear that the UK ministers are really making numerous changes to ease employers.

Mr. Frost maintained that the BCC has forever stated that any limits on UK immigration should not, in any means, damage the enlargement prospects in the nation. He moreover accepted that the UK government’s strategy has restricted the aptitude of the UK businesses to help in revival of the UK economy. He stressed on the requirement for joint efforts between the UK employers and the UK government to train the employees of the nation.

Mr. Frost said that there is a great want for creating the UK a top objective for international investments and top overseas talent. And for this to attain, the UK needs more rational UK immigration arrangements in the near future.


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