Sample Cover Letter for Medical Billing and Coding

An ideal cover letter for medical billing and coding position should be precise and answer the following questions:
·What is the employer asking for?
·Why do you want this medical billing and coding position?
·In what ways do you meet the employer’s required qualifications and needs?
·What value can you bring to the prospect employer?

The following sample of cover letter for medical billing / coding position will assist you writing an effective cover letter for your resume.

Medical Billing and Coding Cover Letter Sample

Solberg Eyre
1041 Wake Towne Drive
Decatur, GA 27609

January 16, 2013

Ms. Susan Heathfield
HR Manager
8299 NW 20th Street
Decatur, GA 33071

Dear Ms. Heathfield:

Please accept my application and attached resume for the position of medical billing and coding specialist - the position that I heard about on CephTech’s website. With ample experience in medical billing and coding for effective implementation, compliance and support of coding contracts by careful planning and requisite problem solving ability, I can add efficiency to CephTech’s newly established Coral Springs division.    

During my previous job experience (details listed in my  resume) in the similar position, I learned to perform the following tasks which are CephTech’s essentially required for this position: 
·         Reviewing electronic encounter documents to make sure that the codes provided by the practitioners are correct per coding protocols and fulfill all established guidelines
·         Researching coding strategies to support any insurance claim denials based on coding guidelines
·         Assigning applicable codes to the medical records
·         Reviewing insurance claims to find out possible coding errors 

Furthermore, I have thorough knowledge of medical record auditing methodologies as well as coding abstraction principles (ICD-9 CM and CPT coding and rules). In addition to these technical qualifications, I possess the exact complementary skills to enhance my work performance. I am able to work independently prioritizing important tasks while handling multiple tasks simultaneously effectively, always meeting deadlines.

With this variety of skills and qualifications, I hope to be a part of CephTech’s teams. I have enclosed my resume for your review. Please feel free to call me at (012) 343-2456 if you need more information. I’ll be looking forward to an interview call from you. Thanks a lot for your interest.


Solberg Eyre