Thing to Do After Getting PR of Canada!

After obtaining the Permanent Resident PR Status in Canada, it is compulsory that the migrant should apply for the following:

A Permanent Resident Card:
Once getting the status of a Permanent Resident PR of Canada, you become eligible to get a Permanent Resident Card, which would be provided to you, free of cost. It is a wallet sized card that is necessary for all the migrants living as Permanent residents in Canada. Permanent Resident Card expires after every 5 years.

SIN Card:
SIN stands for Social Insurance Number and is necessary to work in Canada. So you have to apply for the same as soon as likely in order to start your professional career. Ensure that you have a PR Card and a verification of PR and Visa counterfoil before applying for a SIN Card. Also make sure that you have all the documentation required to apply for the card.
Note: Applicants can apply for a SIN Card at any Service Canada Center.
Never reveal your SIN Card Number to anyone!

The Health Card:
It allows right of entry to the health care facilities provided by the Canadian government. As a PR, you are entitled for various health care facilities. Everybody must have his own health card, including all your family members. Certain services are not covered in Health care and for that it is recommended to take a Private Health Card.

Interview Tips for Canadian Immigration

Interview is a decisive factor in the process that covers your Canadian Immigration application process. It is natural for you to be concerned about your Interview and do all the essential preparations previously to keep away from any annoy in future.

1. The first thing - You have to prove your intentions are genuine, not fake, before the Immigration officer.
2. Make certain that you have all the documentation so as to prove your qualifications.
3. It is very important to understand the interview questions to answer them appropriately. Misinterpretation often leads to wrong answers and thus enhance your chances of a visa denial. If by in any case, you are not able to hear the question correctly, never be uncertain to ask the question again, but respectfully.
4. Be polite to your Interviewer at the same time as maintaining an eye contact with him. This will demonstrate your honesty towards your case.
5. You can also make notes during your interview to get ready for your question in advance. Write down the main points in the bulleted form to make it easier for you.
6. Have a brief knowledge about your occupation, the country where you are planning to immigrate and other such factors linked with Immigration. Knowing the official language of Canada i.e. English or French would give you an added advantage.

How to Hire the Top Immigration Lawyer

There are numerous people who are in the hunt for a new place to live, work, or simply buy a new house for vacation in, but do not completely know the process of what it takes to go into a country, for example Canada. There are a lot of places in the globe that need strict rules and have methods of decision if you are qualified to live or work there. Actually there can be dozens and dozens of ways a person can emigrate to a country, and following the mistaken method can lead to rejection.

One of the best ways to really make sure your process and methods of being excepted into a country is to take into service an immigration lawyer that will help you with everything you need to file and know when it comes to immigration. Large numbers of people make the easy error of not knowing some small facts or ways of rising there chances of getting accepted and drop their chance, an immigration lawyer is the one who facilitate you with that. One of the first things that an immigration lawyer would help you with is considering the methods you can meet the criteria with, whether you have someone living in Canada, you have a working class that is actually needed, or you simply want to immigrate to work and live there, they are the ones who will help you with the best ways you can do that.

So here is comes down to how you know if you are hiring the right immigration lawyer and if they are not a scam or fraud, well that is simple. I know that there are many Canada immigration lawyers Toronto or any other city, that can be found online and on websites, this is a main plus when you are thinking of hiring one. If you go on their websites and check information about them, you will know ahead of time that they are and their experience. You can check how much work they have done, how many appointments they have, and if in broad they are a good investment to make in.

Also an additional helpful way to go about getting an immigration lawyer is by going on the main website where you can read about all the lawyers’ backgrounds and see which one you want to take into service and pay.

Canadian Immigration - The International Graduate Visa program

With its energetic immigration policies, Canada welcomes thousands of new residents and short-term workers every year. For those concerned about moving to Canada, there is a variety of immigration options available, whether you are consider making a permanent move or seeking base yourself temporarily in one of Canada's fine provinces. With a standing of having practical and innovative promotion of its immigration policies, Canada remains an exceptionally well-liked destination for the relocation of individuals and families alike, providing for a variety of entry alternatives including skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Though, students and recent graduates should be aware that Canada also keenly seeks those who have freshly graduated with high awards; an initiative termed the International Graduate Visa program.

The International Graduates visa, in its beginning, was conceived as an attempt to reduce the current and future education and skill shortages by providing an enticing alternative for foreign students with offers of jobs from Canadian employers. This program allows international graduates a safe and more rapidly progressing path to obtain their visa requirements for both temporary and permanent residency status. The program gives precedence to those graduates who can show their ability to put in to the Canadian economy for permanent residency, which is another smart feature of the initiative. The skills required vary depending on the provinces involved and the exact skill gaps that they need to be addressed.

The program is obtainable in the following provinces, presented in alphabetical order: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

The essential criteria for all provinces comprise the requirement of completing a post-secondary qualification, being attained from an educational institute within the region, together with an offer of employment that relates to their field of expertise. Variations between the provinces for approval within the program include the necessity to have been employed with the same employer offering the full time place for a period of between 3-6 months before the application is filed. Moreover, some of the provinces will only recognize qualifications from institutions that they have deemed entitled, while some place precise restrictions of the specialties and the grades one must have attained.

Canada Fiancee Visa

Canada is certainly one of the most accepted immigration destinations in the world, and definitely for good reasons. Known for its lenience and recognition of diverse races, beliefs, values, religions, and cultures, it is a country where people from a broad range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds can truly feel at home.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which is liable for overseeing almost every aspect of the Canadian immigration process, recognizes the value of reuniting families. In actual fact, family reunification or family immigration is an essential goal of Canada’s public policy. Spouses, partners, and dependent children who move toward Canada through a Canadian sponsor are referred to by CIC as the Family Class.

Canada Marriage Immigration and Family immigration law in Canada is quite different compared to other English-speaking countries for example England, New Zealand, USA and Australia. Dissimilar to UK, USA and Australia, Canadian immigration law does not present any advantage of a Canada fiancee visa category. For example, permanent residents and citizens of the UK and Australia can bring a foreign spouse or partner to their country on prospective marriage visa or marriage immigration. There is a special K-1 fiancee visa category in US immigration law that permits a US citizen to bring a foreign fiancee to America for the reason of getting married. Unluckily, there is no comparable visa category in Canadian immigration law. Canadian sponsors, who desire to bring a foreign fiancee to Canada, must decide between the unmarried partner or common law partner and conjugal visa categories. The conjugal partner visa is usually used by Canadian citizens and permanent residents in the place of the traditional fiancee visa.

While the description of a partnership is quite severe, Canadian immigration law recognizes that certain factors may stop couples from living together for a wide period of time, or entering into a lawful marriage or civil partnership. Canadian sponsors have an undoubtedly defined and legally-binding compulsion to provide financial support for their foreign spouse, partner, or same sex partner. This compulsion also applies to any dependent children who are given derived status on an immigrant visa application.

Canada grants immigration to couples who are not only married or living together, but also to those who are not able to meet the requirements for a spouse or common law visa due to justifying circumstances. If you have a foreign partner or spouse, and are eager to bring them to Canada on a permanent resident visa, there are three types of visas that you may be entitled to follow.
1. Canada Marriage Immigration
2. Canadian de facto partner visas
3. Canadian same sex partner visas

Severe Measures by CIC to Protect Overseas Temporary Workers

The Canadian government is very keen against any kind of exploitation of foreign workers in Canada. The government is now particularly being vigilant on the employers hiring these foreign workers. Since the Canadian government considers its immigrants as a precious asset, it is being looked into that they are being treated reasonably. Together with this, severe action would be taken against companies who are doing unjust with the immigrants.

