Can an Invitation Letter for a Visa Be Scanned?

Yes, you can scan an invitation letter for visit visa of any country including USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. The consulate general or embassy has no concern over the original invitation letter but they have the only concern over the sponsor and his financial position to support his guests during their stay. If required, embassy will confirm the authenticity itself from the person who invited you.

Following is the method of writing an invitation letter for a visit visa. This kind of invitation letter is generally suitable for several countries. Initially, you have to write a little description regarding yourself. This section may contain the following info.

• Your address and contact numbers (At the top of the letter)
• Your name, your citizenship status and your occupation
• Your financial status (Attach evidences such as income tax returns)

In addition, the invitation letter must contain the following information of visitor.

• Full name of visitor
• Your relationship to the person being invited
• Date of birth
• Passport number
• Nationality
• Occupation
• Purpose of the trip
• Duration of the trip

Bank Teller Resume Sample

Following is a very impressive and notable resume sample of a bank teller. This sample resume for the position of bank teller covers all the aspects and sections desirable in a bank teller resume. This sample resume contains all the important keywords and buzzwords for a bank teller position. In addition, this example many also useful for those candidates having no prior experience.

Position Overview
Tellers are accountable for ensuring warm, gentle and gracious service is provided to all customers. They are well-informed regarding the products and services offered through bank and proactively categorize opportunities to pass on customers to their colleagues in addition to match and propose basic products and services. They act in a essential role inside the banking center, eventually ensuring the best customer experience. This role has everyday tasks for the delivery of better customer service, operational reliability, and devotion to bank policy in addition to all Federal and State regulations. They regularly show and apply the standards that support the bank’s core values of service, responsibility and consistent in everyday performance.

Bank Teller Resume Sample

John Doe
95 Example Street, Houston TX
(999) 999-9999, Email

Objective: A position ob Bank Teller in a reputed bank of Houston TX.

Key Qualifications
• Documented success during 5 years of progressive experience and responsibility
• In-depth knowledge of current bank policies, procedures, and guidelines in addition to State and Federal policies and regulations
• Highly skilled in cash handling, and debit and credit transactions
• Proven record of mentoring teller trainees
• Able to give accurate and detailed records of all transactions
• Thorough understanding of servicing assigned ATMs
• Proven ability to communicate clearly in a professional manner with the ability to conduct business in a confidential manner
• Demonstrated ability to manage routine service issues independently

• Completed comprehensive trainings in accounts, finance and customer care
• Received recognition as the best teller
• Computer literate: Microsoft Office Suite

Employment History
May 2009 – Present
Broadway Bank – Houston TX 98777
• Greeted every customer and potential customers in a pleasant and professional manner
• Assisted customers by completing all teller transactions and maintaining exact records
• Identified customer requirements and referred new banking products and services
• Identified deceptive activities to avoid potential losses to the bank
• Received and paying out cash or other disbursements, cashing checks, accepting account deposits and withdrawals, accepting loan, credit card, utilities and other payments, issuing money orders, official and travelers' checks, and issuing and redeeming savings bonds.

High school diploma - 2008

[Mention Certifications]

Additional Skills and Abilities
• Strong communication and customer service skills
• Strong customer service or money handling experience
• •Profound ability to pay attention to customer requirements/complaints and promptly give solution
• Skilled in handling multiple tasks inside a fast paced team environment 

References: Available on request

TOEFL for Canada Immigration

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an Internationally recognized English testing system - but not an acceptable test for Canadian Immigration. In addition to IELTS, the only authorized and acceptable test for Canadian Immigration is CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program).

For Canadian Immigration, you have to provide evidence of language proficiency by taking a language test from an organization designated by CIC (IELTS and CELPIP). With your test results, you will be able to see accurately how many points you will obtain for the language selection factor of Canadian Immigration.

While applying for Canadian Immigration, never go for TOEFL as it is not acceptable by CIC for Immigration purpose. Although you may use TOEFL for getting admission in a Canadian university because lots of Canadian Universities recognizes and accepts TOEFL.

So, while applying for immigration, make arrangements for testing by a CIC-designated agency (IELTS and CELPIP). The test results will be used by CIC as decisive proof of your English and French language proficiency. Your IELTS result will be valid for two years.

Please note that incorporate the results of your test in your Canadian immigration application. You immigration application will not processed if you do not include your English test results.

In addition, it is not requisite to send your English test results directly to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) from the testing agency. Instead, you have to submit your original TRF or test result with your complete immigration package.

You can use the equivalency charts to see accurately how many points you will earn based on your test results. The following page will provide you with the equivalency chart for IELTS

Note: IELTS and CELPIP have two options for the reading and writing tests: “General” and “Academic.” You must take the “General” option for Canadian Immigration purpose


Student Sponsorship Letter for Visa

There is no standard pattern of making a student sponsorship letter for visa of USA, Canada, Australia, UK or any other country. Just keep in mind to make it precise and to the point. Include all relevant information about the student and sponsor in the letter.

The sponsorship letter for English speaking countries should preferably be in English, or if not, it must be accompanied by an English translation.

The Student Sponsorship Letter for Visa should confirm the following:
• The sponsor’s full name and address
• Why he is sponsoring your dependant; for instance a relative or friend
• What course you are going to study
• Sponsor’s income proof; Bank statement of previous 6 months, Income tax certificate, salary slip or any other document which proof the financial stability of sponsor
• Confirmation that he or she is happy to provide financial support to the student

Sample Student Sponsorship Letter for Visa

100 Example Street
Toronto, ON S9E 9C3

October 01, 2011

The Visa Officer
Canadian Embassy, [City, Country]

Re: Financial Support for Ms. Sara Smith

Dear Sir / Madam:

This is to confirm that I, John Doe, am the maternal uncle of Ms. Sara Smith and that I will financially support her during the entire period of her stay in Canada. This includes her travelling, lodging, tuition and all kinds of her expenses in Canada. She is intending to pursue her studies in Fine Arts at the Humber College Toronto.

I am a permanent resident of Canada having annual income of 78,000/- CAD. I am contented to act as financial sponsor for my niece whilst she stay in the Canada. Please refer to original documents attached including my bank statement, income tax returns, and salary slips. These documents clearly show my financial stability and savings.

In case of any query please contact me on my cell at (999) 999-9999.


John Doe

• Bank Statement
• Income Tax Returns
• Salary Slips

How to Renew or Extend Student Visa for Canada

If you want to renew your study permit or extend your stay in Canada as a student, you have to complete the Application to Change Conditions  . First of all, check the expiry date on your study permit, and ensure you submit an application before that expiry of your previous visa. Keep in mind that you should submit an application for renewal at least 30 days prior to your current study permit expires.

