Picnic places in Lahore

Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and is largest city in Pakistan subsequent to Karachi. It is generally known as the Heart of Pakistan, because of its historical importance before and at the creation of Pakistan, and also being a cultural, political and educational centre of the country having maximum number of educational and cultural institutes. It is also often called the Garden of the Mughals or the City of Gardens for the reason that the heritage of the Mughal Empire formate in this city. It is situated near the Ravi River and Wagah, close to the Pakistan-India border.

Lahore is very famous for its great picnic places. People from Lahore and all over Pakistan in addition to abroad populace always take pleasure in the picnic places of Lahore with their families.

Following are the famous picnic places in Lahore.

1. Shahi Qila:
This is the most famous historical place in Lahore and was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar. This was constructed on the bank or river Ravi. Afterwards river changed its direction. It is now the best picnic place in the Lahore.

2. Badshahi Mosque:
It is adjacent to Shahi Qila and was built by Mughal Emporer Aurangzeb Alamgir.

3. Shalamar Garden:
This Garden was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. This is situated at GT Road near UET Lahore.

4. Safari Zoo Park:
Safari Zoo and Lion Park is the best modern family picnic place in Lahore. It is situated at 11 KM from Thokar Chowk towards Raiwand. You can celebrate a full picnic day here. Dont forget to prepare biryani and qorma before leaving to Safari Zoo Park. Also you can have a Bar-B-Q Party in the beautiful Safari Park. So its a best place for picnic on Eid-Ul-Azha.
If you have a car, you can go inside Lions area on your car and enjoy Lions walking along with your car.
Caution: Never open the window of your vehicle while visiting area of Lions. Make movies and take pictures from inside of your car. Don't try to be a brave one rather you will be a foolish one.

5. Jehangir’s Tomb
Jehangir tomb is situated near north side of ravi river. You can turn from shahdra towards Jehangir tomb. This tomb was built by Noor Jehan in the memory of her beloved Husband Jehangir. A very good picnic spot for families.
6. Sozo Water Park
7. Jallo Park
8. Wagah Border
9. Lahore Museum
10. Science Museum
11. Lahore Zoo
12. Jinnah Garden
13. Changa Manga (83 KM from Lahore Towards Multan)
13. Joy land, Sind baad, Fortress Stadium (Best place for children below 10)
14. Noor Jehan Tomb (Adjacent to Jehangir's Tomb in Shahdra)
15. Meenar E Pakistan
16. Food Street Anarkali
17. Alhamra Theateres
18. Alhamra Art Complex (Qaddafi Stadium)

Note: You may add your favorite picnic place of Lahore so that others can enjoy their holiday there.


Khalid said...

i want to have a picnic in lahore in this Eid Ul Haza with my family. Please suggest me the best picnic place in lahore. Last year we went on lahore fort but this year we want to discover some new spots of picnic in lahore

Amna said...

I am a student of govt college for girls gujranwala. Our class is planning to have a picnic at lahore. What you guys recommend the best place of picnic in lahore for college girls

Arfa Inam said...

Dear Khalid,
Try to explore the tomb of jehangir at shahdra this time. Its amazing

Arfa Inam said...

Dear Amna,
Try lahore fort and lahore museum first. these places are incredible and have a lot of information for students

Anonymous said...

whats about the shalamar garden

Saba Iqbal Gujranwala said...

Shalamar garden is also very good place of picnic in lahore. Its a historical place situated at GT road lahore

Rameen said...

Thank you for sharing these picnic spots in Lahore

Munzer said...

please also add Loin Safari Park in your list and do let us know if there is any place on Ravi Bank to Visit

Anonymous said...

Please tell us about lion safari park

where is it?

Yasmin Islam said...

Nowadays, Lahore can be unsurpassed portray as a city that is just so magnificent, so very wonderful, that every corner and turn of the city speaks of a certain lively, a certain enthusiasm, a courage of life, which cannot be found anyplace else in the world. Maybe it is the adulthood of the city, which manifests itself in a variety of parts of Lahore.

It is there in the monuments, in the bazaars, in the old buildings lining the Mall, or in the huge expanses of the sports grounds in the Cantonment. But most vibrantly, this great Lahore spirit is able to be seen in the people of Lahore, the Zinda dilan-e-Lahore.

Anonymous said...

What are picnic spots in lahore for summer. Any swimming places there?

Anonymous said...

Why dont u try jallo park or a water park near sagian bridge.

Or else you may try Ravi River (LOL)

Comrade said...

The CM said that provision of leisure facilities was of vital importance in the current times of stress and anxiety, for that reason parks and playgrounds were being developed on main concern basis. He said that entertaining facilities of international standard would be made obtainable at Jallo Park while beautiful picnic spots would also be developed at Lahore Canal.

Comrade said...

Following are good visiting and picmic sopts near lahore

1. Kallar Kahar
2. Katas Temples (25 KM from Kallar Kahar on Choa Saiden Shah Road)
3. Khewra (Salt Mines)
4. Hiran Minar (Sheikhupura)
5. Mangla Dam (230 Km from lhr)
6. Qila Rohtas 200 KM from Lhr
7. Changa Manga (85 km from lhr)

Anonymous said...

nice sharing..

Saba Iqbal said...

Safari park is another good option

Jiya said...

Safari Park is near Thokar Niaz Baig. Almost 5 KM from thokar towards raiwand

Comrade said...

Try Safari Park on this Eid

Salma said...

Wow.. We enjoyed a lot in Safari Park. thanks for sharing this great picnic point in Lahore

zohaib said...

kallar kahar is very good option for picnic

Anonymous said...

What about the safari park near head balloki?

Saima said...

Safari Park Balloki is a good option byt the road is not good

Anonymous said...

hi i am saeed from Quetta and want to come lahore with family can we enjoy safari park lhr. please reply whom visited to this park with family

Tania said...

Safari Lion park is the best picnic point in Lahore. i went there with my family and enjoyed a lot

Saeed said...

Tania G thank u so much plz can u tell me the location and distance of this park

Tania said...

It is almost 12 KM from thokar chowk towards Raiwand

Anonymous said...

gulshin iqbal park, race course park and model town park also beutifull.

Anonymous said...

Honestly our government and people are so careless that non of the above places are clean enough to enjoy! Plus if you compare LHR to international cities you will be deeply depressed and won't find any real good picnic spots!

Anonymous said...

wagah border is a beautiful place where pak nd india's soldiers meet together.this scece looks so amazing.i also enjoyed

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