This decision has been issued in the interest of the temporary foreign workers because they are one of the most significant contributors to the Canadian economy. The Canadian government feels that it is its duty to guard its new resident in return to their key contributions to its country.

Though, some changes have been planned to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The changes involve severity in the assessment concerning the credibility of the job being offered to the immigrant. Conversely, it is also now catering to an immigrant’s residence in Canada.

Additionally, a trial period for the duration of two years is also under consideration for all those employers hiring overseas professionals. This is particularly for all those employers who have been found to be treating foreign nationals unjustly. a lot of organizations have been found to be paying low wages and deprived working conditions to the immigrants compared to the market value for the same job.

All things considered, a temporary foreign worker would not be entitled to work in Canada for more than four years. This is for the reason that this program is meant to provide to the short term labor accomplishment.

With some strict limits in place, it can be guaranteed that Canada is one of the most excellent places to immigrate in times of day.

Immigrants in Canadian Small Towns

As said by a latest report issued by the Conference Board of Canada, lots of small towns in Canada have found it highly favorable with immigration. The new immigrants have brought a new charter of life for these towns with the appropriate Canadian Immigration policies.

With inhabitants of the towns being as less as 1,539 has seen an increase to 18,510. The report is known as the “Immigrant – Friendly Communities: Making Immigration Work for Employers and Other Stakeholders in Small – Town Canada”. The report says that aside from the immigrants, the local community has also been a binding force helping the people immigrating to Canada to settle down. These contain the local schools, faith groups, employers and especially the local government which have been very vital for the above.

Additionally, the report also mentions that these towns are short of skilled workers and therefore, the immigrants would show to be the benefactors in these towns. Together with this, the major Canadian cities would be less stressed as more and more immigrants target Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver typically.

This report is a clear meter of rising number of options in Canada for its future immigrants. With this, small towns give the perfect getaway for the rest of the lives only to live in cool and a peaceful environment.

In particular, it has to be remembered that Canada has always recognized its immigrant population and has always measured it as an asset.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer – Canadian Immigration Free Advice on Net

Although there is no need to hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, but if you feel that it is impossible for you to know all the process of Canadian Immigration, its terms and meaning of the law than you may hire the services of a Canadian Immigration lawyer.

On the other hand, you can also find a free immigration lawyer on the net who gives you free advice on Canadian immigration matters. You do not have to pay a single penny for this free immigration service. Just write your queries in the comments and find the answers of your queries promptly.

Try to take out all your doubts with your free immigration advice on this blog, so that you can be more positive of the successful accomplishment of your migration application. This blog also helps in bringing out any unknown problems which you would have missed otherwise. See the comments of other peoples too so that you may prepare a solid case for your Canadian Immigration.

Canada Marriage Immigration: Some Important Factors

A Canada Marriage Immigration visa category is for persons who have entered into the tie of marriage that is lawfully authorized and recognized by CIC. The wife or Husband of the sponsor may be presently living in Canada, or the sponsor may be married to a foreign national residing outside Canada in order to get Canada Marriage Immigration.

Besides meeting all of the essential eligibility requirements, sponsors as well as foreign applicants must meet all of the following additional requirements to be eligible for a Canada Marriage Immigration:
1. The marriage should be accepted as a legitimate union by the Canadian government. If the marriage ceremony was performed outside of Canada, the marriage must be documented by both the Government of Canada and the country or authority in which the ritual was performed.
2. If any partner was the legal spouse of a different individual, i.e. polygamy or polyandry, at the instance the ceremony was performed, Canada Marriage Immigration will not be approved.
3. If the sponsor and the claimant have been living separately for a period more than one year, the foreign applicant will not be eligible for a Canada Marriage Immigration.
4. If sponsor or applicant is the common law or conjugal partner of an additional person, you are not entitled to sponsor a foreign spouse for a Canada Marriage Immigration and same for applicant.
5. Under Canada Marriage Immigration law, you must be in ownership of your marriage certificate. If you were married outside of Canada in a foreign Embassy or Consulate, the marriage ought to be lawfully binding consistent with the laws of the country in which the ritual was performed. The acknowledgment of the union by the country represented by the Embassy or Consulate is not adequate to meet this requirement.
Note: Keep hold of your wedding pictures as well as any other proofs which may helpful to confirm your marriage. It will help you a lot when you will apply for Canada Marriage Immigration.

If all of these requirements are met, and all required documents are submitted to the appropriate Canadian immigration authorities, it is very much possible that your Canada Marriage Immigration application will be approved, and your wife or husband will be granted permanent residence status to reside and work in Canada.

What’s next?
An immigration officer may even make a decision to waive the Canada Marriage Immigration interview requirement if the entire case does not lift any serious doubt, and the application is complete and perfect. If the immigration officer is not satisfied based on the written petition, though, the recipient or the sponsor perhaps required to attend a Canada Marriage Immigration interview to convince the immigration department that their relationship is valid and continuing. The ultimate decision as to whether the foreign spouse qualifies for Canada Marriage Immigration will be made by the immigration official during the interview.

How to Apply for Permanent residence of Canada?

Derived from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada, and candidate can only file his application for permanent residence in two types of locations:
1. Where the immigrant has been lawfully allowed to enter Canada for a minimum of a year.
2. The native state or country of the applicant.
This is as stated by the Section 11 of the act.

In case, a person is emigrating to Canada from outside Canada, he must be qualified under the new rules. Together with this, if the applicant does not have a work permit and is not selected under any of the provincial nominee programs, he has to guarantee that his profession is listed in the 38 occupations list required for emigrating to Canada. If his profession appears on the list, then he have to prove his eligibility in the form of educational qualifications, working experience along with some other documents and must submit the complete application form.

The process is very easy and you can easily apply for yourself. But sometimes small details are forgotten and may lead to rejection of application. To help an applicant with such matters, Canadian immigration Lawyer or Canada Immigration Attorney may be contacted. A Canadian Immigration Lawyer can guide you through the whole procedure. Most Canada Immigration Lawyers offer an earlier assessment of an applicant’s skills and qualification which gives a improved insight into an applicant’s case.

Canada Visit Visa – Letter of Invitation

Your sponsor or the person who is inviting you in Canada must write the letter of invitation himself. By writing a letter of invitation for you to have a visit to Canada, he is not legally responsible for you once you enter in Canada, but he must provide the letter in good faith.

Your sponsor will send the invitation letter to you for a visit to Canada. You then submit this letter to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate of your country when they you for your Visa Visit Canada.

The Invitation letter should contain the following information about you:
1. Your complete name.
2. Your Date of birth.
3. Your address and telephone number.
4. His relationship to you.
5. The purpose of the visit.
6. How long the person you intend to stay in Canada.
7. Details on housing and living expenses.
8. The date you intends to leave Canada.

Invitation Letter for Canadian visit Visa must also include the following information about your sponsor:
1. His/Her Complete name.
2. His/Her Date of birth.
3. His/Her Address and telephone number in Canada.
4. His/her Occupation.
5. His/Her Status; whether he is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
6. A photocopy of a document proving sponsor’s status in Canada. For example, a Canadian birth certificate if he was born in Canada or a Canadian citizenship card if he is a naturalized citizen. If your sponsor is Permanent Resident, he/she must send proof of your permanent resident status (a copy of his PR card or his IMM 1000 proof of landing).

