Administrative Assistant Resignation Letter

Following is a sample resignation letter for Administrative Assistant position. While writing a resignation letter from the position of administrative assistant follow the rules and regulations of your organization and keep it concise. It’s not necessary to mention the cause of your resignation.

333 Example Street
Atlantic City, NJ

April 20, 2011

Ms. Christine David
Chief Information Officer
ABC Company
456 Sample Street
Atlantic City, NJ

Dear Ms. David:

I am writing this letter to officially notify you that I am resigning from my position as Administrative Assistant with ABC Company. My last day working day in ABC Company will be May 14, as per the clause 7n under the terms of my employment contract.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given at ABC Company in addition to your professional guidance and support. I wish you and the company victory in the future.


John Doe
Administrative Assistant
(333) 999-9999

Sample of Resignation Letter for Bank Teller

This post will provide you a Sample of Resignation Letter for Bank Teller position. A resignation letter is a very sensitive issue so always conscious about writing one. You can take help from the following letter.

999 Example Street
Toronto, ON E9R 3W9

April 19, 2011

Mr. Ronald Jack
Toronto Central Bank
13 York Road
Toronto, ON

Dear Mr. Jack:

After much thinking and deliberation, I have determined to follow a career change and enter the [New Bank Name] in order to advance my career. I am excited after obtaining an attractive job offer and start a brand new career.

For that reason, compliant with my employment contract, I hereby give you my four week notice of my purpose to leave my position as Junior Teller at Toronto Central Bank. Tuesday 16th May will be my last day of work.

I would like to say again my contentment at having worked at Toronto Central Bank. The learning and rising opportunities I received at this clinic are precious to me and I will remember my experience here for the rest my life. I wish you continuing accomplishments and thank you for providing me with the chance to work for you.


Ana K. Johnson
Junior Teller

Another Resignation Letter Sample for Nurse

This post will give you another example of resignation letter as nurse. Just pick the idea regarding writing a resignation letter so as to make your own.

Nurse Resignation Letter Sample

222 Example 3rd Street
Vaughan, ON D9S 6C6

April 19, 2011

Dr. Joseph Anderson
Medical Administrator
St. Peter Hospital
54 Some Street
London, ON X8E 6S4

Dear Dr. Anderson:

I am writing to put my resignation as Staff Nurse from St. Peter Hospital effective the close of business hours on May 18, 2011. This time includes my 1 month notice period. I intend to join ABC Clinic which is located in my neighborhood.

In fact, I am not happy to leave this place which I think as my second home. I wish to thank you, and all staff of St. Peter Hospital for providing me with the chance of utilizing my nursing education and skills and taught me a lot about patient care. I also wish to express thanks to my juniors and nursing assistants for enabling me to perform to the extent that I did, and for their kind approach towards me. I truly enjoyed two years of my service in St. Peter Hospital.

Thank you again for providing me this opportunity which is a big achievement in my professional life. My clearance documents from respective departments are enclosed herewith. I wish best of luck to my seniors and colleagues.


Ana L. Smith
Staff Nurse

The Best Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Resume

Although there are lots of cover letters are available for the position of Administrative Assistant, but in this post we will provide you the best cover letter for Administrative Assistant Resume. This cover letter sample covers all the aspects of administrative assistant requirements and very useful in a successful job hunting.

In addition, this cover letter will also be useful for the following positions

1. Medical Information Assistant
2. Constituency Assistant
3. Parliamentary Committee Clerk
4. Corporate Secretary
5. Ministerial Assistant
6. Parliamentary Assistant
7. Special Assistant
8. Committee Clerk
9. Executive Assistant
10. Legislative Assistant
11. Constituency Aid

The Best Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Resume

154 Example Street
San Deigo, CA 25410

February 3, 2014

Ms. Kate Smith
Senior Manager (HR)
ABC Company
20 Washington Street
San Deigo, CA 20323

Dear Ms. Smith:

In response to your current opening for an Administrative Assistant position at the ABC Company, as advertised on, I am pleased to submit my resume because your job requirements closely match my career interests, qualifications and work experience. Along with my post graduate diploma in Administration and two years’ hands-on experience in general office management, I am confident in my ability to become a central member of ABC Company.