In case you submit an application for a renewal or extension of your study permit and the permit expires before you take delivery of an answer, you can carry on to study in Canada under the similar conditions until you receive a result.

You should submit an application to renew or extend your study permit if you plan to travel outside Canada and your study permit will expire at the same time as you are travelling.

Note: You cannot renew or extend your student visa beyond the expiry date on your passport.

If your student visa has expired, and you have not applied for a renewal, you have to leave Canada.

Restoring your Student status in Canada
In a number of cases, you may submit an application to reinstate your status as a student in 90 days of losing it. You might only submit an application if you have sustained to meet the requirements under which you were allowable to enter and stay in Canada and you have met the entire conditions obligatory on your permit.

After you submit an application to reinstate your status, you might stay in Canada until a conclusion is made on your application but you are not permissible to study until your student status has been restored.

Invitation Letter for Business Visa

While writing an invitation letter for business visa, keep in mind that it should be concise and to the point. Never give any unnecessary information in your invitation letter for business visa and always print it on your company’s official letterhead.

Following is a good sample of invitation letter for business visa. Although this letter is written specifically for US Business visa but it can also be used for the business visa of other countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, Russia and Ireland.

Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa

32 Example Street
Jersey City, NJ 69888

November 01, 2011

Consulate General of USA

Re: Issuance of Business Visa to Mr. Charles Anderson

Dear Sir / Madam:

We are writing to request a business visa for Mr. Charles Anderson, Senior Operations Manager of TATA Consultancy, New Delhi India, who will visit USA in January 2012.

During his visit, he will meet with our business partners in Jersey City to talk regarding issues of business collaboration. Since Mr. Anderson is anticipated to visit USA multiple times in the near future, we would be grateful if you could issue him a multiple entry visa.

Our company will be financially responsible for Mr. Anderson’s visit, including roundtrip airfare, room and board in addition to other miscellaneous expenses.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us during office time at (999) 999-9999 or send me email [Official Email Address Here].


Sara Smith
Managing Director
XYZ Company

Sample letter of invitation for UK visa

65 North Street
London UK

March 11. 2011

[Embassy / Home Office Address]

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Invitation for UK visit: Mr. John Doe; DOB May 5, 1974; Nationality: Indian

I am writing to certify that I wish to invite Mr. John Doe to visit me in the UK for 3 weeks with the purpose of having a short holiday. I anticipate that he will be able to come on June 01, 2011.

At present, I am studying at RIMS College have leave to remain until December 30, 2011. I will bear all his expenses and able to provide him lodgings for the duration of his entire stay in the UK. Please find attached proof of my residence and proof of my financial status.

Following documents are enclosed herewith for reference
• A copy of my passport
• Certificate of student status
• Rental agreement with the tenant
• Bank statement of previous 6 months

I assure that he will leave UK after 3 weeks of his visit. Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on [Your Contact #].


Anna Smith

Immigration Lawyers in Montreal Canada

Following are some renowned and the best immigration lawyers in Montreal Canada.

Immigration Lawyers Gad Parienté
83 St-Paul W.
Montreal H2Y 1Z1
Québec, Canada
Tel: (514) 961-6222
Fax: (514) 842-8055

Niren and Associates
1000 de La Gauchetiere Street West
24th Floor
Montreal H3B 4W5
Phone: (514) 667-8415

Campbell Cohen Law Firm
215 Redfern Avenue, Suite 118
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3Z 3L5
Phone: (514) 937-9445
Fax: (514) 937-2618
Toll-free in USA and Canada: 1-888-947-9445

Saguy Barchichat - Avocat Immigration Lawyer
15 Notre-Dame West #204
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 1S5
Tel. (514) 531-9066
Fax. (514) 680-3407

Michel Beaubien & Associés
390 Notre-Dame West, suite 468
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2Y 1T9
Tel: (514) 282-9704
Fax: (514) 982-9885

Penalties for Illegal Immigration into Canada and United States

Illegal immigration into the Canada and United states is a new threat for the economies of both North American Countries. Illegal Immigrants in these countries work on very low wage and therefore exploit the rights of natives and permanent residents.

Supporters for illegal immigration try to cover it as a victimless crime, but the truth is that illegal immigration causes ample damage to Canadian and American citizens and legal immigrants / Permanent Residents, mainly those in the weakest sectors of their population i.e. the poor, minorities, and kids.

There are several penalties imposed by the both governments to curb the menace of illegal immigration including:
• Punishment by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in detention center. Extra civil fines might be imposed at the judgment of immigration jury, but civil fines do not counteract the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.
• Deportation of the whole family
• No access to public funds and free healthcare
• Paid education for children

Illegal immigrants in Canada and United Stated face the following difficulties:
• Slavery and poor working environment: Illegal immigrants are forced to work in a working environment where the citizens don’t want to work. They might be hired in life threatening professions at a very low wage.
• They have to work as a second class citizen having no rights on public health or safety.
• They might be abused by the police due to their status and unfamiliarity with the local language
• Every year there are hundreds of illegal Immigrant dies by exposure in the deserts of Southwestern United States for the duration of the hot summer season.

Illegal Immigrants are a threat for Legal Immigrants because:
• They cause a huge drain on public funds.
• Taxes paid by immigrants do not start to cover the cost of services received by them.
• The quality of education, health care and other services for Canadians and Americans are damaged by the requirements of never-ending numbers of poor, unskilled illegal immigrants.
• Job competition by waves of illegal immigrants distressed for any job unjustly depresses the wages and working conditions offered to legal workers, hitting hardest at minority workers and those with no high school degrees.

Guest Invitation Letter to USA

While writing a guest invitation letter to USA for visitor visa purpose, keep in mind that you have to assure the visa officer that your guest will leave USA before the expiry date of visa. Also make him sure that there is no intension of your guest to live permanently in U.S. Show his strong ties with his country of origin.

Always write a short letter and keep it to the point. Look at the following Sample to get the idea what should be written in the invitation letter.

Guest Invitation Letter to USA

32 Example Street
Atlantic City NJ 65999

April 11, 2012

Consular Officer
United States (Consulate or Embassy)
(City), (Country)

Re: Visitor Visa Request for Ms. Mary Wright

Dear Sir / Madam:

My name is John K. Smith, H1B visa holder and employee at Microsoft Corporation in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where I am working as a Senior Network Manager. A transcript and a copy of my Employment Certificate and Pay Slips and Income Tax Returns are enclosed herewith as proof of my employment.