A Visit to Canada: Who is eligible?

If you are thinking to have a visit to Canada, you must fulfill the following requirements:
- Have a legal travel document, for example a passport
- Be in excellent health
- Assure an immigration officer that you have ties, for example a job, property, home and family, which will bring you back to your country of origin.
- Assure an immigration officer that you will depart after a visit to Canada.
- Have sufficient money for your stay. The amount of money you need may differ with the situation of the visit, how long you will stay and whether you will live in a hotel or with friends or relatives.

You may also need:
- Canada Visit Visa
- A medical examination
- A letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada

5 Benefits of Provincial Nominee Program of Canada

It is always better to submit an application under a Provincial Nominee program as it can be considered as being more advantageous compared to the other immigration programs of Canada.

Following are the benefits of Provincial Nominee Program of Canada:

1. Provincial Nominee Program leads to quicker processing of your application. This could make possible faster award of a Permanent Resident status. With a quicker approval, it would mean no more standing in queues or read-through your status online or waiting continuously for Immigration.

2. When compared to the Federal Immigration program, the eligibility criteria on the Points Based System are very strict. But Provincial Nominee Programs of different provinces has relaxed criteria.

3. Provincial Nominee program system is likely to differ for each state. There are a lot of applicants who wind up not qualifying under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The Provincial Nominee program is a fresh breathe for such candidates.

4. The criteria of PNP are different for every province which makes it very easy for the candidate to submit an application. These provincial programs do not have criteria relating to the Point Based System.

5. Some provinces are very friendly to employers. In such a case, if an employer finds a person who he thinks would be competent in contributing to the Canadian economy, province would usually accept the employer. Nevertheless, the employer has to show evidence of his good faith and that he is genuine.

Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Before leaving Canada, it's compulsory for Canadian permanent residents or landed immigrants to have a Canadian Permanent Resident Card to re-enter to Canada by airplane, train, bus, and rental car. You must renew your Canadian Permanent Resident Card after five years if you are not yet a Canadian citizen.

Residency Compulsion:
A Canadian permanent resident needs to assure the residency obligation by being actually present in Canada at least 730 days out of the 5 year period or:
- Is outside of Canada go together with a Canadian citizen who is their spouse or common-law partner or is a child go together with a parent;
- Is outside of Canada employed on a permanent basis by a Canadian business or in the public service of Canada or of a province of Canada
- Is an accompanying spouse, common-law partner or child of a permanent resident who is outside of Canada and is working on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or in the public service of Canada or of a province.

How To Get Canadian Citizenship

A permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada who has been living in Canada for at least of 3 years within the last 4 years can apply for Citizenship in Canada. Having Citizenship in Canada let you to submit an application for a Canadian passport, apply for definite jobs, run in elections, and vote in elections in Canada. Additionally, Canadian citizens do not need to be anxious regarding residency compulsion since Canadian citizens can live outside of Canada with no risk of the loss of their residency status in Canada.

To Get Citizenship in Canada you must be:
- At least 18 years of age.
- Be a permanent resident or landed immigrant of Canada.
- Have lived in Canada for an overall of 3 within the last 4 years
- Be able to converse in either English or French.
- Be able to pass the citizenship exam.

Note: Days spent in Canada previous to becoming a permanent resident can be counted as 1/2 days (up to 365 days) if they are within the 4 years previous to your application date.

You are not entitled to become a Canadian citizen, if you are:
- Under a removal order
- Presently being charged with an indictable criminal offence
- Have been offender of an indictable criminal offence in the past three years
- Have been in jail, on parole, or on trial in the past four years
- Are being investigated for or have been convicted of war crimes
- Had your Canadian citizenship cancelled in the last five years

Canadians are permissible to hold their foreign citizenship while keeping their Canadian citizenship (dual citizenship) depending on their country of residence.

Steps of Citizenship in Canada:
Apply for the Citizenship -> Citizenship Exam (If you are between 18 and 54 years old) -> Citizenship Ceremony

Application Process for Federal Skilled Worker Canada

If you are one of those who are planning for a better life - then Canada is the best place for you. Canada is one of those countries which believe its immigrants an advantage to its development and improvement. Now it’s very easier to immigrate to Canada. All that is required of you is that your occupation is stated in the New Occupations Lists for Canada Skilled Worker Applications.

The eligibility criteria are not difficult for the Federal Skilled Migrant program. A variety of factors for example age, language skills, education and work experience are looked into.

Once you meet the criteria of FSW Canada, following will be your application process

You would have fill up and file an application form at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. It would take approximately 2 to 3 months to receive an authorization from the CIO. It has to be remembered that this evaluation is the most significant for any Federal Skilled application. It is essential that your profession has been identified appropriately otherwise your application would be rejected.

After approval from CIO, the process is carried out at your nearby visa post that is your country of residence. Here, you have to put forward all the required compulsory documents. These documents must be submitted with in 120 days from the dated communication received from the CIO.

The entire process time for Canadian Immigration is around 6 to 12 months. In the period in-between, you can get done with the medical and the police clearances from your country.

You may be asked to be there at an interview, which once more depends on your application and as assessed by the visa officials.

You also have the choice of checking your application status online. In no time, you would be given your Permanent Residence status of Canada which is the fastest as compared to other countries. Being one of the richest countries, Canada offers good standards of living and a better life.

So, consider and make your mind up that Canada Immigration is on priority.

Documents Required for Citizenship of Canada

Certain standards have been set by the Canadian High Commission when it comes to looking for citizenship of Canada. It is compulsory that any immigrant applying for a Canadian citizenship should have been inherent in in Canada for a minimum of 1095 days out of the whole last 4 years.

With reference to the citizenship of Canada, it is essential to document that period of residence. This means that several forms of data have to be provided for the same. It would be easier for your application to be accepted if you contain one of the following documents.

1- A driving license
2- Provincial medical coverage
3- It would also be easier if you are either working or studying full-time in Canada.

4. Passports:
Alternatively, if you travel repeatedly on work purposes, it becomes vital to document the particular number of days that an immigrant has been located in in Canada. In this case, it is essential that you have your passports integral to be produced when asked for. This also includes all your expired passports in the last four years also. If you are not capable of producing a passport for an appropriate period of time, it might impact harmfully on your application.

5. Tax Returns and a Reference Letter from employer:
Tax returns are an additional aspect that proves your residence in Canada. With this is an indication letter from the Canadian employer which verifies you as a full time employee in that particular organization.

6. Purchases from a Credit Card:
A credit card receipt is an added document that could be asked for as a reference. This would show that you made purchases in a local store and that you were actually present in the country.

Though, these cannot be considered as the most essential of all the documents but would surely prove to fill in where the documents have been found to be lacking. Then again, it cannot be said whether it would be sufficient for the immigration official or the citizenship judge.

With the intention of checking the eligibility of the candidate, there are several tests approved by the citizenship officials. Nevertheless, a final result could only be known when the judge announces. Therefore, it is always better to maintain all the documentary proofs so as to get your citizenship hassle free.

