Medical Test requirement for Canada Immigration

In order to get the Canada Visa, you have to pass a medical examination to enter in Canada as a permanent residence. Directions on how to take the medical examination will usually be sent to you after you put forward your application to the Canada visa office.

CIC do not allow your family doctor to do your medical examination for Canadian Immigration. You must see a medical doctor on Canada’s list of Designated Medical Practitioners at

Your final medical reports and x-rays for the medical examination turn into the possessions of the Canadian Immigration Medical Authorities and will not be returned to you.
Some important points to be noted for medical test of Canadian Immigration:

1. The medical doctor will not inform about the results of the medical examination to you. Although, the doctor may let you know if you have any health-related problem.

2. The nominated medical practitioner does not give the final conclusion. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will give the final decision on whether or not your medical test is accepted for immigration purposes.

3. The Canada visa office will let you know in writing if there is a problem with your medical examination.

Canada Immigration Medical Exam Validity Period

The validity period of medical examination for Canada Visa or Immigration is 1 year. So you can only use your medical examination results in your visa application for 12 months after you had the examination.
If you are not entered in Canada as a permanent resident within this specific time period of 12 months, it will be necessary to take another medical test for Canadian Immigration.

Why should I undergo a Medical examination for Canada Immigration or Visa?

You should undergo a medical examination for Canada Immigration because Canadaian Government want to confirm that your health will not be

  1. A hazard to public safety or health in Canada.
  2. Cause too much require on health or social services in Canada.

In addition, your dependants should also pass a medical examination even though they are not accompanying you.So you must undergo a medical examination prior to immigrating to Canada.

How to apply for Canadian Immigration from Philippines

Following is the step by step procedure of Canada visa from Philippines

1. Pay your fees
Consult the Instruction guide or the Fees section of CIC website to calculate your fees. Payment of Visa fees may be made both in Philippine pesos or Canadian dollars. Payment of your immigration fees from Manila, Philippines must be made by means of an international money order, certified check or bank draft, issued to you within 30 days of the date of your payment to CHC Manila. Your payment must be made payable to the ‘Canadian Embassy – Manila’.

2. Mail your application to Canadian Embassy Manila Philippines
Mail the application form and evidence of payment in a preserved envelope to:
Visa Section
The Canadian Embassy
P.O. Box 2168, Makati Central PO
Makati City 1200

You may also deliver your application in person or by courier to:
Visa Section
Canadian Embassy
RCBC Plaza Tower 2, 6th Floor
6819 Ayala Avenue
Salcedo Village, Makati City

If you wish to use a commercial courier, CIC made arrangements with DHL Worldwide Express, to guarantee the secure delivery of your correctly completed immigration application package to CHC office in Manila; though, you are under no compulsion to choose DHL above any other commercial courier. Please keep in mind that do not send cash in any case.

Source: CIC Canada

How to obtain a police certificate in Pakistan for Canada Immigration?

Pakistanis need to provide a police certificate when applying for permanent residence or any other kind of Canada visa.
Following is the procedure of obtaining a police certificate from Pakistan

1. People who are currently living in big cities of Pakistan:
People living if big cities of Pakistan must provide a Police Clearance Certificate or Police Character Certificate. Application forms for police certificate in Pakistan are obtainable at the “Town” or “City Police Officer” of your region.

The SHO or City Police Officer will issue the requisite police certificate and will send it back to regional police office where you can collect your certificate. Normally it will be ready within one week.

2. People who are currently living in smaller cities, towns or rural areas of Pakistan:
You may ask for an application form from the local district office of the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of the Police Security Branch. The Superintendent Police (SP/SSP will issue the necessary police certificate directly to you.

3. People who are currently living outside Pakistan:
Normally, while you are residing outside of Pakistan, you may get a Police Clearance Certificate directly from the local district office of the Senior Superintendent of Police (Security Branch) for the division from which the Police Clearance Certificate is required.

To obtain a police certificate for Canada Immigration from Pakistan, non-nationals or non-residents may need to produce:
  • Attested photocopies of their passport, including all the pages showing their legal stay in the current country of residence.
  • Attested copy of their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).
    2 passport-size photographs.
  • Authority letter in the name of their immediate / blood relative to get this clearance certificate on their behalf.
  • Affidavit of 20 Rs on judicial stamp paper from the family member who will obtain the police clearance certificate, stating that he will obtain the clearance certificate on behalf of the overseas relative.
  • If you are not present inside Pakistan, you are directed to contact the nearest embassy or consulate (general) of Pakistan for help in getting police certificates.
Note: The Canadian High Commission (CHC) in Islamabad, Pakistan cannot help you in this regard.

Source: CIC Canada

How to obtain a police certificate in India for Canada Immigration

Indian citizens need to make available a police certificate when applying for permanent residence of Canada.

How and where do I obtain a police certificate for Canadian Immigration in India?

1. Police certificate for Canada Immigration for people currently residing in India:
Applicants should make contact with the local SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police/Commissioner of Police). Police permission and authorization certificates from the regional passport office (RPO) are acceptable as well.

2. Police Certificates for Canada Immigration for Indian Citizens who do not reside in India:
Applicants should contact the Indian embassy or consulate.

About Canada Immigration

Canada has developed its image into the land of imaginings and opportunities for countless people all through the world. The country and its cities are always ranked amongst the most excellent places to live in the world. Canada is graded at number 3 in accordance with the latest UN Human Development Index. It is no doubt that many people are thinking immigrating to Canada and start a new and successful life in this varied and only one of its kind country.

You are supposed to collect as much information about Canada and Canadian immigration as you can prior to starting the immigration process and stay up-to-date on what is happening in Canada and how it influence you all through your immigration process and after landing in Canada. You must also build contacts and build up the network that can assist you settle successfully into your new life in Canada. At this stage, judicious decisions should be made and costly blunders must be avoided.

Whether you have recently started thinking about immigrating and living in Canada, waiting for your final authority and visa, or whether you are a landed immigrant in Canada. Stay updated on the changes in the migration rules, find out what is going to cost you to live in Canada, and learn what to do to find a job in Canada. Explore this blog and keep visiting it because its all about your new life in Canada.

Canadian Job Market

The Canadian Immigration under skilled worker category is specifically designed to catch the attention of highly educated and skilled people all over the world to meet the growing economic demands of Canadian society.

After the successful landing of new comers in Canada, they have to manage a lot of challenges once they start looking for jobs. Every year over 250,000 new immigrants land at Canada and face these circumstances. But if they properly plan it before arrival, they can easily tackle the uncertainty of employment. Those who work cleverly can conquer the initial problems of job finding in Canada..

