How to Avoid Delays in Canadian Immigration

You may avoid unnecessary delays in Canadian Immigration by:
•Keeping away from repeated inquiries to the visa office
•Ensuring that the photocopies and documents you give are clear and readable
•Providing licensed English or French translations of original documents that you present in other languages
•Applying from your home country i.e. where you are a citizen or permanent resident
•Making sure all the necessary information is incorporated with your application
•Notifying the visa office of any changes to private information on your application, for example your address, phone and fax numbers or a change in the composition of your family

Your application of Canadian Immigration might be late if the visa office has to take additional steps to review your case. Your application will take longer if:

•There are criminal or safety problems connected to your application
•Your family state of affairs is not clear for the reason that of a situation, for example a separation or an adoption that is not yet complete or child care issues that have not been determined
•The visa office that processes your application has to discuss with with other CIC offices in Canada or abroad.

You can check the status of your application online on CIC website after the visa office has started to process your application.

Canadian Business Immigration

The Canadian Business Immigration Program seeks to be a magnet for skilled business people to Canada who will prop up the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian financial system.

Business immigrants are likely to make a C$400,000 investment or to own and deal with businesses in Canada.
There are three categories of Canadian business immigration:
•Self-Employed Persons

Each Canadian Business Immigration application can be made for only one category and cannot be changed once the request is submitted. The criteria you must meet to be eligible are dissimilar for each class.

Discover if you can immigrate as one of the following categories of Canadian Business Immigration:

How to Locate a Reliable Canadian Immigration Firm?

For any Canadian immigration applicant, it is significant to get legal help from a specialist immigration lawyer. Finding and engage the services of a legal expert in Canadian immigration application processing are one of the perquisites for begin the procedure of acquiring a permanent residency Visa of Canada.

Canadian PR or temporary work permits can be availed in the course of the colonization processes differing for every country. A good Canadian immigration lawyer is the one who help you all through the migration procedure and provides even the fundamental details of the process. He needs to speed up the procedure and see to any ambiguity in the immigration application processing stages. Right from the stage of filing documents for Visa to the candidate’s resolution in the other country, a good Canadian Immigration lawyer needs to pay attention of even the basic elements of the immigration progression.

Post the economic slump, nearly all countries of the world including USA, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark have cut down on their immigration levels excluding Canada. Canada is the only country in the world which is still welcoming millions of immigrants from the globe over. After the main economic downturn, most countries have blackout on immigration traffic in view of the fact of insufficient job opportunities. Even the multinational companies are incompetent at handling the immigration traffic due to the unstable economic condition. The worldwide recession has also poorly affected the major western nations in addition to wealthy countries like Australia. Most prominently, these countries are also facing deficiency of job opportunities and are therefore cutting down on immigration traffic.

The vital question that stands now is that how to discover a quality and experienced Canada Immigration consultancy firm for your immigration purpose who will spotlight on your case rather than take out money from you. Some of the prominent points to look for in a good immigration consultancy firm include the following:

Repayment Policy
A good Canadian immigration firm follows a repayment policy, in which, it offers repayment of consultancy fees in case the firm fails in its services in the migration procedures because of its own drawbacks.

Trustworthiness in the Market:
A good immigration consultancy will usually have sound reliability in the market. It will be honest and a long list of pleased clientele. - Background Assessment one needs to make appropriate background assessment of a migration consultancy so as to verify any long-term pending cases or any unclean play in the name of the firm. A spotless background with a tough management team speaks volume of the firm’s market standing.

Always be conscious about selecting Canadian Immigration Firm or Canadian Immigration Lawyer.

2007 Applicants from India | Canadian Immigration Forum

The current immigration time from CHC new delhi is defined as 79 months. People who applied from CHC New Delhi in 2007 can share their queries and concerns in the comments below

CIC Action against Fake Immigration Lawyers

If reports are to be supposed, the government of Canada would give instructions to a variety of countries including India, Pakistan, Philippines and China to have more severe immigration checks so as to save the authorities from potential immigration frauds.

It would also inquire them to give more information to Canada concerning fraudsters to keep a stiff check on immigration frauds. In keeping with reports, it has been said that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will cling to a three day visit to India, holding a converse with the Indian government to relate measures for a stringent check on the immigration frauds.

Kenney would talk on focusing increasingly on applying law resources and take severe actions against immigration fraudsters who move heaven and earth in making fools out of people and making false promises to them concerning their immigration. These people charge dollars and dollars from populace and make bogus documents in their name.

Other debate would deal with enhancing co-operation on knowing curved immigration guides during his visit India, China and Philippines. These are some of the main immigrant providers to China.

The step would be measured as one major step in acting beside all the fake immigration consultants who are working in huge numbers in these countries.

If you are intend in the direction of immigrate to other countries, make sure that you have the advice of a legal consultant by your side.

Financial Assistance to Be Provided To New Canadians!

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants each year. To the extent that the statistics from Citizenship and Immigration Canada is concerned, year 2008 saw the migration of 250,000 applicants, which incorporated 87,650 who preferred Toronto as their immigration destination while 37,635immigrated to the stunning place Vancouver.

Canada has always greeted people from all over the world with open hands. Additionally, the country also helps new comers when it comes to providing assistance to these new immigrants and helping them relax in life.

In an additional attempt to give assistance to new Canadians, the federal government has come out with ample of programs to offer help on very important aspects of life in the country. For example, knowledge about aspects of banking and economic factors is give by the Immigrant Settlement and Adaption program. It furthermore provides precious information on employment and education related queries which the new Canadians suffer on a customary basis.

In a further example, all the credit linked queries are solved by the Immigration Loans Programs. Other documents connected with medical examination and travel related costs and papers necessary for the same are guided by the similar body.

Additionally, new comers would be granted monetary help from the banks in Canada. Such as, essential devices and products would be given to the new comers by the BMO Bank of Montreal under their recently implemented package.

Immigrant lawyer – Hire or Not?

Immigration law is one of the most complex areas that there is in the law field. And not only is it difficult but it can change without notice and often does. Do you require an immagration lawyer?

Think about the following facts

You Could Do It
You may perhaps try the Canadian immigration process without an immagration lawyer, but do you actually want to? How fascinated are you in learning all the facts of immigration law on your own? Do you want to hazard making mistakes in the immigration process just for the reason that you did not decide to hire an immigrant lawyer? If you desire to take the time to learn everything there is to know about immigration law then you possibly will. But why trouble?

What might go wrong?
You may not learn the whole thing you need to learn. You may stumble upon information that is obsolete without realizing it. Your case may have particular circumstances that will have an effect on the immigration procedure but you might not know enough to know that. You may perhaps even make sufficient mistakes to have to try the procedure again only to make a decision the second time that it would be easier to hire an immigrant Lawyer.

