Expected Questions in IELTS Speaking Test

Following are some expected questions in your IELTS speaking test. These questions are useful for both Academic and General Modules of IELTS

1. What is the meaning of your first name?
2. Does your name have an effect on your personality?
3. Tell me somewhat about your place of birth.
4. What are the differences in pronunciation between your hometown and Hanoi?
5. What is the character of the populace like in your hometown?
6. What is people's favorite food in the region where you live?
7. Do you think that citizens have sufficient time for leisure now?
8. Are there any significant monuments in your region?
9. Explain your Job? How do you spend your typical day?
10. Tell me somewhat about the Hue Festival.
11. How have weddings changed in current years?
12. Tell me something about the popular Festival in your country.
13. Describe a traditional marriage ceremony in your country.
14. Name an individual whom you admire? Why? What pressure does he / she has on your life? Would you like to turn out to be like him / her in future?
15. Are there any traditions relating to the birth of a baby?
16. How do you like compare it to your hometown? How did you get to this place?
17. What place do you like most excellent in Hanoi?
18. What places in Delhi are supposed to be best for a foreigner visitor?
19. What places would you advise a visitor to go to in your region/hometown?
20. If you had the option, where would you decide to live in India?
21. Which parts of India would you advocate a foreigner to visit?
22. Tell me something concerning your family.
23. Which is your favorite colour?
24. Do you think colors influence our life? How?
25. Which is the most excellent place you've been in your country?
26. Who does most of the household everyday jobs in your family?
27. Are the traditional roles inside the family changing?
28. Why is the separation rate increasing so quickly? Is it a problem?
29. What is your view of the family policy?
30. How do you control your child?
31. Is it satisfactory for couples to live jointly devoid of marrying?
32. If you had the picking, would you have a son or a daughter?
33. Are you going to bring your child up any in a different way to the way your parents did?
34. What hopes do you have for your child? (If you are married)
35. Do women still have excessively heavy a burden in their day to day life?
36. Is the increasing power of the West mainly a positive or negative thing?
37. Are you looking forward to anything in exacting in Australia / UK / USA ?
38. What do you do in your spare time?
39. What will you do if you be unsuccessful the IELTS?

40. Who should bear the blame for payment of tuition fees?
41. What can be done to get better education in rural areas?
42. Have new changes affected your job in any way?
43. Do you have the same opinion with private education? Why?
44. What can be done to shut the gap between urban and rural areas?
45. If you had the power, what changes would you perform within education?
46. Explain a typical working day for you
47. How do you perceive yourself in ten years time?
48. If you had the chance to change your job, what would you do instead?
49. If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?
50. If you could begin your life again, would you do everything differently?
51. What goal do you have?
52. Which country/place would you the majority likes to visit?
53. What changes do you consider India will see in the next few years?
54. Will any likely future changes affect your job in any way?
55. How do you believe you will cope abroad?
56. How does it feel to go abroad for the first time?
57. Are you looking forward to anything in exacting in Australia / UK / USA?
58. What do you do in your holidays?

This is a likely list of questions that may be asked in speaking component of English (speech exam) being confident as public speakers does assist a lot in the exam.


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