[Write the purpose of visit of your guest in the second paragraph]
I wish to invite my cousin to visit me in order to attend my wedding ceremony which will held in June 12, 2012. She will also visit different picnic and leisure places during her stay in USA.

Name: Ms. Mary Wright
Date of Birth: May 22, 1982
Passport Number: NG6987774
Country of Issue: United Kingdom

Please assist her in receiving a visitor visa so that she may join my wedding ceremony as my guest.

Ms. Mary will stay with me at 32 Example Street, Atlantic City NJ 65999 for the entire duration of her visit, and the costs of her air ticket and visit will be covered by me. Please see the attached salary slip and tax returns for more details. I assure you that she will leave USA before the expiry of her visa. In case of any query please call me any time on my cell: (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


John K. Smith

Cover Letter for Office Clerk Position

Your Cover Letter for Office Clerk Position is as important as your resume for the reason that it is read first! Its function is to the attention the reader in you as a potential and enthusiastic employee, and for that reason it is supposed to be a very positive appearance. It should be to the point, precise, and must be written in a business letter style.

Office Clerk Position Description:
In general, office clerks organize correspondence, reports, statements and further material, operate office equipment such as photocopiers and fax machines, respond telephones and carry out clerical duties of a general nature in line with established procedures. They are in employment in offices all through the public and private sectors.

Office Clerk Job Titles:
Following are some alternate job titles of office clerk position. This Sample Cover Letter for Office Clerk Position is also useful for the following job titles
1. Addressograph / Address Forms Clerk
2. Administrative Assistant
3. General Office Clerk
4. Automatic Typewriter Operator
5. Stencil-Cutter Tender
6. Braille Volumes Transcriber
7. Word Processor Operator
8. Stenographer
9. Wire Machine Operator
10. Clerk-Typist
11. Drafting / Copy Room Typist
12. Electric Meter Reader
13. Photograph Examiner
14. Statistical Typist
15. Facsimile Operator
16. Float Clerk
17. Word Processor Clerk
18. Gas Meter Reader
19. Order Typist 

Sample Cover Letter for Office Clerk Position

23 Example Street
Jersey City, NJ 69888

October 10, 2011

Ms. Sara M. Doe,
Manager - Human Resources
Jersey Traders
33 North Street
Jersey City, NJ 69888

Dear Ms. Doe:

Please consider the enclosed copy of my resume an application for the position of Office Clerk with your organization. I learned from your website that you plan to employ An Office Clerk next winter. I was contented to find out that Jersey Traders practices in the area of [Mention Here] and that area is of particular interest to me.

As the Assistant Office Manager for ABC Company, I was involved with preparing and making the payrolls and bills; entering data into the computer; segregating papers and files; answering customer’s calls and email messages and scanning documents. I feel these traits would be an asset to your organization. My resume is enclosed herewith which gives details about my qualifications and skills required for this job.

I am really interested in the Office Clerk position with your company and would be grateful for the opportunity to further discuss this matter during an interview. I can interview any time at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your precious time and consideration.


John K. Albert

CIC Attempts to Finish Backlog

CIC is presently struggling to cope with a huge backlog of immigration applications. The log jam of Canadian immigration applications is hurting Canada's standing as a most favorite immigration aim for skilled migrants. In a number of cases people prefer Australia, New Zealand and Denmark as a substitute immigration destination.

Canadian Immigration Minister Honorable Jason Kenney said that this state of affairs was a big problem. He has spoken repeatedly about the requirement to make the application process more efficient and get the backlog under control.

Numerous hearings on this matter are pending to take place before the House of Commons immigration committee.

Critics say that at the same time as the government talks regarding lessen the backlog, they are also continuing to allow big numbers of new Canadian immigration applications, so making the problem worse.

"At the same time as Canada continues to welcome historically high records of new immigrants, and maintains the most open and liberal immigration system in the planet, we have to cautiously administer the large number of populace around the globe who desire to be Canadian," a representative for Kenney told.

The Canadian government declared that since 2008, they have reduced the speed of the backlog through measures which bound immigration in certain areas, for instance the investor route. Furthermore, people who submit an application as skilled workers and have experience in 29 most wanted jobs are fast tracked and have their applications approved inside months.

The people who bear the longest waiting times comprise parents and grandparents of permanent residents and immigrants who applied previous to the changes introduced in 2008. Pre 2008 applicants are now focused by Canadian Government and their processing is speedier than ever.

B-1 Visa Sample Invitation Letter from U.S. Organization

A B-1 Visa Invitation Letter from U.S. Organization must be written on the official letterhead of Business/Organization. Take a look at the following sample which will give your clear idea of writing an invitation for B-1 Visa from the U.S. Company.

Please note that this is not an official document and we are not connected to US Visa services.

Sample Invitation Letter for B-1 Visa

Texas Software Ltd
100 Example Street
Houston TX 36666
(999) 999-9999
Email: [email address]

October 10, 2011

Mr. John Doe
Global Software Inc
203 Aalam Market
Manila, Philippines

Re: Business Meeting On November 23, 2011

Dear Mr. Doe:

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the business partners meeting which will be held on November 23, 2011 at corporate office of Texas Software Ltd in Houston Texas.

As previously emailed and notified to your office, please make necessary arrangements to your move and Visa to the United States. In the interim, we will be making arrangements for your lodging and boarding for the entire duration of your stay in United States. Our management office will keep in touch with you to synchronize your travel plan.

In addition, we are sending another letter addressed to US consulate requesting your visa for this trip. In case of any query, please contact the liaison department of our corporate office. We look forward to see you soon.


Anna K. Smith
Executive Director
Texas Software Ltd

Certified Dental Assistant Job in Oakville, Ontario

Following is a vacant position of certified dental assistant in Oakville, Ontario. This is a fast-paced environment where you have to Work under pressure, perform repetitive tasks, Attention to detail, and Combination of sitting, standing, walking

Job Title: Certified Dental Assistant (Dental Assistant)
Employer: White Oaks Dental Office
Work Setting: General dental practice
Business Profile: Dental Practice
NOC: 3411
Area of Specialization: Intra-oral procedures, Radiography, Fluoride application
Provisions of service: Permanent, Part Time leading Full Time, Weekend, Day, Evening
Remuneration: To be discussed
Predictable Start Date: immediately
Job Location: Oakville, Ontario
No. of Vacancies: 1

Required Education: College/CEGEP/vocational or technical training
Experience: Experience will be a plus
Memberships: Membership in the Canadian Dental Assistants Association
Languages: Full command on English Language is required

Skill Requirements:
The ideal candidate must be able to
• Sterilize and maintain instruments
• Develop X-rays
• Prepare patients for dental examinations
• Prepare filling materials
• Order dental and office supplies
Necessary Skills:
• Job task planning and organizing
• Significant use of memory
• Decision making
• Computer use
• Oral communication
• Working with others

How to Apply?