How to Bring your Spouse to Canada

If you wish for your spouse to come with you to Canada, following are the facts that must be considered:

1. Authentic Relationship:
A fundamental requirement for Canada Spouse Immigration is that you and your spouse must have a genuine relationship. The Immigration officers should never suppose that this relationship is built only to fulfill the purpose of Canada spouse Immigration!
The officers should never consider that the claimant is trying to take benefit of the Canadian immigration system.

2. Background:
Ensure that your spouse has a transparent background and is free from any criminal record to ensure Canada spouse Immigration.

3. Medical:
Spouse or dependants might be refused on the grounds of their medical. It is compulsory to present documentation interrelated with healthiness records and other facts in order to get Canadian Immigration Marriage.

4. Marriage Certificate:
If you were married in Canada, it is compulsory to show your marriage certificate. If married outside Canada, the marriage must fulfill with your country’s law.

5. Financial Statements:
Financial statements must be shown in the shape of bank slips, loan payments (if any) and evidence of other assets.

Tips of Choosing the Right Canada Immigration Attorney

When it comes to Canada Immigration Attorney, the primary thing for you is to make your mind up whether you would want to hire a Canada immigration attorney or not. An immigration attorney, immigration lawyer or consultant does not hold any special rights which would guarantee you a visa. His major job is to stand for your application on your behalf. With this, he would also give suggestion and guides you accordingly from side to side the whole process.

However, if you feel that hiring the services of a Canadian Immigration Attorney would be suitable for you, then to go through the following tips before hiring one.

- Demand references and recommendations from your close friends and relatives. Contact many immigration attorneys; network with them before selecting one to stand for your case.
- Try and get to know more of the background of the immigration attorney being discussed. This can comprise his total years of work experience and whether he is registered to CSIC or not.
- Discuss the services that he will present and the cost that they would be charging. More prominently, get all the vital information in black and white.
- Be ready with your question previous to your first meeting so that even the attorney gets a clear picture of your requirements. This way even if the attorney is deceitful, it would be straightforward for you judge.
- Most notably, make sure the genuineness of the attorney in question.

Canada Marriage Immigration

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada who is wedded to a foreign national can sponsor his / her spouse for permanent residency providing the marriage is legal both under the country's federal law where the couple got married and beneath Canadian federal law.
Minimum age requirements for Canada Marriage Immigration:
Following is the minimum age requirements;
· 19 in the provinces of British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon
· 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.
· Parental permission is required for a person who is under the minimum age of marriage in their region of residence.
· If you are under the age of 16, you cannot submit an application to immigrate to Canada by getting married to a Canadian citizen/permanent resident for the reason that the marriage is not recognized for a Canadian immigration purpose.

Arranged Marriage:
Family members or a marriage adviser generally arrange such marriages. The members may not have meet up before the marriage, but will be known with each other's background. Such marriages are documented for immigration purposes for the reason that they are legally recognized where they take place.

Civil Union/Commitment Ceremony:
Even though civil unions and commitment ceremonies are comparable to marriages, they are not accepted as marriages for Canadian immigration purposes.

Same-Gender Marriage:
Same-Gender marriage is officially permitted in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) allows you to apply as a spouse if your sponsor is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This only applies if you acquire married in Canada.

Polygamy or Polygamous Marriage for Canada Immigration:
Polygamous marriages occur when whichever of the participants previously has a spouse, and has gone through an additional marriage ceremony without divorcing the previous one. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) does not recognize marriages that took place where the sponsor or spouse was previously married to another person. For that reason, the first marriage is the just one that can potentially be recognized.

Immigration for Canada -What Magnetize You in Canada?

Immigration in Canada as just an additional version of the USA would not be correct! Canada contains its own fine destinations that are adequate to hypnotize anybody visiting the place unaccompanied or with loved ones.
The immigrants to Canada found that amalgamate of British and French traditions add to the variety and create a ideal atmosphere for you to enjoy! An elite combination of relaxed country life and widespread advanced culture, the boundless excitement in Ontario is certainly a must for everybody to observer at least once in life span. And the one visiting the country would definitely want to reappear here repeatedly. Keep visiting this blog in order to avoid any further delay in your application process.

On the other hand enjoyment and happiness are not the only reasons for which citizens visit Canada. With a range of business and venture opportunities, medical facilities, educational aspects, Canada is a ideal alternative for you when it comes to choosing your travel target. The country is decorated with a surplus of cultures with immigrants coming in from all over the world, making it a wonderful multicultural place. The Canadian natural vistas hold the authority to take you into an on the whole different world, away from these money-oriented and conventional surroundings.

In addition, the sensual enjoyment associated with places like Vancouver and Quebec, Canada, with its freezy type of weather serves as a grand honeymoon destination. Vancouver, with its clean oceanic winds and astonishing mountains is one of my favorite destinations in Canada. Besides breathtaking sceneries, the city provides enjoyment to each sports lover in the form of various activities like golfing, skiing, to name a few.

This article on the beauty of Canada is by no means complete devoid of mentioning of Niagara Falls. The romance lives in watching the superb falls with your beau! The area is range with more than a few eating outlets and leisure activities too. So what are you waiting for? Visit Canada today!

How To Get Ahead of IELTS Test

IELTS or International English Language Testing System has been operational since its introduction in 1989 to see if students from all through the globe are trained in English. The Academic IELTS is required for those students who propose to work or study at a University 0f Canada and depending on the course that a student intends to undertake, the aptitude of the person to understand and use the English language in all its complexity is tested. The General Training IELTS is used for the purpose of immigration to Canada as well as immigration to New Zealand, Denmark Greencard and Australian Immigration.

Test Format Overview
Four sub-tests encompass the overall IELTS i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Individuals appearing for IELTS have to obtain all four of these tests. The tests of Speaking and Listening are general to all individuals who plan to sit for the IELTS; although, depending on whether the personality intends to take a seat for the Academic or the General Training, the tests on Writing and Reading are different.
There is a possibility that the Speaking test may be held a couple of days before or later, at some centers. It depends on the settings of the test.

The IELTS listening test goes on for a half hour or so and is including of four sections. The test is played on a computer audio system. Usually, infrared headphones will be provided to you in order to hear the voice crystal clear. Inform the examiner immediately in case of any problem in headphone.

The Reading and the Writing tests lasts for about an hour both and the Speaking one is for 11 to 15 minutes. The solution to getting through an IELTS is attentiveness and previous Listening. To identify with what the audio system is playing, you must be alert and write down whatsoever the system is speaking. Each word has to be written down. It is useful to watch British movies as it will familiarize you with their pronunciation.

While preparing for the IELTS, practice speaking to you opposite to a mirror, and try to speak with a British accent. This will prepared you for the Speaking test. Listen to audio tapes with British conversations recorded in them and try writing down the discussion, word for word. This will buckle you up for the pay attention at the test. The Internet is a excellent place to get practice material for the IELTS.

Canada Immigration Lawyers

There is no need for engaging any lawyer or consultant to immigrate to Canada or some other country. If you have the right credentials appropriate to the immigration policies of the country you desire to immigrate to, together with the satisfactory documents to support your claims, you do not need any lawyer to supplicate your case.

For some people immigration is not straightforward. The policies governing immigration are sometimes too multifaceted to be simply understood by immigration seekers. Furthermore, lawyers can present your case in an apparent and summarizing manner consistent with the laws of the land. This can facilitate your case to be decided more expeditiously.