What Can An Immigrant Lawyer Do For You?
An immagration lawyer can begin by taking a glance at your only one of its kind situation and how that state of affairs might affect the immigration process. They will then be talented to tell you regarding any and all benefits for which you may be entitled for the reason that they will be responsive of any new changes in the immigration process. They can direct you in the finest course of action to attain the legal status that you look for.

One of the main advantages of having an immigrant lawyer is that they can complete and submit all the right formalities. They can keep you updated on the standing of your case and assist you keep away from any delays. They can stand for you if court appearances are essential. They can file appeals for you and use their knowledge to handle no matter what might come up.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Increase Success Rate

The numerous questions of immigration laws and regulations have cause confusion among individuals and businesses alike. If you are in the middle of a puzzling situation concerning the Canadian immigration procedure, an immigration lawyer might be appropriate for introducing you to some obtainable options and solid legal advice. A good immigration lawyer will offer full service legal help regarding visas, skilled immigration and business immigration, change of status or extension in visa, PR or lawful permanent residence, exile defense, and naturalization.

A Canadian immigration lawyer will stand for his clients before CIC with relevance to your exact issues in addition to second and third federal circuit courts. Because immigration law is also federal law, a Canadian immigration lawyer can defend clients from all over the world.

When taking into service an immigration lawyer to stand for your particular case, it is significant to note their ability to keep their clients regularly update with successes, development, and facts that happen and are appropriate to you as the client. Being fed very important information is significant to any client enduring a legal immigration suit. Also, be sure that they in person be present at any hearings in immigration court or federal courts that require the presence of a representative.

By heading the advice and recommendation given by lawful immigration professionals, more options and better outcomes are obtainable to you. Seek a professional Canadian Immigration Lawyer who has fought for a lot of others like yourself and found them great achievement.

5 More Guidelines for Choosing a Canada Immigration Lawyer

There is a fair bit of formalities to get done throughout the Canadian immigration process, and you might feel inundated when you first sit down to arrange your immigration forms. You may begin to be unsure if you need to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to run the process. On the other hand, if your case is quite simple, you ought to be able to deal with things on your own.

There are fine reasons, nonetheless, to hire an immigration lawyer to hold your case. If you run into a difficult partway through the procedure, you might need authorized help to work through the issue. If your immigration state of affairs is complicated, or if you just don't have the time or self-assurance to organize the forms yourself, you might take advantage from the help of an immigration lawyer.

If you're heading for hiring an immigration lawyer, you require doing your research. A good lawyer can be value his or her mass in gold, while a poor one may just add to your problems. For that reason, here are 5 instructions to remember during your search.

1. Get references:
Ask relatives, friends or colleagues if they know any immigration lawyers. Even if they have not been in the course of immigration themselves, they may be clever to connect you with a name they know who has got the services of a Canadian immigration lawyer. People are speedy to recommend a good lawyer and even more rapidly to name a poor one, which can be a big help when you are beginning your search.

2. Interview with Canada Immigration Lawyer:
Interview potential lawyers to find one who go with your needs. Inquire them if they have any knowledge with your type of case. Immigration law is a huge area of expertise, so you want a lawyer who is recognizable with your sort of case. If the lawyers give client references, use the contacts to get a improved understanding of the lawyers' work styles.

3. Check credentials of Canadian Immigration Lawyer:
When you are sure you have find a lawyer you feel at ease with, there is only one thing left to do previous to you sign a contract for services. Get in touch with your local state bar to find out if your lawyer is licensed and in good standing, and if he or she has ever been matter to penalizing action.

4. Evaluate fee schedules:
Some Canadian lawyers bill by the hour while others charge a flat fee. Ask if there might be extra costs such as postage, courier fees or long distance charges.

5. Search CIC and CSIC:
Search for a lawyer on the CSIC website. CSIC is a national association of lawyers and attorneys who practice immigration law, so you can be rationally certain you are dealing with someone who understands immigration law and policies. If you're starting your research from scratch, you can search for a lawyer in your area.

Canadian Immigration Medical Examinations - FAQ

1. Should I take a medical examination for Canadian Immigration?
It is necessary to all Canadian immigration applicants to go through medical examinations.

These examinations are planned to notice any conditions, which may have an effect on the health of the Canadian public, or which may outcome in unnecessary demands being placed upon Canadian health or social services.

The medical examination includes a typical physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and X-Rays.

2. How long are medical examinations valid for?
Medical Examinations are suitable for one year from the date of the examination. You have to go through a new medical examination if your visa has not been issued in one year from your medical examination date.

3. Will my application be discarded if I have some disease or disorder?
Each medical case is analyzed independently, in view of your full medical history. If the illness or disorder poses health risks to Canadians or places too much demands on the Canadian health care system, it might result in medical inadmissibility.

4. Which medical conditions may root me to be inadmissible to Canada?
Applicants intending to go into Canada as permanent residents may be denied entry to Canada if their health or any of their dependents' health (whether accompanying or not):
• Is a risk to public health or safety; or
• Would source extreme demand on the Canadian health care system or on social services in Canada

5. Are there any exceptions made for medically inadmissible dependents?
Yes, but only in the Family Sponsorship category, the "excessive demand on health or social services in Canada" factor is put aside for:
• Spouses, common-law partners or conjugal partners
• Dependent children

6. If I am expectant, will I still have to go through the medical examination?
For the protection of the fetus, X-rays are not taken of pregnant applicants waiting after delivery of the baby. After the birth, the mother and infant will experience medical examinations.

7. Where to give medical examination for Canadian Immigration?
The medical examination is given approximately all the world by designated medical practitioners (DMP). Irrespective of the Canadian Immigration Visa Office to which the application is submitted, the services of a designated medical practitioner in any division of the world may be used.

Can my Canadian Immigration file be transferred from one Canadian Immigration Visa Office to another?

Under the Skilled Worker class of Canadian Immigration, qualified applications present to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) at CPC-Sydney in Nova Scotia will be routinely transferred to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside Canada that is in charge for the country where you live (if you have been legally admitted to that country for a time of at least one year) or the country of your citizenship.

