Cover Letter Example for a Bakery Job

In general, bakery job inclused cooking pastries, bread, rolls, muffins, pies, cakes and cookies in all sectors of retail and wholesale bakeries in addition to dining establishments. Bakery professionals are generally engaged by catering companies, hotels, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions, or they might be freelance.

Following is a Cover Letter Example for a Bakery Job. You might use this sample to prepare your own cover letter for bakery job.

This cover letter sample is suitable for the following bakery job titles:
• Baker
• Pastry Maker
• Pâtissier, Baker
• Wedding Cake Decorator
• Apprentice Baker – Retail
• Bagel Baker
• Cake Baker – Retail
• Cake Decorator
• Cake Icer
• Donut Maker
• French Pastry Baker
• Pastry Decorator

Cover Letter Example for a Bakery Job

32 Example Street
Vaughan ON H9Y 3V9

May 25, 2011

Mr. John Doe,
Owner, World Star Bakery
55 West Street
Vaughan ON

Dear Mr. Doe:

I noticed your job announcement for the position of Baker in World Star Bakery Vaughan in the Sunday Paper. After reading job advertisement in detail, I am interested to submit my application for this position because requirements seem very close to my qualifications and work experience.

Based on your requirements, I have the following skills and abilities which make me a perfect candidate for this job. I can;
• Make delicious dough for pies, bread and rolls and sweet goods, and make batters for muffins, cookies, cakes, icings and frostings in keeping with recipes or particular customer orders
• Operate baking equipment and machinery
• Bake miscellaneous dough’s and batters
• Buy supplies and other things required for baking
• Oversee sales and commodities of baked goods
• Frost and beautify cakes or added baked supplies
• Ensure eminence of products meets recognized standards
• Put together production timetable to settle on type and amount of goods to produce

As an experienced and enthusiastic baker, I will be definitely become an asset for your bakery. I will like to meet you in person in order to know more about your bakery and exhibit my skills of baking. I will call you next week to find the possibility of personal meeting. In the interim, I can be reached at (999) 999-9999.

Thank for your precious time and concentration.


Kate Johnson

Information about Australian Visas

Australia – the attractive land down under. Home to a mixture of interesting animals like Echidnas and Platypuses and a sight to breathe your last for, it is no wonder that Australia has develop into a top target to travel to during the holidays in addition to a purpose to move in to. But visiting Australia isn’t precisely as simple as it seems. With the purpose of be able to get into Australia, for what on earth the reason, you will forever need an Australian Embassy Visa.

As tricky and time consuming as this might seem, the administration of Australia has in fact made applying for an Australian Embassy Visa easier for everybody but they have also made assured government amendments for relocation to Australia. Seeing as there has been a rising demand for Australian Visas, the government made these dissimilar changes so as to perk up the migration procedure by screening the Australian Visa applicants. And to make it even handier for you.

The lasting entry visa is for public who wish to lastingly settle in Australia under two types of immigration conditions – either beneath the migration program or the compassionate program. The next two visas are somewhat comparable but can be easily eminent through certain details; the work visa can be used moreover under the condition of working recreational though the major purpose of the applicant’s visit is for vacation or under the condition of company sponsorship – allowing the candidate to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years beneath the employer’s name.

Temporary entry visas conversely, can be applied to switch over students and overseas students who wish to finish their studies in Australia; it is also obtainable in the case of accomplished employment, diplomatic relations and the like.

The visitor visa is for those who desire to go to Australia as tourist for a small era of time, which is equal to three months from the visitor’s entry date. And final but not the least is the Business Visa, where the reason of the stay would be exclusively for work purposes only such as for business owners.

Australia select and accepts Australian Visa applicants not from side to side race or gender; in its place they prefer to recognize those who desire to migrate based on their skills, general health condition, monetary standing, English skill and family and business contacts in Australia.

Toronto - The Best Place for Business

Toronto has been graded as the second most excellent business target of the planet. The Canadian province has been planned at the back of New York for flood of business activities. It is big news for business immigrants who are previously get pleasure from permanent residency in Canada or the hopeful migrants.

Price Waterhouse Coopers has ranked the metropolis of Toronto as the supreme business city after New York in a statement released. The research was based on quality such as business, innovation and living of 26 big and well-liked cities of the world.

Better migration policies of the region of Toronto and central Canada have increased the province as the business heaven of the world, suggested by the reports. Toronto city has well appeared as a business inspiration of the world and well hold up by business immigrants who have migrated to the Canadian province for potential business.