The most frequent barriers for new immigrants in Canada are:
  1. Communication Problem in either English or French.
  2. Shortage of social and business networks.
  3. Competition with already established Canadian in their respective field.
  4. Deficiency of Canadian experience in their respective field.
  5. Requirement a Canadian license to work in a regulated occupation for instance doctors or engineers.
These obstacles sometimes force highly skilled immigrants might start odd jobs initially. In most cases odd jobs are temporary and just for initial survival.

If you are a prospective or landed immigrant of Canada, you will need to have a plan to get a better job in Canada. Here are some tips of your job plan in Canada.
  1. Gain knowledge of, improve and practice the English language. Learning French will be a plus.
  2. Every job in Canada is dependent on Computer so gain control over computer.
  3. Get an international driving license from your home country.
  4. Gain control over the requirements of your occupation.
  5. Understand the Canadian job market by exploring Canadian jobs on internet.
  6. Send your resume online to different companies of Canada.
Accomplishment is very much easy if you take help of the Canadian support system (settlement organizations, government, businesses and online communities) your chances for victory will raise significantly.

Can I work in Canada on Student Visa?

Thousands of students come to Canada every year for study. But they always have one question i.e. Can I do a job in Canada on student visa?

The Canadian law requires that you have to come to Canada with sufficient funds to pay for your tuition and living costs at the same time as you are studying in Canada, without needing to work. But there are some specific hours per week to which you can work

Each Province in Canada has its own set of laws to allow you weekly permitted hours of work. In general you are supposed to work in Canada during your stay at study permit with only one exception i.e. if you are enrolled on a program of English as a second language than you will not permitted to work in Canada.

Do not work exclusive of being authorized to do so and do not work more than legally permitted hours failing which you might be asked to leave Canada.

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Canadian Government has launched a new website to assist immigrants

A new website has been launched by Canadian Government to help landed and future immigrants of Canada to set their skills to work in Canada quicker. This was announced by honourable Mr. Jason Kenney, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister of Canada.

He added that every year, thousands of highly skilled newcomers land at Canada. It is in their interest as well as in Canada’s interest, to perform all tasks we can to facilitate them set their skills in employment here, in immediate possible time, once they enter in Canada. This is an additional means to facilitate them get the greatest advantage from their knowledge, experience and qualifications.

This website will direct all landed immigrants who are planning to penetrate in the Canadian labour market, in addition to newcomers. Using a gradual advancement, it contains information on how to start the documentation assessment process, in addition to discover options when instant access to a earlier profession is not likely.

This online workbook is created by the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO) and available to those in Canada as well as overseas.

This new online workbook gives information about:
  • Livelihood in Canada, as well as information on organizations that assist immigrants.
  • Significance of knowing one of Canada’s authorized languages.
  • How to find a job in Canada, including the distinction between regulated and non-regulated occupations, and the procedure to get license, certification or registration in Canada.
  • Methods of recognizing and gather professional documents.
  • Information on determining the distinction between education and qualifications obtained in Canada and those obtained in another country.
The workbook is one of numerous measures that the Government of Canada is taking to assist newcomers effectively join together into Canada and get their overseas credentials evaluated and accepted.
The URL of this website is:

How to Choose a Right Immigration Consultant of Canada

Gathering the spirit to firm to your decision of immigration to Canada is half work done. The next step would be to successfully complete the immigration procedures. Although immigration process of Canada is simple and straight, but if you find some difficulty you can seek help of a professional immigration consultant.

The best method of choosing immigration consultant is that you find the different websites of immigration consultants on internet and spare your time to exploring their websites. See all the assistance and services they offered and choose the best one. Generally, the consultants with big websites and advertising their services are normally good one because they have a big setup and international repute.

On the other hand, if you want to seek assiance from a local consultant of your country then again check the services of international Immigration consultants on their websites and compare them with your local immigration consultants. This will give you a good idea to finalize your Canada immigration consultant.

Always keep in mind that the consultant you choose must be a member of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC. Find more on choosing a right immigration consultant of Canada

How to get better score in IELTS?

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. This is an internationally recognized test which is used to measure English ability in four major areas i.e. listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

There are two different types of IELTS test – IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training, and the reason behind taking the IELTS exam will describe which paper you need to take.
IELTS (Academic):
If you want to attend a university or college in Canada, then you will require taking the IELTS academic. And as every university or college may perhaps vary in IELTS requirements, so it is important to make sure what score you require before beginning studying for IELTS. The minimum band score for all Canadian Universities for IELTS (Academic only) is 6.5 overall. Canadian Universities or Colleges do not accept IELTS (General Training) as it is specifically designed for Immigration or work purposes.

IELTS (General Training):

IELTS General Training test is specifically designed for Immigration purpose. Canada has recently decreased the IELTS requirements for immigration. See full detail on the following link

Latest change in IELTS score required to Immigrate Canada

The primary work is to find out which IELTS paper you require to take, and what IELTS score you need to attain.

The listening and the speaking modules of IELTS are the same for both the IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic papers, but the reading and the writing modules of every IELTS paper are somewhat different so it is essential to center your IELTS paper studies and practice on the right type of paper. Once you have worked this out you will be able to start the study appropriately.
Cambridge IELTS 7 Self-study Pack (Student's Book with Answers and Audio CDs (2)): Examination Papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge Books for Cambridge Exams)

Tips and Techniques for preparation of IELTS
Break your IELTS lessons down into sections - don't think that it is single big difficult test, however four smaller ones. Try to identify which sections of the IELTS test are your strong ones and which are sections are weak, after that you can center more study time on the areas you find more hard. But ensure that you do not ignore any areas so continue to do lesser practice even on your stronger sections.

IELTS Listening test:
This test contains three sections and total 40 questions. In this test you have to hear conversation of one to four persons and quickly pick and reproduce the correct word.

Some useful tips for IELTS listening test

  1. See English news, talk shows and most importantly English films of your interest and try to understand the conversation. At first you will feel irritation but with the passage of time you will be comfortable hearing English.

  2. Get some IELTS sample test Cassettes or CDs, or download some saple tests from internet and practice as much as you can.

  3. During test, if you missed hearing some answer during, leave it and listen more carefully the next conversation. The fact is that if you start thinking on previous word, you will probably miss the next answer. Try to guess the missing answer at the end.