Under any class of Canadian immigration, a demand to transfer your application to a new Canadian Immigration Visa Office might be made to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office processing your application. The second will decide, based upon "program integrity", whether or not to move your application. In some situations, the Canadian Immigration Visa Office processing your file may come to a decision on its own to transfer your file to a different, more suitable Canadian Immigration Visa Office, even devoid of a request.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers California

Following is the list of Canadian Immigration Lawyers working in California
  1. Immigration Law Offices, LLP
  2. Indu Liladhar-Hathi
  3. Kazmi & Sakata
  4. Law Office of Donald Freiberg
  5. Law Office of Jessie Ho
  6. Richard S. Kolomejec

Health Professionals | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program provide opportunity to those health professionals to submit an application for immigration in the category for Health Professionals who have previously been working in the Canadian province as permanent, standard workers on a temporary work permit. Worldwide health professionals who aim to submit an application for the SINP must have worked in the province for a least period of 6 months.

The category of Health Professions is divided into 3 sub-categories;
•Other Health Professions

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program lets the province suggest qualified physicians who meet the educational, in addition to professional requirements for a job in the province.

Licensed Practical Nurses:
Registered Nurses or Psychiatric Nurses are entitled to emigrate to Saskatchewan under the sub category of Nurses of the SINP’s Health Professionals. All the applicants require fulfilling the educational and professional requirements demanded by the employment in Saskatchewan.

Other Health Professions:
Health professionals must have been working in health occupations in the province at the time of filing applications. These health professions must be accepted by the proper licensing body in Saskatchewan.
Applicants of the Health Professionals class are required to accomplish the following:
•They ought to be working in the province of Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit; and
•They have got to have an offer of full-time permanent employment.

Improvements In Temporary Foreign Worker and Live-In Caregiver Programs

The government is taking action to defend temporary foreign workers, counting live-in caregivers, from possible abuse and exploitation. Canadian Government owes it to them, their company and all Canadians to make sure that the program is fair and evenhanded. In spite of everything, they are a necessary constituent of Canada’s economic accomplishment.

These improvements stand for an imperative step. Temporary foreign employees assist the Canadian economy by filling labor needs in sectors where Canadians or permanent residents are not willingly available. Canadian government is taking action to look up the honesty of the program while ensuring that these people are afforded the essential safeguards.

Highlights of the changes, which come into effect on April 1, 2011, comprise:
1. A two-year ban from hiring temporary foreign workers for employers who are ineffective to meet their commitments to workers regarding wages, working conditions and profession
2. A more thorough assessment of the authenticity of the job offer
3. A boundary on the length of time a temporary foreign worker may work in Canada before returning home.

Employers seeking to employ temporary foreign workers, together with live-in caregivers, will now be assessed next to past fulfillment with program requirements previous to approval can be granted. Employers found to have dishonored worker rights may be decline approval to hire a foreign worker.

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program helps deal with temporary labor deficiency by allowing employers to hire foreign workers when adequate numbers of Canadian workers are not willingly available. Without right of entry to temporary foreign labor, many small businesses would not be capable to function and would be forced into bankruptcy.

The Live-in Caregiver Program is an exclusive program within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It allows the entry of qualified caregivers into Canada when Canadians or permanent residents can’t fill occupation vacancies. After having finished the program’s requirements, Live-in Caregiver Program participants can then submit an application for permanent residence by desirable quality of their contribution in the program.

Italian Immigration To Canada

History of Italian Immigration To Canada:
Italians have been arriving to Canada for many years the majority illustrious being Giovanni Caboto. In the 18th century and near the beginning part of the 19th century, they came as band of soldiers and even missionaries.

The actual push to emigrate came with the merger of Italy. By 1870. Southern Italians supposed their interests in the new Italy subject by the northern states were being unnoticed. In addition, economic disorder and joblessness forced Italians from other regions to search for work abroad. Beginning in the 1880s, their chief destination was the United States, but they besides began to come to Canada. They worked on the Canadian railways, forestry camps, mines, construction-anywhere that strong hands and back could assist them to gain a living.

Current Scenario of Italian Immigration To Canada:
If you are an Italian and thinking to immigrate to Canada, check your experience and qualification in the new 29 professions list. If it is there than you can immigrate to Canada easily. Also there are lots of other ways to move to Canada from Italy.

Why turn out to be a US Citizen?

If you are an immigrant or a stable resident in the United States of America and are considering on the scheme of whether or not to turn out to be a citizen of the USA, here are a small number of pointers which may facilitate you to better make a decision.
1. A citizen of the America has the right to sponsor family unit members for an everlasting occupant status or the Green Card of the USA. This condition would authorize a Green Card right away for the immediate family members. Relatives for instance those of siblings would have to stay as there are only a fixed number of visas which could be approved each year. This is precise for each country in keeping with the category.
2. A citizen can walk in and out of the nation whenever he wants. More so, he has the liberty to travel out of the country as many times as he wants to. In case of permanent resident, if he stays absent from the USA for more than 180 days, he may lose his Green Card.
3. When it comes to assets, no land tax has to be paid for the US citizen. With the tax code in place, it permits for free of charge property transfer between the spouses who are the citizens of the United States. In case the other half is not a US citizen, then such transfers would be taxed.
4. An immigrant citizen of a state would not be expelled lest of any assumed criminal connection. On the other hand, when it comes to permanent residents, there is probability of being deported on such allegations. This offense may be very slight in nature but the permanent residents are cause to undergo the authority of the Immigration Courts and the USCIS. A citizen has the fundamental right to stay in the United States which the US government cannot it take it away.
5. Vote is one of the major rights which only a citizen of USA has. US citizens have the right to vote for the applicant who would be their spokesperson in the public office and for issues pertaining to local taxes and so on.

There are a lot of other benefits such as getting grants and payback in colleges and universities. More so, to submit an application for a government job, the individual has to be a citizen of the United States.

Canada Fiancee Immigration

I am a Canadian citizen residing in Alberta and am engaged to someone who doesn't have lawful status in Canada. He's never been offender of a crime and he doesn't have any health problems. We've been in this association for about 3 years. Now it's been a year that we go halves the same bank account and the same residence. We plan to get married and start a family jointly since we love and value each other.

I read on the official website of Canadian Immigration that you can submit an application as a sponsor if your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, or associated dependent children live with you in Canada, even if they do not have legal status in Canada. Though, all the other requirements must be met.

Can I sponsor him for Fiancee Immigration and complete the sponsorship procedure while he's in Canada without him having to go back to his country of origin? Thanks a lot.

You certainly can sponsor him for Fiancee Immigration from within Canada and devoid of him having to leave the country. Though, there are a few factors to consider. Initially, you can’t sponsor a fiancee but you can support a common law partner with whom you have live together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year. Since you have lived mutually in your apartment for one year, you might meet the criteria if you meet all the other conditions.

Secondly, since your fiancée is here unlawfully he has shown a well-built readiness to stay in Canada since he is willing to smash Canadian law so as to remain here. This will absolutely be a factor in the mind of the official who will have to decide whether he is staying in Canada to be with you or whether he is with you so he can stay in Canada.

