Xenophobia Issue into the Formation of US Immigration Policy

There always has been a little fright of foreigners present in the United States and that certainly plays some part in US ability to contract with the present state of affairs involving the arrival of illegal immigrants and their residence in the United States in large numbers. Despite the truth that all Americans are children of immigrants the capability to handle this problem politically in a enlightened way is clouded by a long history of conflicts between various national, ethnic and religious groupings.

Naturally the majority of US Citizens would like to attain a solution that is well-matched with their traditions and formation, but this wish does meet a block of non-rational fear of the different in the person of the immigrant and the other who is not of our color or faith or traditions. It have to be noted, in equality, that a good contract of the present fear is truthfully justified by the truth that in spite of the reality that US laws not permit approximately 1 million persons to enter in the USA legally yearly it is estimated that 2 or 3 times that figure enter illegally. The majority of these enter through US largely unprotected border with Mexico and are persons from that country and other supposed Latin countries.

No one knows just how many such illegals are currently in USA. The politicians fluently declaim large numbers but, by description, no one was counting them. Now that they are here the major source of disagreement in dealing with them seems to be amid the minority who demand that they all be expeled (no one knows how that could be accomplished) and those who support some system that would permit them to discover a path to citizenship and legalization of their status here.

It is smart in some circles to analyze all of these persons and sort of good little hard-working people who just want jobs and look upon efforts to hold back their numbers as some sort of patriotism. US is been a country governed by a Constitution and laws. A lot of of those who empathize with the dilemma of the illegals would rubbish that system for simply giving these people homes, jobs, education, medical care, etc because they are good people. I think that is a severe mistake and would impose unbearable burdens upon our education, healthiness and employment systems.

It seems clear those unless and until we set up a real system of border control to eliminate or as a minimum decrease the flow of these illegals they will carry on to come in large numbers and simply make worse the problem. In actual fact we have the problem just for the reason that the presidents of both parties have just pretended to implement our border controls. No matter what their reasons, we must stop this duplicity now. Our citizens are free to a government that controls its borders and the manner in which populace may enter and stay in the USA.


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