IELTS Speaking test:
This is in the form of a polite interview, and usually lasts about 12-15 minutes. The first section is casual questions about your introduction, where you live, hobbies etc. In the second section you have to talk on a given topic, you have to talk about two minute on this topic. After you finish your talk, the examiner will ask you some questions relevant to same topic. The second section is more difficult and normally focuses on answering questions about hot issues in society and everyday life.

Some Useful tips for IELTS speaking test

  1. Try to speak in English with your family and friends and during everyday talk. Try to improve your pronunciation and accent by watching English news and movies. Current articles from newspapers are also helpful for the second section of the test.

  2. Speak yourself in English in front of a mirror and try to build your confidence and grip on English speaking.

  3. In front of examiner, speak self-confidently and clearly even if you think you are not right. Examiners will score for your confidence.
IELTS Reading test:
This section is different for the IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic papers. The IELTS Academic reading test has harder reading paragraphs and questions so it is essential to prepare with the correct paper.

Some useful tips for the preparation of IELTS Reading test

  1. Time limitation is a major problem in this test so try to manage your time in this test. Get hold of the test by doing as many practice tests as you can. Many practice tests are available on internet as well. Search for ‘free IELTS reading tests’ and you will find a lot of results.

  2. Read the answers first instead of reading of the paragraph.

  3. Don’t read a paragraph thoroughly except the sentences which relate to questions, just take a fast look on paragraph, try to get the main idea of paragraph and always underline the important relevant sentences in the paragraph which are close to the questions.

  4. Answer the easier questions first.

IELTS Writing test:

This is the most difficult test among all IELTS tests. Both IELTS (General Training) and IELTS Academic contains two sections. For General Training it is an essay and a letter and for Academic it is an essay and a report on a geographical chart. You only have one hour to do both. The essay contains more marks and comes on second, always choose the essay first. You should spend forty minutes on it, and the remaining twenty on the letter or report.

The letter or report should be 150 words, and the essay requirement is minimum250 words.

Useful tips to score better in IELTS writing paper

  1. For the letter or report learn some stock phrases that you can use in any letter or report of a certain type. Practice rapidity writing with dissimilar past IELTS questions that you can obtain grip of. Use a stopwatch for practice as well as test. Continue practicing till you attain the target of 150 words in twenty minutes.

  2. The essay is generally somehow difficult topic. Do brainstorming for 2 minutes (Brainstorming is a procedure when you place a storm in your brain and whatever irrespective of essay subject come in your brain put it on paper). After brainstorming find the relevant words from the words or ideas which you put on the paper, also try to relate the irrelevant words to the topic of essay. Practice for essay writing as much as you can. Writing 250 words is not a long task.

As practice makes a man perfect so practice so practice again and again befor appearing in test so that you know accurately what to expect, which type of questions will come and how to tackle them, how long it must take you to answer them, and cover a lot if different topics so that you find yourself relax in the examination hall.

Best of Luck!

Minister Kenney gave statement recognizing Holi

The respectable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, gave the announcement to be on familiar terms with the Hindu festival of Holi.

He said that Holi is a spring celebration that has been famous for hundreds of years, marking the eventual victory of fine over sin. He added that for Hindu community around the world, Holi is a time to get together with friends, family, relatives and the community to share meals and gifts. The colors of Holi make the entire environment colorful.

In Canada, the festival of Holi is famous in Hindus and non-Hindus similarly. All other religions enjoy Holi as well. Holi intends to break barriers of hatred and let various sections of society to have a good time together in a spirit of brotherhood. This festival can truly serve to make stronger our country, Minister Kenney Said.

The most outstanding characteristic of the festival is the use of colored powders and paints affect to one and threw on others in the pleasurable spirit of the day.

For every Canadian, Holi gives an outstanding chance to mirror on the great contributions that Hindus and Indians have made to Canada’s rich and mixed tradition.

Minister Kenney greeted everybody a happy and colourful Holi.

How to start a small business in Canada

This article is very helpful for landed immigrants of Canada as well as prospective immigrants because people are facing difficulties to find a good job in Canada due to current economic slump worldwide.

Starting your personal business is very attractive for many reasons but how do you get a hold?

The process to start business in Canada is not as complex as some immigrants or citizens would be expecting. Here are the steps to you require getting to help to get your business started:

  1. The primary thing you have to choose a market segment to start. Remember that the most victorious people in business love what they do. So find a market segment that you are interested in and take pleasure in doing. Take a leisure pursuit or passion and think ways you might make money from it. Write down a list of possible businesses you can do. It can be as simple as making bakery items or as expert as developing some kind of software. Any ability or aptitude you have has the likeliness to turn into a business.
  2. Make a rough business sketch. Try responding these questions to get started:

    -What can you put on the market, a product or service?

    -How much it cost you to make the product or provide the service?

    -What will be the margin of your profit?

    -Who are your target customers and what is their purchasing power?

    -How can you accede to your customers to know about your business i.e. marketing of your business?
  3. Check out the rivalry. Find out what your competitors offer, what they charge, what their profit margin is, and how they are selling their product or service. You may find that they may be deficient in something that you can offer or you may find an exclusive slope in how you present your business.
  4. Do not undersell your products or services because Canadians are very conscious for this. They are happy to give for quality products or services. If you charge too small, in fact, they might think your product or service is poor quality to competitors.
  5. Use software for accounting tracking sales, invoices, and expenses and preparing for tax term.
  6. Finally, publicize your business. You will not get any business if public do not know about your business. There are quite a lot of inexpensive ways to promote your business, for instance; print your business cards, post inexpensive advertisements in local community papers, and post your trade card on public announcement boards. Think about joining an associated group. Networking in your local community or your language mates is a great form of advertising. It also gives you thoughts and relations that eventually raise your business.
  7. Keep in mind a golden rule that business is not always started with your own investment, but it may be started with customer’s investment. So try to think methods that how can you minimize your own investment and maximize the customer’s investment in your business.

Canadian government also assists in starting a small business by giving loans. Try to least relying on loans by doing your own struggle for your business.

Here is a great resources organization for small business owners: Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (Advocacy, advisory groups, education, and events)

A beautiful place to live - Canada

Canada is a very beautiful country with numerous natural sceneries and is filled with natural resources. Canada is the second largest Country in the world having a multicultural society with émigré from all over the world. It is also a multilingual society because most of Canadians came from many different backgrounds with different languages.

Canada is emigrant welcoming country with added and more new immigrants landing every year. Canada has about 32,500,000 of total population. Canada is a superb country that provides its entire people with a free health care and free education.