By Mail:
1289 Marlborough Crt, suite 5B
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 2R9

By Fax: (905) 815-0515
By E-mail:

Last Date: 2011/11/01

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (French: Ministre de la Citoyenneté et de l’Immigration) is the Minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet who is in charge for administration the federal government department of Canada in charge for immigration, expatriate and citizenship issues, Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is also responsible for the Immigration and Refugee Board.

The present Minister is The Honorable Jason Kenney. Jason. He was appointed Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism on October 30, 2008. He was reappointed to the portfolio on May 18, 2011 and given the additional job of Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Operations. The committee provides everyday harmonization of the government’s program, including issues administration, legislation and house development, and communications.

Mr. Kenney was born in the province of Ontario and raised in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, where he had been graduated from Notre Dame College. He did his undergraduate studies in philosophy at the St. Ignatius Institute of the University of San Francisco.

Contact the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

E-Mail: You may send comments to the Honorable Jason Kenney at

Please note that if you desire application status information or to modify your address, you might do so by means of CIC online services.

Address of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Legislative Aide / Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A career as a legislative aide or assistant involves work with vital information in a high-stress and lively setting. It also means serving the society and gaining a sense of arrogance as you effort for change and assist voice the desires and concerns of constituents. Whether on a national or state level, working as a legislative assistant is a challenging but satisfying.

While submitting your job application for Legislative Aide position, always enclose a well written cover letter with it. Remember that there is no perfect cover letter for Legislative Aide Resume. The recommendation and examples of cover letters incorporated in this blog should only be used as guides. It is very important that you customize and modify the sample cover letter to highlight your exceptional qualifications; as they narrate to the exact requirements required by the employer.

Legislative Aide Cover Letter Sample

36 Example Street
Vaughan ON S9W 3Z9

October 11, 2011

Mr. Davis K. Anderson
Hiring Manager
ABC Facility
36 Main Street
Toronto, ON

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am very enthusiastic to get the position of Legislative Aide which was advertised on your website last week. Please consider my attached resume an application for this position. Along with my graduation in Law and one year of practical experience, I have the potential to become a central member of ABC Facility.

As an intern for the City of Vaughan during college, I developed the skills of answering the telephone, taking messages, filing, confirming turnout to events, drafting speeches, letters, meeting notices and memos. Besides, I am also expert in attending meetings and events in support of the legislator. I can take notes regarding the event, individuals that were audience at the event, and any major occurrences that took place. I am also able to satisfy the needs of the constituents in my district.

In addition, I have done a lot of research on current laws, and able to locate trustworthy facts and figures that will help compose the legislation to be drafted. My enclosed resume contains full details of my skills and knowledge in relation to your requirements.

I am very interested in Legislative Aide position and would be pleased about the opportunity to further discuss this matter during an interview. I will be in Toronto over the mid-winter break, December 01through January 05 , and can interview at your expediency. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 


Mark Brazil

Enc. Resume

UK Visa Lottery 2013- 2014

Several people are being trapped UK visa lottery 2013 - 2014 frauds when they get a refusal for a legal visa or when they don't have enough money or qualifications to fill out the standard paperwork required to get a UK visa. To take advantage of this situation, there are lots of fake and scam companies which are offering UK Visas through lottery program. Always keep away from eye-catching offers UK Green Card or emails offering visa lotteries of UK, Australia or Canada. On the map of globe, US is the only country of the world which offers DV Lottery Visa to specific countries of the world.

A lot of people who are concerned in getting a visa of UK speculate if they can submit an application for the UK visa lottery program. Contrasting the United States DV Visa Lottery, the Home Office and Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship of UK does not host any kind of UK visa lottery program for potential immigrants. The only legal way to obtain a visa to UK is by applying through the official website.

Applying for an UK visa can be a quite difficult process, and you have to provide supporting documents and papers derived from the kind of visa you are applying for. Remember that fees for different types of visas also differ significantly by type of visa. You will need paying all visa costs fully previous to submitting your request. Missing documents or skipping of major steps required by the UK Government might result in having your visa application late or being denied, and you will lose any fees you have paid.

Careers and Future in Canada

The attraction that Canada holds is just fascinating! This attraction seems to rise each day, as more and more people approach to this stunning country to make it their new home. Canada in fact scores on its idiosyncratic appeal factor that it has in all of its corners. This does not bind only to the natural beauty of the country.

The functional and the state-of-the-art facilities and services it provides to its dwellers make it stand out surrounded by lots of countries. On the other hand, one can challenge with this when it comes to salary of Canadian workers. To the extent that the wealth factor is concerned, the United Kingdom and the United States are the clear champions. Alternatively, Canada offers the most excellent of amenities at lesser prices. You can go ahead the similar life in the North American country as you seek to have one in the UK or US, but at lesser costs. If you evaluate the wages of Canada and that of UK’s or US’ among the costs of living in both the countries, you can evidently understand that the lesser wages in Canada are remunerated by the lesser prices of real estate and a lot of more things.

Canada is one of the most excellent places on Earth to be paid a living. It is important to plan out a job in Canada, after all, the country has it all that helps to show the way of a beautiful life and earn living. Canadian financial system is in the middle of the most excellent in the world. Salary packages in Canada are fairly smart. For instance, knowledgeable secondary-level school teachers can get 72,000 Canadian Dollars yearly. Lecturers, depending on know-how are remunerated up to 144,000 Canadian Dollars yearly.

The salary packages in dissimilar occupation sectors can extensively differ from province to province in Canada. In reality, wages can stridently be varied from city to city. All cities in Canada have the potential to make employment and this is why peopling crosswise the world favor Canada as their prime immigration destination. Interested potential immigrants are suggested to learn about Canadian federal immigration programs. Away from each other, all the provinces in Canada have their own provincial nominee program. You can get any of the routes to go into Canada for a brighter life. Consider the services of some trusted Immigration blog. For instant assistance to immigrate, you can ask your queries in the comments below

Green Card 2013 – DV 2013

The US Diversity Visa Program for the year 2013 is also known as American Green Card Lottery DV-2013. Successful candidates in the DV Green Card Lottery might take delivery of an Immigrant Visa or American Green Card, and the right to reside and take job in the United States of America.

