Scope of Pharmacists (NOC 3131) in Canada!

Canada is a stunning country with overabundance of opportunities. At present Canada is facing a scarcity in many professions. These occupations have been listed in the Canadian Priority Occupation List (POL). NOC 3131 Pharmacists are included in the 29 demanded occupations list for Canadian Immigration.

3131 Pharmacists work in pharmaceutical corporations, government departments and agencies in addition to in drug research. There are two major categories of pharmacists i.e. the Hospital/Community pharmacists and the Industrial pharmacists.

a) Community Pharmacists:
•Proper storage of pharmaceuticals
•Offer consultative services to customers and health care providers
•Dispense prescribed drug dosage

b) Industrial Pharmacists:
•Quality control
•Analyze risk factor of drugs
•Promotion of drugs
•Engage in research
•Clinical trials

Specializations Under NOC 3131 Pharmacists:
•Hospital pharmacist
•Clinical pharmacist
•Community pharmacist
•Industrial pharmacist
•Retail pharmacist

Minimum Requirements for 3131 Pharmacists to Be Professionally Allowable In Canada:
•Relevant training
•Licensure required for Hospital and Community pharmacists
•A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or related field is a must

Salary of 3131 Pharmacists:
The compensation is just immense on average CDN$35-45 is paid for an hour. With the hourly figure as high as CDN$57!

Employment Potential for Pharmacists (NOC 3131) in different Provinces of Canada:
On the whole, demand in the nation is stable, but the following provinces and territories are experiencing more deficiency than the others.

Immigrant’s areas like Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula-Brantford Area, London-Woodstock Area and Ottawa region are mostly experiencing more shortage.

Job prospects for Pharmacists are great in this province. With the current changes in the Alberta health legislation, the demand for pharmacists has seen a never before increase.

British Columbia:
BC offers good scope for pharmacists. The figure of hospitals is uppermost in Lower Mainland Southwest, Vancouver Island and Coast Regions therefore there is an increasing demand for pharmaceutical services. The predictable employment this year is 4240.

New Brunswick:
Areas like Campbellton, Bathurst, Caraquet, Miramichi Fredericton, Woodstock, Grand Falls, Edmundston and other local areas are experiencing meticulous shortage of NOC 3131 Pharmacists.

Employment opportunities for NOC 3131 is chiefly good in the Regina area.

The predictable employment this year is supposedly 1,095.

Nova Scotia:
The job forecast is great in this province. Areas like Annapolis Valley, Antigonish, Pictou, Guysborough, and Cape Breton Island are experiencing an acute shortage.

Prince Edward Island:
On a universal basis the province offers high-quality scope for 3131 pharmacists.


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