Controversial Arizona Immigration Law | Result To Be Publicized Soon

A San Francisco court holds the outcome of the new immigration law bring in within Arizona which would be determined in a little bit soon. The choice would be made by a panel of three judges. A plea was prepared by Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona for a decision which was made previously. As said by this ruling, some of the main provisions were blocked from being executed. As of now, this law has been measured as the most controversial immigration law till date.

The blocked clauses comprise the police being given the power of an immigration agent to verify the status of the immigrants under arrest. More so, the police was being given the authority to question the suspects, confirm their papers for visa or Green Card.

The opening of this law led to sturdy protests from a variety of immigration advocates all through the nation. Also, it was also being phrased as a law supporting racial side view.

With the law now being partially blocked by a verdict of the District Court, the proceeding has been pending for quite some time now. Plea has been made by Brewer arguing that the major aim of the law is to help the state and the centralized authorities with enforcements pertaining to immigration.

The conclusion taken in regard to this law is extensively predictable and is being measured as an important example that would additional chalk out the laws in other states. More ever, it would also chalk out a pathway for the local enforcement agencies in other states when it comes to the immigration law and its enforcement in the United States.

Another Meeting on Marriages Of Convenience

A town hall meeting on the subject of marriage fraud, also identified as marriages of convenience, is being held today in Montréal.

This is the third in a sequence of cross-country town hall meetings on this subject being hosted by Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

Minister Kenney wants to individually hear people’s stories linked to marriages of convenience and their opinions and ideas on how best to address this issue. While Canada want to keep the doors unlock for lawful spouses or partners, Canada also want to ensure the doors are not open to those who would break our laws and exploit Canadians.

To accompaniment the town hall meetings, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently launched online consultations on marriage fraud. The nationwide online questionnaire is obtainable on CIC’s website at, and the limit for public participation has been extended until November 10.

Information collected from side to side the town hall meetings and online consultations will assist informs upcoming actions taken by the Government of Canada to deal with marriage fraud.

Architect Required in Quebec | NOC 2151 Architects Jobs

Number of position(s) to fill: 1
In-house job name: Architecte concepteur
In-house reference (competitive examination n°, code, etc.) : Réserve de candidatures, besoin fréquent
Employer: TALENT INC.
NOC: 2151
Work place: Confidential
Québec (Québec)

Main functions:
• Attend the responsible architect project in the development of the project design
• Supervise the team design; make qualifying control of regulation
• All steps and phases of the project, see smoothly and feasibility in interaction with all stakeholders

Education Required: University - Undergraduate (Bachelor's) Completed
Experience Required: 10 or more years experience

Description of qualifications:
• Having more than 15 years in commercial and institutional
• Architectural design experiences have good ability in supervision team
• Have a good mastery of codes and regulations in force
• Have a great habit to interact with other disciplines on projects to ensure smooth operation and feasibility projects

Languages Required:
Spoken languages: French
Written languages: French

Salary offered: to be negotiated
Number of hours per week: 40

Terms and Conditions of Job:
• Collective insurance
• Annual bonus
• Adjusted to the number of year experience vacation more Bank of time, etc.

Job status: permanent
Job start date: 2010-11-10

Additional information:
• Submit an application with a French attached to the e-mail version Word.doc resume and indicate in the email box reference: architect Designer 10-125230.
• In addition to attach Resume, make a copy and paste it into the email message box (in the email)

How to Apply:
Through E-mail (electronic mail):

Scope of 3142 Physiotherapists in Canada!

Physiotherapists have a great demanded profession in Canada that’s why it is included in the highly demanded occupations of Canada. In addition, countries all over the globe are in huge demand for physiotherapist. It is a prosperous career option and the service opportunities are in profusion when it comes to getting jobs in both private in addition to government institutions.

Salaries of 3142 Physiotherapists in Canada:
Previous years have seen a enormous increase as far as the salaries of physiotherapists are anxious in Canada. Increasing employment opportunities are generated and more citizens are entering the nation each single second. So why ought to you be kept behind.

Employment options for 3142 Physiotherapists:
There are a variety of employment options generated by different clinics, hospitals, health departments, private nursing homes and treatment centers in Canada which let the physiotherapists to think of a bright vocation ahead! After involving yourself in self performs, starting your personal practice is also not a bad idea. The most excellent part about this field is that one can go in the field of teaching in those institutions which cater to the subjects of Physiotherapy. Other options are to educate in schools or other centers meant for psychologically retarded people, bodily challenged group or a variety of rehabilitation centers too. There are a lot of options like physical therapist or/and clinical physiotherapists. You can too start with work in assistant roles within the circle of physiotherapy. The choices are never-ending.

Physiotherapy courses:
There is abundance of choices when it comes to register oneself into the preferred Physiotherapy course, the conclusion of which would let you to go for the most excellent job in the same field in Canada. Some of the courses are B. Sc in Physiotherapy, MPT in Sports Physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology, Master of Physiotherapy (MPT), and Bachelor of Physiotherapy, M. Sc in Physical and Occupational Therapy, and Master of Physiotherapy in Orthopedics etc.

Qualifying Criteria for 3142 Physiotherapists:
•It is necessary for the candidate intending to move to Canada to have a degree in physiotherapy, in addition to the practical training done under direction.
•He has to be decked with knowledge of at least one year as a physiotherapist.
•The knowledge count should be equal to 2-4 years.

Latest Immigration Law is Coming in New Zealand!

Immigration being one of the primary things in the mind of motivated people; one has to continue with the newest happening on the immigration front. From time to time, there is something happening in countries that are measured some of the well-liked immigration target in the world. It is significant for you to remain yourself updated with all happenings in the countries that make composition to your main concern list of immigration destinations.

For your knowledge, New Zealand is almost immediately going to bring in a new law which will be active in preventing the entry of illegal foreigners to the country. The new law is predictable to come into place on November 29, 2010. The legislation states that schooling providers in New Zealand that make easy hard to decipher international students in getting registered to study would face higher penalties.

The regulation also says that all education providers with online attendance and application systems will be necessary to update their precise norms. As said by the legislation, international students have to possess a New Zealand visa so as to follow the courses of study they aim to take up in the NZ.

The law concerns the children of illegal residents in New Zealand. To be accurate, the children of foreign couples who have stay too long their visas or are unlawfully in New Zealand will have the right to attend schools in the country. One more constituent of the law is terms like ‘Permit’ and ‘Exemption’ are get rid of, only ‘visa’ is going to be used to permit a foreign national to journey and exist in in the New Zealand.

Australian Immigration Policies Disheartened International Students

There has been a strong turn down in the figure of international students applying for Australian student visas because of the harsh policies of Australian immigration department.

Following factors have together played their role in affecting the number of international students:
• More than a few changes in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) of Australia
• Longer dispensation times for Australian visa applications
• well-built Australian dollar and increases in the fees by Australian universities

The international students appear to be choosing alternate nations such as Canada and USA in favor of Australia for studying abroad.

Stating concerns concerning the entire issue, Senator Evans said that Australia is, unintentionally, facing a harsh downturn in the figure of foreign student enrolments and such a situation is probable to stay on for the coming year also.

