Companies Dependent on Skilled Immigrants in Australia

KPMG, a worldwide business consultancy firm, says that the continuing boom in Australia has resulted in low joblessness and a demand for overseas skilled workers to plug gaps in the employment market -- a tendency that is probable to increase in the future.

In keeping with report entitled Skilled Migration Survey 2010, employers are being required to amplify their skilled migration to meet the requirement for skilled workers.

The report found that a number of Australian States such as Queensland and South Australia are experience skills shortages; It has been said that to conquer this problem they ought to submit an application to utilize skilled workers under Australia's 457 temporary employer-sponsored visa plan. Western Australia uses these migration programs more and has previously benefited by bringing in skilled workers below Australian skilled migration programs.

The study found that 85 percent of employers’ survey said that the worldwide financial crisis has had no brunt on their business, and that 50 percent of businesses are suffering from skills shortages.

In addition, 60 percent of employers surveyed said that they have maintained their skilled migration intake with only 14 percent polled saying that they have reduced their intake of skilled migrants in the work force.

The survey also found that 80 percent of employers are concerned about Australia's aging work force and that they anticipate the problem to have an effect on their business in the next five years. 66 percent feel that the Australian government should improve its skilled immigration agenda and so assist increase the working age population.

Australia is becoming a more well-liked destination for skilled migrants from all over the globe. Besides employer-sponsored visas for instance the 457 visa, Australia also has a points-based immigration system which allows populace with skills Australia needs to submit an application for a permanent residence visa without the required for an employer.


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