During my education and administration related jobs I have gained strong skills in; setting up and synchronizing administrative policies and events for officials, staff and boards of directors, evaluating incoming and outgoing memos, submitting reports and arrange and harmonize the preparation and submission of synopsis briefs and reports to executives, management and boards of directors. In addition, I am very skilled in preparing agendas, conducting research, accumulating data, and arranging papers for consideration and presentation to higher management. My enclosed resume will provide you with more details about my specific clerical and administrative skills.

As an experienced and dedicated candidate, I'd welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss how my education, administrative experience and skill set would be beneficial for ABC Company. I will call you next week to follow-up on my application and to schedule a time of interview. In the meantime, I can be reached at (999) 999-9999 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anna David

Enc. Resume and Recommendation Letter

Administrative Assistant Required in Thunder Bay, Ontario

An experienced administrative assistant, who is welcoming, detail-oriented, and able to professionally multi-task and prioritize responsibilities in a fast paced professional business environment is required.

Job Number: 5671782
Employer: The Phelps Group Inc. (Placement Agency)
Business Profile: The Phelps Group Mission is to turn out to be your HR Partner - providing pre-screened, pre-qualified, candidates and human resources who meet or go beyond your needs.
Job Title: Administrative Assistant
NOC: 1411
Employment Type: Permanent, Full Time
Salary: To be discussed
Start Date: Immediate
Work Location Information: Urban area
Job Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario (1 vacancy)

Skill Requirements:
1. Education: Completion of high school, Some college/CEGEP/vocational or technical training
2. Experience: 1 year to less than 2 years
3. Technical Terminology: Business
4. Area of Specialization: Reports, Forms and records, Invoices, Charts, tables, graphs and diagrams, Contracts, Correspondence
5. Languages: Expertise in English
6. Business Equipment and Computer Applications: Windows, Word processing software, MS Word, Excel, Database software, General office equipment, Electronic mail, Internet browser
7. Typing (Words per Minute): 41 - 60 wpm
8. Essential Skills: Reading text, Critical thinking, Job duty planning and organizing, noteworthy use of memory, Finding information, Document use, Numeracy, Writing, Oral communication, Working with others, difficulty solving, result making, Computer use, Continuous learning

Job Description of Administrative Assistant:
• Provide common information to customers and the public
• Order supplies and preserve record
• Service workplace equipment and assemble for servicing in the case of major repairs
• Send and take delivery of messages
• Perform basic secretarial tasks
• Prepare equipment or software for type of text
• Arrange invoices and bank deposits
• Maintain and organize reports from manual or electronic files, inventories, mailing lists and databases
• Process inward and departing mail physically or by electronic means
• Sort, process and confirm applications, receipts and other documents
• Photocopy and collate documents for distribution, mailing and filing
• Type and proofread communication, forms and other documents
• Receive and forward phone or electronic enquiries

Security and Safety: Bondable, Basic security clearance

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities:
• Repetitive tasks
• Combination of sitting, standing, walking
• Fast-paced environment
• Tight deadlines

How to Apply?
In Person between 9:00 and 17:00:
138 May Street South, suite 5
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7E 1B3
By Fax: (807) 345-3339
By E-mail:

Last Date of Application: 2011/05/02

Sample Resignation Letter for Nurse

This post will provide you a sample resignation letter for Nurse. While writing your resignation letter, you may add some more points in this standard resignation letter.

Your Address
City, State, Zip

April 19, 2011

Mr. John K. Smith,
Medical Director
ABC Hospital
111 Example Street
Atlantic City, NJ 64111

Dear Mr. Smith:

With this letter I wish to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as Registered Nurse with ABC Hospital. My resignation will be effective from May 01, 2011. I regret about any difficulty which might be caused by this resignation, even though I will do my best to have my current work finished and the whole things will be handed over properly to my successor.

Please allow me to state my best wishes for all the employees of ABC Hospital. Working with the ABC Hospital has been rewarding in numerous ways. Here, I learned a lot of new skills and patient care techniques. While I have been contented with my good time and service here, I can't stay away from the upcoming opportunity which will is vital for my career advancement. I am thankful for the experience I have gained in ABC Hospital.