The authorized date for US Green Card Lottery DV-2013 is from about noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), on October 5, 2011, to around noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5), November 3, 2011.

Starting about October 5, 2011, you can apply online at the official Government Green Card Lottery website. There is no charge to go into the Green Card Lottery. The single place where you can put forward your official entry form is at Hence, go there to put forward your official entry and digital photo without any cost. Information on how to submit your application and digital photo is on that same page.

Essential Note for Those Who Entered Last Year's Green Card Lottery DV-2012:

The US Government has posted imperative information regarding last year's Green Card Lottery at their official website. In a word, their computer made key errors, so the official results will not be obtainable until after July 15, 2011.

If you were successful in previous year's Green Card Lottery DV-2012 you have to use the confirmation number you were mechanically given when you submitted your official entry at the Government's authorized entry site last year. Remember that only you were given your verification number and no one else knows that number.

CAUTION: Never give anybody to put forward your official Green Card Lottery entry for you. It is simple to put forward your own official entry for free. The US Government does not call winners and does not send email messages to successful applicants. You have to check manually on website. And from this year the US Government will not post letters to lottery winners.

H1B Extension Letter Sample

H1B Extension Overview
A US H1B visa can only be extended if you presently have the similar visa categorization stamped in your passport as the visa category you are trying to revalidate. If you are looking for a visa which is in a dissimilar class to your on hand visa, you have to follow the procedure to get or transfer from your present status to the new visa status.

Note: All male non-immigrant visa applicants between the ages of 16 to 45, regardless of what nationality or where they submit an application have to complete and put forward a form DS-157 with their Non-immigrant Visa Application (DS-156). Applications submitted devoid of the required forms will be denied.

H1B Extension Letter Sample

August 24, 2011

United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
Houston Service Center
76 Lower St.
Houston, TX 69999

RE: H1B Visa Extension for Mr. John Doe

Dear Sir / Madam:

I am writing in favor of the H1B visa extension petition filed by AAA Company, Houston TX, on behalf of Mr. John Doe who is presently working with us as a Database Administrator. 

He has been working with us on a permanent basis since May 2010. His annual salary is 58,000 USD. His H1B Visa is going to expire on August 31, 2011. He is a respected member of our staff.

Our company intends to retain the services of Mr. John Doe from September 1, 2011 to April 30, 2013, which fits inside the six-year limitation on total H1B employment.

In case of any query please contact me directly on the following numbers.


Anna Smith
Managing Director
AAA Company
(999) 999-9999
[Email Address]

H1B Visa for Nurses

The H1B visa for nurses is an opportunity obtainable to a restricted group of overseas national registered nurses. An H1B registered nurse petition might be approved if the offered place is in a "subject occupation," which is described in the Immigration and Nationality Act as one that needs the "theoretical and practical submission of a body of extremely dedicated knowledge" and "achievement of a bachelor's, or higher, degree in the particular area of expertise or its equivalent." These requirements pose a difficulty in the majority of nurse cases, as the least requirement to be licensed as an RN is usually a two-year degree in nursing, more willingly than a four-year bachelor’s degree.

A lot of RNs, as a result, would not meet the criteria for the H1B categorization. On the other hand, a petitioning company might show that a particular RN position could meet the criteria for an H1B visa for nurses by representing that:

1. A bachelor's degree or upper (or its equal) is usually the least requirement for admission into that specific position;

2. The degree obligation is widespread to the industry in similar nursing positions;

3. The company usually requires a degree or its comparable for the position;

4. The nature of the position's duties is so dedicated and multifaceted that the familiarity required to carry out the duties is typically associated with the achievement of a bachelor's degree or upper (or its equal). In determining how experience might be alternate for education, BCIS uses the principle that three years of particular training and/or work knowledge is equal to one year of college-level training.

3 Categories Possibly Qualifying for H1B visa for Nurses

1) Some types of RNs may meet these essential qualifications for the H1B visa for nurses. The first group of nurses who usually will be approved is the certified higher practice registered nurse (APRN) category. Following positions fall within this category.
i. Clinical nurse specialists (CNSS)
ii. Certified nurse-midwives (CNMS)
iii. Certified nurse practitioners (NPS)
iv. Certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNAS)

If an APRN place requires the worker to be certified in that practice, the nurse ought to have an RN, at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and some extra, graduate-level learning. CNSs comprise Acute Care, Adult, Hospice, Palliative Care, Psychiatric and Mental Health-Child, Neonatal, Pediatric, Critical Care, Gerontological, Family, Psychiatric and Mental Health-Adult, and Women's Health nurses. NPs comprise Acute Care, Pediatric, Psychiatric & Mental Health, Adult, Family, Gerontological, Neonatal, and Women's Health nurses.

2) The next category of nurses who may meet the criteria for the H1B visa for nurses are those in managerial positions requiring graduate degrees in fields for example nursing or health administration.

3) A last, more individual group that might receive H1B visa for nurses approval includes those who have a nursing area of expertise for example critical care and peri-operative nurses, or who have passed examinations based on medical experience in school health, work-related health, operating room, oncology, treatment nursing, emergency room nursing, critical care, and pediatrics, but who are not APRNs. In these cases, the requester have to show that the nature of the specific position is so specialized and multifaceted that one would usually wait for the person performing the duties to have reach a bachelor's (or higher) degree, or its comparable.

Canadian Cover Letter Guidelines

Finding a good job after landing is the wish of every landed immigrant in Canada. As cover letter is the foremost thing your employer will see, therefore writing a good cover letter is crucial. Remember that a Canadian cover letter’s format might be different from your home country. Whether you are a Canadian citizen or a newly landed immigrant in Canada, the following guidelines of writing an attention grabbing cover letter for a Canadian employer will help you getting your highly paid job in Canada.

Canadian Cover Letter Guidelines

A job cover letter is away work as a sales tool! It must always accompany your resume or application in Canadian format. Following are some important guidelines for writing effective cover letters for a Canadian employer:

1. Always include key information
Your full name, complete address, email address and contact number must be easily visible on each cover letter you send out. In a Canadian cover letter format, your address come first and your contact information generally visible in the last paragraph.

2. Address your Canadian cover letter to a specific person
Do not start with "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir/Madam". Canadian employers do not like this and cover letters don't get read as frequently as those addressed to an exact person. Always use a comma after the full name of hiring manager—it's more special.