Among the nations being selected by foreign students for studying comprise the US, the UK and Canada. And the waning foreign student enrolments in English courses are going to pose bigger problem in the coming times, Mr. Evans admitted.

At the present time, around 27 percent of overseas student enrolments in Australia are from China and at the same time as the percentage of enrolments for university studies from China is far greater.

As per Beijing’s teaching sources, there has been reduce of around 40 percent in the figure of forward enrolments for a few institutes while there has been a turn down of 10-20 percent all through the industry.

The worldwide economic slowdown, hard global competition, an increasing Australian dollar and new tighter Australian student visa rules have get worse the problem of turn down in overseas student enrolments in Australia, asserted Mr. Evans.

He worried on the requirement of upholding the honesty of Australian immigration program while repeat his commitment for working with overseas education providers for knowing the ways to make education opportunities in Australia highly spirited with those offered by other nations.

The subject of falling international student enrolments in Australia is possible to be discussed with university administrators by Senator Evans during his visit to Beijing this week.

Scope of 6242 Cooks in Canada!

6242 Cooks are included in the current demanded list of Canadian Immigration. Where there is good foodstuff, there are cooks! And where there are cooks, there would be job too! True that countries counting India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines offer some of the most excellent employment opportunities to cooks in the business, but what about the salary factor? Why not think going for those countries which let you to do the similar work but give a twice or say triple salary for that.

Salaries of 6242 Cooks in Canada:
Diverse hotels, motels, restaurants offer a variety of pay scales to their cooks. But one thing is for certain, the same would be much improved than what you may be receiving in your home country! in addition, don’t overlook the modern facilities which Canada offers, considering the type of economy it is boosting up at current.

Employment options for 6242 Cooks:
Restaurants, hotels (all stars), cooking schools, cafes, catering business, business halls, business which provide to organizing parties, a variety of institutions (government and private), offices, the list is never-ending. There is no place left where 6242 cooks are not in demand. You name it, and a cook is necessary there. Canada is no exemption too!

There are a lot of categories which come beneath the section of Cooks too. Some of these are trainee cook, dietary cook, grill cook, Sous-cooks, institutional cook

With more and more food fanatics growing in every moment, the demand for cooks (not only in Canada, but in other nations too) would only rise!

Culinary Courses of 6242 Cooks:
So as to make it big in a country like Canada, an interviewee needs to have the obligatory required qualification required for the occupation of cook. Together with this, one needs to have the preferred experience in the applicable field too. Some of the cooking courses are: Cooking Course, Courses specializing in bakery products, sizzlers, starters, epicure, food hygiene, cooking science, barbeque cooking, the list is never-ending.

Qualifying Criteria for 6242 Cooks:
•It is necessary for the applicant intending to immigrate to Canada as a cook to have a lowest of a Bachelors degree or diploma in Hotel management or trade or diploma certification in cooking.
•Or he or she has to have attended some program in cooking.
•It is necessary to have a minimum experience of at least one year as a cook or connected field.
•As far as the generally aspects are concerned, the applicant have to have experience of around 2-4 years. It also depends on other aspects like to what is the real number of years of experience which is required to submit an application under this occupation. Some of these aspects are marriage and his English talking skills.

DV-2012 | U.S. Green Card Lottery is Ending in 2 Weeks

There is slightly more than a week left if you desire to put forward your doorway for the Green Card Lottery. The admission period for the Green Card Lottery ends at 12pm EST on Wednesday 03 Nov 2010. If you are chosen for the Green Card Lottery you can then submit an application for your US Green Card and reside in the US for an indefinite period of time and work in the US for any company. It is typically quite hard to get US legal permanent residence. For those fortunate enough to succeed the Green Card Lottery route to a US Green Card is a lot easier.

Natives of the majority Countries of world can put forward their entries for the Green Card Lottery DV-2012. But there are some countries which cannot take part in US Green Card Lottery DV-2012. A list of those are detailed below. The list remains unchanged from last year:

1. Brazil
2. Canada
3. China (mainland-born)
4. Colombia
5. Dominican Republic
6. Ecuador
7. El Salvador
8. Guatemala
9. Haiti
10. India
11. Jamaica
12. Mexico
13. Pakistan
14. Peru
15. Philippines
16. Poland
17. South Korea
18. United Kingdom (Citizens of Northern Ireland are eligible, but natives of Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena, and the Turks and Caicos Islands are not eligible)

Academic IELTS For Immigration To Canada

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the widely accepted English language test which is recognized by the majority of Universities all over the world.
On the other hand, it is also accepted for immigration purpose as a standard of English language understanding of an individual. IELTS test is a must for immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.

There are two types IELTS
1. IELTS Academic:
IELTS Academic is designed only for admission purpose. It is not accepted as a standard of immigration to Canada or another country.

2. IELTS General Training:
IELTS General is specially designed for immigration or overseas jobs purpose. It might be useful for work permit or immigration but not useful for getting admission in University.

Academic IELTS for immigration to Canada is not useful because it is not designed for immigration purpose.

Obtaining a Green Card Through Marriage

There are a lot of steps that have to be taken so as to obtain a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen. A lot of people are under the mistaken assumption that U.S. citizenship is routinely granted to resident aliens who get married a citizen, but this is not the case. The pathway to a green card through marriage depends on numerous factors, including your immigration position at the time of the marriage, and whether you wed inside or outside of the U.S.

Earlier than you getting started, take a flash to review the instructions on the green card application (form I-485), in addition to the application itself, to confirm you are allowable to the U.S. as a permanent resident. Evaluate the questions on page 3 of the I-485 application and also, if you are in the U.S. on a visitor's visa, your immigration status has end, or if you are undocumented in America, consult with an immigration attorney. You may not be entitled to regulate status, but you may be able to ask for a waiver. This carries risks, so talk about it with a qualified immigration lawyer.

Here's how to obtain a green card by marriage to a U.S. citizen:

Initially, the immigration service does not take fraud marriages or paper marriages lightly. If you marry somebody, you have to be capable of showing that it is a genuine marriage, and that you did not enter into it for the only purpose of receiving an immigration advantage. If your fiancée lives outer of the U.S., you'll require completing the process for a K-1 fiancée visa first. This is a completely separate application, the procedure for which is not covered in this piece of writing.

2. Complete an immigration medical exam:
So as to obtain a green card through marriage, you have to be examined by a doctor who is approved by the USCIS. Visit the USCIS website for a list of accepted physicians near you. You have to send a SEALED unique exam from your doctor with your I-485 application. Ensure to request your doctor for a consideration copy for your records as well.

3. Collect the essential documentation to file your application:
You'll require presenting documentation of your criminal history, arrests, and disposition of charges if appropriate - seeing the I-485 form instructions for details. The immigrant spouse have to submit two passport style photographs, a duplicate of his or her birth certificate, a copy of his or her non-immigrant visa (or other evidence of legal U.S. status). The application must also comprise an Affidavit of Support with fresh tax returns and an employ verification letter, and evidence of AOS eligibility in the form of a matrimony certificate and separation decrees from all prior marriages for both parties, if appropriate.