I will be available at my seat till April 30, 2011. Please let me know regarding any formalities I need to fulfill with HR, for instance an exit interview or return of my uniform and supplies. Thank you once again for your support during my service and best of luck to all of my colleagues and seniors.


Sara Lee
(999) 999-9999

Resignation Letter Sample for Live In Caregiver

Following is a standard resignation letter sample for live-in caregiver. You may edit and modify it in order to write your own resignation letter from live in caregiver position

[Your Street Address]
[State] [ZIP]

April 19, 2011

Ms. Kyle Johnson
123 Example Street
Calgary, AB P8R 3C9

Dear Mr. Johnson;

I would like to notify you that I am resigning from my position as Live-in caregiver which will be effective from May 1, 2011.

This resignation is purely based on my domestic problems and I do not have any hostile feelings with any of your family members. Thank you for the opportunities for skilled and individual development that you have provided me at your home during the last three years. I really got pleasure from working for your children.

My last day of work will be April 30, which provides ample time for me to finish pending works and to turn over my position to my substitute. Thank you again for offering me such a great opportunity.


Ana Smith
(609) 666-9999

Some Guidelines of Writing a Perfect Resume

Your prospective employer will scrutinize and skim your résumé for about 30 seconds to decide whether to consider you or not. Some companies may make use of a computerized scan so as to short list resume. So it’s always a good idea to get your résumé in the consideration pile.

As your Resume is a picture of you and your skills, so it needs to be:

o A truthful and apparent expression of your skills, abilities and achievements
o An apparent sign of what you offer to the employer
o Targeted for a exacting job or business
o Free from spelling and grammar mistakes which may lead to an automatic outing to the reject pile
o Written with the employer’s benefit in mind
o Professional in look

Guidelines of Writing a Perfect Resume - Target Your Resume:
o Imagine of your resume as a jigsaw puzzle with dissimilar pieces. In every targeted resume, you place the pieces in a new method to create a somewhat different picture of yourself.
o Employers try to find people who have done study on the job and can give clear details how their skill, acquaintance and abilities congregate their needs.
o You don't have to set up from scratch when targeting your resume for diverse positions. You just reschedule the content to highlight what you can do for each exact employer.
o In today's cutthroat job market, a common, "one-size-fits-all" résumé doesn't work.
o It's superior to launch five resume and get three interviews calls rather than send 100 resumes and get 1 interview call.
o Consider your resume as your chance to be obvious from the rest of the crowd. It's the correct place to take pride in your activities.

Guidelines of Writing a Perfect Resume - Research exact employers:
•Visit the organization’s website, find paper or journal articles on the business, or obtain the organization’s yearly report
•Information to look for: profession they hire, hiring procedure, contact names, new contracts or announcements, company culture
Research the occupation to recognize:

•Standard phrasing for duties, everyday jobs, and requirements, up-and-coming skill requirements.
•Possible networking sources for example associations
•Occupationally exact job sites

Guidelines of Writing a Perfect Resume - Research the Business To Identify:
•Tendency and issues so you can tell the boss how you can make a difference to their outcome
•Potential employers
• Explicit keywords and jargon specific to sector
•Associations that are fine sources of industry information

Best Cover Letter for Babysitter

This post will provide you the best Cover Letter sample for Babysitter position.

The job of a babysitter involves considerable responsibilities. Parents will choose a youngster or a young adult as a babysitter only if they can fully trust her and know her with strong references. For this reason, a babysitter cover letter must describe a temperament of yours that shows you are totally unfailing and could be trusted with no trouble.

If you want to turn out to be a babysitter in Canada, US or other country, , confirm you know and can handle responsibilities. You require being excellent with children and having loads of staying power and energy to grip them.