3. Make the first sentence attractive
When employers in Canada read cover letters, they scan them for content: Who's it addressed to? What's the opening? What's the preferred action? Eye-catching initial sentences (ones that explain why you're the most excellent person for this job, or ones that speak to the interests of the employer, will get the hiring manager to read on.

4. Different Cover Letter for Each Job
In Canada, there's no such thing as a "one type fits all" cover letter. Every job you submit an application for is different. Show how you are an appropriate candidate the requirements of a given job. Ensure to refer to a particular job in the earliest few sentences so that the person who reads knows what job you are applying for. In Canada, there is no need to refer to where you saw it because it doesn't add anything to your letter and will make your letter boring.

5. Relate you Skills to the Job
Always relate your specific skills for the advertised position in second paragraph. Just saying you worked for a corporation in a job doesn't mean the person who reads will make the connection. It frequently helps to bind your knowledge to your skills, and narrate your skills to the job description.

6. Always type and reread your cover letter previous to sending it
Your cover letter creates a notion of you. It's crucial to appear proficient and not make errors. If you make mistakes in your cover letter, it might mirror how Canadian employers might view you. If your letter is orderly and professional, the boss may believe you are, too.

7. Be concise, use action words to explain your achievements
Canadian employers take delivery of loads of cover letters and resumes every day, so they desire to make out regarding you devoid of having to read a lot.

8. Be positive, creative and eager
Your cover letter is your most excellent means to sell yourself on paper besides your resume. It lets your qualities come through in addition to the benefits of hiring you. So always include something which differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

9. Always maintain a soft copy of each cover letter you send out.
Copies of already sent letters will make your job search and follow-up process go easily.

10. Always ask for an interview.
Don’t hesitate to request for an interview. Your cover letter is to obtain you an interview—so, request one!

Always follow these guidelines before writing a cover letter for a Canadian Employer. We wish you best of luck in your job search!!!!!!!!

Entry Level RN Nurse Resume Sample - No Experience

While writing an effective resume for a new grad or entry level RN while having no prior experience, emphasize on your clinical, internships and nursing school curriculum to make an influential entry-level RN nurse resume. View our Sample RN Nurse Resume for a newly graduate nurse below in order to make your effective one.

Make an impression on employers with an eye-catching resumes and cover letters from the experts at our Resume Writing Service.

Sample RN Nurse Resume - No Experience

Sara K. Peter
25 Example Street, Houston TX 98888
[Contact #], [Email Address]

Enthusiastic and fresh registered nurse (RN) with particular experience in mental health unit. Developed well-built psychiatric-assessment and treatment -planning skills through current internship at Houston Department of Corrections. Understanding of psychotropic medicine management, supervision and training.

Trustworthy, decent healthcare personnel with aptitude to stay peaceful in urgent situations. Intervene during emergency, facilitates groups and learning seminars, and collaborates on multidisciplinary teams. Demonstrated ability to build constructive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other health professionals.

Houston College of Nursing, Houston TX | June 2009
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), GPA: 3.4 (Dean's List)

• Chosen as one of only seven student nurses to be admitted into internship program after thorough selection process.
• Treated a usual of 16 patients every day. Gained knowledge in procedures for instance cryotherapy and trigger-point injections.
• Successfully completed training in team building, administration of assaultive behaviors and psychotropic-medication management.

Jan 2010 – June 2011
Houston Department of Corrections, Houston TX
Nursing Externship
• Actively took part in development and execution of individual action plans for patients with wide variety of mental health issues
• Make sure that doctors' orders were efficiently carried out, together with testing, medical procedures, consultations and stat orders for five-point control
• Served as Internee RN at hospital located inside maximum-security correctional facility housing around 3,100 inmates
• Assigned to the mental health disaster unit and played a main role on interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, RNs, social workers and adjustment officers

May 2008 – Jan 2010
Houston Downtown Hospital, Houston TX
Student Nurse / Clinical Rotations
• Handled medicine management, dressing changes, IVs and all other aspects of nursing care
• Facilitated admissions, discharges and transport; organized chart notes and other documentation
• Worked under the direction of an RN providing bedside concern, action and clinical documents for patients on cardiac, oncology and medical-surgical floors

• Patient and Relatives Education
• Patient Support
• Case Organization
• Critical-Care Nursing
• Patient Evaluation
• Psychiatric Nursing
• Quality & Permanence of Care
• JCAHO Standards/ Compliance
• Medicine Administration

• Texas State Nurses Association, Member | Jan 2009 - Present
• Bucks Psychiatric Hospital, Volunteer | June 2007 - Present

UK Visa Invitation Letter Sample

UK Visa Invitation Letter is required if you are a UK citizen or currently residing in the UK and want to invite someone who live in another country to visit you.

Following is a UK Visa Invitation Letter Sample that you can amend as per your needs and requirements. The Home Office of UK or overseas embassy might ask for exact details of the individual who want to visit you in UK - so always ensure that you take in those details in the invitation letter. Keep in mind to mention that the visitor will leave UK within the intended period of time. Also, put your address at the end and also give contact details so that they can get in touch with you if they need so.

UK Visa Invitation Letter Sample

August 01, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to authenticate Mr. John Doe who is my cousin and currently residing in India. I wish to invite him to visit me in the UK for the period of one month in order to be present at my engagement ceremony in London and stay for a short holiday to visit different places in UK. My engagement date is October 11, 2011 so I hope you will permit him to come before then.

I am able to lodge him for the entire duration of his stay in the UK and I will also pay for his everyday expenditure. Please find enclosed proof of my accommodation and also confirmation of my financial statement and tax returns which will prove that that I am capable to meet his living costs throughout the period he will be staying with me. Besides, I assure that he will leave UK before November 10, 2011.

I have enclosed the following documents for your kind consideration as required:
- Copy of citizenship certificate
- Home mortgage documents
- Bank statement of last 6 months
- Income Tax Certificate

Should you require any additional documents and information please do not hesitate to contact me.



Anna K. Smith
31 North Street
London [Zip Code]
+44 999 999999

Dental Assistant Resume Sample

Following is an attractive resume sample for Dental Assistant job. This sample resume will give you an idea to make your own eye-catching resume.

Dental Assistant Job Description:
Dental assistants help dentists throughout the examination and handling of patients and carry out clerical functions. They work mostly in dentists' offices, or they might be employed by government and learning institutions.