Thirdly, cases processed in Canada can be rapid. Though, if CIC decides to interview your fiancee for Fiancee Immigration, then it will absolutely take longer i.e. over a year depending on how active your local CIC is. Your fiance is more probable to be referred to an interview due to his illegal status here. If an meeting is scheduled, your request may take longer inland than it would take abroad, once more depending on the processing timeframes of the visa post in charge for your fiancée’s country of nationality.

Finally, there is always a possibility, more often than not small, that your fiancé could be under arrest by immigration authorities. This is not probable if your fiancé merely stay too long his status here. Though, if he was known to be here by immigration authorities and was asked to depart but didn’t, the chances of arrest are higher. Immigration officials will have to make a decision if he is a “flight risk” although he has come forward and identified himself and his situation.

Canada Study Visa Without IELTS

Canada is the most preferred country for the students all over the world. This is due to its high quality education and lifestyle. Canadian institutes are highly praised in the world for their high quality education. Canada also offers automatic work permit to all students who finished their qualification from a Canadian university or college.

If you want to study in Canada you have to get a good score in IELTS so as to entiltled for admission and get the visa. Canada study visa without IELTS is not possible. Although you can get admission in some of Canadian institutes without IELTS but it is a potential requirement of CHC and your student visa might be rejected due to non availability of IELTS result.

NOC 7251: Plumbers | Canada Immigration

Canada is facing the shortage of NOC 7251 Plumbers so they are present on the List of 29 Occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Plumbers are connected with the task of installing and fixing pipelines, as well as the removal of waste water. Plumbers can be working in residential, commercial or industrial tasks or might be self-employed. People connected with this profession have high chances to immigration to Canada.

Duties & Responsibilities of NOC 7251 Plumbers:
•To Take care of the pipe connections and see where to fit passage holes and other such facets. Make openings for the fittings after cutting pipes in accordance with the need.
•Join the pipes using a variety of equipments and see whether right pipes are fitted (without leaks)
•Arrange cost estimates.
•To Repair plumbing fixtures
•To determine the layout if the plumbing procedure, along with taking care of the water supply and drainage system.

Example Titles of NOC 7251 Plumbers:
o Plumber
o Apprentice Plumber
o Journeyman/Woman Plumber
o Maintenance And Repair Plumber
o Marine Plumber

Qualifying Criteria for Immigration of NOC 7251 Plumbers:
•The candidate must have completed secondary school education and completed a trade or vocational training as a plumber
•Even those with apprenticeship certification in plumbing trade may apply.
•A candidate for Immigration under this group must have experience of at least one year as a Plumber or related field.

All in all, a candidate must have experience of approximately 2-4 years; actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

7242 Industrial Electricians | Canada Immigration

The employment of Industrial Electricians is one of the newest additions to the list of 29 occupations which were freshly introduced by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. From now onwards, the group of industrial electricians could be submit an application for the Federal Skilled Migrant program. When it comes to applying for Canadian migration, a candidate need not have a job in previous so as to qualif. He is permitted to immigrate and look for for a job once he lands.

Example Titles of 7242 Industrial Electricians:
o Industrial Electrician
o Plant Maintenance Electrician
o Shipyard Electrician
o Industrial Electrician Apprentice
o Marine Electrician
o Mill Electrician
o Mine Electrician
o Plant Electrician

Duties and Tasks of 7242 Industrial Electricians:
•To repair, test and install transformers, regulators, reactors, switchgear, switchboard meters etc. and maintaining them.
•To repair, maintain and troubleshoot the control systems and other relevant devises.
•To conduct programs on precautionary maintenance in addition to keeping maintenance records.
•To evaluate all the electrical and electronic equipment together with the components to check for current, resistance, voltage and continuity.
•Interpretation of drawings, code specifications for the schematics to decide on the layout for the installation of equipment.

Qualifying Criteria for 7242 Industrial Electricians:
•Must have completed a four or a five year program in industrial electrician apprenticeship or ought to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in a interrelated subject.
•Must have the relevant work experience of at least one year.

Taken as a whole, an individual must have experience of around 2-4 years; real number of years of experience to submit an application under this occupation is reliant on a lot of factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

NOC 7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System) | Canada Immigration

The occupation of 7241 electricians exclude those of the electricians of industry and power system is one of the jobs listed in the freshly introduced list of 29 occupations introduced by CIC for the Federal Skilled Migrant program. With the increase in the demand for electricians, additional jobs have been occurring in Canada in this picky class. For any person planning to immigrate to Canada, it is not compulsory to find a job in earlier. An applicant is allowable to hunt for a job once he lands in the nation.

Duties and Responsibilities of 7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System):
•To deal with faults and troubleshooting in electrical and electronic systems. In addition, replacing or removing the components with faults.
•To give connection for electrical power to the audio and visual communication equipment, heating and cooling systems as well as devices for signaling.
•To install hangers and brackets for the electrical equipment support in addition to replacement and repairing of electrical control and apparatus for distribution and light fixtures.
•Interpreting path diagrams, drawings and electrical code specifications for make a decision on the layouts for wiring for fresh installations.
•Conducting programs on defensive maintenance with keeping maintenance records.

Example Titles of 7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System):
o Electrician
o Apprentice Electrician
o Building Electrician
o Construction And Maintenance Electrician
o Construction Electrician
o Construction Electrician Apprentice
o Domestic And Rural Electrician
o Electrical Fixtures Installer
o Electrical Wirer
o Electrical Wiring Installer – Construction

Qualifying Criteria for 7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System):
•The candidate must have completed a four or a five year program or should have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in a connected subject.
•A candidate must have the related work experience of at least one year.

On the whole, an individual must have experience of around 2-4 years; real number of years of experience to submit an application under this profession is dependent on many factors for example whether the candidate is married and his English language skills.

Old Applicants Processing Time from New Delhi

Processing times of old applicants from CHC New Delhi India may differ depending on the figure of new applications received and the individual complication of every application.

Following is the current detail of immigration time from CHC New Delhi.
Time to Initial Review: 84 months
Time to Finalization: 90 months

CHC New Delhi is currently reviewing applications received in the month of December 2003. Whereas Finalizing Applications Received in July 2003

SINP – Entrepreneurs | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

With the Entrepreneurs group under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program, global business people and their families can emigrate to the province and arrange business or invest in some existing Saskatchewan business and take lively contribution in the everyday management of the business. Applicants can submit an application for this category under any of its two sub-categories:

•Large Scale Investor; and
•Science and Technology

Below are the decisive factors which SINP requires prospective immigrants to meet:
•Applicants are required to own private wealth of minimum 300,000 Canadian Dollars.
•Applicants are required to have at least 3 years of entrepreneurial experience or management experience in some applicable business.
•Applicants have to have intentions to be inherent in in the province of Saskatchewan. They must vigorously invest in some provincial business.