Canada is a country wealthy in view and wildlife. Canada has much natural appeal and has get in tourists from all the world. There are rainforests and the beautiful stony mountains in the west, there are huge plains, several beautiful lakes and the largest water falls in the world, and absolutely the Niagara Falls.

Canada is one of the world's richest nations with per head income higher than the majority of European nations. Canada has a fast growing economy with a low joblessness. Canada has a near to the ground national unemployment rate which is as low as 5.9%. Canada has a GDP of $1.089 trillion. Canada is an amazing country, a great place to live, full of extraordinary people and rich with civilization.

Some Pros and Cons of Canada Immigration

Canada is a attractive, vast country full of never-ending opportunities. There are, like every country some difficulties to living in Canada.

Any person desire to immigrate to Canada, or move to Canada temporarily is supposed to be advised about following facts:

1. Go directly to the exact Province of Canada you wish to reside. Society, culture and job opportunities differ very much from Province to Province.

2. Realize of the huge distance Canada covers while travelling inside Canada, and to what extent it may cost you in petrol or gasoline to visit friends and family living in other parts of Canada.

3. Verify in advance to see if your educational qualifications will be recognized and accepted in Canada.

4. Recognize the value of some health costs. You do not pay for operations, but you may pay for prescription drugs, so look into a health plan to cover up these costs.

5. Get ready for extreme cold temperatures; it can be amazingly cold in a variety of parts of Canada, reducing to -40 degrees Centigrade in the winter, and rise +35 degrees Centigrade in the summer.

Permanent Resident Card of Canada

Canada welcomes Immigrants from all over the world. As long as you get the Canadian Immigration, you can not become a Canadian citizen immediately like most other countries of the world which are offering Immigration. After Immigration, you will be first owed Permanent Residence of Canada.

Permanent residence in Canada is a provisional acceptance by Canadian Government as an immigrant. At the time of landing you will receive a Permanent Resident card (it is same like a credit card) that holds all kinds of information regarding you in a magnetic strip and also displays your photo. It gives an ending date about five years consequently. This card is used as an alternative of a passport when you go into Canada from outside its borders and informs the immigration officer that you have the right to go into Canada.

After expiry, your permanent residence card may be renewed and your permanent residence will be reconsidered. If you are able to verify that you have been actually present inside Canada for 730 days in the past five years, you can get your permanent residence card renewed and you will be able to travel outside Canada and come back. If you fail to prove so, you can loose your residency and you may be given 30 days to leave, or you may appeal against the decision.

Thus, once you have got permanent residence of Canada, do not think working out of the country for a Canadian company, this may endanger your residency. Try to travel outside Canada for a minimum time because this may impact your citizenship of Canada.

Comparison of Canada and UAE

UAE has prosperous expat inhabitants who make the most of their tax free way of life in this marvelous country of opportunities.

1. Lifestyle of UAE:
The nightlife in UAE especially in Dubai is outstanding, with wine bars, mixture bars, and typical Irish or British pubs available, a lot of of which present food and entertainment also.

Far above the ground standard international cooking is available in the country’s many restaurants and if you are looking for energetic evening activities there are many Hotels, restaurants and clubs around the country. Dubai also greets international touring playing and entertainment actors which provide to all tastes and ages.

You can be certain of a thrilling speed of life in Dubai UAE and a high standard of living. Canada and UAE has the similarity that both countries contains inhabitants from all ovet the world creative a multicultural environment.

Weather Comparison of Canada and UAE:

Canada has a tough cold season and during winter its temperature in cities can fall upto 20C. Canada has mostly cloudy weather.

UAE has moderate weather conditions and people enjoy both hot and cold seasons in Duabai.

Canadian Immigration Consultants in India

There are a lot of consultants in India majorly working in Chandigarh and New Dehli. Before choosing a you must be aware that there are a lot of fake immigration consultants are working in India.

Befor choosing an immigration consultant in India, make sure that that he is recognized by csic Canada. Check his name in the official website of Canadian Immigration and after satisfaction hire him.

See also these topics for more information

Canada Immigration IELTS Results Validity Period

As per new directions of CIC, the validity period of IELTS result  for Canada Immigration is 2 years. For instance, if you have taken the test on 2 January 2012 than it will valid till 01 January 2014. In addition, the validity of IELTS itself is 2 years. So keeping in mind the validity period of IELTS test and your immigration case processing time you can decide the date of taking the IELTS test.

It is also recommended that dont wait for the time when CHC demand documents to finalize your immigration case. But try to well prepare IELTS and take it time before the expected time of Immigration.

As per the current procedure of Canadian Immigration, you have to submit your IELTS result along with your Canadian Immigration Application.
IELTS scores has also been reduced for Immigration. Look at the following article to see latest changes.
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Canada Immigration 2005 Cases Processing Time

The Immigration time for previous Canadian Immigration cases has been decreased after the appointment of minister Kenney in October 2008. Minister kenney is extensively working on reducing the backlog of Canadian Innigrants who applied in the year 2004, 2005 and 2006.
Canadian Government is very keen to facilitate Prospective Immigrants. Thats why Canada is taking positive steps towards processing time of Immigration. This time raised to 5 to 6 years when it comes to countries like India, Pakistan and Philippines in past processing criteria. But now the change has been made. Canadian Government also reduced the minimum IELTS score for Immigration purpose to get maximum 16 points of Canadian Immigration.
Explore this blog to find all the relevant information.

Canada immigration time from Pakistan

Pakistanis has a lot of concern about canadian immigration time from Pakistan. Normally, for the applicants who applied before 27 Feb 2008, their immigration cases are finalizing in 45 to 60 months. The applicants who applied under the new criteria of immigration with the specific skills in one of the 38 required occupations, their immigration case processing time lies between 12 to 22 months.
But after the visit of Canadian immigration minister to Pakistan, Canada recognized this long waiting time for Pakistanis and decided to reduce the long immigration time. In January 2009, Canadian Visa office in Pakistan issued letters to all future immigrants who applied before febuary 2008. The letter was issued for the consent of applicants whether they are still willing to immigrate or not. This procedure removed the backlog of Canadian Immigration applicants from CHC Islamabad.
From 01 April 2010, all files of Canadian Immigration Applicants from CHC Islamabad has been transferred to CHC London in order to expedite the immigration process and time.