The Provincial Nominee Program of Canada has well lodge best and brightest trade talents of the world providing them healthy business opportunities full of enlargement and return. Canadian government is offering simple and smart business immigration policies to be a magnet for heavy investment to the nation in addition to immigrants who can bring in innovative business ideas helping in the enlargement of Canada and creating work for the citizens.

Candidates who are involved in business immigration can choose for the Canadian province Toronto citing the big jump of the city over Tokyo and other entrepreneur cities of the world on account of business activities and expansion.

Foreign Skills Requirement in Singapore

With each passing day and year, Singapore is set up itself as one of the most coveted immigration target in the world. Being world’s one of the rich financial hubs, the municipal has always attracted suitable immigrants, but with the ease of use of new employment opportunities the numbers are mountaineering to new heights.

At present, the immigrants comprise quite a major figure of its overall population. Singapore’s immigrant populace has gotten an augment from 20 percent in 2001 to a wonderful 36 percent this year. The financial system has also been boosted by the figure of economic immigrants entering the city over the precedent decade.

Singapore still wants to be a magnet for more aptitude and investments from exterior its borders in view of the fact that it has been understand that expats have been an essential contributors to its financial system and so as to assure more growth, foreign skilled citizens and businesspeople are foreseeable. Also with increasingly investments, Singapore hopes to make more employments, thus ensuring affluence of its group of people.

Singapore Landed Permanent Residence Scheme has been the main route for expert overseas people to immigrate to Singapore.

Shortage of Skilled People in Hong Kong

The finance and import-export sectors of Hong Kong are main contributors to its financial system, this portion of reports would positively bring a smile on everyone’s facade for those who are aim for an Asian immigration. Hong Kong being one of the only some most well-liked Asian destinations in the continent, people will juggle around with about their immigration plans once they are conscious of the opportunities be plentiful in the city-state.

Hong Kong financial system is mainly catered by the investment sector and this is the division that attracts the majority people from exterior its boundaries to work and reconcile in the Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China. At present, finance sector together with import-export business are facing employment shortages as employers are finding it tough to meet the supplies with local citizens, because being the skills they are targeting are missing in local workers.

As companies are not capable to meet the labor gaps in the market nearby, they are prepared to start the chase to hire overseas workers, particularly from mainland China and India to accomplish the vacancies. Therefore, this seems the accurate time to think Hong Kong immigration. at present, the city-state’s unemployed rate is around 4 percent and from this we could declare that it is doing enhanced in recovering from the universal financial reduce, as compared to a lot of developed economies.

The Quality Migrant Admission plan is the perfect way for well skilled foreign nationals to go into and settle Hong Kong.

Cafeteria Cashier Job Description

Cafeteria cashiers operate the currency record at a dining business. Cafeteria cashiers are employed by hospitals, cafés and series restaurants. Their main concern is taking cash from customers and making change by means of the register, but several handle additional duties as well. Cafeteria cashiers may also be accountable for cleaning and arranging tables, arrange seating for customers and making food accessible.

Basics of Cafeteria Cashiers:
Cafeteria cashiers have to be acquainted with the prices of a variety of items, from major courses to desserts to beverages, so as to exactly ring them up. They then take a payment, typically made with cash or credit cards (and, from time to time, individual check), then provide customers change and receipts. Cafeteria cashiers furthermore frequently have to reply questions linked to food and service, mainly when it comes to price and what is offered. On crest of those things, cafeteria cashiers have to record sales and ensure the currency in their register exactly reflects the items sold at the end of their shift.

Skills of Cafeteria Cashier:
Cafeteria cashiers have to be professional in customer service, conducting themselves in a specialized and polite manner. They must be prepared and motivated and possess a lofty amount of integrity, since their major duty consists of money treatment. And at the same time as a cash register does much of the adding and subtracting for them, cafeteria cashiers must own at least essential math skills to help with their jobs. Those who carry out duties exterior of just running a cash register will require to be able to multitask, manage a range of tasks linked to cleaning and food service.

Background of Cafeteria Cashier:
The majority of cafeteria cashiers hold entry-level positions, meaning they can obtain job with no previous experience and least training. Some firms have need of that their cashiers carry as a minimum a high school diploma (or the comparable), at the same time as others might employ students on a part-time basis. On the whole, when it comes to being a cafeteria cashier, a burly work ethic and optimistic approach to the job are almost always as vital as a formal schooling.

Prospects of Cafeteria Cashiers:
Since cafeterias will always require somebody to ensure a customer’s bill is paid, jobs for cashiers are probable to remain rich. More specially, jobs for cashiers on the whole are predictable to rise by 4 percent through 2015, in accordance with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the meantime, employment of workers in the food service business is projected to grow up by 8 percent during the similar decade, the BLS reported.