Alternate Job Titles of Babysitter:
Following are some alternate job titles of babysitter and this cover letter might also be used for the following positions
1. Live-In Caregiver
2. Mother's Helper
3. Child-Care Provider – Private Home
4. Children's Nurse – Private Households
5. Nanny
6. Nursemaid – Private Households
7. Parent's Helper
8. Sitter
9. Au Pair
10. Child Caregiver – Private Home
11. Babysitter
12. Caregiver, Babysitting

Job Responsibilities of a Babysitter:
It is good idea to know the babysitter specific job duties of a so that you can modify and include them in your cover letter. Babysitters perform some or all of the following duties
• Provide a meal or snack for the brood and discover ways and means to busy and amuse them
• Control and care for kids in the nonappearance of a usual caregiver
• Cleanse, clothing and nourish infants and children
• Carry out maintenance duties and arrange meals for children in line with employer's instructions.
• Set up formulas and change diapers for infants
• Sort out activities for example games and outings to give amusement and exercise
• Go behind the family's bedtime routine
• Keep the kids out of harm's way and entertained in an entertaining way

This best sample for a babysitter cover will show you some vital tips as how to write such type of letter and what to include in it. Keep in mind that if you want your cover letter "The Best" than keep it coincose and short.

Best Cover Letter for Babysitter

Ana M. Smith
11 Example Road
Windsor, ON S9C 6W3
(666) 999-9999
[Email Address Here]

April 01, 2011

Ms. Julia Steven
33 Sample Road
London, ON

Dear Ms. Steven,

In response to your recent advertisement for the position of a babysitter on, I am submitting my application for your consideration. After reading your requirements of babysitter carefully, I believe I would be ideal candidate for this part-time position for numerous reasons.

I am a candid girl having two years of knowledge of taking care of children ranging from the age of 6 months to 6 years old. Therefore, this experience helped to be acquainted with the methods of taking care of different age groups of children. You can make out my attached references in order to see my success in babysitting different children. In addition, I have a suitable driver's license and a clean record.

I am optimistic, accountable and eager to commit for a long-standing relationship and start immediately as you want to. Would we meet to discuss more about your requirements and my skills relevant to your requirements. I can be reached at (666) 99-9999 in order to plan a time for meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration


Ana M. Smith

1. Resume
2. Reference Letters

Hopefully this sample best cover letter for babysitter will help you finding a job of babysitting.

Best of Luck!!!!!!

Any queries or concerns might be asked in the comments below.

Bank Teller Cover Letter - No Experience

Following is a sample cover letter of a Bank Teller having No Experience in hand. If you are a fresher and want apply for a bank teller job, you may use this cover letter for your resume. Edit any necessary changes as per your circumstances

Bank Teller Cover Letter - No Experience

111 Example Street
Edmonton, AB A9Q 6C4

April 01, 2011

Mr. John K. Smith
Hiring Manager
Community Savings Bank
222 Sample Road
Edmonton AB S9D 6C9

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have been referred to you by Rocky Arnolds, Career Development Coordinator for Edmonton Community College, who informed me that you are seeking the services of a fresh and customer oriented person as a bank teller for your Edmonton Branch of Community Savings Bank. I believe my educational background and skills would be beneficial for Community Savings Bank.

As an associate in the School of Business at Edmonton Community College, I have attained solid foundation and learned the worth of outstanding customer service. During my internship at Calgary Credit Union I had the chance to narrate theory to practice in a real world environment. Besides this experience, I also have worked as a bank teller during my honorary employment at ABC Bank Edmonton. Through this experience I have gained a complete understanding of the basics of federal banking law and client service direction. I am now interested to utilize my skills at Community Savings Bank.

As an enthusiastic bank teller, I will welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and learn more about Community Savings Bank. You may contact me at (666) 999-9999 in order to plan a meeting time. Moreover, I will call you next week for followup. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Chris

Enc. Resume and Reference Letter

Resignation Letter as Engineer

Following is a sample resignation letter for engineer. You may edit this resignation letter to make your own.

Resignation – An Overview:

One of the trendiest reasons populace resign from their positions at a corporation is to get a job with higher pay someplace else. A good worker or engineer cannot be faulted for quit a job for a good opportunity.

If a justifiable employee has asked for a raise in his salary, and doesn't obtain a reasonable answer, it is possible that the worker or engineer will search for other means of making more cash. One of these means might be to get a completely different job at a new company. If a worker is precious enough to his or her present employer, the boss might make a counter offer.