Alternate Job Titles:
Following are some alternate job titles of dental assistant and the following resume sample is also useful for these titles
1. Certified Dental Assistant
2. Preventive Dental Assistant
3. Intra-Oral Dental Assistant
4. Dental Clinical Assistant
5. Dental Clinical Assistant – Military
6. Certified Intra-Oral Dental Assistant
7. Licensed Dental Assistant
8. Registered Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant Resume Sample

Anna K. Smith
35 Example Street, Edmonton AB S9T 6E9
(999) 999-9999, [Email Address]

A competent Dental Assistant with strong understanding of doing clerical work in dental health clinic keen to get the similar position in order to utilize my qualifications and skills.

• 3 years of experience in the same capacity
• Able to be a second pair of hands for a dentist
• Vey reliable and work well with others
• Good manual dexterity
• Knowledge of workplace Health and Safety procedures
• Excellent attention to detail.
• Have the ability and keenness to undertake further training for self-development
• [Add your qualifications here]

June 2008 – Present
Dental Clinic @ Zellers - Brampton, Ontario
Dental Assistant
• Get patients ready for dental examination and assist the dentist throughout the examination
• Take and build up X-rays
• Schedule patient arrangements and trace dental procedures performed
• Generate Invoice for patients for dental services
• Organize dental instruments and filling materials
• Educate patients regarding oral cleanliness
• Arrange dental and office supplies
• Polish teeth and clinical crowns and relate fluoride and sealant
• Take beginning impressions for analytic casts
• Make temporary crowns and restorations
• Disinfect and maintain instruments and utensils

• Very skilled in preparing patients for dental examinations
• Able to organize filling materials
• Skilled in sterilizing and maintaining dental instruments
• Profound knowledge of developing X-rays

High School Diploma – 2007

Available on Request

Canada Immigration Levels 2011

CIC says that there will be no fall in immigration level and numbers for 2011. The level of immigrants permissible to go to Canada fell by a quarter for the period of the opening quarter of this year, as compared to the parallel period last year.

Along the lines of data released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – the federal department in charge of immigration subject – immigration fell in all main categories, together with skilled worker class, Canadian Experience Class and family-sponsorships.

As it stands, just more than 63,200 people were settled visas during the primary quarter of this, down from the just over 84,000 visas granted for the duration of the similar period last year.

But officials from the CIC indicated that 2010 was an extraordinary year for immigration, as that year 281,000 foreigners were settled permanent resident permits, which is a 50 year record. And by itself, the first quarter of last year witnessed a maximum numeral of visas issues.

This year, Canada will permit between 250,000-265,000 immigrants, and CIC officials say the first quarter numbers reproduce that in general quota. Within the general quota, though, the government has been making changes. For instance, the CIC recently cut by half – from 20,000 to 10,000 – the figure of people who will be allowed below the federal Skilled Worker Class. For that reason, the amount of people permissible under each of the 29 main concern occupations under this class was also halved, to 500.

Government officials say they want to bring the application long jam and backlog down as much as possible. In addition, the government is also assessing what kind of immigrants Canada desires, and how to hit a balance between extremely skilled immigrants such as managers and engineers on one side, and skilled trades-people for instance plumbers and electricians on the other.

Australian Visa Fee and Cost

Traveling Australia is somewhat expensive and you even have to give extra for visa applications to obtain the visa. At the same time as the visa application procedure can be a difficult, fortunately there are a number of companies and agencies that can direct and help you through the groundwork and application procedure. The disadvantage to this is that you’ll be spending almost certainly double or even triple the cost of the Australian Visa Cost because of “consultation fees” or a number of other fees of the agency.

The primary part of your Australian Visa fee is the Visa Application Charge or VAC. The Visa Application Charge is the sum of cash that you are charged for your visa application that is paid in Australian Dollars; this is a throwaway expense even if your request is rejected. VAC’s are viewed each first of July every year and as of this there is always a possibility that the VAC might raise, which then rise your Australian Visa Cost. The VAC is for all time included in your Australian Visa Cost statement, regardless of what kind of visa you are applying for.

The additional fee and expenses that come with a visa application though might vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. There are a number of kinds of visas that are obtainable for application, the worker visa, the immigration visa, visitor visa, student visa, company visa, among others. For the employment visa, it is classify beneath two categories – employer sponsored, where applicants are documented through their skills and are supported by employers whether Australian or abroad at the same time as the other kind is for professionals and other expert migrants. The Temporary Work Visa cost comprises the Visa Application Charge which differs depending on the diverse kinds of visas applied for, the proposal charge, and the sponsorship charge. The Permanent Work Visa on the other hand is more classy and done in two installments; the first installment for the Australian Visa Cost is based on whether the Visa Applicant lives whichever in or out of Australia. The second installment is for those applicants who have modest to no English speaking skills.

To submit an application for a Visa as a tourist is much cheaper than the employee visa since, except the reality that the period of the stay is shorter; the only cost made when applying for this visa is the traveler visa itself. For the student visa which is for public who wish to study in Australia, the Australian Visa Cost for students comprises an International Education Contribution which supports international teaching by the government. This payment is charged to the applicant as together with the Visa Application Charge in addition to the Permission to Work expense.

Rising Figure of New Skilled Immigrants per Year

For the precedent decade, Canada has received approximately 250,000 new permanent residents yearly, but that figure jumped in 2010 to further than 280,000, the utmost total in more than 50 years. As Canada’s residents’ ages, some supporters have suggested Canada must rise up its immigrant intake to further than 300,000 a year. But the subject is passionately contested by those who disagree that current immigrants have fared poorly in the labour force.

Studies recommend Canada would require tripling or quadrupling its immigration levels to maintain its present ratio of workers to old-age dependents.

“Simply put, we do not have the funds or capability to incorporate a million new immigrants each year,” Mr. Kenney said. “We can’t train them English or French. We can’t overflow our taxpayer-funded services like health care and public teaching. We can’t put such elevated pressure on housing and property markets.”

Debbie Douglas, executive director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, is one of those calling for Canada’s immigrant intake to go up over 300,000 a year.

“Last year was telling. We were capable to land 280,000 immigrants. We have the ability,” Ms. Douglas said. “For me it’s in relation to political will, and we’re at a time when reasonably we need more immigrants.”

Ms. Douglas said Canada have to place extra stress on permanent migration. She’s opposed to the policy of accepting rising numbers of temporary foreign workers in Canada, who have a hard path to citizenship and must leave the country after four years. There are further than 300,000 temporary foreign workers in Canada at the present time.

She also wants to perceive steps taken to decrease the backlog of family reunification applications from parents and grandparents. Mr. Kenney was condemned during the current election campaign for waiting times that had grown to more than a few years.