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History of Pakistanis in Canada

Pakistanis started migrating to Canada in a very small numbers in the late 50s. Immigration regulations of that time gave liking to those with higher education and specialized skills, and the Pakistanis who came to Canada throughout that period, generally had excellent qualifications.
Majority of that group of those who had come to earn but not to settle permanently, or were students who planned to return their home country when their degree programs were completed. Whilst a number of them went back, others reside to turn into the founding members of the Pakistani-Canadian community.

Pakistani nationals in Canada were registered in degree and undergraduate programs at McGill University in Montreal in 1949 and at the University of Toronto from 1958 to onwards. By the mid-1950s, there were only 5 or 6 Pakistani families living in Montreal other than the students. This was perhaps the largest populace of Pakistanis in Canada at the time. All through the 50s, 60s and 70s most who arrived at Canada were young men following on study permit of Canada for graduate or professional studies.

In 1976, Canadian Prime Minister introduced the Immigration Act. Since then the number of Pakistani immigrants raised significantly, with hundreds in past and thousands in present, of Pakistanis entering Canada each year.

Today, a good Pakistani population has established in Canada and enjoying their stay in Canada.
See more:

Pakistani population in Canada Provices

Following is the composition of approx Pakistani population in different provinces of Canada

Ontario = 45,500
Quebec = 8,100
Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton) = 5,780
British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria) = 3,555
Manitoba (Winnipeg) = 1,942
Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon) = 1,480
Nova Scotia (Halifax) = 660
Newfoundland (St. John's) = 355
New Brunswick (Fredericton, Moncton) = 200
Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) = 100
Northwest Territories (Yellowknife) = 50
Nunavut = None
Yukon = None

Fake Immigration Consultants in India

Canada is very much concerned about fraud immigration consultants all over the world, especially in India. Due to a rising number of dishonest immigration consultants in India, Minister Kenney launches video caution for future immigrants of India about the dangers of fake immigration consultants offering immigration services.

Minister Kenney added that Canadian government is taking a strict approach to immigration consultant fraud in India. Canadian Government is doing ongoing work to make bigger the warnings about deception against future applicants and to fight unlawful tricks related to immigration.

The Minister highlighted current development on the file, together with a personal obligation from the Chief Minister of Indian Punjab to increase efforts in the struggle against fraudulent consultants who are working in Chandigarh, India. The Punjab state government of India and Canada’s visa office in Chandigarh, India will be working to deal with immigration consultant fraud and several arrests of allegedly fake consultants have previously been made.

Minister Kenney also highlighted the value of raising consciousness in put a stop to consumer fraud, and said the new video notify against the threats of taking the service of fake representatives who offer immigration services to future immigrants.

This clip features an immigrant family from Chile that was a victim of a fake immigration consultant and contains tips on how to decide a certified consultant or lawyer if an applicant decides to look for help with an application.

Click here to see this video on CIC website
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How to get a Canada Visa

People from all countries world of South Asia and Middle East, for instance, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Singapore, Philippines are wondering to find the information about how to obtain a Canada Visa. They often fail to find any appropriate information about Canada Visa on Internet. This blog is specially designed to give all relevant information about Canada Visa.

The government of Canada has embassies or Canada Visa Offices in nearly each country of the world. These offices give visas to different categories of visa seekers. Visas are required by visitors for visit, study, immigrating or permanent settlement (wrongly said Green Card of Canada) of Canada in various capacities.

Depending upon the circumstances at the time of application for visas, the processing time for application for temporary visit or student may require minimum 6 weeks. In case of permanent residence visas, it may take from 12 to 60 months to finalize, but the Canadian is now taking steps to reduce this long time for immigration. Those who submit an application for permanent residence visas can also take with them their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 22 years. In rare cases the children over the age of 22 years may also be considered.

Persons who want to submit an application for Canada visas have to pay a certain sum of non-refundable visa fee. If you are applying as a skilled worker for permanent residence, you should pay 550 CAD (Canadian Dollars) for yourself plus extra 550 CAD for your spouse. An extra fee of $75 is also paid for every family member under the age of 22 years. In addition, a Right of Permanent Residence Fee of $975 CAD has to be paid before the issuance of visa.

You should appear for an interview together with your spouse, at the immigration office. In some positive circumstances, the interview provision for you and your spouse can be waived off. The reason of holding an interview is to determine the exactness of the information you mentioned in your application form, to make clear the facts concerning your background, and to make sure that you own the enough funds to settle in Canada. You must bring all original documentation to the interview supporting the application; any official documents of non-criminal conviction and all proofs of settlement funds.

Pakistan Canada Visa Update

In the first quarter of January 2009, Jason Kenney, Minister Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada had a two days official visit of Pakistan. Official mutual meetings were held with Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and important Pakistani ministries to discuss Canada immigration and Canada visa issues. Demand for Pakistani citizens in Canada job market, and Canadian foreign investment in Pakistan were also discussed in this meeting.

Throughout these formal meetings, Pakistani Prime Minister and Minister Kenney talk about issue of employment of Pakistani manpower by the Canadian companies and organizations which deal in expansion of new agricultural lands in Canada’s provinces where labor is lacking and generating different employment opportunities and Canada Visa offers for different classes of workers from Pakistan. Minister Kenney guaranteed Prime Minister that Canada will work on the prospect of utilization of the semi-skilled and skilled labor from Pakistan for growth in industrial, agriculture and construction sectors in several provinces of Canada.

The Pakistani Prime Minister also raised the concern of long delay in the processing of skilled worker immigration cases of Pakistani nationals by the Canadian Visa office on Islamabad. Pakistani Prime Minister mentioned that Pakistani skilled worker emigrant class is an asset for Canada so the immigration and Visa of Pakistani citizens should be speed up. Minister Kenney assured Pakistani authorities that Visa and Immigration applications of Pakistani nationals will be expedited. He also guaranteed that Canada will facilitate the visa applications for Pakistani business travelers and Pakistani students as well.

Cover letter for Canada Job

A cover letter to a Canadian employer explains why you are sending a resume to him. As cover Letter is mandatory for every job in Canada so never send your resume without a cover letter. Don't make the employer presume what you are asking for; always be specific and write to the point.
Your cover letter will always be seen first so it must be very fine written and specific to that employer.