4. File an I-130, I-485, and G-325A (both the U.S. citizen and the migrant spouse):
Confirm to comprise the suitable filing fees for each form. These immigration forms are the Petition for Alien Relative, Application for Adjustment of Status, and biographical information form. If you are previously in the United States and have one more valid resident immigration status, in most cases it's safe to go on with filing these documents to obtain a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen. Though, if you are in the U.S. on a visitor's visa, your status has end, or you are undocumented, filing these forms may activate the USCIS to investigate your status, and you could be banned re-entry to the U.S.

5. File a form I-765 if you would like consent to work in the United States while waiting to take delivery of your green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen. This application typically takes up to 90 days to procedure.

6. Attend your biometrics/fingerprinting appointment:
Overall, you will take delivery of an appointment notice one to three months after filing your application for a green card from side to side marriage. It's significant that you attend this appointment, or else your application will be deprived of. You can reapply, though you must pay the filing fees all over again.

7. Attend your Adjustment of Status interview:
You'll typically receive an appointment notice from 6 months to 1 year after filing your application, but from time to time it takes even longer. Ensure to bring proof of your genuine marriage with you. These could comprise shared bank accounts, property, utility bills, a lease agreement, photographs, letters, cards, and birth certificates for any kids born of the relationship.

Beach Adventures in Australia!!

Boundless time limit to meet? The ups n downs of stocks scheming your heartbeats? You approximately plucked your hair off with the pressure of it all, gratitude to your previous brush with sanity that you chose or else! Don’t let work play guitar with your nervous tension, take a well warrant break. What can be more chill axing than the beaches, beer and heaps of sunshine?

The Gold coast is the ideal hot spot. This Australian paradise city is a courage soothing concoction. Its beaches are splendid and good-looking; enjoy them the way you like, taste into your favorite ale. The in abundance of customized holiday packages can suit approximately anyone on the financial ladder. While you can decide resorts or luxurious apartments for your stay, you can also choose for backpacking, caravan or camping which is not only cheaper but something you’ve never tried previous to.

A footstep into this city is like making admission into your individual pampering zone. With millions of alternative to make your day no matter which but the ordinary, options like surfing, al-fresco dining and water-skiing and golfing surely calming gets to the next level.

Gold coast houses ground-breaking theme parks and wild life parks. Sea world is the main aquatic park in Australia, attracts sphere –trotters to its sole and pleasant aqua ballets, spectacular dolphin and seal show. Aim certain you will also love The Dream world (like Disneyland) where you can find again your assignation with Mickey or Donald. You could also flavor some great Australian wines (alcoholic content up to 14% in some) or if you’re fortunate enough, watch them in the making at neighborhood.

That’s not all, with the fresh sea food on your table with dissimilar colors and tastes; you can’t assist experiencing foodgasm frequently…

SAP Functional Consultant | SAP Jobs in Canada

FCI Accelerated Solutions Inc. requires the services of SAP Functional Support.
Number of Positions: 1
Wage/Salary Info: Negotiated
Location: REGINA
Employment Terms: Full Time
Length of Employment: Permanent

Description of Job: 
FCI Accelerated Solutions (FCIAS) is seeking a permanent full time SAP Functional Support. Reporting to FCIAS Management, the SAP Functional Support position will give support, operations, maintenance, system improvements and help in project activities relating to our clients SAP information system and other connected applications. The SAP Functional Support will give day to day configuration related support, maintenance, research and development of the SAP system. Contain the planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of SAP pattern changes. The SAP Functional Support will be required to give leadership in the growth of new solutions in the SAP countryside. The SAP Functional Consultant will also be required to set up and maintain sound working relationships with a variety of levels of staff in the business and their vendors/clients.

For additional information concerning the qualification for this role, please visit our website at

FCIAS offers a competitive salary and benefit plan.

How to submit an application?
Please submit your cover letter and resume, in confidence to:
Human Resources
FCI Accelerated Solutions
Fax: 1-306-543-2122

SAP Jobs in Canada

What Does It Take To Work At SAP?
• Customer focus
• Quality
• Product excellence
• Honesty
• Obligation
• Passion

SAP workers flourish in a setting of worldwide teamwork, quickness, co-innovation, and ease, and a culture that repeatedly rewards and develops these center employee values.

This is who SAP is. This is how SAP approach global business challenges presented it’s our customers each day. This is how SAP turn out to be the world's largest business software corporation and the world's third-largest self-governing software provider.

At SAP, we hire the most brilliant and resourceful employees to expand, deliver, and organize business software solutions that make our customers "The Best-Run Businesses" in the earth. If you demand the most excellent from your specialized career, and are enthused by brilliance, we invite you to explore the opportunities offered by SAP.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
SAP has a very old policy of nondiscrimination in all aspects of our dealings with populace. SAP considers the maintenance of this strategy, and our efforts to attain full employment for all qualified individuals, to be of the greatest importance.

All employees, consequently, are expected to act in keeping the goal of equal employment and deferential treatment of all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, citizenship, veteran or military status, and disability status of qualified individuals, sexual orientation, or other secluded factors.

SAP takes positive action to ensure that all employees take pleasure in opportunities and an atmosphere free from illegal discrimination.

Join SAP and the thousands of professionals in Canada and more than 50 countries who are expanding their horizons and building rewarding careers at SAP.

Questions or Comments?
If you experience complexity registering, searching, or applying for positions, or have common comments about how SAP can get better your application experience, please contact SAP at

BC PNP Forum

This is the forum for all those people who want to immigrate to BC (British Columbia) under PNP (Provincial nominee Program). If you are thinking to immigrate to BC, this is the best form in which you can share your comments and gain experience from the comments of other members.

New Types of Visas and Green Card of USA

New visas and Green Cards would be given by the immigration officials in the United States so as to stop deceitful activities from being conducted. The new Green Cards would have the electronic means fixed information and photos. This alteration has been brought about it make it tougher for the fake of visas and Green Cards.

The latest documents would hold holographic images along with laser imprinted fingerprints. These are the current security upgrades which are now a fraction of the new US Green Cards. With these, new citizenship official document would also be given with a new set of features which would stop them from being sham and tampered.

Conversely, on the word of the critics, these upgrades in safety are of no use till the amendments are not brought about in the submission processes for the US visas and the Green Card. in accordance with Steven Camarota, Research Director, Center for Immigration Services, the applications for the visa and the Green Card have to be additional investigated. With the rubber stamping in place, the new card issued is not anything more than the procedure of verification which tends to be missed out on.

According to Alejandro Mayorkas, Director, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, his section is very grave when it comes to the safety of the applications pertaining to visa and Green Card. This is the uppermost priority for his agency particularly when it comes to the national security and preventing against any form of fake activities.

Clues on Relaxing UK Immigration Limit!!

The current immigration cap / limit set by the UK government has brought about loads of criticism from many UK based businesses and others comparable. The newest in this regard is that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister has oblique on a more comfortable immigration cap for the nation.

In London, at the CBI meeting, the Prime Minister talks about the same while he addressed the business leaders. He affirmed that the immigration limit would not pose a fence to stop from importing foreign talent by UK businesses from extra nations. He said that the government would not block the most excellent aptitude and skilled migrants from about the world to come to UK at the same time as controlling its borders and running immigration.

