CIC Attempts to Finish Backlog

CIC is presently struggling to cope with a huge backlog of immigration applications. The log jam of Canadian immigration applications is hurting Canada's standing as a most favorite immigration aim for skilled migrants. In a number of cases people prefer Australia, New Zealand and Denmark as a substitute immigration destination.

Canadian Immigration Minister Honorable Jason Kenney said that this state of affairs was a big problem. He has spoken repeatedly about the requirement to make the application process more efficient and get the backlog under control.

Numerous hearings on this matter are pending to take place before the House of Commons immigration committee.

Critics say that at the same time as the government talks regarding lessen the backlog, they are also continuing to allow big numbers of new Canadian immigration applications, so making the problem worse.

"At the same time as Canada continues to welcome historically high records of new immigrants, and maintains the most open and liberal immigration system in the planet, we have to cautiously administer the large number of populace around the globe who desire to be Canadian," a representative for Kenney told.

The Canadian government declared that since 2008, they have reduced the speed of the backlog through measures which bound immigration in certain areas, for instance the investor route. Furthermore, people who submit an application as skilled workers and have experience in 29 most wanted jobs are fast tracked and have their applications approved inside months.

The people who bear the longest waiting times comprise parents and grandparents of permanent residents and immigrants who applied previous to the changes introduced in 2008. Pre 2008 applicants are now focused by Canadian Government and their processing is speedier than ever.

B-1 Visa Sample Invitation Letter from U.S. Organization

A B-1 Visa Invitation Letter from U.S. Organization must be written on the official letterhead of Business/Organization. Take a look at the following sample which will give your clear idea of writing an invitation for B-1 Visa from the U.S. Company.

Please note that this is not an official document and we are not connected to US Visa services.

Sample Invitation Letter for B-1 Visa

Texas Software Ltd
100 Example Street
Houston TX 36666
(999) 999-9999
Email: [email address]

October 10, 2011

Mr. John Doe
Global Software Inc
203 Aalam Market
Manila, Philippines

Re: Business Meeting On November 23, 2011

Dear Mr. Doe:

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the business partners meeting which will be held on November 23, 2011 at corporate office of Texas Software Ltd in Houston Texas.

As previously emailed and notified to your office, please make necessary arrangements to your move and Visa to the United States. In the interim, we will be making arrangements for your lodging and boarding for the entire duration of your stay in United States. Our management office will keep in touch with you to synchronize your travel plan.

In addition, we are sending another letter addressed to US consulate requesting your visa for this trip. In case of any query, please contact the liaison department of our corporate office. We look forward to see you soon.


Anna K. Smith
Executive Director
Texas Software Ltd

Certified Dental Assistant Job in Oakville, Ontario

Following is a vacant position of certified dental assistant in Oakville, Ontario. This is a fast-paced environment where you have to Work under pressure, perform repetitive tasks, Attention to detail, and Combination of sitting, standing, walking

Job Title: Certified Dental Assistant (Dental Assistant)
Employer: White Oaks Dental Office
Work Setting: General dental practice
Business Profile: Dental Practice
NOC: 3411
Area of Specialization: Intra-oral procedures, Radiography, Fluoride application
Provisions of service: Permanent, Part Time leading Full Time, Weekend, Day, Evening
Remuneration: To be discussed
Predictable Start Date: immediately
Job Location: Oakville, Ontario
No. of Vacancies: 1

Required Education: College/CEGEP/vocational or technical training
Experience: Experience will be a plus
Memberships: Membership in the Canadian Dental Assistants Association
Languages: Full command on English Language is required

Skill Requirements:
The ideal candidate must be able to
• Sterilize and maintain instruments
• Develop X-rays
• Prepare patients for dental examinations
• Prepare filling materials
• Order dental and office supplies
Necessary Skills:
• Job task planning and organizing
• Significant use of memory
• Decision making
• Computer use
• Oral communication
• Working with others

How to Apply?