On the other hand, including that you left the job for additional pay in a resignation letter might not be a fine idea. Keep in mind that your letter goes on folder in the Human Resources department, and can be brought out when prospective employers ask for references. For that reason, it is finest to talk about money with your current boss, and put a simple and polite resignation letter.


Resignation Letter as Engineer

April 10, 2011

Mr. John Doe


Star Technology, Inc.

11 Example Street

Boston, TX 65555

Dear Mr. Doe:

I am writing to let you know that I am resigning from my job as an Electrical Engineer at Star Technologies, Inc. As per clause 7-n of my contact with your company, my resignation will take effect two weeks from now, on April 24, 2011.

I have taken pleasure in working for Star Technologies Inc. for the past five years, but I feel that it is time to move to the next step my career ladder. I am grateful for the opportunities you have given me to raise on both an individual and professional level.

I will be available throughout next two weeks for handing / taking. In the mean time i can be reached at (666) 999-9999



David Robert

Electrical Engineer

ABC Company


End of: Resignation Letter as Engineer

Best Interview Thank You Letter

Writing a thank you letter subsequent to a job interview is an obligation – and certainly it must be a Best Interview Thank You Letter in the crowd! In actual fact, a number of employers think not as much of of those interviewees who are unsuccessful to follow-up rapidly. Here's information on writing best interview thank you letter in addition to thank you letter sample. Sending Thank You Letter after Interview: Arrange sending out your thank you letter or thank you notes the moment possible (rather inside 24 hours) subsequent to your interviews. If time is of the spirit, it's suitable to send an email thank you letter.

Best Interview Thank You Letter Sample

Here is the most excellent thank you letter sample appropriate to a range of employment-related situations. Take a little time to edit this thank you letter, so it reflects your qualities and your attention in the new job. [Your Name] [Address] [City, State, Zip Code] [Phone Number] [Email] Date [Employer’s Name] [Job Title] [Organization] [Address] [City, State, Zip Code]

Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name: Thank you for taking the time out of your full of activity schedule to converse to me regarding the Business Analyst position with ABC Company. I am grateful for your time and consideration in meeting me for this position. After speaking with you and the interview panel, I think that I would be a just right candidate for this position, offering the rapid learning and flexibility that is needed for a diversified position. Besides my eagerness for performing fine, I would carry the technical and analytical skills essential to get the job done. I am very concerned in working for you and look forward to hearing from you on one occasion the final decisions are made about this position. Please feel free to get in touch with me at anytime if additional information is required. I can be reached at (222 )999-7777 Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, (Signature) [Your Typed Name]

_____________________________________________ Hopefully this Best Interview Thank You Letter will work for you getting a job

Standard Template of Resignation Letter | Resignatioin Letter Template

Following is a standard template of resignation letter. You have to use this template while resigning from a company. This template is perfect for the occasion when you are going to join a new company.

April 01, 2011

Dear (Manager),

Paragraph 1 - Statement of Resignation:
In this paragraph you have to mention that why are you resigning, and the effective date of your resignation.
I have accepted a job at a different company that is evidently the subsequent step in my career. As a result, I hereby resign my position at [Current Company Name Here] effective [Month Name, Day , Year].

Paragraph 2 - Statement of Acknowledgment:
In second paragraph, you may indicate about the contribution the person has made to you personally. Learning procedure in the current company and also admit relationship with the current employer.
It has been a contentment working with you (state suitable circumstances). My decision is in no way pinpointing of any problems or bad feelings with you or (present company).

Paragraph 3 - Integrity of your Decision:
In the concluding paragraph, you may State your enthusiasm regarding new position. You also mention that decision is not a suggestion of current manager and your decision is irreversible. You have have to mention that you will be available for support requested for transition.


Hopefully this Standard Template of Resignation Letter will help you writing your resignation letter from a specific company.

Cover Letter for Nanny - No Experience

Following is a sample cover letter for nanny having no prior experience as nanny. This cover letter will help you making your own in order to successfully apply for a job.