Salary of Cafeteria Cashiers:
Salary for cafeteria cashiers tends to differ by organization and level of service (full or part-time). Cashiers in the food service industry earned somewhere from $7.50 to $8.50 per hour in June 2010.

Paper Marriages are Finished in UK

Practices of paper marriages or fraud marriages will be no more be achievable in UK as UK immigration department and UK churches will work together to control this unlawful immigration practice.

At the moment the visa applications and applications of planned marriages will be examined by imposing severe measures. UK churches will work with immigration officials helping out them with paper or fraud marriage endorsement and examination.

Paper Marriages and Fraud marriages have been one of the major visa and immigration exploitation of UK immigration policies. UK government is resolute to eliminate this illegal practice by migrants to help them with easy visa support and permanent residency in UK.

The House of Bishops will subject the newest guidance to be followed by the clergy and immigration officials as recommended by new reports. Immigration Ministry has supported the reports and agreed by UKBA officials. It is being recommended to clergies not to suggest published banns for marriages connecting to non-EU citizens.

Now, the couples have to submit an application for a license that will be common, have to give ID evidence and address evidence as well as swear affidavits on the subject of marriage. Afterward, the couples have to take marriage training classes and visited by the cleric. If cleric is unhappy and did not find a real intention to marry then the couple has to elucidate to the official whosoever accountable for approving the marriage. Also if a couple is adamant to cleric to read banns more willingly than opting for common license then the cleric will report to legal officials.

All these severe but fare measures are directed to make easy legal migrants and legal marriages and restrain the mistreatment of fraud weddings.

10 Guidelines for Successful Cover Letter

All the time put forward a cover letter along with your resume. In the absence of a cover letter, boss will have no inspiration what position you are applying for. Your resume could finish up in a large mountain or worse- the waste bin.

The font style of your cover letter should match your resume, and references- this will give your general presentation a clean look.

Follow these guidelines while writing your cover letter

1. Start Strongly:
The majority of employers skim cover letters for a small number of key words and phrases. Make your letter be obvious with an attractive sentence that will have employers desire to read the rest of your letter.

2. Address it Specific:
Ensure that you speak to each letter to the specific person that is in charge for hiring. If you are uncertain who to speak to in the letter, call the corporation and inquire for a contact name. Confirm the appropriate spelling of the contact person’s name.

3. Include your Contact Information:
Always include important information, for instance, your name, address, telephone number, & email address must be evidently able to be seen on each cover letter you write. Employers will be not capable to contact you lacking this information. Ensure to clearly affirm what position you are applying for in the first paragraph of your letter- there may be numerous job openings at the similar place.

4. Make It Exclusive:
Cover letters should NOT be standard. Employers request different skills and requirements, so your letters must mirror these differences. Do your researches on the corporation previous to writing a letter. This will demonstrate that you know regarding the corporation that you are applying to, and will make a big dissimilarity.

5. Do Not Use the Word “I”:
Do not start all of your sentences with “I”. This makes for a very uninteresting read that boss may neglect. Try putting another way a sentence, from “I have had knowledge in” to “my knowledge include…”

6. Try To Make Connections Between Your Skills And The Job Requirements:
How will your skills assist you to productively do the job that you are applying for?

7. Be Concise:
Cover letters must not be longer than one page. Any longer cover letter may lose the concentration of future employers.

8. Follow up:
At the finish of your letter, let the boss know that you will be calling to make sure on the movement of your application. Give them an exact time frame (typically about 7-10 days) that you will be calling. Only do this if you are dedicated to doing this follow-up.

9. Proofread Your Cover Letter:
Ensure that there are no typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors. Your letter is an employer’s primary idea of you. Any errors can harmfully crash your chances of getting an interview, or even the job. Employers are in search of ways to reduce an interview mass- an error on a cover letter is a great place to start.

10. Sign your Cover Letter:
Do not forget to sign your cover letter

How Many People Immigrated to Canada in 2010?

Almost 550,360 migrants get hold of Canada Visa sanction in the year 2010! This is a cheering number of immigrants own up by Canada citing the immigration preventive policies of other countries like UK and Australia. This is a mutual figure of all visa type approvals in the year 2010.

The majority of the European nations and more than a few western countries were unwilling to offer increased visa quotas to overseas nationals. Even a number of nations have adopted limiting immigration policies to put a control on immigration figures.