The issue of deciding the right lawyer to represent your immigration case is vital. Most of the law firms in Canada do not contain immigration lawyers on their panels. For that reason you need to make special efforts to find an appropriate immigration lawyer yourself.
How to choose the right Immigration lawyer or consultant?

New Guidelines for Saskatchewan INP

New procedure has been set forth by the Province of Saskatchewan for its Entrepreneur category in the Immigrant Nominee Program. These changes have been put into practice for the faster processing of the applications. Being a province in Canada, Saskatchewan has been one of the most gorgeous destinations for the immigrants. The major reason for this is the many employment opportunities on hand in the province.

Since the province is one of the majority business friendly cities in the country, adjust the immigration policies would act as a benefit to the province. As of now, a business boom is happening inspite of the recession crisis worldwide. Also, it has had uppermost boost in its population since 1952. With its financial system growing, more quantity of jobs and other business opportunities are yielding. Therefore, better number of qualified skilled migrant would find it appropriate to reconcile in Canada.

With the accomplishment of the new system, all the entrepreneur applications possibly will be processed within six months from the date of filing. With these, new classifications have been acknowledged and added which are:
•Opening of the Large Scale Investor Stream for those candidates who plan to invest $10 million or more in Saskatchewan.
•A latest stream namely, the Science and Technology Stream for all the pioneering applicants presenting new ideas and investing for a pre - existing Science and Technology based organization in the province.
•A split category for those under the age of 40 years known as the Young Farmers Stream. The candidates here ought to have experience in farming.
Distant from the above, two new categories are still in the channel which includes the entrepreneurs to partner with First Nations and Métis businesses. The other stream would facilitate the sequence of business in Saskatchewan.

To know more on the same, get in touch with this blog. This is for the reason that this blog always updated with the most recent and sometimes, better informed contrast to the rest.

Job Guide for New Immigrants in Canada

Whether you have recently relocated to Canada or doing preparation to get Canadian Immigration in future, this blog serves as an ideal guide for all immigrants moving or already moved to Canada. The content gives an inside measure on the Canadian approach to obtain employment and what all it takes to apply for a first-class job in Canada.

You have to be familiar with that Canadian jobs are always based on merit. A proficient and well-crafted CV or resume is a obligation when it comes to obtain a good job in Canada. It ought to be compiled of your experience along with qualification up till now that can be effortlessly evaluated by your interviewer. Do not add any inappropriate qualification by applying for a job of a total different field. For example, adding up a qualification in Tourism at the same time as applying for a Lecturer’s job is not recommended in any way. Additionally, getting a competently done resume would add on to the benefit. Employers or recruiters of Canada might scan the resume automatically or manually. Therefore it becomes necessary to design your resume in the most acceptable manner.

Having a good covering letter forms one more important aspect of finding a first-class job in Canada. It makes the initial impression and involved as to why your employer must consider your resume. Always keep you covering letter in the typed form except an employer requests for a handwritten copy. The paragraphs must be short, have individual touch and must be limited to one page only.

Lastly but absolutely not the least!! Go for the Company and job study. Find out the answers to several questions like:
  • What is the post that you are applying for and what are the accurate qualifications that are required for the position?
  • What is the background of your future employer company and what field it deals with?
  • Are there some precise skills that your employer is seeking in the applicants?
  • Visit the employer’s website and know more regarding its services and clients.

Wish You All the Best!

Modifications in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Modifications in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program will let the province to greet additional immigrants.The fresh selection system for Quebec Skilled Workers will make it easier for a number of applicants to meet the criteria.

The most important change is the lessening of the overall selection pass mark from 59 to 55 for a single candidate and from 68 to 63 for a couple.
The breakdown of points granted for education has been revised to be acquainted with more types of diplomas than under the earlier system. Undergraduate diplomas attesting to one or two years of university education and more vocational and technical diplomas are now regarded.
Additionally, the “Areas of Training” standard, which awards extra points to applicants with certain educational or training backgrounds, has been changed to mirror the present needs of Quebec’s economy and labor market. Candidates with certain educational backgrounds will not only take advantage from more points, but will also meet the criteria for priority processing.
The age points awarded for an applicant’s has also been adjusted, so that it declines less quickly after the age of 35 than under the preceding system.
The more encouraging weighting of the education and age criteria could make it easier for some applicants, who did not meet the criteria under the previous system, to become entitled to immigrate to Canada in the Quebec Skilled Worker category.

Winning applicants get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), and be required to submit their application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (a Canadian visa office) for medical and security checks and the issuance of a Canadian immigration visa.
This new system is in effect as of October 14 2009. Applications that were acknowledged by Quebec immigration offices before that date will be evaluated under either system is more favorable to the candidate, while those received on or after October 14 will be evaluated under the new system.

Canadian Immigration Rules

Canadian Immigration is the most favorable immigration when compared to immigration of other countries such as US Immigration and Australian Immigration. Given the vast difference flanked by earnings and the standards of living among developed and developing countries, natives from less developed countries are now seem to be moving towards the west for enhanced opportunities and an enhanced lifestyle. On the other hand, given that richer nations cannot have room for everyone who might wish to migrate to their shores; these countries have taken the essential steps to bind the figure of people who migrate to their country. In some cases, certain immigration laws and restrictions are very firm as to discourage people from immigrating to that country.

In contrast, some countries have very lenient immigration laws that intend to give confidence to further people to consider migrating to a country. This generally happens when a country experiences a scarcity in their labor force. An example of such a country is Canada, largely for the reason that the expected deficit in their labor force in the near future. That’s why Canadian Government wants more and more immigrants in the year 2010. Expected number of Canadian immigrants in 2010 will be around 265,000.

Although Canada has comfortable immigration laws, getting into the country still involves undergo a certain process and go behind certain rules. If you are thinking of migrating to Canada, the next information may be able to assist you about Canadian immigration new rules.

In Canada, all immigration applications undergo the rules for Canadian immigration defined by Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department or the CIC, and like immigration to other countries for instance US Immigration or Australian Immigration; the CIC implements the country's immigration policies that are divided into two parts.

Temporary residents Vs. Permanent residents
The initial part of Canadian immigration policy is for those who desire to go to Canada on a short-term basis. The rules on this type of procedure relate to those who are tourists, students, people who have work contracts in Canada, and occupy caregivers.

The second part of the policy is for those who desire to reside in Canada for good. The rules on this type of guidelines apply to those people who are specialized or are skilled workers who wish to work in Canada on everlasting basis, for those who wish to exist in and set up a business in Canada and for those who are sponsored by a family member or a family sponsor. The precise rules on each type of policy are readily obtainable, especially on the CIC web site.

Canada is a superior example of a country where a lot of people want to migrate to as of a variety of opportunities. Though, getting into Canada involves a specific set of rules and procedures that immigrants have to be acquainted with and follow so that their chances of residing in Canada are improved.

This blog is specially designed to guide users more and more about Canadian immigration rules. Keep visiting blog and get the updated stuff about Canadian Immigration.

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Canada Employment Immigration

At present, birth and death rates in Canada are on the turn down. Consequently, the young and skilled population is in high demand but short supply. To equalize this situation, the government of Canada is focusing more on immigration timelines and its immigration policy 2010 to allow immigrants from other countries to settle in Canada under Canada immigration employment and work for its growth and prosperity. The Canadian government gives confidence to skilled and self-employed persons for Canada job immigration, investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs to everlastingly reconcile in Canada to advance its economy.

