Nova Scotia Nominee Program | PNP of Nova Scotia

Similar to any other Canadian Provincial Nominee Program, Nova Scotia Nominee Program makes possible to skilled foreign nationals to immigrate to the Canadian province so as to go ahead for a superior and happy life. Nova Scotia employers or companies utilize this provincial program to employ skilled immigrants into their maneuver, when they are unable to find the local Canadian require in the requisite skills. As for the global skilled workers, the Nova Scotia Nominee Program is a faster method to be capable for the permanent residents of Canada.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is managed by the province’s Office of Immigration, aided by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The program consent to the province to take on and select immigrants who can throw in to the Nova Scotia economy and meet the work shortages of the province.

Once an candidate is nominated by the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, he/she, together with spouse, dependent, children can submit an application with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent resident visa.

Streams of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program include:


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