With little of the increasing immigration adoptive strategy countries, Canada remains on top of the rest inviting greatest number of worldwide immigrants. Despite the fact that it was expected and predicted by economists citing the rapid financial reforms of Canada and growing commerce and manufacturing activities. Canada has fine accommodated immigrants even at the time of monetary downturn and so the immigration figures stay well imposing and beyond predictions in 2010.

Visa approvals for temporary overseas workers mark the figure of 182,772 work permits which is truthfully imposing. The maximum visa approvals were awarded to economic migrants covering investors, commerce people and entrepreneurs with a numeral of 186,349 visa permits. Family class visa approvals rose to 60,992 in 2010.

Even supposing in student immigration, Canada has fine acted and have room for more than 96,227 overseas students in the year of 2010. These all migration figures are striking for Canada government and heartening for visa applicants hopeful for Canada immigration.

Future Concern Associates Lahore

Future concern Associates (Pvt) Ltd. is a principal immigration and student visa consultancy company in Lahore, build on a well-built yet easy philosophy, "Pay Client’s attention the top Priority." Ever since then this statement has turn out to be the key base on which the company stands and excels.

FCA, intended to bring the dreams & desires of the citizens for over a decade, has take a trip all the way on the path to accomplishment. It was recognized in 1996, under the imaginative leadership of creative, dynamic, and young, Mr. Asim Malik, who understand the lawful and specialized problems faced by populace planning for immigration. Leading from the front, he created his own globe by combining astonishing skills with ground-breaking technology to offer innumerable opportunities for his fellowmen for the foremost time in Pakistan. From the commencement till now, the company has been pioneering fresh concepts to stand on top of its competitors by bridging the gap between people and their bright future. Future Concern Associates forwards professional help in help canalizing your immigration in the best likely way.

Future Concern Associates Lahore main purpose being

•Student’s admission in overseas colleges and universities.
•FCA is allied with more than 100 colleges/universities worldwide.
FCA started to contract with UK when UK Government announced its Immigration Policy in 2003.

Following are a number of Future Concern Associates Lahore achievements as the leading immigration consultancy company in Pakistan.

•foremost Pakistani immigration & student consultancy company to stand for Pakistan in Immigration Conference 2005 at British Home Department.
•Recognized as a believable firm amount uppermost authorities in the immigration services.
•1000s of immigrant to USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
•Trusted by very well-known figures of the country.
•The highest visas accomplishment rate.
•The main immigration and student visa consultancy firm in Pakistan.
•associated with more than 100 leading instructive institutions of the world.
•primary to get HSMP approval & student visa in 1 day.

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Resume / CV Example

Following is the best sample resume of Certified Nursing Assistant. It focuses on the main skills and capabilities of applicant that the health care facility is looking for. Make use of this example Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Sample and make your own excellent resume.

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Resume / CV Example

Desiree L. Saunders
111 Example Street, Oshawa, ON D9E 6W9
(708) 999-9999, [Email Address]

Seeking a certified nursing assistant position in a reputed health care organization where I can make the most of my compassionate nature and nursing skills.

 Key Qualifications
• Over three years of practical experience as a CNA
• Very quick and accurate in checking the vital signs of patients
• Ability to speedily learn latest nursing concepts and skills
• Knowledge of particular developmental factors explicit to adult and aged residents
• Familiarity with medical terms and infection control standards

Special Skills
• Outstanding ability to communicate effectively with patients and their families
• Ability to take care of patients in an effective manner
• Excellent physical ability to perform the duties of the CNA position
• Ability to organize and prioritize work
• Ability to operate nursing related equipment
• Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel

Professional Experience:
May 2007 - Present
Oshawa Nursing Home – Oshawa, ON
Certified Nursing Assistant
• Oversee injections and given remedial intakes
• Maintained healthy and vigorous environment for the residents
• Notify the doctors of the position of patient by spending utmost time in the room with the patient
• Provide nursing and nursing linked services to residents
• Get specimens, weights, and essential signs of patients
• Maintain the zone tidy and dirt free
• defend and promote occupant rights and assist the individual to uphold independence
• Provide everyday care to the patients

July 2006 - May 2007
St John’s Medical Center – Vaughan, ON
Nursing Assistant
• Managed supply record and supply demand
• Provided medicine reminders
• Provided patient carrying to doctor appointments
• Assisted patients with bathing, dressing, cleanliness, and grooming in keeping traditional care plan
• Specified enemas to patient when required
• Measured and recorded patient's liquid intake and output
• Provided nursing care in line with resident care policies and procedures
• Ensured the security and comfort of the residents is maintained

BS in Nursing, York University, ON - Ongoing
High School Diploma - 2006

References: Available on Request