Action Against Fake Immigration Agents in Indian Punjab

The Punjab government has decided to make registration of every singly immigration and travel agent in Punjab offering visa services for migrants. So, finally, the Punjab government is starting action against the growing incidents of unlawful immigration of Punjabi youth to Western countries, Canada and in the current past.

All such illegal migrants call from Indian Punjab have been found to be in profound troubles after immigration into countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Italy, Dubai and alike. The list seems to be never-ending.

As said by ‘The Punjab Human Trafficking Act 2009’ newly passed by Vidhan Sabha, which is still waiting support of the Governor, it turn out to be essential for all travel and immigration agents in Punjab to have a license for carrying on their services.

Also, all immigration advisors in Punjab will require a prior sanction for holding either offering visa services or holding tutorial on foreign education. The Act also gives extra powers to the police officials for taking into detention and giving harsh punishment for those found to be tempting innocent Indians to immigrate by guarantee them of immediate visas.

The sentence by the government will be very much related to the quantity paid by the victims to the immigration consultants. If the sum taken by the immigration consultant is higher, he will be accountable for greater punishment, the Act states. In accordance with Punjab’s Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal, the procedure of licensing the immigration agents will start once the Act is approved by the Governor.

For more than a few years, innocent victims of hungry immigration consultants in Punjab have suffered lots after immigrating unlawfully to nations like Italy, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia and Spain. After being found with traveling on fake visas, all such youth from Punjab are left with no choice but to spend time in jails.

Hungry and unregistered immigration consultants carry on cheating youth of Punjab even as preponderance of nations have introduced stricter visa rules for controlling illegal immigration. And for ruining the prospect of Punjab’s younger age group, dishonest immigration agents charge a enormous amount of around 20 Lakh from every individual migrant.

The Punjab government will make sure to put into effect the Act at various levels with the intention of controlling the operation of immigration and travel agents in Punjab.


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Fake immigration consultants must be caught by police. This is a good action by punjab government

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