This statement has been analyze by news sources as a method of suggesting that the immigration cap which would be introduced enduringly in April next year would not be as hard and preventive as it seems to be. More so, relatively it might be less stringent than what the present interim cap on the UK visas is.

On the other hand, a spokesman from the administration emphasized that this declaration does not mean that the ceiling is being thought once more. He stressed that the conditions on the limit to be implemented are in still in the procedure of being finalized.

He also said that the state of affairs as of now is there is a provisional limit which has been implemented. This cap would be on the run till the future spring. As of now, discussions are still on for the coming years concerning this cap. At the same time, the height of this limit would clearly be measured and the way it would function. This is to make sure that this cap would function in a way that would permit the businesses to bring in highly skilled migrants from other nations who are necessary in the nation.

Right from the time this ceiling was announced, it has been opposed by a lot of from the British businesses, education leaders and from the administration itself.

Indian Companies to Launch Movement in the US!

Well-known technology companies, which even comprise the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), are all set to open a public campaign in Capitol Hill of Washington about the hiring of home staff in the United States. The movement is answer to the talks that have been going within the US political environment against off shoring of IT, in addition to back office jobs. The midterm election 2010 in the United Nations is schedule to be held in the first week of November and while only a small number of days are left for the election, the talks concerning the banishment of off shoring is reaching its peak.

Previously there have been obstacles for India’s subcontract industry. freshly, the industry was hit by the two recently introduced US legislations- the Mexico Border Security Bill, which augmented the visa cost by more than double; and the official banishment of any outsourcing of government IT work to off shoring firms introduced by Ohio.

In keeping with an official in one of the top firms, separately from the campaign, the firms seek other options to generate consciousness relating to local hiring, taxes paid and other initiatives. Indian tech firms are previously bringing campuses to educational institutions to employ talents. Lobbying, in addition to other initiatives taken on this matter have been so far productive to the companies.

It would be appealing to see how the political league in the United States reacts to this subject this time. The Midterm Election 2010 in United States will be held on 2nd of November.

Illegal Immigrants in Mexico

In the initial six months of 2005 only, in excess of 120,000 people from Central America have been expelled to their countries of origin. This is a significantly higher rate than in 2002, when for the whole year; only 130,000 citizens were deported. One more significant group of people is those of Chinese origin, who give approx $5,500 to smugglers to be taken to Mexico from Hong Kong. It is predictable that 2.4% of rejections for work permits in Mexico match up to Chinese citizens. a lot of women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central and South America are furthermore presented jobs at table dance establishments in large cities all through the country causing the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Mexico to search these clubs and deport foreigners who work with no proper documentation. In 2004, the INM expelled 188,000 populace at an expenditure of US$10 million. Illegal immigration of Cubans through Cancún tripled from 2004 to 2006.

In September 2007, Mexican President Calderón strictly condemned the United States government for the cleaning on illegal immigrants, saying it has led to the harassment of immigrant workers with no visas. "I have said that Mexico does not discontinue at its border, that anywhere there is a Mexican, there is Mexico", he said.

In October 2008, Mexico made tighter its immigration rules and decided to deport Cubans using the country as an entrance point to the US. It furthermore criticized U.S. policy that usually allows Cubans who reach U.S. land to stay. Cuban Foreign Minister alleged the Cuban-Mexican agreement would lead to the huge majority of Cubans being send back.

UK Immigration Minister Being Cautioned by Automobile Makers

There are a lot of organizations, links and instructive bodies that have been opposing the UK’s immigration cap on non-European Union immigrants. Of behind the world’s three of the leaders in auto makers have warned UK’s immigration minister concerning the likely consequences of a lasting cap on UK visas.

In recent times, the heads of the automobile makers viz., Honda, Toyota and Nissan issued the caution stated the consequences of implementing a lasting cap on visas for international immigrants. The caution has previously been sent to the UK’s immigration minister Damian Green.

As said by the heads of the carmakers, if UK implements such a limit on immigrants, they would experience a lot of difficulties, which would comprise the limited right of entry to the world-class skilled abroad workers. And when there would be lack of highly skilled workers, the companies would absolutely face difficulties in developing latest car models in the UK. As a result, limiting production in the UK would absolutely risk many jobs in the nation. These three automobile makers utilize more than 10,000 people in Britain in total.

The UK government is heading for imposing a permanent stop on immigrant visas in April 2011. Though, it is yet to know concerning the specifications the new cap would show off but the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron indicate that the cap would be calmer than the temporary cap which is presently in place.

Immigration is a widespread movement in today’s time! People are taking immigration more sincerely over the precedent decades for it gives them the chance to lead a superior life in a new country where they are exposed to additional career opportunities. Though, it does not mean that you can show the way a good life in any country out of you occupation. This is when the role of a first rate Immigration and Visa Consultant comes into play.

More Jobs in Western Australia

The Western Australia (WA) Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) have established that Australia would require more figures of skilled immigrants for Western Australia to cope up with the next mining boom. This is first-rate news for all those skilled labors who are aim to immigrate to Australia.

Reports also accept as true that the financial system of Western Australia is probable to improve by a huge edge in the future financial year. Therefore, more job opportunities would be generated, resultant in giving some of the most excellent jobs to the entitled people.

With financial system directing towards a well-built growth, Western Australia would surely feel the lack of skilled labor, therefore affecting their local businesses in an enormous manner. A forecast has been done and it has been guess that a need of 500,000 workers would happen in the next decade or so, but it is not guarantee whether this need would be complete or not.

Looking at a different viewpoint, if the need is not satisfied on time, there is probability that the state might submit to inflation and price of doing business might boost too. To cater to these difficulties, Western Australia might come out with various programs to pull towards these skilled workers, hence proving it to be a ideal opportunity for all these populace intending to have a brilliant future in Western Australia.

Additionally, the dependence of Australia on skilled immigrants would act as an ideal jolly on the cake for the potential skilled applicants.

Immigration Modification Defended by Obama!

President Barack Obama has blamed his opponent from the Republican for the stoppage in the repair of US immigration law. He has now dedicated to bringing regarding reform in this view. He had said as part of a plea that he made to the Hispanic voters before the midterm elections which are to be held in the upcoming week.

The President made it obvious that he would be satisfying his promise concerning immigration reform. He was heard saying to Eddie Soltero, the broadcasting host whose show is very well-liked among the Hispanic group of people in California. From side to side this show, he tried to propel his guarantee to the addressees concerning immigration reform. The major slogan of the President was to make sure that the populace has faith in him and that he would make sure that US immigration patch up is looked into post the mid-term elections.

He also believed that not being able to bring out an answer for this matter is very annoying him in addition to for the populace in the community. Though, he wants the populace to understand the reasons for issue not being sorted till now.

In contrast, he accused the harsh stand taken by the Republican Party concerning immigration and also for supporting the hot laws pertaining to immigration in Arizona. As said by the President, these are not the people who stand for the core values of America.

In spite of being the President, he highlight that he cannot control the Senate. So, he wants to work hard with the intention of seeking support from the other members. Nevertheless, he is the President but not a king. That is not how the structure works in the United States.