Here are a small number of of the requirements that all applicants have to assure once they are approved for SINP nomination:
•Nominees must formulate an energetic investment of 150,000 Canadian Dollars in a new or existing business in the province of Saskatchewan. In case, a nominee owns less than one-third of the business, then his/her total asset must worth minimum 1 million Canadian Dollars.
•Nominees are required to take active involvement in the usual management of the business.
•They must place 75,000 CAD as good faith deposit.

SINP - Family Members | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

In the course of the Family Members category of the SINP, immigrants living in Saskatchewan can assist their family member), who are skilled and desires to immigrate to Canada, live and work in Saskatchewan. To be entitled to qualify for this group, international skilled workers must have a family member in Saskatchewan, who acquires the Canadian citizenship or PR status. In addition, the family member should have been residing in the province for a least period of 12 months.

Following list shows the eligible family members who can assist international skilled workers to immigrate and work in Saskatchewan:
•First cousins
•Step-family members

Below are some of the decisive factors for the applicants of the Family Members category:
•The age of applicants should be between 18-49 years.
•Applicants ought to have a signed written document which serves as the proof of support from their family member(s) living in the province of Saskatchewan.
•Applicants have to have completed as a minimum one year of post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship. They are required to possess a diploma; a certificate or a degree for the achievement of the educational program.
•Applicants are required to have a minimum period of 1 year work experience in the field of their education or training.
•Applicants are obliged to have skill in English language to be employed in Saskatchewan.
•Applicants should possess a permanent, regular job offer from a Saskatchewan local employer.

SINP- Skilled Workers | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The Skilled Workers class under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program lets those worldwide skilled workers or those who have been working as executive to submit an application for immigration to the province of Saskatchewan. To be entitled for this category, a nominee candidate must have a job offer available from a Saskatchewan local company. The class is further divided into 3 sub-categories.

They are;
•Skilled Workers/Professionals
•Existing Work Permit and
•Critical Occupations

Here is the eligibility decisive factor that the SINP expects each candidate of the Skilled Workers category to meet any one of them so as to immigrate to Saskatchewan:

•A candidate must have a stable regular employment offer from a Saskatchewan limited employer in either of these positions- skilled worker; managerial or professional; or a selected Saskatchewan trade, which is incorporated in the National Occupational Classification;
•A candidate must have worked in Saskatchewan for a least period of 6 months. He/she should be working on a temporary work permit in a profession or a designated trade that is included in the National Occupational Classification.

In addition, the applicants must not have any refuge claim in Canada to be entitled to submit an application for the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program.

SINP - Hospitality Sector Project | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The SINP Hospitality Sector Pilot Project lets the province suggest those foreign workers to be occupied in occupations in hospitality sector who are presently working in Saskatchewan for a minimum of six months on a provisional work permit. The applicants have to be holding a valid Canadian Temporary Work Permit for one of the under mentioned occupations:

•Housekeeping or Cleaning Staff
•Food or Beverage Server
•Food Counter Attendant or Kitchen Helper

To be entitled to submit an application for this category, potential applicants have to start working in the Canadian province for an employer that has been accepted by the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program. For this they require to get a temporary foreign work permit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If the company with whom an interviewee is working offers a permanent standard employment offer, after six months of least working period, then the later can submit an application for the PR status with the SINP.

Aside from working in any of the over mentioned occupations, applicants are also required to accomplish the following criteria:
•Possess the necessary understanding of English language in order to be eligible for the Saskatchewan employment.
•Educated up to Grade 12, in least.
•Saskatchewan employers ought to have employed them in one of the above mentioned positions for a minimum period of 6 months.

SINP - Long Haul Truck Drivers | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

In the Long Haul Truck Drivers category of the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program, Saskatchewan employs truck drivers that the province’s trucking firms need for so as to meet the need of truck drivers. In order words, the trucking firms utilize this class to bring truckers they require. The group is managed by the Service Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker plan. Chiefly, these occupations need foreign applicants to have a high school diploma, besides on-the-job training.

The SINP category of Long Haul Truck Drivers Project is a corporation of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association; Service Canada; and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The plan aims at attracting foreign long-haul truck drivers to the region to meet the scarcity of skilled truck drivers in Saskatchewan.

Below are some eligibility criteria for the applicants of the Long Haul Truck Drivers:
•Applicants are required to have a temporary job offer from a trucking firm based in Saskatchewan.
•Applicants ought to possess a Canadian work permit.
•Applicants are also required to own a valid trucking license equal to a Class 1A driver’s license in Saskatchewan.
• Required to have minimum 2 years of truck driving experience.
• Must be competent to travel to the United States, if they are requisite to travel by the employer.
•Must have some level of ability in English language.

Strategic Initiatives Stream of Manitoba PNP | Manitoba PNP

In the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s Strategic Initiatives stream, the province of Manitoba run to meet the objectives of the CMIA (Canadian Manitoba Immigration Agreement) by hiring foreign skilled workers to go into the province and fill up the work positions in Manitoba, thus meeting the needs of the employment market. Foreign nationals are entitled to file petitions with the MPIP through the Strategic Initiatives stream if;

•They have acknowledged an invitation letter to submit an application as part of a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program targeted promotional plan; OR
•They have been preferential by a Manitoba-based ethnic/cultural group or a regional economic development body which will help you in arranging an preliminary visit (pre-approved by the MPNP) to the province; OR
•An mature dependent relative of a MPNP nominee who does not qualify of a entitled accompanying dependant can also be fit for the Strategic Initiatives stream, given he/she proves his/her financial ability to put up in the province and will take delivery of assistance from the nominee in establishing himself/herself in Manitoba.

Below are the essential criteria that all the Strategic Initiatives stream applicants require to meet:
•Applicants should have skill in English or French language so that they can be employed in the Canadian province.
•Applicants are required to have the purpose, as well ability to establish themselves in Manitoba based on their employability and resolution supports.
•Applicants are required to have the educational qualifications in addition to the training as described by the terms of a precise initiative. Though, the applicants must have completed high school.
•Applicants must show their employability to be working in the province of Manitoba. They must have the work experience.

SINP – Students | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The SINP Students category is designed for international students who desire to reside in the province and get Canadian permanent residence status. Foreign students who are studying or have been studied in Saskatchewan find it easier to accelerate the procedure of obtaining Canada immigration visa as compared to other federal programs.