Among the categories of immigrants who take reception to seek Canada employment immigration, the skilled workers with good qualifications and experience are the welcome. More than a few types of programs are accessible for skilled persons in order to get Canada employment and immigration.

Besides the employment immigration offered by the government of Canada, the provincial government of Quebec furthermore offers immigration for employment under its Quebec Immigration Service, which it shares with the government of Canada. An individual with the accurate qualifications and experience with no health and security problems may be considered for Employment and immigration Canada in the province of Quebec.

2010 Immigration Preparation

Congratulations to all applicants of Canadian Immigration!!!

Here is a very Good News for applicants of Canadian Immigration, particularly for those who applied before February 27, 2008.
Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, honorable Mr. Jason Kenney, tabled Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s 2009 Annual Report in Parliament.

At the same time as other countries have reduce immigration levels as a temporary response to the global economic slump, Canadian government is truly maintaining its immigration levels to get together the country’s medium- to long-term economic needs.

Canada plans to greet between 240,000 and 265,000 fresh permanent residents in 2010, the similar number of immigrants as in recent years. In 2010, Canada will yet again welcome more new permanent residents than the normal annual intake during the 1990s. The center of the 2010 plan is on economic immigration to maintain Canada’s economy during and further than the current economic upturn.

Particularly, the admission ranges for immigrants designated by the provinces and territories have been greater than before. Provinces and territories are in the most excellent position to recognize how Canada’s immigration intake can be bring into line to their labor market needs. Second, by rising the admission ranges in the Provincial Nominee Program, the Government of Canada is facilitating to make sure that the benefits of immigration are distributed crossways this country. Canada and the provinces will work mutually to manage expansion in the provincial nominee program. Increasing the total number of immigrants processed under the economic category will also let CIC to carry on reducing the backlog of federal skilled worker applicants as part of the Action Plan for Faster Immigration.

Although the Action Plan has been ready for less than a year, near the beginning indications are that it is paying off. People applying now in the federal skilled worker program can be expecting to receive a decision in six to twelve months, compared to up to six years under the old system. Canada has also brought the backlog of federal skilled worker applicants downward from more than 630,000 to 425,000 i.e. a lessening of more than 30%.
The backlog consists of group who applied previous to February 27, 2008, the date the Action Plan took effect. Since then, approximately 240,000 people have applied to the new federal skilled worker program under the Action Plan. But even with those additional applicants, the total figure of people at present awaiting a decision on their application is still 12% lower than when the Action Plan took effect.

Minister Kenney said that before we changed the system, we had to process each application received. Since a lot of more people applied each year than could be accepted, a backlog was created. Now that Canadian government is processing only those applications that meet particular criteria, Canadian Government is making important advancement in reducing the backlog.

Improving the federal skilled worker program is component of the Government of Canada’s overall obligation to modernizing the immigration system to make the most of its contribution to our overall economic growth.

The Government of Canada will go on to work with provinces, territories and stakeholders to ensure immigration meets the needs of communities, employers and families now and in the future.

Canadian Immigration After Studying in Canada

Canadian immigration after studying in Canada is a great option for those who can take this stair of going to Canada and study over there. Immigration is just not offered for permanent basis but it is offered for temporary basis also such as vacation visa or student visa.

Increasingly, young people can be seen moving to Canada for the idea of studying over there and afterward immigration to Canada so the motive is very clear. The worth education that one tends to obtain in the quality institutes, schools and universities of Canada not only makes you to do extremely well in your respective field and topic but it also makes you to take the enjoyment of studying in the best institutions, one can join.

Education is one such issue that is very vital in gaining what you want to like forward in your life. The educational institutions in this view play a very important role. This is the reason; there are a big number of such persons who want to get the education from the best institutions which might be all around the world. Canada seems to offer them with this ability. The education system in Canada seems to be one of the best in the entire world.

Anyone, who wants to get the advantage of the quality institutions and able teachers, can actually apply for Canadian immigration for the intention of studies. At the same time as immigrating to Canada for study visa, you will be required to give all your prior history regarding your education. In this framework, you may be asked to take a positive kind of course as well which will be essential for your admittance over there. After having passed that course and achieving that course title, you turn out to be eligible to apply for Canadian immigration for studying purposes.

There are a lot of schools and universities o Canada that operates their admission system on line too. It is measured better to do a research earlier rather than immigrating to Canada and then departing in search of different institutions. You can do an online search and there are many such universities and schools which offer the admittance forms on line. You can look for online and can get in touch with what university, college and school. In this way, you can search their fundamentals for applying over there, the period of different courses, expenses etc. then, in that accord, when you are certain that your application in that institution has got received, then you can submit an application for Canadian immigration.

Canadian immigration for studying purposes is being chosen by an enormous number of students all over the world. This is primarily due to the class and excellence and that enriching knowledge that one can obtain by getting himself or herself being enrolled in a Canadian educational institution.

Canadian Immigration - Realize Your Dream

Good news for Canada Immigration Applicants!

Canada, the most preferred country of immigrants from all over the world, now is well-built enough to fight against all the strangeness of worldwide recession. Canada's banking system is considered the world’s healthiest banking system of the world. World Economic Forum freshly has proclaimed that the country’s economy has become manifest from economic recession as Canada has not any bank failure or the need for government interfering with its financial system. This news will carry a big smile of those who dreamed for a long time to immigration in Canada and reconcile in Canada and for those who have previously applied for Canadian Immigration.

Although U.S. banks are influenced at an average of 26-1, Canada's banks are borrowing only 1-18. Dissimilar to much of the rest of the world, Canada has been fixed in tried-and-true rules of banking, borrowing, and risk.

In addition, housing in Canada considerably strengthened Canada's financial system and rather than the budget deficit for last year, now runs more than a dozen additional cash that it can pull out any economies from recession.

At the present time, Canada immigration authority is attracting skilled and educated manpower, particularly from Asia. Microsoft set a Vancouver Special Research Center only to be a focus for highly skilled people affected by U.S. immigration issues. So it is a great chance for the skilled professionals to effortlessly take advantage of the Canada Immigration Visa.

Furthermore, while Canada's health care system, it still only 9.7 percent of GDP gross domestic product includes all the measures the U.S. system outperforms. Consequently, life expectancy in Canada is 81 compared to 78 years in the U.S. So in each way Canada is the most happening place to immigrate and live in.

Enjoy your Canada Immigration!!!!

Recent Trends in Canada Immigration

Many countries which are offering immigration, for instance, Australia Immigration, are taking steps to reduce the quantity of immigrants due to the moving back economy worldwide. But for Canada, immigration to Canada has continued stable. The predictable figures for the year 2009 are between 240,000 and 265,000 new persons who will get Canadian Immigratin or permanent resident. This is in relation to the highest the country has seen in the past 15 years. Canada remains dedicated to its immigration program that balances the types of immigrants among economic, humanitarian, and family reunification. Most immigrants come in the financial category at a ridge of 156,000 for 2009.

2008 also had a far above the ground number of Canada immigrants, at 247,202 permanent residents. This was 70,000 added than a decade ago. A lot of more immigrants came in the form of students or temporary workers, bringing the total to 519,722. With the labor market having a high demand for temporary foreign workers, this figure met the employers' needs. Though, many believe that Canada should decrease such figures. But they are maintaining previous goals and believe that by limiting Canada immigration, this would reduce supply in the labor market and bound multiculturalism.