You should mention the following points in your cover letter

1. Tell particularly how you find the position or the organization, for instance, a web site, a family member who works at the company. It is suitable to state the name of somebody who recommended that you write.
2. Prove to the reader that you are the one to look at your resume.
3. Call concentration to fundamentals of your background i.e. your qualification, experience, leadership qualities that are applicable to a position you are looking for. Be as specific as probable. Try to use examples.
4. Mirror your thoughts, behavior, enthusiasm, creative and communication skills.
5. Specify any other information required for a job advertisement that might not be covered in your resume, such as accessibility date etc.
6. Point out what you will do to report on.
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Resume writing tips for job in Canada

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Vs Resume :

A resume is a brief, to the point document that represents you, and efficiently sells yours most appropriate and constructive qualifications for employment in Canada, admittance to graduate school of Canada, deliberation for a fellowship or, scholarship or other professional purpose.
A vita, or curriculum vita, is a more widespread document usually used by those with graduate schooling who are looking for positions in academic world or research.


What an effective resume or CV can do for you?

An effective resume reward you an interview, not an employment. An employer will generally spend 15 to 20 seconds reviewing your resume or Curriculam Vitae. So the content of your resume must be apparent, to the point, and targeted to the nature of job for which you are applying.
If your resume has a typing or grammatical mistakes, it will most likely resulted in skip off the page by an employer, and this is a way to throw you out of a candidate pool. Your resume may be the only possibility you get to make an impression, so make it an excellent one.


Resume writing for a Canadian Company:

There is the concept that only those who have a lot of money, a high education and good work experience are eligible to go to Canada. That is not accurately true! A simple graduate can find a job in Canada. But it always starts with an excellent resume.

Canadian job market has its own standards when it comes to resume writing. The way a job seeker writes a resume should depend on the target company. Of course it is going to a Canadian Company, it should follow the standard that Canadian companies want to see and want to see a resume, or else, it will end up in a trash.

Canadian employers always like simple resume. Preferably, it should have 2-3 pages. If you are sending your resume electronically i.e. by email remember that always send your resume in MS word (.doc) format. Other formats can cause your CV not to open at employer’s PC.

Another advice to make your CV is that you do not use the built in templates of MS Word but try to make your resume format unique.

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Canada Green Card Lottery

In fact there is no concept of green card lottery for Canada. People around the world mistakenly say the word Green Card lottery of Canada instead of saying Immigration to Canada.

Canada do not offer lottery scheme like USA but it has its own points based system for immigration under skilled worker program. You have to qualify in certain factors for instance, age, education, experience in 38 occupations list and adaptability to get 67 points for Canada Immigration.

Despite the fact that Cnada has same living standards when compared to USA, Canada does not make a decision about it.

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Latest Changes in IELTS score for Canadian Immigration

Canada is very keen to welcome immigrants from all over the world. Canadian government also knows about the difficulties of future applicants which they are facing due to a high IELTS band requirement for additional points of Canadian Immigration.

Due to these difficulties faced by the majority of the people over the world, Canadian government has very kindly reduced the IELTS score requirement for Canadian Immigration Points. CIC has now decrease the IELTS band requirement criteria for Canada Skilled worker Immigration points.

Congratulations to all!!!

Canada has reduced minimum IELTS score requirement for 4 points of Immigration

As CIC has decreased the minimum IELTS band score from 7 band to 6.5 band to obtain four points for Immigrate to Canada in Skilled Worker Category. Now you can obtain 4 points for one module of IELTS if you score 6.5 band as compared to old system which required at lease 7 Band in IELTS to obtain four points in a specific module of IELTS. Only listening module gained the IELST score instead of reduction. i.e. 7.5, which was 7 previously.
Now you can get 16 points for immigration by having the following minimum band in IELTS
Writing: 6.5 Band
Reading: 6.5 Band
Speaking: 6.5 Band
Listening: 7.5 Band

Following table give the full details:
Enjoy your Canadian Immigration.

One thing to remember that that the correct ancronym of International Language Testing System is IELTS but sometimes people mispell it ielets, ilts, iltes, ilets, elts, eilts, iltis or ielst. So please remember the correct acncronym i.e. IELTS

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Three basic, simple and essential requirements to migrate to Canada

Going to Canada as an immigrant or erroneous word green card of Canada is for everyone. But some factors you have to keep in mind that going to Canada requires a long time, resources and effort.

First of all, you can easily qualify to move Canada as an immigrant but you have to give the time to go through your documentation process. Secondly, you have to arrange the resources considered necessary for you to prove that you can be a prospective immigrant. Thirdly, you must be willing to put in so much effort so that your dream of living and working in Canada is recognized.

Here is the description of these 3 requirements

1. Time:
Immigrating to Canada does not occur immediately. In some countries, particularly India, Pakistan and Philippines wait time can be as long as 4-5 years for those immigrants who have applied in old immigration system i.e. before Feb 27, 2008. But Canadian Government is now putting efforts to reduce the long waiting time. Though there is a continuing effort to lessen the waiting time with the implementation of latest changes in the Canadian immigration policies.

Therefore, the time you learned that you are qualified to apply for a Canada immigrant visa, you have to initiate working on your immigration application for Canada right away. Most early you start, the earlier you can reach to Canada.

2. Resources:
Always keep in mind that Immigrating to Canada requires funds. One of the essential requirements for a future immigrant is to prove his ability to be able to support himself and his family financially after landing in Canada. In case of Federal Skilled Worker Program of the Canadian government, there is a minimum requirement of funds for a certain number of dependents going to Canada. A single immigrant would require at least 10,833 CAD, 2 family members will require 13,486 Canadian Dollars to be able to immigrate to Canada. This is apart from the Embassy fees and other immigration expenses.

3. Efforts
You have to put your best effort in ensuring that you have all documentation in order. Keep in mind that during the processing of your application, the Canadian Visa Officer ought to make a conclusion on the base of the documents that you will present to him. For this, you have to make every effort to make sure that you include all documents in sequence, certified and updated, to the most possible extent. Small errors in your documentation can be resulted in delay or refusal of your Canadian Immigration Application.

Therefore, if you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, consider these three basic, simple, and essential requirements of Canada Immigration. You need to have time, resources and effort which are more important than your credentials.

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Fake immigration consultants in Pakistan

The Canadian government has recently issued a blacklist of fake immigration consultants in Pakistan. This list includes the details of hundreds of bogus Pakistani immigration agents and consultants operating mainly in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi using different names. This is a word of warning for Pakistani nationals to only apply for Canadian Immigration or work permits with CSIC licensed immigration agents only.

As many as 45 percent of the supposed immigration agents who promote their Canadian Immigration services in Pakistan are involved in fake activities which ultimately result into loss of clients money and time and leave their customers without authorized Canadian immigration visas.