IT Consultant (SAP Core Banking Senior Solutions Architect) (NOC: 2171) | SAP jobs in Canada

Employer: Axxiome Canada Ltd.
General Provisions of Employment: Permanent, Full Time, Day, Night, Evening
Pay: $75,000.00 to $85,000.00 yearly for 40 hours per week, on the word of collective agreement
Predictable Start Date: 2011/01/01
Location of Job: Toronto, Ontario (1 vacancy)

Skill Requirements:
• Education: Completion of high school, achievement of college/CEGEP/vocational or technical training
• Credentials (certificates, licenses, memberships, courses, etc.): Not applicable
• Experience: 5 years or more
• Languages: Speak English, Read English, Write English

Precise Skills:
• Discuss with clients to recognize and document requirements
• Design, develop and apply information systems business solutions
• Provide recommendation on information systems strategy, policy, and management and service delivery
• Review physical and technical security risks to data, software and hardware
• Develop and implement policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle

Transportation/Travel Information: Willing to travel, willing to travel regularly and across border

Work Setting: Consulting firm
Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment, Work under pressure, Tight deadlines, Attention to detail

How to submit an application:
Contact Name: Denise Pareja
By E-mail:

Last Date to Apply: 2010/11/18

Controversy on Arizona Immigration Law!

The immigration law which was newly introduced in Arizona does not seem to have lived up to the hard sell that it had created. This law had led to loads of controversy. As indicated by this law, the local law enforcement officials have been given the power to check the immigration status of those supposed to be unlawful migrants. This law has been enforcing about three months ago.

Days previous to the execution of this law, few of the major clauses were blocked by a judge. Considered to be the toughest immigration law with it being quite a little bit after its execution. This law was condemned by many claiming that this law would cause racial profiling.

A lot of local residents decided to go away from the state in the panic of being targeted just by the way they looked. There were comparable cases and lawsuits that were filed beside this law. Though, the law does not seem to have lived up to most horrible fears of the opponents and at the similar time, it was absolutely not worth for those either who had wedged their hopes with it. In keeping with the major law enforcement agencies in Arizona together with immigrant-rights groups, no major detain or citations have been made in this regard.

There is one more facet here…statutes were shaped under the Senate Bill 1070. Though, mo occupant of the state has made unnecessary use of this feature of the law. As said by this law, an administrator or an agency could be sued by a occupant for not enforcing this federal immigration law to the full degree.

Conversely, Judge Susan Bolton had blocked the four main provisions in this law which permitted the police officials to verify the status of the person under doubt. Although, an plea has been made by Governor Jan Brewer against this ruling, nothing worth seems to have appear of the entire which led immigration to be discuss in the political circuits.

Decline in Popularity of H1B Visa!

The status of U.S. as a paradise for abroad applicants to come and immigrate is losing its shine. And the anxiety is rising with the opening of each moment.

As per Reports and statistics, a majority of overseas officials working in Australia are returning back to their residence countries, considering the severe U.S. immigration rules, with a lot of of them holding H1B visas. Their views are to go back back to their home countries more willingly than subjecting themselves to harsh immigration system of the country. These are even factual for those inhabitants who have completed their education at a range of U.S. universities.

Business forms in U.S. believe that it is a dishonor for them that these people get their training here, learn concerning the working culture here but the situations make it very difficult to work here. Even companies have been forcing the senior authorities to tramp the yearly quota for people who come to get employment under the H1B visas.

The coming up period to get H1B visas is highly praised as three to five months but the time period stretches longer, making this boring for the applicants. These facts articulate that U.S. may possibly lower down its image as far as its image as a potential immigration purpose is concerned. Or perhaps the rules are making it discoursing for the applicants to submit an application under the H1B visa scheme.

Some of the universities are even keep out from the job markets of the country. Graduates from those educational institutions are finding it hard to get jobs in the U.S.

20,000 Applicants Rule in Canada

As per current immigration policy of Canadian immigration, CIC has put a cap of 20,000 on new applications. In addition there will be maximum number of 1000 applications which CIC will process each year from each of 29 demanded occupations. All applications of immigration which will be received after 1000 accepted applications will be returned back to the applicants.

So it is not important that each occupation will exactly receive 1000 applications. In this case the total amount will exceed the threshold of 2000. So there will be professions which will receive fewer than 1000 applications each year.

The current scenario of 20,000 applications rule in Canada is as follows:

Applications received toward the overall cap: 2,226 of 20,000 as of October 19, 2010
Applications received per eligible occupation:
Eligible Occupation
(by National Occupational Classification [NOC] code) Number of Complete Applications Received*
0631 Restaurant and Food Service Managers | 83 of 1,000
0811 Primary Production Managers (except Agriculture) | 18 of 1,000
1122 Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management | 739 of 1,000
1233 Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners | 28 of 1,000
2121 Biologists and Related Scientists | 95 of 1,000
2151 Architects | 125 of 1,000
3111 Specialist Physicians | 93 of 1,000
3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians  | 117 of 1,000
3113 Dentists | 125 of 1,000
3131 Pharmacists  | 192 of 1,000
3142 Physiotherapists | 34 of 1,000
3152 Registered Nurses | 296 of 1,000
3215 Medical Radiation Technologists | 5 of 1,000
3222 Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists | 4 of 1,000
3233 Licensed Practical Nurses | 13 of 1,000
4151 Psychologists | 23 of 1,000
4152 Social Workers | 57 of 1,000
6241 Chefs | 11 of 1,000
6242 Cooks | 32 of 1,000
7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades | 13 of 1,000
7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades | 39 of 1,000
7241 Electricians (except Industrial and Power System) | 22 of 1,000
7242 Industrial Electricians | 28 of 1,000
7251 Plumbers | 2 of 1,000
7265 Welders and Related Machine Operators | 6 of 1,000
7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics | 11 of 1,000
7371 Crane Operators | 0 of 1,000
7372 Drillers and Blasters - Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction | 2 of 1,000
8222 Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service | 13 of 1,000

*The number of complete Federal Skilled Worker applications received as of October 19, 2010, is approximate.

NOTE: Because application intake fluctuates, these figures are meant as a guide only. There is no guarantee that an application sent in now will fall within the cap.


Format of Experience Letter for Canadian Immigration

Below is a list of the mainly and usually used documents to demonstrate past work experience. Typically, you will not require obtaining all of those documents for every work position. In its place, a mixture of those documents for each position is generally enough.

These documents are (in order of significance):
1. Work Reference Letters
2. Offer-of-Employment
3. Contract signed between Employer / Employee
4. Foreign Temporary Work-Visa Applications (such as H1 in USA)
5. Pay Slip Copies (Just a few: first/middle/last)

• Applicants with extensive work histories generally do not require obtaining documents proving their entire history.
• Generally, you will require demonstrating the previous 5 years of your work history.
• If the candidate has some brilliant documents from the employer describing the position already, and then getting Reference Letters, might NOT be essential.
• Please remember that providing documents to show your work experience must be one of your priorities in the immigration process.

Get Letter From Whom?
Reference letters proving precedent work experience, can be get from:
• Supervisors (this is the best source)
• Colleagues (people you worked with)
• Clients

If the foundation of your reference letter will be a coworker or client (instead of a supervisor), then it is improved to have a reference letter from a couple of clients and/or colleagues.