On the other hand, Canada has to some extent tightened its immigration policy because of the recession. These restrictions are to try to add to immigrants in certain industries, but with only numerous available positions, this limits those who do not meet the requirements. The Action Plan for Faster migration outlines 38 high demand occupations for instance health, skilled trades, and finance. If a migrant doesn't fall into that category, have an offer arranged with an employer, or is not previously living in Canada, immigration will be incomplete. The list of 38 was developed from consultations with province and territory officials in addition to business owners. These new regulations bring Canada quicker to its main competition for skilled labor; New Zealand and Australia, who have both newly managed to eliminate backlogs of unqualified immigrants.

The formation of a new Experience Class of immigrants also opened up to workers and students who desire for Canada immigration. This is a novel way for temporary foreign workers and graduates with higher degrees to enter the country, or stay there after completing their education or duration of work, for permanent residence. It permits an applicant's time in Canada to be a key deciding factor in their immigration application process. The trust is to stay competitive in attracting and retaining skilled individuals.

Know Canada Before Immigration to Canada

Canada Immigration is a joyful movement for every individual. Before immigrating to Canada, get ready yourself in a total different lifestyle, cost of living, better future prospects and an in totally new world. Your life would be completely after Canadian Immigration different from your country of origin, so get ready to face the new differences.

To start off, you are required to get ready yourself both psychologically and economically and look for improved job prospects from now onwards. Consult a good Canadian Immigration Blog who would acquaint you with the variety of options to help you settle down in Canada.

Determine as to how much will it expenditure to live at the place where you are planning to reconcile down in Canada. Every city in Canada is attired with diverse cost-of-living and financial conditions. So make your selection wisely. Additionally, know about the assets that you can carry to Canada and gain knowledge on the duty free items that can be imported to Canada.

You are required to put forward the necessary documentation, including the proof of your funds and your knowledge proof, in case you are applying under the Skilled Migrant, Investor Category or any other relevant issues. So keep in mind all aspects before immigration.

How to Get a Canadian Visit Visa

Same like Canadian Immigration, a visit to Canada is supposed to be planned cautiously as citizens of some countries have to produce additional than a passport for entry. Several countries, for instance the United States, Denmark and Spain, do not have such supplementary requirements, on the other hand if your country is one that does, ou will want to do well preparation before of your visit to Canada.

There is a comparatively long list of related countries of which Canada has placed extra entrance requirements. The most excellent web site for a complete list is the CIC Canadian and Immigration Canada. This outstanding resource has up to date information regarding which citizens do need to meet the requirements for visiting Canada.

If you discover that your country is listed, start immediately to gather as much information as you can. Each nation's visa processing office has little different requirements besides what is listed in this article, which meant as a broad overview for visa application.
Depending on the nature of your stay, you will require to complete the accurate Canadian form. Some of the forms are IMM 5256, IMM 5257 and IMM 5259, every one of which are visa applications but the differences depend on if you're entering for tourism, business or to work. Be definite to choose the right application for your visit. All applicants have to possess a recent passport from their appropriate country. In addition, 2 more passport photographs must be incorporated with your form. Supporting documents are also essential as you will need to explain how long you will be staying in the form of a journey; that you will be seeing in the case of a visit to family or friends; and perhaps a verification of employment.

There may be extra requirements depending on your country of origin. Some countries need a personal interview at the visa office and can also ask that you put forward to a medical examination to show your good health. Be prepared to meet these requests and plan ahead so as not to holdup your journey.

Fee of Canadian Visit Visa:
Costs for applying for visit visa are dependent on whether you only need a onetime entrance document or if you plan on returning to Canada multiple times. Fees run from $75.00 to $150.00 per person respectively. Every person in your travel group must pay separately as group fees are not available. This general outline should prove helpful in planning a visit to Canada and obtaining the required tourist visa but be sure to research for specifics for your country. The internet has numerous resources as does the Canadian and Immigration Canada site which is kept current.

Canada Immigration Visa - Canada will welcome more immigrants this year

Here is a good news for Canadian Immigration applicants. This year Canada expects to greet 240,000 to 265,000 new immigrants in Canada. Among these Canadian Immigrants, the quota of 156,600 immigrants is in the Economic Category, 71100 would be in the family class and 37,300 likely in Humanitarian Category.

This appears to be the uppermost level of immigrant inflow in Canada during the last 15 years. The Government of Canada is determined to get better the labor market; hence they are taking plan to welcome the professionals they needs urgently.

The current changes to Canada Immigration would absolutely facilitate in speeding up processing time of existing immigration cases filed for Canadian Permanent Residency on Canada Immigration basis.

Applicants not entitled for Canadian Immigration under FSW Federal Skilled Worker visa Category may submit an application under other categories for example student visa, Provincial Nominee Program or Temporary Foreign Workers to get Permanent Residency of Canada .

Canadian Immigration - How to Search for a Job in Canada After Getting Canada Immigration

After immigration in Canada by your own, by a Canada Immigration Lawyer or Canadian Immigration Consultant, first step you have to take is obviously job search in Canada.

Following are some good sources of job search in Canada after getting Canadian Immigration

1. The Internet:
This is the best way of finding a job in Canada. A lot of websites have information on job opportunities. You can look for for a job online in every part of Canada. Some sites also give realistic suggestion on how to map your job search. Others let you to apply for a job directly on the Internet, or to post your résumé in English or French. When you perform this, your résumé goes into a record that can be searched by employers.

2. Advertisements in Newspapers:
Each daily newspaper in Canada has a classified advertisements segment where you will discover a range of jobs listed. In a lot of areas, there are also weekly or monthly employment papers that publicize jobs.

3. Service Canada Centers:
Counselors at these centers can give you free guidance and information about profession and language training and work formation programs for newcomers. They can assist you plan an effectual job search and plan a résumé of your education and experience. Each centre also has listings of obtainable jobs on computer or on bulletin boards.

4. Local help:
To facilitate newcomers get ready to enter the Canadian work force or to achieve access to their line of work or trade in Canada, immigrant-serving organizations have a range of programs. Some give workshops on occupation search skills, where contributors get a general idea of the job market where they live. Participants learn, in the middle of other things, how to write a superior résumé and how to perform in an interview. In a number of areas, there are job-finding clubs, mentoring programs, programs to assist you get volunteer work experience, and wage subsidy programs.

5. Your references or personal network:
One of the most excellent ways to learn about jobs is to talk to natives. They can be people you be acquainted with well, or people you have just met. Though they cannot lead you openly to a job, they can give you with information, ideas and names of other people who might be able to facilitate and support you.

Canada Immigration - The Most advantageous Immigration

As far as Canadian Immigration process is concerned, for 8 years in a chain, the United Nations has positioned Canada as one of the most excellent places to live in the world based on physical condition and long life of its citizens, and on their far above the ground level of education. Canada enjoys one of the uppermost standards of livelihood in the world, a secure environment, and a contemporary health-care system with equivalent access to all.

Each year, more than a quarter of a million people go into Canada as immigrants. They have selected Canada as a land of chance or they are evading poverty, domination or war. Many have struggled to get here while others are well recognized in their home countries, but determined to make Canada their home. One thing that is widespread in all is that they have all experienced the immigration process.

The choice to move on yourself and your family from your home country and set up in Canada is one the main decisions that you will be making. Bearing in mind the time, money and feeling invested in the Canadian immigration process, you may want expert assistance of a specialist to ensure that the process is easy, uncomplicated, flawless, and fast.