The chairman of the Canadian Trade Council for South Asia held press conference advice Pakistani citizens to file their Canada Immigration case through authorized agents holding licenses of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC).

The populace of Canada has grown-up to more than 34 million and the government is eager to support better levels of skilled immigration. The Canadian immigrants’ intake has been set at 250,000 immigrants yearly.

Canada seeks highly skilled and educated migrants from South Asia, of which there are many in Pakistan. In the meantime, Canadian sponsors have an extensive range of opportunities to put in Pakistan's departmental stores, manufacturing industry, and gas stations.
So if you are thinking for Canada Visa, always trust on right consultant. Finding the right consultant is difficult. See the link below the relevant topics, this is guide to choose a right Canadian Immigration Consultant.
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IELTS points for Canada immigration

Note: These requirements of IELST for Canadian Immigration has been changed. To get the latest information about new IELTS points required for Canadian Immigration you must see new changes in IELTS Band requirement for Canadian Immigration
Older Post for reference only:
As per older Criteria of Canadian Immigration, points for language are very critical for future immigrants whose first language is not English. The applicants have to indicate in the visa application about the first ideal language of communication i.e. English or French. For the English language, the government recommends the applicant take the IELTS test.

Immigration points are rewarded on the basis of the score obtained by the applicant in the language test. For IELTS test, the applicant is required to appear for the general module of the IELETS and have to score the needed band in all the four modules of the IELTS test (Reading Writing, Speaking and Listening).

If the score in the IELTS lies between band 7.0 and 9.0, then 4 points for immigration will be awarded for that module. It is essential to note that the Canadian immigration points are awarded for each individual module not just the overall band and then added up. If score is between 5.0 to 6.9 points, two points will be awarded for Canadian immigration. If IELTS score is less than band 5.0, no immigration points are awarded for that module.

For example, an applicant will get the following points for the IELTS scores

7.5 Band = 4 immigration points

6.5 Band = 2 immigration points

7.0 Band = 4 immigration points

5.5 Band = 2 immigration points

So, in this case, the overall points obtained in IELTS for the immigration application will be 12 out of maximum of 16 points.

Note: The correct acronym of International English Language Testing System is IELTS but some applicants erroneously spell it ilts, ielt, or ielets.

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New process of Canada Immigration

In the skilled worker class of Canadian Immigration, professionals are permitted to enter in Canada on permanent immigration or some people erroneously say green card of Canada, given that they are qualified in the list of 38 occupations or professions that are most demanding in Canadian job market and specified by National Occupational Classification (NOC).

To be more defined, as per the rules, the applicant's occupation should fall under the skill level categories of 38 occupations in O, A & B of the NOC Canadian National Occupation Classification. Points are awarded for education, work experience, age, language (English and French), arranged employment and adaptability. Adaptability also includes spouse's education, Canadian work experience, Canadian education, immediate relatives in Canada and any job offer from Canada. Applicants are required to score minimum of 67 points out of 100.

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India Canada Immigration

Canada immigration from India has for all time been an important source of immigrants to Canada. India has been the main source country amongst others including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. But immigrants to Canada from India have some differential characteristics that are different from immigrants from other major sources.

During the previous two decades; Canadian immigration from India has been increased steeply and India positioned within the top three source nations of immigrants to Canada and the Canadian province of British Columbia. India Canada immigration was evens the top source of immigration for many years during the 80s and 90s.

During the period of 1998-2008, Immigration to Canada from India was more than 10 per cent of all immigrant landings in Canada from all over the world. Although the majority of recent immigrants to the Canada were from Asia, but immigrants from India and Pakistan jointly demonstrate some unique social-demographic characteristics and customs when judge against to those who came from other Asian countries.

Most India Canadian immigration was done under the Family Class. The second major source of Canada immigration in India was done under the skilled worker category. Recent immigration figures show that during the previous five years, family immigration accounted for 51 percent and skilled worker immigration to Canada from India was almost 35 percent of the total of all landings from India.
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0111 Financial Managers

The occupation of 0111 Financial Managers comes under the category ofAdministrative Services Managers 011. This is a Middle level Management Occupation. This is one of the 38 required occupations for Canadian Immigration.

Financial Managers map plan, organize, direct, control and appraise the procedures of accounting and financial departments. They develop and apply the financial policies and system of organizations. Financial managers set up performance standards and organize various financial reports for senior management. They are working in financial and accounting departments in companies all through the public or private sector.
Here are some sample titles which may be assigned to Financial Managers 0111:
  • Financial administrator
  • Finance director
  • Treasurer
  • Manager, financial planning and analysis
  • Manager, internal audit services
  • Controller
  • Director – financial services
  • Manager, financial control
  • Director of accounting

Responsibilities of Financial Managers (0111):
Financial managers do some or the entire of the following duties:

· Prepare or organize the groundwork of financial statements, summaries, and other cost-benefit analysis and financial management reports.
· Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting procedures and investment activities and make recommendations for changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets and other financial control functions to senior managers and other department or regional managers.
· Hire, organize, coach and manage staff.
· Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operation of an accounting, audit or other financial division.
· Act as link between the business and its shareholders, the investing public and outer financial analysts.
· Build up and implement the financial policies, systems and measures of an institution.
· Organize the financial planning and budget process, and examine and correct approximation.
· Supervise the development and implementation of financial simulation models
· Establish productivity standards for investment activities and handle amalgamation or acquisition.
· Notify and report to senior management concerning any trends that are critical to the organization's financial performance.

Employent Requirements for Financial Managers 0111:
  1. A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Economics, Commerce or a related field is necessary.
  2. Audit and Accounting managers may require a renowned accounting designation (CMA, CA or CGA).
  3. A Master's degree in Business Administration (Finance) i.e. MBA-Finance or another Master's level management program may be necessary.
  4. Quite a few years of experience in auditing, accounting, budgeting, financial planning and analysis or other financial activities are requisite.
Supplementary information for Financial Managers 0111:
Succession to senior management positions, for instance vice-president of finance, is likely with experience .


Easy way to get a Canada work permit

Canada is striking enough for citizens who seek chance that they might not discover in their home countries. Anybody who is enthusiastic to work in a foreign country and has hardworking personality is appropriate to work in Canada. Likewise, Canada is also best for those who possess accurate qualifications and have a preference to work in foreign country in order to gain skills in their respective fields. This way if also useful for people who travel Canada green card of US.

It is very common that you may find temporary visitors in Canada who fall in love with Canada due to numerous growth opportunities. Time and again they are motivated to stay in Canada and got permanent residence of Canada (like Green Card of USA) to work legally.