Letter Format/Style:
The most excellent reference letters typically follow this format:

A) Printed on Company Letterhead
• Specialized / Official looking Letterhead
• If the person writing the letter changed companies, they can write on letterhead of new corporation.

B) Salutation
• The letter can be addressed to anyone, counting: "To whom it may concern"

C) Introduction
• Indicates your position/title
• If you changed positions, the introduction will usually mention the date you were promoted, or changed positions.
• The individual writing the letter introduces themselves, indicating their pose (as supervisor, client, or colleague, etc...)
• Indicates how long you worked with the corporation (Time Span - Month/Year to Month/Year)

D) Your Work Duties (Examples)
• The main body of the letter must talk about your duties and position. For example:
o What you did on a daily basis
o Your responsibilities
o Your special projects
o Your achievements/accomplishments
o Did you work with any important clients

E) Did you Work in English (or French)?
• If you worked in English (or French) with clients or in the place of work, this is an outstanding place to mention that, to assist induce the Immigration Officer that you know one of Canada's official languages.
• Even if it is clear you likely worked in English (such as with an employer in the USA or the UK), it is still a fine thought to have that particularly mentioned in the letter, if achievable.

F) Conclusion (optional)
• Letters will frequently end with a sentence or two, stating the person's behavior or character.

Citizenship Backlog Handling by New Staff

CBC News!!! Dozens of additional immigration staff have been reassigned to process Canadian citizenship applications to assist deal with delays. In current years, the wait time for people applying to turn out to be citizens has gone from five to 19 months. All applications go through one office, in Sydney, N.S, and about 250 were working there.

Jeannette Meunier-McKay, national president of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union, told CBC News on Monday her members were complaining about workload, and that they weren't able to process applications on time.

"They were frustrated for the reason that they couldn't provide the quality and the quick services to the immigrants," said Meunier-McKay.

Changes to federal legislation Applications for citizenship greater than before after changes to the Canada Immigration Act in 2009. People, who hadn't been entitled before, such as children of Canadians born outside the country, are now able to submit an application.

The Canada Employment and Immigration Union lobbied Ottawa to employ extra workers this summer. So far, 160 staff, typically federal workers who were facing dismiss, started a seven-month contract in September, working specially on citizenship applications.

It's still taking time to decrease the delays, but Meunier-McKay said she is confident that will change. There's still a pressure level as far as they see the applications in there, but there's a improved sense" that things are moving forward. So hopefully we'll start seeing a turn down in the processing time.

U.S. EB-5 Visa Vs Canada Immigrant Investor Program!

EB-5 inclination group was created in 1990 for immigrants looking for entering the United States to engage in a profitable enterprise that will profit the U.S. financial system and directly create at least ten full- time jobs. The smallest amount of investment is $500,000 for commercial enterprises located inside a rural area8 (or targeted employment area) or else $1,000,000.

In the Canada Immigrant Investor program, set up in 1986, overseas business persons establish eligibility by proving that they have recognized managerial / business experience throughout two out of last five years preceding the filing of application, a net worth of as a minimum CDN $800,000, and by positively expressing that they are eager to deposit CDN $400,000 into chosen government guaranteed securities for a period of five years.

Passive versus Active Investment:
Different to the EB-5 program, the Canadian Immigrant Investor program is a PASSIVE program: a qualify depositor is not required to release a business, or employ and manage employees. Somewhat, the investment itself is assumed to urge significant financial activity and make jobs. Actually, post visa issuance, the candidate can carry out any action in Canada, including but not limited to doing jobs and living off extra passive investments. Certainly, he can do active business also. If he does business, there are no limits on geographical area and site and nature of business activity and on any minimum number of employees that business must employ.

EB-5 program is an active investment program and is actually expected to make proven employment that is make through a feasible and registered commercial enterprise. The EB-5 regulations need involvement in management or strategy making. The regulations think a limited associate in a limited partnership, which is correctly structured and that conforms to the Uniform Limited Partnership Act. Having said so, these plans is used by professionals, businessmen, and people planning their children’s learning and attend US colleges and Universities and looking for a fine quality of life or looking for retirement in the USA. The EB-5 visa is a extremely flexible program and permits the investor to what he wants, including looking for employment in USA.

Stage and Timing of Investment:
Canadian Immigrant Investor program need investment following the applicant's documents and applications forms and narratives/ declarations as look upon net worth buildup and business experience have been reviewed by the Visa offices and he has been out from side to side a selection interview. Make payments for immigrant investor program has its own costs, particularly foreign exchange transactions and transfer costs not to whine the require to pay a debt once net worth and assets to arrange for liquid funds required for transfer. Therefore, from applicants view point it makes sense to make funds transfer- to meet the requirements of meet the criteria investments- after his application has received provisional approval.

EB-5 case events requires an investor to primary create a qualifying investment, and then file a Form I-526 petition (and behind documents) with USCIS. After this the U.S. Department of State's National Visa Center will procedure the EB-5 immigrant visa through the local U.S. consular post with authority over the position of residence. The EB-5 immigrant visa is used to go into the United States, which commences the two-year provisional legal permanent resident status. The candidate must therefore be prepared for situations where - if his request is denied - he would have acquired irrecoverable expenses on foreign exchange transfer and then return. He may also have disposed off some precious asset to arrange liquid funds in the primary place and would be required to search for new investment assets. He must factor in expenses and costs and losses that he may incur at the same time as going through sale and buy of assets. From the time that he makes the investments and time he take delivery of the money back, he will require to factor in the lost interest in the process. In addition, he would lose the fee the he would have paid to the legal representative for applying for the application in the first place!

Latvians Trend to immigrate to Canada

The figure of persons from Latvia obtaining permanent resident status in Canada enlarged in 2009, but remains considerably lower than the figure evidence a decade ago, as said by government statistics.

A sum of 86 persons from Latvia turn out to be permanent residents of Canada last year, an increase from 66 in 2008, in accordance with data compiled by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and released in September.

In Canadian law, permanent residents have to reside in the country for at least two years within a five-year period. Or else, they risk losing their status. At the same time as permanent residents share many of the same rights as Canadian citizens, they may not take part in elections.

Ten years ago, 230 persons from Latvia turned out to be permanent residents, rising to 286 in 2001. The figure gradually declined through 2006, when just 73 new permanent residents were recorded. Though, the number flies to 113 in 2007.

In the precedent decade, sums of 1,491 persons from Latvia have turn out to be permanent residents of Canada, in accordance with the data. That is more than from Lithuania, which contributed 1,355 new permanent residents during the same period, or Estonia, with contributed just 403.

Last year, further than 250,000 persons from around the world turn out to be new permanent residents of Canada. China, the Philippines, India and Pakistan are the top 4 source countries, in keeping with the data.

Recent Trends of UK Citizens Regarding Job!

Even though UK might be one of the preferred immigration destinations for people from the world over. On the other hand, when it comes to the UK citizens, the majority of them seem to be interested in looking for employment opportunities abroad particularly in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, UAE and Denmark. This has been recommended by statistics which has been released a moment ago.

As indicated by the statistics compiled by a recruitment company, online searches in UK saw a boost for out of the country employment opportunities by sixteen percent. This augment only caters to the third quarter of this year. Amongst the searches, the most well-liked option was immigration to Australia. This was go after by Dubai and Canada which yet again seemed to be the preferred destinations for immigration.