This blog will help you a lot in your Canadian Immigration process. Keep visiting and share your views in the comments. You will be guided accordingly.

Centralized Intake Office For Canadian Immigration

If you are going to apply for Canada Immigration under skilled worker category, you will need to pay a courier fee to mail the necessary forms and documents to CIO in order to apply for Canadian Immigration.

CIO evaluates all sent applications for the correct completion of all essential fields together with a check for the payment of the processing fee by the candidate of Canadian Immigration. A remarkable point in this regard is that the CIO does not allow cash payments. Only Managers Check is received in the Canadian Dollars in the name of the Receiver General of Canada.

A Notice of appraisal for Canada Immigration is then received from CIO. This will give you with the basic instructions to get in touch with the Visa Office along with the unique reference number allotted to you. You will be further requested to put forward copies of all necessary documents and your application in the next 120 days to the Canadian Visa Office.

Once the Visa office has got your complete application, your application of Canadian Immigration would be checked to make certain that all required documents have been submitted. The Visa Office would then send an acknowledgment receiving letter to you. You will too find enclosed the file number and the details regarding the processing times.

Centralizing of the applications to Nova Scotia has played a major role in reducing the processing times for Canada immigration, which has previous been increased to 6-7 years.

Where to submit my application of Federal Skilled Worker

All applicants in the Federal Skilled Worker Class of Canadian Immigration ought to put forward their primary application to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Canada as of April 1, 2009. Dispatch your Immigration application and immigration fee to the central Intake Office for Federal Skilled Worker Applications in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada.

1. Place the finished forms, supporting documents required by the CIO and fee payment in a 23 cm x 30.5 cm (9″ x 12″) envelope.
2. Send your completed application on address given below (Choose one)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Federal Skilled Worker
Centralized Intake Office
PO BOX 7500
Sydney, NS
B1P 0A9

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Federal Skilled Worker
Centralized Intake Office
196 George Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 1J3

3. Confirm that you use the document checklist (IMM 5612) and use it as the first page of your application.
4. Your application must be signed and dated previous to be mailed. If your application is not signed and dated, it will be returned to you.

You must put forward your federal skilled worker application to the Centralized Intake Office and not to the visa office responsible for your country of nationality or residence, as was the procedure in the past.

Language Training Vouchers to assist new immigrants in Canada to succeed

Initiating this fall, new people who immigrate to Canada recently will be given “Language Training Vouchers” as component of a pilot project to give confidence to new immigrants in Canada to play a part in settlement programs. This was announced by Mr. Jason Kenney, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister.

Speaking English or French is very important to finding good job and effectively incorporating into Canadian society. Whatever Canadian Government can do to assist new immigrants in Canada take language training to move in the right direction.

New Immigrants who are permanent residents and require official language training presently access free training via local settlement service providers.

Under this project for immigrants, 2,000 newcomers, chosen at random in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta, will be mailed “Language Training Vouchers” that they can like any settlement service provider of their preference to get training based on their needs.

The purpose of the pilot is to see if the make use of of “Language Training Vouchers”, which do not have a cash value, will inspire newcomers to use language training programs funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The pilot project will run for eighteen months starting this fall. An assessment will be taking on in 2011 to conclude the efficiency of the language training vouchers.

Language aptitude is one of the major determinants of unbeaten incorporation. Focusing on improving language training and rising newcomer contribution in this main settlement program is an effort to facilitate newcomers find work and get more concerned in their community.

Settlement services are a necessary part of the Government of Canada’s immigration program. Working with provinces to amplify the input of immigrants in settlement programs is a federal government’s main concern, identified in the 2008 Speech from the Throne.

CIC funds numerous programs that help newcomers reconcile, become accustomed and integrate into Canadian society. These programs are delivered in affiliation with the provinces, territories and service-providing organizations. Since 2006, the Government of Canada has tripled immigrant resolution funding, after it had been earlier frozen for years.


The Basics of Canada Immigration

Immigrating to Canada and receiving a permanent resident status of Canada entitles you to live, work and study in Canada for as long as you like. Canadian permanent residents have just about all the similar rights as a Canadian citizen who was born there. ]
After Canadian Immigration, the rights you will be entitled to include:
1. Government-funded health care
2. Subsidized education
3. Unrestricted access to Canadian jobs
4. Unemployment insurance benefits
5. Pension benefits
6. The freedom to live anywhere in Canada

Canadian immigration restrictions:
Dissimilar many other countries, the Canadian Government's policies encourage immigration and as such, rather than having an immigration limit, Canada has immigration targets. For example, in 2009 Canada hopes to bring up to 265,000 permanent residents. Immigrants can go to Canada from any country in the world.

Applying for permanent residence in Canada:
It is probable for entire families to move to Canada and you can submit an application for yourself, your partner and any children at the same time.
You can moreover be sponsored to move there by anyone who is Canadian or has permanent residence.
The first phase for applying for permanent residence in Canada is to search for the category that's best for you.

The available categories for Canadian Immigration are:
1. Family Sponsorship
2. Skilled Worker Program
3. Investors
4. Entrepreneurs
5. Self-employed
6. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds
Canadian citizenship
Once you've been a permanent resident in Canada for three years, you can submit an application for citizenship and if accepted you'll be entitled for a Canadian passport. You will still be able to remain your passport from your country of origin also because Canada recognizes double citizenship.

Understanding the process of Canadian Immigration

There are a lot of rules and regulations governing Canada immigration that vary from year to year. These alterations are because of new rules like the recent Action Plan for Faster Immigration that increased the number of skilled workers coming in and reduced applicants in non-approved fields. Other reasons comprise the current slump or changes in government leadership. For 2009, only 265,000 qualified applicants will be allowable into the country. These applications take about 12 to 65 months to process not including the application's homework time. Arrival after sanction must be contained by one year from the date of an applicant's medical tests. Though, work permits and temporary visas may need that the applicant change place in a few months.

The government of Canada no longer facilitate with applications for Canadian immigration. Basic information, application guiding principle, and suggestions are obtainable, but it is up to the human being, or a company hired by the person, to fill out the official procedure. Consultants on Canada immigration can be hired to assist with the application process and determine the appropriateness of an applicant. They can reply many of the applicant's questions. Immigration laws of Canada are strict and may decline applications based on procedure since they collect so a lot of. Even if a consulting agency finds that an applicant has a well-built case for immigration, they may not essentially be approved.

After Canada immigration take place, the right of permanent residency is attaching to the person's passport granting them a permanent right to job and live in Canada. In some provinces, the person is entitled to government-subsidized health care.

On the other hand, a permanent resident is not allowed to vote. After three years of residency, the person is allowable to apply for permanent citizenship, and if granted, is allowed to a Canadian passport and may vote. Temporary residents are workers or students that remain in the country with an exact visa and do not receive medical care or social welfare help but may buy private health care. When a person migrates, they do not automatically lose his current passport.

Being a permanent resident of one country does not have an effect on a current citizenship status in another. If it did, that person, since of Canada immigration rules would effectively have no citizenship in any country. After three years, the immigrant can submit an application for Canadian citizenship but it is not obligatory. The government allows dual-nationality, so if the person did submit an application for citizenship they would be able to keep their original passport and hold a Canadian one as well. The country of source must also permit dual-nationality, and if not, the original passport has to be surrendered.