Canada Will Greet Approx 250,000 New Immigrants in 2011 | Canada Immigration

The government of Canada plans to uphold high immigration levels to help maintain the economic revival. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) estimates that they will give reception between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2011. 60 percent of these newcomers are expected to be immigrants who reach their destination in Canada on skilled immigration visas.

Canada's post-recession market demands an elevated level of legal immigration to keep Canada’s work force strong. At the same time as a greater part of immigration into Canada is predictable to be via economic immigration streams, Kenney noted that additional immigration routes are significant for Canada as well.

Low birth rates and expansion life expectancies means that Canada like other urbanized nations has an older population. CIC estimates that inside five years all of the nation's labour force expansion will come from immigration. Canada needs immigration to meet its labor needs.

According to CIC, a major portion of economic immigrants come below the Federal Skilled Worker Visa. This immigration program let entry of skilled workers such as managers and professionals via a points-based system which is comparable in some respects to the points based immigration systems in countries for example the UK, Denmark and Australia.


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