Strategies of US Immigration Officials | Marriage Of Convenience

Marrying a U.S. citizen will let a foreigner or immigrant to gain green card status providing he or she has entered the country with a valid visa. Present CIS regulations let adjustment of status to legal permanent resident even if the immigrant has turn out to be out of status by stay too long.

The system has not changed. However, it is turning out to be harder to pass the marriage interview because the load of proof to launch that the marriage is legal is increasing. For those who have entered into a marriage of convenience so as to get a green card there is now terrific threats once the interview begins.

Immigration officers are more and more on the watch out for marriages that are not genuine. Quite simply, it is turning out to be harder and harder to go by a marriage interview. People in legal marriages are challenged to demonstrate that they are actually living together. They have to give forceful evidence such as joint bank accounts, joint tax returns, health insurance and other proof showing both their names. They have to influence immigration officer that they are living and sleeping together. The questions concerning their individual relationship are now getting very meddling. One question they forever ask is how the husband and wife met. They desire particular details concerning dates and places. Interviews are now taking place within regarding four months after the applications are filed. This gives small time for married couples to obtain documentary data together.

It is not rare for people to enter into marriages of convenience in order for a settler to gain a green card. Immigrants who go into into this type of arrangement are setting themselves up for possible disaster at a marriage interview.

Immigration officers are qualified to ask questions and watch body language to discover if the couple is actually living together as husband and wife. Discrepancy regarding addresses on driver’s licenses and places of house are roughly a sure bargain that the couple is not living together. The incapability to answer questions about livelihood arrangements and private relationships will grounds many problems. Indecision in answering questions will reason the officer to intensify efforts to trap the interviewed couple. The inquiring officers have seen every deception in the book and they are tremendously proficient at determining if a marriage is falsified.

The final approach by the immigration interviewer is to separate the couple and ask one many questions concerning their private living arrangements. Then the other spouse is get unaccompanied and asked the same questions. If they think the U.S. citizen spouse was compensated or received some other type of recompense for the marriage, they will pressure him or her with a serious fine and prosecution, which would lead to jail if not he or she admits.

In convenience marriages, this is the tip where tragedy occurs for the reason that the U.S. spouse often breaks down and admit. The immigrant spouse is then brought in and often arrested by immigration officers’ right on the spot and turn out to be subject to deportation.

Don't try to involve in marriage of convenienve. Immigration officials are very expert to trap you. Always think about the ways of immigration which are legitimate, this strtegy will work in long-run.


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