He is not likely to considerably revise overall immigration intake, but he expects to face hard choices when it comes to adjusting the immigration mix.

About 26 per cent of immigrants who come to Canada every year do so under the family class. Mr. Kenney said the importance must be placed on those applicants with work experience and skills who can straight away contribute to the financial system. At present, only three in 10 new arrivals have been selected for their economic prospective, he said. If that figure is to rise, there may have to be cuts in other areas, for example the family class. Those decisions remain open for conversation.

New Canada Immigration Rules 2011-2012

Every developed country that provides immigration facility has their own cluster of rules and regulations, directives and guidelines to control the admittance of each foreign individual in the country. As far as Canada is concerned, it is said that it is one of the most well-liked destinations for immigration. Immigration has been essential in the economic history of Canada.

Recently, the difficulty of Canada immigration has forced the immigration lawyers of the country to build up some creative practice in the area of immigration rules of Canada. Previously, the immigration lawyers of Canada supported families in the country to support the members of their family abroad, helped the businessmen of the state to employ abroad workers aside from representing people subject to deportation order from Canada.

With the intention of employing immigrants of economic class, for example: the skilled workers and business class immigrants, the Immigration and Citizenship Department of Canada have build up certain very important immigration criteria. The present department of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship, which is also known as CIC Canada, is considered to be the most momentous organization of the administration of the country.

If you are preparing for Canada immigration, in the beginning, you have to come about with the immigration application by means of the approved forms for immigration purposes. The Immigration Department of the Canada keeps a proof of the statistics of the figure of migrants to the country, figure of approved applications, the kind of persons migrating to Canada and further data.

The government of Canada has freshly introduced new immigration rules for companies, for the temporary foreign workers. These fresh immigration rules will be appropriate to both labor market and exempt work permits. These alterations will make the government of the country more influential and will assist them to watch temporary abroad workers and their employers. If anybody fails to fulfill with the modifications, then it will lead to solemn some consequences for the blameworthy employer.

In keeping with the Canadian government, in reducing the abuse of Temporary Foreign Workers by employers and agents, these adjustments will be very helpful. Furthermore, it will assist in increasing the answerability of the employers including refutation of service and to encourage faithfulness to terms and conditions.

Everybody who is interested in Canada migration should be conscious of all these new modifications. It will not only assist the applicant in his or her immigration to the country, but also will defend him or her to place any mistake that might cause paying penalties. If you desire, you can take the help of an immigration specialist who can direct you through your Canada immigration and will make your migration easier.

Significant Decline in Canadian Immigration 2011

Canada allowed 26% less immigrants into the country in the opening quarter of 2011 compared to the similar period in 2010. The figure of permanent resident visas issued by CIC between January and March cut down from 84,083 in 2010 to 63,224 this year, in keeping with figures obtained by the Star.

The most recent department numbers show a turn down across the board, with visas for skilled workers losing 28 per cent, family-sponsored relatives downward 14 per cent, and refugees dipping by 25 per cent. The noteworthy drop in visas comes on the eve of public consultations Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is holding on the country’s immigration altitude and classes of populace that are supposed to be allowed in.

In the month’s primary up to the May 2 federal election, the Conservatives touted 2010 as a sign year in immigration; receive 280,000 permanent residents, the maximum in 50 years. In 2009, just about 265,000 immigrants were granted permanent status.
Mention this year’s quarterly figures, immigration officials say it is unjust to use the 2010 figures as a standard since it was a record year in granting permanent visas. On the other hand, department is convinced that regardless of lower visas/authorizations issuance and admissions in the initial quarter, it will meet its yearly target of visas,

Over the previous 15 years, Canada’s yearly immigration levels have remained around 250,000, about 0.8 per cent of the residents.

Immigration lawyers say less permanent visas could mean larger backlogs, particularly for family sponsorships where there is no limit on applications like there is for skilled workers and investors. Immigration lawyer Mario Bellissimo said he would not be surprised if the minister brings in a latest law to limit family sponsorship applications. Since 2006, the figure of visas for sponsored relatives and refugees has turn down, at the same time as visas for workers have progressively increased.

Since 2008, the federal government has made many changes to its immigration program in an effort to get rid of backlogs and route applications in a more opportune fashion. It counts on capping the figure of immigration applications it accepts for processing.

A section backgrounder for the future consultations, which are by invite only, suggests at the same time as increasing immigration may be one way to resolve the growing demand, “there are obviously a number of pressures that make trade-offs predictable.”

With an elderly population immigration levels will require to be raised to 350,000 yearly to support Canada’s financial growth.

An Overview of Transit Visa for USA

This post gives information regarding the transit visa for the United States. A transit visa of USA is also called C visa. It is your job to ensure that you have the accurate travel documents. Failure to get hold of a transit visa, when necessary, may result in you being left without boarding by the airline.

There are different types of transit visas for USA:

General Transit Visa | C-1 Visa:
If a non-US citizen is passing in instant and nonstop transit throughout the United States, he/she might require a official transit C-1 visa, except he/she is a citizen of a country that has an accord with the United States let their citizens to take a trip to the United States lacking a visa or they are entitled to transit the United States exclusive of any visas under the Visa Waiver Program.

C-2 Visa:
A foreign national can submit an application for a C2 visa, if he is an invitee, official representative of information media, or an envoy of a consulting nongovernmental agency traveling to or from the United Nations headquarters region in New York City.

Foreign Government Transit | C-3 Visa:
An associate of a foreign government on official business can get hold of a C3 visa at the same time as transiting through the United States. The official's direct family members, attendants, servants, or private employees are also allowable to navigate United States.

Restrictions on C Visa - Transit Visa for USA:
1. Transit Visa for USA or C visa is a single entry visa. For that reason, if you leave the United States and desire to re-enter the U.S. for transit purposes, you will have to reapply for C visa.
2. If you like to visit friends or going to places of interest, a transit visa is not a suitable type of visa.
3. You can't alter to another non-immigrant status at the same time as on a C visa.
4. You cannot make bigger your stay further than the original permitted stay on C visa. If you would like to make your stay bigger, consider applying for a suitable Business (B1) or Tourist Visa (B2) or if you meet the criteria, take a trip on the Visa Waiver Program.
5. You might not apply for a green card or for a change of status whilst on a C visa.
6. You can't work or study at the same time as on a C visa.
7. There are no dependent visas for Transit Visa for USA or C visa holders. Each person in the family needs to submit an application for separate C visa.