Federal Skilled Workers

If your job experience and qualification lies in the 29 occupation list of Canada than you will be eligible to apply as a skilled worker, you will be evaluated on six selection factors and a point system.

6 Selection Factors of Canadian Points Based Immigration
Selection FactorMaximum Points
Proficiency in English and/or French
Arranged employment in Canada
Total Maximum points

The Pass mark of Canadian Immigration is 67 points. If your score is the equal or higher than the pass mark, then you may meet the criteria to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. If your score is lesser than the 67 passing mark, you are not probable to meet the criteria to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. CIC recommends that you do not submit an application at this time.

On the other hand, you can still submit an application if you consider additional factors would show that you are able to set up yourself in Canada and hold up your dependants. Send a comprehensive letter with your application along with justification why you think you are capable enough to turn out to be economically established in Canada. Comprise any documents that hold up your claim.

Who might be principal applicantv for Canadian Immigration?
If you are wedded or living with a common-law partner, whichever you or your spouse can submit an application as the main applicant. Use the CIC self-assessment test to assist you decide which person is expected to earn the maximum points. The partner having maximum points should apply as the principal applicant. The other individual would be measured as a dependent in the application.


naresh said...

where to send canada pr application ...(skilled worker)
please give me canada postal address

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
I am Ana here, would be obliged if you could solve my queries. I am an Asian.

I had applied for a PR under FSW category for my parents and my younger brother as he is under age I was able to file for him too. My process everything was going smooth and almost all the things were done. I was just left to receive my paper visa. But, at the last moment immigration said they want IELTS marks due to my brother file. What is the marks they need in this case? My brother has finished his high school. Do Canada government issue paper visa for immigrant how is it? Could my parents accompany with me coz they are under myself only. I had not submitted IElTS marks before as my point was already met. I had already submitted all the required documents and even police report. Just want to know do they ask at the last moment for IELTS marks due to my brother file

Anticipatory Thank you

Anonymous said...

I am married and had already assessed my points using the cic calculator. Could I still get an additional point for adaptability considering that I am married even if my spouse is not accompanying? How much should I prepare for the settlement fund then? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I have problem, I and my spouse who is TGT teacher applied for canada PR under FSW in 2006. i applied for the Administration Offcier job code as per NOC 1221 and my madam as teacher. we have received the file number and waiting for the next course of action. my question is " will my job category support me in the process to make decision on my application or oversighted which was in high ddemand in 2006" second" when can i expect the next action from CIC and what that will be, Third" when shall i submit the IELTS certificate with 6 + bands. kindly advice as i have awited for 6 years in row for possible future. i really respect the canadian immigration system and hope things will work in my future. kindly advice on
i will be very thankful to you sirs/madam

Anonymous said...

ok thanks for this online support to people i really like this. thanks

Anonymous said...

File befor 27th 2008 is refused. Please lodge your petition through liberal legislator in Canada just click
Please spread this link

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
im elizabeth masih , me and my family applied for permanent resident skilled worker , and we have points more than 67 , so please tell me how long will it take more for the medical request and visa ,...
Thank YOU

Anonymous said...

dear comrade,while applying for PR for me and my spouse and kids,i included,my adopted daughter who is now 18yrs was refused the PR visa along with ours,because the immigration officer claimed the proof submitted for her adoption is not acceptable ,moreso the girl is now in the custody of her mum but i and my spouse remained the only financier of her education and other that we are leaving her back,im afraid the girl will miss all our supports financially which could cause some kind of threat to her life and education to be precise.
kindly advise me on what to do for the girl to join us in canada as soon as possible so that she wont feel sad,depressed or otherwise.
kindly reply me through my email, .
thanks for your help

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