Abuses in US H2B Visa Program!

Under the US H2B visa program, overseas migrants are permissible to live and work in the US in the non-agricultural jobs that are cyclic and temporary in nature. Majority of workers are concerned in hospitality or building jobs in the US. The US H2B visa program is overseen by agencies with USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), the Department of State, and the Department of Labor.

Reports of enormous scam have been discovered in the US H2B visa program. As stated by a current report by the US government, there have been more than a few passions pointing out towards extensive mistreatment of foreign workers by a number of recruiters and employers.

Giving details concerning the cruelty in the US H2B visa program, the GAO (Government Accountability Office) affirmed in a letter addressed to George Miller, the chairman of House Committee on Education and Labor, stated of 10 cases of abuse in the US visa program.

As stated by the report, these cases implicated violations about excessive fees from employees, unjust wages to workers and fake documentation provided to government agencies in abuse of US visa program rules.

Additionally, there have been reports of illegal immigration of 87 Indians who had paid a sum of around $20,000 per applicant for entering the US. Employers implicated in the US H2B visa fraud. These illegal agents of immigration were found to be operating in 29 different states, the findings of the report disclosed.

Approximately six cases involved non-payment of hourly salary, overtime or even both by the US employers who called the immigrants under the US H2B visa program. In New York, workers were remunerated an hourly salary of below $5 which is far lower than the promised hourly wage rate among $8 and 12.20. All these workers had worked for approximately 80 hours a week.

Almost eight of the 10 fraud cases in the US H2B visa program were linked with submission of bogus documents by employers relating to the prospective immigrant workers. Employers were also found to have charged too much fees from workers in the US H2B visa program for visa processing, monthly rent in overfull places and transportation charges. The report upholds that when workers left the US, they were in larger debt than at the time of their entrance.


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