Eligibility criteria that all prospective Students category applicants have to meet:
•Have graduated and obtained certificate/diploma/degree from a recognized program (institution) in Canada. The program ought to have continual for at least one academic year of full-time study.
•Have worked for a Saskatchewan employer for at least 6 months. Have worked on a post-graduate work permit.
•Have a current permanent/regular job offer from their particular employers. However, it is not essential that the employment offer is related to what they have studied.
•Have applied and obtained a post-graduate work permit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

SINP - Farm Owners/Operators | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The SINP category of Farm Owners/Operators is destined for those overseas nationals who hold experience in farming, along with enough funds to make investment in a farming process or buy a business in Saskatchewan. This group also contains a stream called Young Farmer which smooth the progress of international young farmers and families to set up their lives and farming operations in Saskatchewan.

Underneath are a small number of of the eligibility criteria for the Farm Owners/Operators category:
•Deposit a refundable good faith cash of 75,000 Canadian Dollars.
•Visit Saskatchewan for minimum of five working days and meet with an SINP agent.
•Make the visit within 2-3 years period previous to signing an agreement to buy an operation.
•Have a net worth of 500,000 Canadian Dollars.
•Supply signed agreement confirming procures a farm operation or land to start a new operation.
•Provide documentation, including educational qualifications; experience; training; financial documents from their previous businesses.
•Also demonstrate that they have proper knowledge of farm operations.

NBPNP - New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick is among the Canada's 3 Maritime Provinces and is the only bilingual province (English and French) constitutionally . The capital of New Brunswick is Fredericton. The population of province was estimated to be 750,457 in 2009; a majority is English-speaking, but there is moreover a large Francophone minority (33%), mainly of Acadian origin. It is 85% covered by forest, which is the terrain of most of the interior of this province.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most excellent ways and facilitates people to immigrate to the province of and then get the Canadian permanent citizenship later on. If you are one of those seeking immigrate to the Canadian province, you can think about one of the stream under the New Brunswick PNP.

Foreign nationals meet the criteria for the provincial nominee program under two categories. They are:

Foreign nationals who are designated by the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program are provided with a certificate which additional helps in faster processing of the Canada Immigration visa application process. Similar to any other Canadian Provincial Nominee Program, New Brunswick PNP is a enhanced and easier method as compared to other federal programs to immigrate to the province first and then turn out to be permanent residence in Canada.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program - Community-Identified Stream

The Community Identified Stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program smooth the progress of global individuals who have uphold long relation with the province of Nova Scotia community and have it in mind to reconcile in the province everlastingly to immigrate and turn out to be permanent residents of Canada. On the other hand, beside, the foreign nationals have to be entitled for employments in the province and could add to the Nova Scotia labor market.

So as to be able to meet the criteria for the stream, potential applicants must have a Letter of recognition from an organization (community) before filing applications with the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

Eligibility criteria:
• Have it in mind to wish to settle forever in the community.
• Own adequate settlement supports.
• Lawful residents of the country where they are residing currently.
• Have maintained long connection with in the organization or the community from which the former received the Letter of Identification.
• Employable qualities, plus skills, work experience and training to be employed in the certain work field if required by the community.
•Applicants must not be ineligible for any of the remaining Nova Scotia Nominee Program streams.

Cover Letter for Renewal of Contract

Here is a sample request letter asking regarding the work contract renewal in Canada for Work Permit Extension Purpose. This letter might also be used as a request for the renewal of contract in any company throughout the world.

Cover Letter Sample for Renewal of Contract

October 01, 2010

Ms. Ana Lee,
Senior Manager HR
XYZ Company
Toronto, Ontario X76 Z55

Re: Renewal of Contract

Dear Ms. Lee,

I, John Smith, from the Admin Department, was employed in XYZ Company in October 21, 2009. My work contract agreement is going to expire this October 20, 2010 so i am curious about my future in XYZ Company. I would like to ask about my employment status and whether I will be up for a contract renewal.

I hope you realize that I would need to know the company's assessment prior to the end of my contract ending date; whether my job would be extended, so I will have adequate time to file the necessary documents to extend my work permit of Canada.

Thank You for your time and consideration.


John Smith

7372: Drillers & Blasters – Surface Mining, Quarrying & Construction | Canada Immigration

The occupation of Drillers and Blasters is one of the newly added occupations under which a candidate can submit an application for immigration to Canada. This profession is mentioned in the list of 29 occupations which was freshly introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. All the mobile drilling machines which are used to bore blast holes in open-pit mines etc. are operated by drillers. All the explosion holes are filled with explosives by blasters. They also explode explosives for the intention of dislodging coal, rock and ore etc.

Qualifying Criteria of 7372 Drillers & Blasters – Surface Mining, Quarrying & Construction:
•The applicant must have completed high school or have a bachelor’s degree.
•An applicant must have the relevant work experience of at least one year.
•Overall, a person must have experience of around 2-4 years; actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Skills & Responsibilities of 7372 Drillers & Blasters – Surface Mining, Quarrying & Construction:
The skills and responsibilities somewhat vary for drillers and blasters. A driller is likely to drive and operate truck mounted rotary drilling and other machines used for drilling. They may have to determine the location and come up with a prototype for the holes to be drilled, loading the blast holes with explosives in addition to detonating the explosives for dislodging coal and the like.

Conversely, a blaster is expected to outline the pattern for the drill, find out the diameter and the depth of the explosion holes in addition to read the instructions and diagrams cautiously. He has to attach wires, detonating cords into a series and attach them to the blasting machines, handling, storing in addition to transporting explosives and accessories with respect to the regulations and the like.

Business Immigration under BC PNP!

In the Business Immigrants Stream of British Columbia Nominee Program foreign entrepreneurs with experience who plan to invest in a BC business and contribute in vigorously in the management of the business to immigrate and afterward turn out to be permanent residents of Canada. The BC PNP nominates persons who have the ability to resolve themselves in the province; and they must be vigorously managing a business which will advantage the province’s financial system. The stream has three categories-

1. Business skills
2. Regional Business
3. Strategic Projects

All three categories have dissimilar requirements that the BC PNP be expecting applicants to meet those regarding the applicant’s personal finance; the quantity of investment; area inside British Columbia, in addition to the figure of local workers in the planned business. Next, the applicants should also meet the following criterion under every category:

•The planned business’ main purpose must be profit earning from lively income that comes from the supply of the business’ services and products.

•The proposed business ought to be contributing to the financial system of the British Columbia through either of the following:
◦ Make better technology commercialization.
◦ Boosting its research and development.
◦ Implementing higher approaches to traditional businesses;
◦ Providing services to an unlikely regional market; or
◦ Boosting the exports of its services or products;
◦ Increasing a variety of activities like value-added manufacturing or processing;
◦ Serving British Columbia with technology and skills

Nova Scotia Nominee Program - International Graduate Stream

The International Graduate stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program allows the province’s employers appoint and keep hold of the international graduates who have been studying or living the Nova Scotia. This stream is destined for international graduates who are living and working in the province and have the purpose to establish their profession in Nova Scotia.