123 Example Street
Montreal, Quebec C9B 3N9

April 01, 2011

Ms. Julia Anderassen
133 Sample Blvd
Uxbridge, Ontario D9P 1Z9

Dear Mr. / Ms. Anderassen:

In response to your recent job advertisement of Nanny on, I am pleased to submit my application for a Nanny position because my interest and education is parallel to your requirements. Along with high diploma in Child care, I am certain in my talent to become a central member of you family and the best friend of your kids.

During my education and experience in growing up my younger siblings, I have gained strong skills of controlling and caring for children; cleansing, dressing and nourishing infants and children; assisting children with homework and assignments; teaching children in special cleanliness and community development; interpreting to kids; preparing and dish up healthful meals; washing, ironing and pressing clothing and household linens; doing light housekeeping and cleaning duties and upholding a safe and vigorous surroundings in the home. My enclosed resume gives the details regarding my specific nursing skills.

As a fresh and loving nanny, I welcome the likelihood to meet with you to talk about how my education, experience and skills would be advantageous for your kids. I can be reached at (222) 999-3333 or [Email Address] in order to plan a meeting time that will best match your schedule. Additionally, I will contact you by phone next week for follow-up. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ana Smith

Enc. Resume

Hopefully this sample Cover Letter for a fresh Nanny without Experience will help you finding a job.

Best of Luck in your job search

Your comments will be highly appreciated

Cover Letter for Nursing Jobs in Canada

If you are looking for nursing jobs in Canada, following Cover Letter for Nursing Jobs in Canada will help you getting your desired job.

Sara M. Johnson
123 Example Street, Vaughan ON A9C P8A
(600) 555-8888, [Email Address]


March 12, 2011

Ms. Christine Smith
Hiring Manager
St. Louis’s Hospital
88 Sample Street
London, ON Z9P 6P9

Dear Ms. Smith:
I was contented to learn of your requirement for an ICU Staff Nurse, as my professional goals and knowledge are directly aligned with this opening in St. Louis’s Hospital. My qualifications, experience and education have given me with exceptional acquaintance of ICU practices, sensitive patient care, team relations, personnel development and other pertinent skills required of a successful team member.

During my experience and education, I have developed the following skills in nursing:
• In-depth knowledge in administration that includes admissions, assessment, treatment, referral and education for a wide range of patients
• Wide-ranging patient care understanding in ICU, CCU, Emergency and Medical Surgical environments
• Numerous approvals by patients and families for providing outstanding care
• Employee awards for commitment, excellent performance, direction, and patient support

My strong inventiveness and brilliant organizational skills, together with my aptitude to work fine under pressure, will allow me to considerably add to St. Louis’s Hospital. I believe that a demanding environment for instance yours will give an outstanding chance for me to best utilize my skills at the same time as contributing to the healthcare community, patients and their families.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I will appreciate the chance to discuss with you personally how my abilities and strengths can best serve your hospital. In case of any questions, I can be reached at (609) 666-9999. Furthermore, I will contact you next week for follow-up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sara M. Johnson

Enc. Resume and Recommendation Letter

Post Interview Thank You Letter Template

A Thank You letter to your prospective employer after interview will increase the chances of your success. Your employer will recognize that you know official norms of interview.

Follow the template below while writing a Post Interview Thank You Letter

[Your Name]
111 Example Street
Oshawa, ON S9P 6P9
(999) 666-6666
[Email Address]

April 01, 2011

[Employer’s Name]
[Company Name]

Dear Ms. Smith:

Opening Paragraph: Use the opening paragraph to express thanks the interviewer for taking the time to interview you. Talk about your concern in the job and how keen you are regarding it.

Second Paragraph: Include the reasons why you are an outstanding applicant for this particular job. List precise skills that narrate to the job you interviewed for. The more comprehensive you are, the more the interviewer will know regarding your qualifications.

Third Paragraph (Optional): Talk about something that you didn't mention at the interview that you'd like the boss to know. This gives you one more chance to make a first-class impression, particularly if you keep something in mind you ought to say after the interview.

Closing Paragraph: Repeat your gratitude for being considered for the job and let the interviewer be acquainted with the fact that you are looking forward to hearing from him or her soon.


[Your Typed Name]

Hopefully this Post Interview Thank You Letter Template will assist you making your own letter