9 Disadvantages of Immigration to Canada

Moving to Canada is a new and amazing experience of your life. But keep in mind the following disadvantages of immigration in Canada before moving to Canada
Disadvantages for Immigrants in Canada

1. Zero at Beginning
You have to start a new life from zero regardless of your status in your previous countries. There are only 5% chances that you continue your career from where you dropped from your country of origin.

2. Separate From Your Friends And Family
For most people, being in the middle of friends and relatives gives significance to their lives. Nothing will substitute the affection of relationships if you are thousands of miles spaced out - particularly during significant occasions like Christmas, Diwali or Eid. These occasions are happier and warmer for the reason that our friends and family are there to celebrate with. Also you will be unable to attend the happy occasions in your relations for instance marriage, birthday etc.

3. Loneliness
As indicated by a survey, 80% of immigrants find loneliness in the new country. You will find big buildings, shining cars but no one who can share your grief.

4. Similar As Everyone Else
Canada promotes diversity and disapproves of unfairness. This is factual intended for the most part, but you can still locate individuals or pockets of communities that do not hold close addition, and just remain to their own kind. Toronto is almost certainly one of the most racially diverse cities in the world. In actual fact more than half of Toronto's inhabitants were born exterior of Canada. You can decide to feel distinguished and regarded as an outsider, or you can embrace your new home, and make your own sole individuality in a country where diversity adds color to our communities.

5. Xenophobia
Xenophobia means fear and dislike of foreigners by the inhabitants of a certain country. Although it is not prevalent in Canadian society but it might exist.

6. Odd Jobs
It can be hard to discover the correct job at the start, though you have the most excellent qualifications (on paper) for a employment opening, the inconsistency is that employers will want to see Canadian experience. But how can you show local work experience and qualification if you are just starting out? Beginners to Canada come across this usually. A lot of foreigners who move to Canada had first-class jobs in senior positions. When they reach their destination in Canada, it is now a unlike ball game. Some are clever to return and find work in their industry. Others have more complexity so they try to re-invent themselves by taking Canadian education and training. At the same time as some others have to resolve for survival jobs just to keep economically afloat.

7. Extremely High Taxes
Where do you believe the money to fund all those wonderful Canadian benefits come from? Up to 29% of your earnings go to your taxes if you are in the higher income bracket. When you purchase goods, the taxes are typically 14%. Conversely, you do see where the tax money goes.

8. Extremely Cold Weather
Depending on where you reconcile, you will be wearing a chill jacket for 7 months in a year, and your spring jacket 2 months in a year. Summer climate in Toronto is only 3 months! In winter, you can overturn the heat to a bone chilling -30C.

9. Communication Gap
Being confident in the English language, both written and oral is a bit of a challenge. This language barrier could turn away you from getting a superior job or from advancing more in your career. On the other hand beyond just the words, are the expressions and local experiences that allow you to share in conversations with populace who have lived in Canada for numerous years? Though, remember that there continues to be an arrival of new immigrants who make Canada their new home where English is not their first language.


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