Eligibility criteria for the applicants of international graduate stream:
•Job offers for international graduates must need them to be in positions which accomplish the requirements of the NSNP, pertaining to the skill level.
•Graduates must have the necessary skills, qualifications, and training for the job.
•International graduates must have graduated in the last two years. They must have pursued the
Degree/certificate/diploma from a provincially-accredited post-secondary institution in Canada.
•They must be legal residents in Canada on a temporary work permit.
•They must possess the sufficient settlement supports.
•They must fulfill the criteria pertaining to age, language proficiency and education set for the International Graduate Stream.
•They must have a permanent, full-time employment offer from a Nova Scotia employer in their field of study. They must have been working in a regular position for minimum 3 months.
•Intention and ability to settle in Nova Scotia, permanently.

NSNP Non-dependent Child of Nominees Streams | Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Non- Dependent Child Stream of Nova Scotia Nominees Program’s make it easy to international persons to immigrate and get the permanent residency in Nova Scotia who are the non-dependent kids of foreign nationals who are previously in the province and have been chosen through the NSNP. To be qualified for this stream, potential applicants have to meet the subsequent criteria:

Eligibility criteria for a parent:
•The parent must have set up a family house in the province within 6 months of obtaining PR status in Canada. He/she must have been a Nova Scotia resident to be capable of sponsoring his/her non-dependent child to the province.
•The parent must carry on to be a Nova Scotia resident at the time of his child’s application procedure till the time the latter arrives the province.
•The parent of an candidate of the Non-dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominees must be a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident. As it is said, the parent must be the NSNP nominated foreign national in Nova Scotia.

An applicant has to be the non-dependent kid of a Canadian citizen/permanent occupant in the province Nova Scotia. Along, the parent must have also been selected to immigrate to Nova Scotia by the NSNP.
•An applicant must show his/her employment prospects in the province of Nova Scotia.
•An applicant must accomplish other requirements, such as age, education and language proficiency set for this particular stream of NSNP.
•An applicant has to have the full-time working experience of minimum 12 months within the last 5 years. The work experience would be counted if it is related to his/her field of study.

nEW Supervisory body for Immigration Agents

An administration is being sought after for by the Immigration Department in Canada to control the Immigration Agent Industry. As said by Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada, the government is seeking out a controller who can aid to the durable immigration objections of the nation. Simultaneously, they ought to be working to hold and put up confidence in the immigration system of the country.

So as to cater to the on top of, the department has brought out a call for submissions from the parties who would be involved in the over. The limit for submission is 29th December 2010.

As indicated by the minister, the department wants such an applicant who could examine with efficiency concerning the members and their conduct. Simultaneously, the regulator should furthermore be able to authorize those who break the rules.

Conversely, it is significant for them to understand the susceptibility of the people who avail the services of an immigration consultant. More so, the significance to confirm that these agents admiration and stare the laws of Canadian immigration.

This governing body configuration is one feature of a bigger plan meant to forbid the fake agents who aim innocent people who are looking out for options pertaining to immigration. Such people fall victim to illegal documentation and official procedure. The plan is known as Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Student Visa

1. How can I get a Study Permit for Canada?
International Students must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for a Study Permit once they have received an approval letter from a qualified Canadian educational institution. Students must show that they have enough funds to survive and study in Canada, undertake Medical Examinations and provide Police Clearance Certificates in order to enter Canada as a student.

2. When should I apply for my study permit?
You must apply the moment you receive your letter of acceptance from the educational institution. The time needed to process an request to study in Canada may be different at various visa offices.

3. How long is my Study Permit legal for?
A Study Permit is valid for the period of your study program. If you want to expand the validity of your Study Permit, you have to file an application to change the conditions or extend your stay in Canada with CIC.

4. Can I do job while studying in Canada?
Yes, but with certain conditions. International Students holding a legal Study Permit might work on the campus of their educational institution devoid of a Work Permit. Though, with the intention of working off the campus, they have to apply to CIC for an Off-Campus Work Permit.

5. What is an Off-Campus Work Permit of Canada?
An Off-Campus Work Permit let International Students to be working off the campus of the educational institution they are attending in Canada.

6. Who is qualified for an Off-Campus Work Permit?
International Students with applicable Study Permits who are registered in a contributing educational institution are eligible for Off-Campus Work Permits, if they are in good educational standing at that institution. On top, students must have been studying around the clock for six months out of the year preceding their application for an Off-Campus Work Permit.

7. How do I know if my institution is contributing in the program?
A list of participating institutions can be located at the CIC website, at the following link:

8. What is acceptable educational standing?
Satisfactory Academic Standing is determined in a different way by each academic institution. Students must confirm that they meet the requirements for satisfactory academic standing at the institution they are presently studying at.

9. Who is not entitled for an Off-Campus Work Permit?
International Students who are receiving reward or scholarships from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade or from the Canadian International Development Agency are not qualified for an Off-Campus Work Permit. Students participating in the Canada-China Scholars Exchanges Program, in the Organization of American States Fellowships Program Exchange or in the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program, Canada-Chile may not submit an application for an Off-Campus Work Permit. Visiting students are also not entitled, in addition to students who are registered in English or French as a Foreign Language programs, even if they are registered in participating institutions.

Where to submit my application for a Canada Immigration Visa?

This depends upon the Canadian immigration class under which you are submitting your application.

1. Federal Skilled Worker:
Under the Federal Skilled Worker category of Canadian immigration, applications have to be submitted to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney Nova Scotia.

2. Provincial Nomination Program:
In the Provincial Nomination Program group of Canadian immigration or if you are going to reside in the Province of Quebec, you must at first submit an application to the province in which you intend to reside.

3. Canadian Experience Class:
There are two scenarios for the Canadian Experience Class
1. If you are residing in Canada at the time of your request, you can present your application to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office in Buffalo, New York.
2. If you are no longer present in Canada, applications must be submitted to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office that hand round the country where you are residing, if you have been legally admitted to that country for a period of at least one year, or the country of your nationality.

4. Family Sponsorship:
In Family Sponsorship category of Canadian immigration, applications must initially be submitted to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Vegreville, Alberta in the case of an inland Canada sponsorship, or to CPC Mississauga, Ontario in the case of a sponsorship to be processed outside of Canada.

