Introduction of iEnquiry by Singapore ICA

The Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has freshly brought in the iEnquiry which would be the single purpose for applicants to confirm the standing of their application. This online service would provide to all the services accessible by the ICA and would be obtainable round the clock.

As of now, there has not been any one stop shop when it comes to migration enquiries. The applicants have to ensure their application status only in the course of the same application portal. With the iEnquiry prepared, the local sponsor or the candidate can make sure for the status of his application for the immigration facilities in a minute by a click. The applicant does not have to call or email or even alternate queues. This system can be right of entry with or without having a SingPass.

On the other hand, those with SingPass would be capable to contact the ICA applications that they have filed or sponsored. Those not holding a SingPass; individuality confirmation would be done with the help of a set of identifiers. These comprise the date of birth, the Foreign recognition Number and alike. These details are checked on previous to the application can check the status of his application.

Aside from the above, the iEnquiry also caters other functions for example iCheck and VERIFI. These are online tools which can be used to make sure the soundness of the identity cards in addition to the immigration procedure. These tools could also be accessed from the same portal aiding as an extra handiness for a user.

Above all, this system has been shaped for a user to have an annoyance free experience. This way the applicants can enhanced manage their time when it comes to checking the status of their application. At the same time, concern is being maintained in the form of SingPass or other identifiers being used which caters to maintaining privacy of the application in addition to the applicant.


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