Spouse Moving To Canada

Canadian citizens or permanent resident can sponsor their overseas spouse's immigration to Canada. The request procedure consists of two parts: a submission by the Canadian citizen or resident for sponsorship, and a request by the overseas spouse for permanent residence. You are entitled to apply whether you presently reside inside or outside of Canada, even though you and your partner must take up house in Canada upon endorsement. The applications for together sponsorship and permanent residence should be filled out and sent together.

Following is the step by step procedure

1. Find out your eligibility. An application for spouse visa under Family Class sponsorship can be made if your partner lives inside or outside Canada. If you reside in Quebec, you must also meet Quebec immigration sponsorship requirements.

2. Arrange the application kit and take in any essential documents.

3. Give the fee and get the essential receipt.

4. Mail the request form and documents.

5. After applying, the sponsor is informed that the application has been received and the Case Processing Centre will evaluate your sponsorship application.

6. Once accepted, your spouse's request for permanent residence will be process. If your spouse is applying for permanent residence from exterior Canada, the Case Processing Centre will propel the application by courier to the suitable visa office in your spouse's home country.

7. Your partner may now travel to Canada. At the point of entry, demonstrate your travel documents, verification of Permanent Residence and your permanent resident visa to the immigration officer.

8. The officer will confirm your travel and immigration documents are accurate, ask you some questions and then endorse your entry. Your permanent resident card will be mailed to your new, Canadian address.


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