Invitation Letter Visit Visa Canada Sample

Here is a sample of invitation letter for visit visa of Canada

New Changes in Canadian Immigration Rules

Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights: Canada 25 Years after the Charter of Rights and Freedoms = La démocratie, lÉtat de droit et les droits de la personne: Le Canada, 25 ans après la Charte des droits et libertés (International Journal of Canadian Studies, Issue # 36, 2007)
The Canadian government is modifying its rules for immigration that is for those submit an application for a Canadian visa. These changes could easily be sub divided into 2 categories. These comprise amends being brought regarding in the 38 occupations in demand and having proficiency in English language being another main decisive factor.

1. The Immigration Minister for Canada has announced that an assessment on the present laws pertaining to immigration would be done. The foremost objective behind this is to increase the influx of migrants who could add to the economic needs of the nation.

The key change is predictable to be done for the Federal Skilled Worker Program in its 38 highly demanded occupations list. This list was brought regarding in 2008 and has 38 occupations as of now. The changes that are to be produce in this list are predictable to be implemented from 1st May 2010. Though, a formal announcement regarding the date is yet to be made. As indicated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this list has very much helped in bringing down the backlog of applications by almost 48%.

2. One more key amendment which was implemented from 10th April elaborates sturdy skills in English or French language. While put forward their application, it is predictable from a candidate to present documents proving that they have taken a written test for the IELTS etc. More so, they must qualify as being capable in the English or French. This would result in the candidate gaining points at the early stages itself.

In addition, an applicant would not be able to re-emerge for the test at a later stage, if by chance they fail. Therefore, it is better that all non – English or French speaking applicants get their score reports and then submit an application for immigration.

On the other hand, no obvious amendments have been laid with regards to the highly demanded occupations list. It is being considered that modifications would be brought about with key situation to the present requirements.

New Immigration Agreement of Canada and British Columbia

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Recently, a new Agreement has been signed for the new Canada-British Columbia Immigration. As per agreement, British Columbia will bear the integration of newcomers, helping to make sure that they are able to give to Canada’s economy and succeed in Canada.

This agreement will facilitate Canada attract the skilled international workers it needs to meet the needs of the Canadian economy as Canada come out from the global economic recession. It will surely strengthen British Columbia’s capability to meet its labor market needs both today and in the future.

The agreement formalizes and builds on the accessible joint relationship between Canada and British Columbia on immigration matters and recognizes the significance of involving community partners, counting local governments, service providers and the private sector, in greeting and integrating newcomers. This year, 114 million $ will be transferred to British Columbia under the agreement to support settlement and integration services and reception communities initiatives.

Be a focus for more immigrants to British Columbia and retaining and integrating them to address British Columbia’s unique financial and social needs will be to Canada’s generally social, cultural and economic benefit.