As said by the statistics, the main reason for immigration has been remunerative offers pertaining to employment together with warmer climatic considerations. Skilled expert from UK are being paying attention towards viable income levels overseas. Most of these packages offered are totally free of tax. They also offer costs pertaining to transfer together with top class health care facilities. These offers are absolutely alluring for the British professionals, particularly when these jobs are based in a nation where the climate is moderate.

The figures brought out were totally based on searches for opportunities for work abroad for each quarter of 2010. The current increase in the job searches was evaluated to the previous quarter.

Conversely UK is all set to apply a permanent cap on immigration which has turn out to be a reason of be anxious amongst the leading businesses in UK and academicians. Reducing the figure of immigrants from the non-EU nations together with current status of the local people looking for jobs overseas, the situation does not appear to be in the support of the nation. Especially, the present trend has to be observed to see what the result with a constraint of the figure of people moving in and more of the local people moving out.

Misrepresentation in Canadian Immigration Application

Do you know that any Misrepresentation in your Canada immigration application can put a doubt on your chances of immigration? While providing thorough information in your application for Canada immigration, you have to provide a factual and genuine detail of a variety of facts about yourself. Giving any fake information can delay not only yours but also the chances of your family members looking for immigration to Canada.

Why must you desist from misrepresentation in your Canada visa application?

• Giving false information in your application is considered a legal offense under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act;

• It reduces the probability of your family unit members for Canada immigration;

• It shows your disregard towards rules of laws and makes you doubtful in the eyes of the Canada immigration officials concerning the disrespect you might show towards Canadian laws after your immigration to Canada.

• It renders you disqualified for a certain period of time to immigrate to Canada either for studying in Canada, working in Canada, going to Canada on a Canada visitor visa or looking for permanent immigration to Canada;

• Immigration deception is considered to be a big threat to the safety and integrity of the immigration system of Canada and anybody caught to be misrepresenting the facts is probable to be deprived of any chance to immigrate to Canada.

• The opening of ‘The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act’ on June 8, 2010 is another evidence of the fact that anyone found to be involved in deception either directly or under the power of any crooked immigration consultants to increase Canada citizenship or Canada visa will not be spared by Canada immigration department.

• The government of Canada has introduced more than a few measures to make sure that immigration consultation services in Canada are give only by notaries, lawyers or registered members of CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants).

• Anybody giving fake information about persecution for making refugee claims is probable to face harsh punishment as per the Canada immigration laws.

Remember, honesty is, certainly, the most excellent policy if you want to fruitfully immigrate to Canada and even a small lie might make you pay a intense price for your error.

Illegal Immigrants in Brazil

A bird eye view of São Paulo, where the majority of illegal immigrants in Brazil reside. Brazil has long been fraction of global migration routes. In 2009, the government projected the figure of undocumented immigrants at approx 200,000 people; a Catholic aid organization working with immigrants said there were 600,000 illegal (75,000 of which from Bolivia). That similar year, the Brazilian Parliament accepted an official pardon, opening a six-month window for all foreigners to look for confirmation regardless of their preceding standing before the law. Brazil had last legally recognized all immigrants in 1998; bilateral deals, one of which support the validation of all mutual immigrants with Bolivia to date, signed in 2005, are also common.

Illegal immigrants in Brazil take pleasure in the similar legal privileges as inhabitant Brazilians concerning access to social services for example public education and the Brazilian public healthcare system. Most illegal immigrants in Brazil arrive from Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, China (mostly from Fujian), North Korea and sub-Saharan Africa. A Federal Police operation examines Chinese immigrants who traveled through six countries previous to arriving in São Paulo to job under substandard conditions in the textile industry.

After signing the 2009 general pardon bill into law, President Lula said, in a dialogue, that "oppression and bigotry against immigrants will not resolve the problems caused by the financial crisis", thus also severely criticizing the "policy of bias and prejudice" next to immigrants in developed nations.

An October 2009 portion from O Globo, quoting a UNDP revise, estimates the figure of illegal immigrants at 1.4 million, and points out to a current wave of racial intolerance amongst the general public.

Action Against Human Smugglers in Canada

Government’s is doing crack down against human smugglers who try to abuse Canada’s immigration system. The legislation of Government of Canada tabled this week evidently shows that Canada will not tolerate the mistreatment of its immigration system; whichever by human smugglers or by those who are reluctant to play by the rules.

The stopping’s of Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act will ensure law enforcement have the tools they require to cleaning on human smugglers. The new measures in the proposed legislation include:

•Making it easier to put on trial human smugglers;
•Imposing compulsory prison sentences on condemn human smugglers; and
•Holding ship owners and worker to explanation for use of their ships in human smuggling operations.

The Act will also help to make sure the safety and protection of Canadian communities by:

•Ensuring compulsory custody of illegal migrants for up to one year to let for the purpose of identity, inadmissibility and illegal activity.

The stop Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act moreover contains many measures to deter individuals from using human smugglers to arrive to Canada. Incorporated are the following avoidance measures that would specially apply to unlawful migrants who come to Canada by way of a human smuggling operation:

•Making sure that the health benefits the unlawful migrants receive are not more liberal than those received by the Canadian public from the government;
•Making sure that refugee or refugee applicants who were unlawful migrants are not clever to come back to Canada if they go back to the country from which they required refuge, or if they show in other ways that they are not legally in need of Canada’s protection; and
•Looking for to make sure that illegal migrants who get refugee status can be re-assessed within five years to decide whether they still require protection or can be go back to their country of origin;
•Avert illegal migrants from sponsoring relatives for five years.

Human smuggling, unlawful immigration and other exploitation of Canada’s immigration system cannot and will not be accepted. The gang leaders of human smuggling operations are ruthless take advantage of who cause despair and risk the lives of those they think little more than human freight that they bring to Canada’s shores.

Emigration and Immigration from Italy

Italy turns out to be a country of mass emigration afterward national reunification in the late 19th century. Between 1898 and 1914, the climax years of Italian Diaspora, about 750,000 Italians emigrated each year. Italian communities once flourish in the former African colonies of Eritrea (nearly 100,000 at the start of World War II), Somalia and Libya (150,000 Italians established in Libya, constituting about 18% of the total inhabitants). All of Libya's Italians were barred from the North African country in 1970.

In the decade after World War II, equal to 350,000 ethnic Italians left Yugoslavia. Big figures of people with full or important Italian descent are found in Brazil (25 million), Argentina (20 million), United States (17.8 million), France (5 million), Uruguay (1.5 million), Canada (1.4 million), Venezuela (0.9 Million) and Australia (0.8 Million).

Estimated foreign-born inhabitants by country of birth, 2006 figures. At the start of 2010 there were 4,279,000 foreign nationals inhabitant in Italy and registered with the authorities. This amounted to 7.1% of the country’s residents and represented a year-on-year boost of 388,000. These figures comprise more than half a million children born in Italy to overseas nationals—second generation immigrants are becoming an vital element in the demographic picture—but keep out foreign nationals who have afterward acquired Italian population; this applied to 53,696 populace in 2008. They also keep out illegal immigrants, the so-called clandestine whose numbers are hard to determine. In May 2008 The Boston Globe estimated of 670,000 for this group.

