BC PNP: British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program in the Canadian province of British Columbia makes easy the province to suggest foreign immigrants so as to meet the employ requirements of the British Columbia financial system and labor market. British Columbia employers are very much benefited by the program. There are two groups under which the province nominates foreign nationals to be in. They are:

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is also a means for foreign nationals to get permanent residency in Canada. In other words, when a candidate is nominated by the provincial program, he also has the better chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residency. The nominated candidate is entitled to file for permanent residency status with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is a fast-tracked way of obtaining PR in Canada, when judge against to any other federal immigration program.

The BC PNP permits foreign skilled workers in addition to international student to immigrate under its two dissimilar streams, thus helping them in getting the permanent residency status in Canada. Those who wish to migrate to British Columbia as a provincial nominee have to assure the requirements set by the PNP authorities. You might have doubts concerning under which stream you could immigrate to the province. To know about this and more about the British Columbia PNP, you may contact an Immigration and Visa lawyer or ask in comments below.

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Anonymous said...

I am a pharmacist and i need to take exams and get registered before working in BC. I cant get an employment offer before that. How can i apply for BC Providential nominee? Is there any process for medical and health professions?

Anonymous said...

I have been nominated for PNP since 06/2009 and my application with CIC for PR was filed on the same year.
How long usually take to completed the process of the PR after all the documents are turned in on the CIC office?

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