By Mail:
1289 Marlborough Crt, suite 5B
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 2R9

By Fax: (905) 815-0515
By E-mail:

Last Date: 2011/11/01

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (French: Ministre de la Citoyenneté et de l’Immigration) is the Minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet who is in charge for administration the federal government department of Canada in charge for immigration, expatriate and citizenship issues, Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is also responsible for the Immigration and Refugee Board.

The present Minister is The Honorable Jason Kenney. Jason. He was appointed Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism on October 30, 2008. He was reappointed to the portfolio on May 18, 2011 and given the additional job of Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Operations. The committee provides everyday harmonization of the government’s program, including issues administration, legislation and house development, and communications.

Mr. Kenney was born in the province of Ontario and raised in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, where he had been graduated from Notre Dame College. He did his undergraduate studies in philosophy at the St. Ignatius Institute of the University of San Francisco.

Contact the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

E-Mail: You may send comments to the Honorable Jason Kenney at

Please note that if you desire application status information or to modify your address, you might do so by means of CIC online services.

Address of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Legislative Aide / Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A career as a legislative aide or assistant involves work with vital information in a high-stress and lively setting. It also means serving the society and gaining a sense of arrogance as you effort for change and assist voice the desires and concerns of constituents. Whether on a national or state level, working as a legislative assistant is a challenging but satisfying.

While submitting your job application for Legislative Aide position, always enclose a well written cover letter with it. Remember that there is no perfect cover letter for Legislative Aide Resume. The recommendation and examples of cover letters incorporated in this blog should only be used as guides. It is very important that you customize and modify the sample cover letter to highlight your exceptional qualifications; as they narrate to the exact requirements required by the employer.

Legislative Aide Cover Letter Sample

36 Example Street
Vaughan ON S9W 3Z9

October 11, 2011

Mr. Davis K. Anderson
Hiring Manager
ABC Facility
36 Main Street
Toronto, ON

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am very enthusiastic to get the position of Legislative Aide which was advertised on your website last week. Please consider my attached resume an application for this position. Along with my graduation in Law and one year of practical experience, I have the potential to become a central member of ABC Facility.

As an intern for the City of Vaughan during college, I developed the skills of answering the telephone, taking messages, filing, confirming turnout to events, drafting speeches, letters, meeting notices and memos. Besides, I am also expert in attending meetings and events in support of the legislator. I can take notes regarding the event, individuals that were audience at the event, and any major occurrences that took place. I am also able to satisfy the needs of the constituents in my district.

In addition, I have done a lot of research on current laws, and able to locate trustworthy facts and figures that will help compose the legislation to be drafted. My enclosed resume contains full details of my skills and knowledge in relation to your requirements.

I am very interested in Legislative Aide position and would be pleased about the opportunity to further discuss this matter during an interview. I will be in Toronto over the mid-winter break, December 01through January 05 , and can interview at your expediency. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 


Mark Brazil

Enc. Resume

UK Visa Lottery 2013- 2014

Several people are being trapped UK visa lottery 2013 - 2014 frauds when they get a refusal for a legal visa or when they don't have enough money or qualifications to fill out the standard paperwork required to get a UK visa. To take advantage of this situation, there are lots of fake and scam companies which are offering UK Visas through lottery program. Always keep away from eye-catching offers UK Green Card or emails offering visa lotteries of UK, Australia or Canada. On the map of globe, US is the only country of the world which offers DV Lottery Visa to specific countries of the world.

A lot of people who are concerned in getting a visa of UK speculate if they can submit an application for the UK visa lottery program. Contrasting the United States DV Visa Lottery, the Home Office and Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship of UK does not host any kind of UK visa lottery program for potential immigrants. The only legal way to obtain a visa to UK is by applying through the official website.

Applying for an UK visa can be a quite difficult process, and you have to provide supporting documents and papers derived from the kind of visa you are applying for. Remember that fees for different types of visas also differ significantly by type of visa. You will need paying all visa costs fully previous to submitting your request. Missing documents or skipping of major steps required by the UK Government might result in having your visa application late or being denied, and you will lose any fees you have paid.