5. Business Category:
In Business category of Canadian immigration, applications must be submitted to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office that hand round the country where you are residing, if you have been legally admitted to that country for a period of at least one year, or the country of your nationality.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association | Lawyers Association of Canadian Immigration

You have reached the blog of the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association. In fact, Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association is the synonym of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). It is a not-for-profit, self-regulatory body created to defend the consumers of immigration consulting services while make sure the education, competency testing and discipline of its members.

It is the national association of numerous attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law. Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association represents tens of thousands of Canadian families who have applied for permanent residence for themselves, their spouses, children, and other close relatives to lawfully enter and reside in the Canada.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association Members also stand for foreign students, visitors, immigrants, and asylum seekers, often on a pro bono basis. Founded in 2002, Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants provides its Members with continuing legal education, information, professional services.

Can I take my spouse with me on canada student visa?

Yes, you can take your spouse on canada student visa along with your children. Providing that you have shown sufficient funds to survive in Canada with your family.

Can CIC take interview on phone for spouse visa?

Yes, CIC often take interview on phone for spouse visa. This applies to both parties i.e. sponsor in Canada and his/her spouse outside Canada.

Skilled Worker Stream of NSNP | Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program’s Skilled Worker stream facilitate the province’s companies hire international skilled workers in order to plug the job positions, cause being the local workers lack the required skills. Nova Scotia’s employers utilize this program in appointing overseas skilled nationals, when they are not capable of finding Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents with the desirable skills to fill those positions.

So as to be able to meet the criteria for this stream applicants must own a permanent, full time employment offer from a Nova Scotia company in hand, much previous to filing their immigration application with the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

The skilled worker applicants can anticipate priority processing of their applications whose:
•Employers are in a position to show that they will assist foreign workers with extra supports for resolution in the province.
•Employers have a realistic strategy to employ, in addition to retain immigrant workers in the province.
•Employers have truly tried to find and employ qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents for the positions.

Eligibility criteria for NSNP skilled worker applicants:
•Applicants must have a permanent, full time job offer in Nova Scotia from a well settled Nova Scotia industry/employer.
•Applicants should possess necessary qualifications, training, and work experience for the job.
•Applicants are required to havea lawful status in the country where they are residing at time of applying for the NSNP.
•Applicants must mean to settle in Nova Scotia everlastingly.
•Applicants have to acquire adequate settlement supports.

7265: Welders and Related Machine Operators | Canada Immigration

The up-to-the-minute list of 29 occupations drawn out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada has created a mix amongst people who were hopeful to migrate to Canada for permanent resolution. This is for the reason that now those who fall under the skilled workers class of Canada based on the list would be given partiality. The occupation of Welders and Related Machine Operators has been incorporated under the list of 29 occupations in which an applicant can submit an application for the immigration and permanent resident status in Canada under skilled worker category.

Qualifying Criteria for 7265 Welders and Related Machine Operators:

For Welders:
•Must have completed at least secondary school.
•Must have done a three-year of apprenticeship program.
•Experience of three years in the field of trade together with some college degree or some vocational course in wielding.
•Certified certificate in trade as it is obligatory in Alberta but not in other provinces like Nova Scotia , British Columbia , Prince Edward Island etc.

For soldering, brazing and weltering machine operators:
•Completed their education at least up to secondary level in school.
•Few months of professional training in their specific area.
•They must have worked for some time as a machine operator helper.

Tasks and Responsibilities for 7265 Welders and Related Machine Operators:
Welders are necessary to carry out the following duties:
•They help in running the machines which are used in the shaping of the metals such as shears, brakes and other machines used in the bending and straightening of the metals.
•They are accountable to repair the decaying parts of the various products of the metals.
•There are certain areas in which welders may have special training such as ship building and repair, custom fabrication, pressure vessel welding, aerospace precision welding, pipeline construction welding and equipment repair welding.
•Responsible of reading and interpreting the various specifications in relation with welding process.
•Carry out the various processes to fuse the various parts of the metals with each other.
•Processes to be used for fusion may vary under different conditions. Some are plasma arc welding (PAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) or gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) to mane a few.
•They also run the equipments and machines used in brazing and soldering

Welding, brazing and soldering machine operators execute the following tasks:
•Responsible to maintain and repair the machines and equipments used in various processes such as brazing, welding and soldering.
•Repair the metal parts by operating the welding machines
•Braze or solder the machines for the metal bonding.

Strategic Occupations Stream of British Columbia PNP

The Strategic Occupations stream beneath the Provincial Nominee Program of British Columbia is for applicants who have an employment offer from an employer in British Columbia. This stream of the BC PNP allows the contributing employers of the province to search for and recruit abroad skilled workers so as to meet the employment requirements of the labor market. Though, employers must gratify the program that the job that they have cannot be filled by the citizens/PR of Canada, but abroad skilled workers.

Those who desire to submit an application under the BC Provincial Nominee Program Strategic Occupations Stream are necessary to have an employment offer in hand from an employer in British Columbia or they must have masters/doctorate degree from a British Columbia post-secondary institution in either,
•Health sciences
•Natural science
•Applied science

There are 5 categories in the Strategic Occupations Stream under which applications for provincial nomination are accepted. They are:
1. International Post Graduates Pilot Project
2. Entry-level and Semi-skilled Pilot Project
3. Skilled Workers
4. Designated Health Care Professionals
5. International Graduates

Below are a few basic requirements of all the above mentioned categories:
•An applicant must not be having an on the go asylum claim.
•If a candidate is applying for the nomination from outside Canada, he/she must not be facing any order against entering Canada.
•An applicant must have the purpose to settle in British Columbia.
•An applicant must possess the abilities to be financially established in the province.
•If an applicant is applying from inside Canada or he/she has already been in Canada, the applicant must be a lawful immigrant in the country. The applicant must not be facing any deportation order.

BC PNP: British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program in the Canadian province of British Columbia makes easy the province to suggest foreign immigrants so as to meet the employ requirements of the British Columbia financial system and labor market. British Columbia employers are very much benefited by the program. There are two groups under which the province nominates foreign nationals to be in. They are:

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is also a means for foreign nationals to get permanent residency in Canada. In other words, when a candidate is nominated by the provincial program, he also has the better chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residency. The nominated candidate is entitled to file for permanent residency status with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is a fast-tracked way of obtaining PR in Canada, when judge against to any other federal immigration program.

The BC PNP permits foreign skilled workers in addition to international student to immigrate under its two dissimilar streams, thus helping them in getting the permanent residency status in Canada. Those who wish to migrate to British Columbia as a provincial nominee have to assure the requirements set by the PNP authorities. You might have doubts concerning under which stream you could immigrate to the province. To know about this and more about the British Columbia PNP, you may contact an Immigration and Visa lawyer or ask in comments below.

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