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This forum is specially designed for those who want to discuss their issues regarding Canadian Visa. Many experts are members of this blog and will guide you accordingly to solve your problems.

Canadian Immigration Office London is responsible for immigrant applications from: England, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Wales (and Skilled Worker and Business Class applications from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen)

This office also deals with the applications of Economic Class (Skilled Worker, Entrepreneur, Investor and Provincial Nominee) applications from Pakistan

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Minahal said...

I am Minahal Junaid Chauhadry from UK. I am residing here on student visa from last 5 years. I have completed my MBA and now want to immigrate to Canada.

Senior members of this forum please guide me about the canadian immigration from London UK

Alicia Alighatti said...

I want to immigrate to Canada from London. UK. I am a software engineer by profession and having 8 years of experience in my field. Please guide me about the whole procedure of canadian immigration

Comrade said...

Dear Alicia and Minahal,
You need to obtain at least 67 points for canadian immigration. There are a variety of factors invoved. Kindly visit official website of canadian immigration and count your points first.
Kindly visit the following link

Anonymous said...

In june 2006 I applied as Federal skilled worker (with my family) for permanent residencec in Canada at CHC Islamabad-Pakistan.
Keeping in view the given processing time i.e 36 to 42 months, I took my IELTS in june 2009 and scored 7 Band.
I send my IELTS Test Report Form to CHC Islamabad thrice with 30 days intervals but no response from the office.
In june 2006 I was informed by CHC Islamabad that my case is transfered to CHC London U.K
In reply of my mail the CHC London U.K office
directed me to wait. If their office do not contact me by the end of October 2010, than I will again send them a request for the current status of my case.
Now please help me, Its an SOS call.

Comrade said...

wait for any update from chc london. dont contact chc again and again

Anonymous said...

Dear comrade you advised me not to contact CHC again & again.
Then please inform me that how long the CHC London will take to finalize my case.

Comrade said...

It is mentiones on cic website that repeat contact will dekay your case. So relax and wait for your turn. As per my perdiction ot will come in the end of next year

Anonymous said...

how long does it take to process a skilled worker's file sent from Islamabad?

Anonymous said...

dear comrade
i applied in may 2007 and got acknowledgement letter on jun jan 2010 it was mentioned in my e-status that your case has been transferred to london england office.i just need to ask that what do u think that when that office will contact me?what they will demand from me?

Raheel said...

I am from Pakistan and i apply on Provincial Nominee Program (SINP).My medical is done in December but there is no response from CIC London. Please tell me when CIC London request for our passports for visa.

Anonymous said...

I have applied for skilled worker. I recieved an email from london office asking for some information of mine within 15days. Its not clear in the email as to where to send the reply. I replied to the same email address i.e
Although i mentioned in my email that i am unfamiliar with the process as to where send the reply so please send automated reply/ confirmation. I still havnt got any automated reaponse.
I am unsure whether london office got the reply or not. Someone told me to reply on
I havnt sent reply on this email yet. 14th march is the last date for submission so please guide me where to email the required information. Thankyou.

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