Since the growth of the European Union, the latest wave of migration has been from surrounding European nations, chiefly Eastern Europe, and ever more Asia, replacing North Africa as the main immigration area. Some 950,000 Romanians, approximately 10 percent of them being Romains, are formally registered as living in Italy, put back Albanians and Moroccans as the major ethnic minority group. The figure unregistered Romanians is hard to estimate, but the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network recommended that in 2007 that there might half been half a million or more.

As of 2009, the overseas born population origin of Italy was subdivided as follows: Europe (53.5%), Africa (22.3%), Asia (15.8%), the Americas (8.1%) and Oceania (0.06%). The sharing of foreign born population is mainly uneven in Italy: 87.3% of immigrants live in the northern and central parts of the country (the most economically developed areas), while only 12.8% live in the southern half of the peninsula.

Following is the current scenario of immigrants in Italy:
Italian - 93.52%
Romanian - 1.32%
North African -1.01%
Albanian -0.73%
Chinese - 0.28%
Ukrainian - 0.26%
Asian (non-Chinese) - 0.74%
Latin American - 0.50%
Sub-Saharan African -0.44%
Others - 1.19%

Improvements Required in CIC's Existing System!

CVIt is an identified truth that Canada is one of the wanted destinations when it comes to migration. People approximately from the entire world select this target for a variety of reasons. More so, when it comes to the request process for immigration, it is very simple in comparison to the other nations.

In recent times, an inspection was conducted on the immigration division of Canada by Sheila Fraser, the Canadian Auditor-General. This audit exposed numerous instances where in there were systems which were out-of-date and therefore, incompetent. These were especially concerned with problems pertaining to Citizenship and Immigration Canada at the request procedure stage.

The major categories which require to be amended were found out to be the standards concerning customer service, tracking complaints, criticism and the computer systems. All these areas are in require to be upgraded.

It was furthermore mentioned in the report that there were certain computers in the Canada immigration that are approximately three decades old. These systems are currently being used by the employees. Together with this the officials at Canada immigration were giving mixed responses to the processing timelines for the Canadian visas. These timelines wide-ranging to dissimilar of up to three months.

It has been reported that the immigration department has given its permission to the findings exposed by the audit. They have brought out the plans for improvements to improve their system.

In particular, with Canada being one of the mainly favored nations for immigration, it is very important for the immigration department to be extremely well-organized. Such reports and audits must be encouraged to make sure that the system is modernized all the time. More so, this would stop from additional log jam of the application. This would also decrease the dealing out timelines for the immigration request also.

Mexicans Moving to Canada

Canadian companies are reaching out to Mexican immigrants which are already frustrated by US restrictions. The Canadian government has been making an attempt in current weeks to be a magnet for students and skilled workers from all over the world. Canadian companies promising jobs and visas are furthermore attracting Mexican professionals to move to Canada.

Canada has its arms open to Mexican immigrants and the United States has its arms closed. It's as simple as that, accountant Marcos Ramirez Posadas said as he stood lined up with other visa applicants outside the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City.

The cause, immigration specialists say, is that Canada needs further people to fill the gap in its economy and to better sustain from global financial crisis. Mexicans are enthusiastic to fill the need. Previous week, the Canadian Embassy's switchboard was flooded after local television aired an advertisement from an immigration law firm concerning moving to Canada, embassy presenter Luis Archundia said. None of the fresh ads has been positioned by the Canadian government itself, he said.

Canada has an easy-to-follow skill-based immigration system. The U.S. system is more slanted, with consular officials exercise the power to approve or refuse applications without clarification.

CIC said it would spend more to accelerate citizenship applications and vowed to triple citizenship approvals for parents and grandparents of immigrants. While they're coming up for citizenship, those people will get five-year, multiple-entry visas to visit their children in Canada.

That kind of greeting is drawing Mexicans by the thousands. The figure of legal, temporary workers in Canada from Mexico rose approximately 69 percent, to 55,344 from 23,261, from 2003 to 2010, the newest year for which statistics are obtainable.

Canadian Citizenship - 17 Reasons of Delay

CIC is committed to processing applications inside the times listed in the section General Processing Time for Routine Applications. On the other hand, your application might be delayed for any of the following reasons:

1. You do not pass the citizenship test.
2. You do not inform CIC of a change of address.
3. You ask us to delay your test, hearing, or ceremony.
4. You do not appear for your citizenship test, hearing, or ceremony.
5. Your application is not complete. Please make sure you sign your application and send the accurate fee.
6. Your application does not have the essential supporting documents.
7. You ask us to transfer your application to another office.
8. CIC is in the process of verifying that there are no immigration, criminal, or security issues that may affect your application for citizenship.
9. You need to submit fingerprints in order to verify your identity and confirm that you do not have any criminal charges or convictions that could affect your application.
10. Your signature does not fit in the white signature strip on the front of your photographs or you do not sign your photographs with your usual signature.
11. You do not send the accurate photographs.
12. You need to supply extra documents or have an interview with a citizenship officer.
13. Your documents are in a language other than French or English and you have not sent satisfactory translations along with an affidavit from the translator (see the appropriate application for instructions).
14. You need a hearing with a citizenship judge to assess your ability to speak and understand English or French and your knowledge of Canada. The citizenship judge may also need to check to confirm you meet the residence requirement and to make sure you are not subject to any immigration, criminal or security prohibitions. There may be other reasons why you need to see a citizenship judge.
15. You live more than 100 kilometers from a Citizenship and Immigration office.
16. Where there is an indication that a criminal record may be involved, we must be sure that there is no mistake about your identity. The only way to avoid such a mistake is by checking fingerprints. This step may take approximately eight to 12 months to complete.
17. You have been asked to complete a residence questionnaire and give documents proving residence in Canada.

Canada Immigration Applicants Awaiting a Decision

CIC has just announced its database of applicants in backlog. Following are the figures of total backlog applicants waiting their decision


Write your concerns in the comments below

Hong Kong Immigration

Immigration to Asian countries has been a dream amongst world immigrants. This is for the reason that, the economies are blooming and therefore there is extent for exploring the markets. Asian economies like Hong Kong offer never-ending opportunities to entrepreneurs and skilled workers to follow their vocation interests in different fields. Going by this realism, this is no revelation that Hong Kong is measured as one of the main destinations for tourists and businessmen in the world.

Hong Kong contains a precise immigration system. Being a particular Administrative Region of the Peoples’ Republic of China, HK has its own legislation. The immigration department of the county is allowed to control the inflow and outflow of people to and from the area correspondingly, in addition to the documentation of inhabitants, which also includes application processing concerning the Chinese Nationality Law and issuance of travel documents, plus other identity documents.

Hong Kong boasts an open-minded immigration policy. It allows visa-free visits to the nationalized of nearly one hundred and seventy nations and territories. The visa-free visits are allowable up to a period of 180 days.

Aside from pleasure visits, Hong Kong is welcoming skilled and businessmen, who wish to follow their careers and add to Hong Kong economy. The city facilitates the admission of entitled visitors and prevents those who are not wanted. Hong Kong expects each visitor to have enough funds to support themselves.