Is it probable to get a working visa in Canada at the same time as staying there as a visitor?
Yes, it is very much possible, but you must ready to experience complex procedures in order to make your thoughts come true.

Here is an easy way to get a Canada Visa:

Submit an application as a caregiver
One of the best ways to get a work permit is to submit an application as a caregiver while still living in Canada. It is possibly not be your occupation, but by doing so, it is extremely possible to get a Canadian visa at the same time as you are doing a tour of the country. Many Canadians search for caregivers for their elders and people in old age. This occupation does not need high qualification, achievements or specialized skills. You just need to be well-informed in taking care of the aged or disabled citizens. Many candidates have got their work visa through this way.

Conversely, it takes real preparation to be clever enough to work as a caregiver. First, you must have a caregiver's training certificate. This training may be obtained from your home country or a care-giving institute outside Canada. This institute must be accepted by HRSDC.

You can fulfill this requirement by containing a keen sponsor. Your sponsor is supposed to be able to sponsor you as a caregiver.
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Canada visa office in UK

The Canadian Visa office of United Kingdom is located at London. This is a Canadian Regional Program Centre and provides Canada visa services to Immigrants, Visitors and students.

The Canada Immigration office in England is responsible for immigrant applications from the following Countries/ territories:
England, Denmark, Channel Islands, Faroe Islands, Isle of Man, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales.

This office also deals the visa applications of Skilled Worker and Business Class from Arab countries. The list of these countries is as under:
Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Yemen

This office also process visitor visa applications from:
England, Denmark, Channel Islands, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Wales.

Location of Canadian Immigration office UK:
Immigration Section
Canadian High Commission
38 Grosvenor Street

Mailing Address:
Canadian High Commission
Immigration Section
38 Grosvenor Street
W1K 4AA, United Kingdom

Website of Canada Visa Office England:

Telephone Numbers of Canadian High Commission UK:
Mission Tel.: (44-20) 7258-6600
Immigration Recorded Information Tel.: (44-20) 7258-6699

Specific Enquiry for a visa case:

General Enquiry regarding visa or Immigration:

Office Hours of Canada visa office London:
Canada Visa Office UK is open to the public from 08:00 to 11:00 who want to apply for temporary resident visas (visitors) and travel documents (permanent residents meeting residency requirements).

For all types of applications, a drop box is available from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Canadian visa office in Malaysia

The Canadian immigration office of Malaysia is located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a Full Service Centre and providing visa services to Immigrants, Visitors, Workers, and Students.

Location of Canada Visa Office Malaysia:
Canadian High Commission
Immigration Section
18th Floor, Menara Tan & Tan
207 Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur 50400

Mailing Address:
Immigration Section
Canadian High Commission
P.O. Box 10990
50732 Kuala Lumpur

Website of Canadian High Commission Visa Office Malaysia:

Telephone Numbers:
Mission Tel.: (603) 2718-3333
Immigration Tel.: (603) 2718-3385
Mission Fax: (603) 2718-3399
Immigration Fax: (603) 2718-3311

Case Specific Enquiry regarding Visa of Canada: lumpur

Email address:

Timings of Canada Immigration Office Malaysia:
Monday: 08:00 - 16:30
Tuesday: 08:00 - 16:30
Wednesday: 08:00 - 16:30
Thursday: 08:00 - 16:30
Friday: 08:00 - 13:30

New Canada immigration

On 27 February 2008, Canadian immigration new rules 2008 were introduced under skilled worker Category. After modifications in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, federal skilled worker applications are evaluated for eligibility according to their working experience and pre-requisite qualifications in 38 occupations in which Canada is facing shortage of skills workers.

These criterions affect you if you applied on or after February 27, 2008. If you applied earlier than February 27, 2008, your application will be processed according to the old system. This new Canadian immigration program gives a fast-track the processing of visas to Canada for highly skilled migrant.

The Canadian Minister of Immigration claimed that the new rules for Canada immigration will expedite the immigration process for those immigrants whose skills are most needed in Canada job market, as well as reducing the huge backlog of visa applications presently queued for processing.

The Canada new immigration rules will apply to everyone looking for immigration to Canada after February 28, 2008. But these Canada new immigration laws will not applied to over 900,000 applicants who were waiting in line for processing before February 28, 2008. Extra resources will be given by the Canadian government to deal with the backlog because the backlog has to be processed under the old rules.

As per current rules of immigration to Canada new migrants with skills urgently needed by Canadian job market may find their visa applications processed much faster than ever.
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How to Immigrate Canada

Most of the people around globe are wondering about immigrating to Canada and have one question in their mind i.e.
How do I immigrate to Canada?
This forum is designed to answer all of their questions about Canadian Immigration or erroneously speaking Canadian Green Card.
Immigrate to Canada is dream of many people around the world because Canada offers you a lot of growth opportunities for the right people. Immigrating to Canada permanently is a chance which is full of excitement.

But there are quite a number of things which have to be considered before you start your application for a permanent residence of Canada (or Green Card of Canada which if erroneous term of Canadian Immigration).

There are a lot of methods and categories to apply for a Canadian Immigration. You have to choose among immigration programs that will be most excellent for you as well as for your family.

According to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) there are some specified ways to immigrate to Canada. These ways to immigrate to Canada and their requirements are described under;

1. Skilled workers Class

This immigration program is for all those people who have specific qualifications and skills in specific occupations and who want to work and settle in Canada permanently.

2. Canadian Experienced Class
This immigration program is for those people which are already living in Canada and possess Canadian work experience. The people who newly graduated from a Canadian University are also eligible for Immigration under this Immigration category.

3. Quebec skilled workers
Quebec is the second largest province of Canada and a majority speaks French in the province of Quebec. Quebec has its own immigration system which is by some means different from Federal Skilled worker. The people who selected by the Quebec government have to live and settle in the province of Quebec.

4. Investors, Businessmen and self-employed class
This immigration program is for those entrepreneurs who want to invest in Canada for a new business or expansion of their previous business. These businessmen will be required to invest a big capital.

5. Provincial nominees
Many provinces and territories in Canada have their own immigration programs with particular requirements which may be different from Federal Immigration Program. Each province has full right to nominate a new immigrant to settle and work there.

6. Family sponsored Class
If one of your immediate relative is a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada, he can sponsor his immediate family to immigrate to Canada.

Description of all above categories has been defined in this forum. Please discover this site and find out a lot of information regarding Canadian Immigration categories.

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