Attitude of US Immigration Officials with Indians!

US immigration appears to be taking a latest turn in general. In recent times, it has been noticed that increasingly business visas to the United States are being declined. These visas comprise the B1, H1 and the L1 visas. In the previous few months, this figure has been continually on the rise. The visa interview seems like an investigation.

In accordance with IT companies, immigration workers seem to be showing a higher level of anger towards Indians. This is particularly being noticed at the US airports when Indians come to the US lawfully on business visas. There have been examples where a lot of professionals have been subject to exile.

The situation have reached to such an extent that NASSCOM had to get in the way in the situation. The IT industry body has to be forwarded a letter to Timothy Roemer in black and white, the US ambassador in India concerning the issue. Though, Nasscom refused to give out the details on the stuff. Although, it has admitted to have received complaints from a variety of member-companies and had addressed the issue with the US embassy in New Delhi.

This correspondence is predictable to have presented that the companies which have been impacted are good firms and have stick to the rule. More so, the matter has also been taken to the Indian government. On the other hand, it is yet to be seen whether or not this subject would be taken up when President Obama visits India.

Most of the key IT firms in India which also includes the US based association have claimed to have experienced some or the other such complexity. Though, there have only been few who have truly reported, the rest being scared of being a victim for the rest of their visas which are in the channel.

A lot of instances have been described where in the workers from these firms have been subject to third degree questioned. They have even been blame of lying and that the credentials they have is all fake. The example went to such an extent that this populace was finally asked to sign a statement claiming that they were sent on an unlawful visa. In the end, these experts had to withdraw their application and came back.

It is being obviously projected from the over that the attitude of the US immigration officials needs to be change. Together, such instances would certainly obstruct the Indo-US relations and would impact the financial system.


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But i think they are professional people and can investigate the suspected applicants

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