BBA Resume Example

A BBA resume is will incorporate all the knowledge and qualifications you have earned during your coursework and internships. As the degree can have specific majors, the resume should be constructed focusing on your strong areas according to your major courses.

 Following a resume sample of an all-purpose BBA resume which you can personalize at your own.

Sample Resume for BBA 

 380 N Water St Lima - San Francisco, CA  65287
(001) 398-2340, Email

To work for ABC Company, utilizing my BBA degree and relevant internship experience.

Hanover College –Hanover, IN | 2010
Bachelors in Business Administration
·         Majors: Marketing
·         Minor: HR
·         CGPA 3.83

·         Trained in researching consumer trends, market behaviors and technology innovations for effective market research
·         Knowledge of creating applicable and remarkable marketing plans for new and existing products
·         production of marketing materials and literature
·         Can write advertising articles including marketing blogs and design promotional ads
·         Outstanding in managing social media marketing as well as a wide range of e-commerce websites
·         Creative in bringing up innovative ideas for marketing promotional activities
·         Exceptional ability to deal with all sorts of people and maintain good relationships with ideal communication and interpersonal skills

·         Well acquainted with several employee appraisal techniques
·         Can well monitor employee performance and compliance issues
·         Experienced in writing job descriptions and posting job ads
·         Track record of taking interviews for entry level positions

·         Proven record of interpreting and assisting finance personnel in making company financial statements as well as maintaining accounts
·         Able to manage relationships with finance sources (internal and external auditors)
·         Proficient in handling paperwork to and  getting financing approvals from higher management
·         Knowledge and understanding of business finances and levers

01/2011 — 01/2012
FAB Inc. Houston, TX
Marketing Executive
·         Implemented email marketing campaigns using in house marketing tools
·         Assisted managers with competitive programs and pricing strategy formulation
·         Manage multiple marketing promotional projects for existing products and new launches
·         Carried out marketing support functions
·         Assisted in Financial Promotions Administration related to the marketing division
·         Took interviews for sales and marketing vacancies

03/2010 — 06/2010
Human Resource Dimensions, Inc. – Winder, GA
HR intern
·         Scheduled, administered and organized applicants’ interviews
·         Provided administrative facilities
·         Assisted pre/post-employment process
·         Handled ad posting on multiple e-portals,
·         Shortlisted resumes and called candidates for arranging interviews

Progress in Language Requirements | Canadian Immigration

Canadian government has advanced the language requirements rules which will increase fairness, reduce unnecessary delays in immigration.

The Government of Canada is reforming the procedure for evaluating the language expertise of applicants to the Federal Skilled Worker FSW and Canadian Experience classes.

The language requirements are same but future immigrants will be required to show their English IELTS and French language abilities at the time they submit an application commencing April 10, 2010. This obligation supports Canada’s obligation to fast, fair and well-organized immigration application processing.

Formerly, to show language capability in French or English i.e. IELTS, applicants could either put forward an autonomous, third-party test or a written compliance to a visa officer. The written submission was planned for citizens whose primary language is either English or French. On the other hand, lots of applicants whose first language was not English or French were taking benefit of the written submission. The submission wouldn’t satisfactorily prove their aptitude and they would have to give further proof, leading to dealing out delays that could take months.

For faster, fairer processing, all applicants are expectant to put forward independent, third-party language test results. The language test gives applicants an apparent hint of their aptitude before they submit an application. When submitting written evidence, applicants don’t know what their outcome will be awaiting their application is reviewed by the visa officer, after a prescribed application and fees are lodged with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

An immigrant’s English IELTS or French language aptitude is one of the strongest predictors of their achievement in the job market. Canadian Experience Class applicants have to meet least language requirements derived from the job they do. On a choice grid value 100 points in total, Federal Skilled Workers can be awarded equal to 24 points for their official language ability.

Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Immigration – Steps of the Procedure

Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment
If you are thinking to immigrate to Canada, it is very important for that you have the correct understanding of the application process for the Canadian FSW. If truth be told, the secret of winning immigration lies in the good understanding of the application process and little homework earlier.

Let’s have a glance at the application process for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program:

1. Earlier than an applicant is set to work on the application process, he have to verify that the Federal Skilled Worker category is suitable for him. It follows choosing the accurate application form.

2. The applicant is requisite to obtain his qualifications, profession, experience, and other essential documents assessed by the official body.

3. When filling up the form(s), the candidate must confirm that he has put in all the details cautiously and it is complete. Unfinished forms are almost certainly to be rejected.

4. The fee for the processing of the application for the candidate in addition to dependants must be submitted together with the forms.

5. Afterward, the application will go to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. At this point, things undergo inspection and the CIO will make a decision whether the application meets the basics for the Federal Skilled Worker program. If they find the application complete the criteria, they would forward it to the designated country visa office; or else if they end up with a pessimistic decision, the application is probably to be returned back.

6. This follows the compliance of the application together with all the necessary documents at the local visa office.

7. The candidate must give the IELTS test score report earned for the language proficiency at the visa office.

8. The candidate must bear his/her expenses related to medical and safety clearances.

9. Once the candidate is accepted to immigrate to Canada, he has to back the Right to Permanent Resident fee. On the other hand, the fee, which covers both the candidate and his spouse or law partner, must be paid previous to the applicant is issued with the PR visa. Subsequently, if the applicant decides not to use this visa, the fee would be repaid.

10. Lastly, the applicant must put forward his passport to be stamped on the visa.

The procedure of making application is one of the vital parts of the entire immigration process. This is the stage where you must be presented yourself attentively so as to make your immigration winning. At the same time as, you may find it critical at times; hiring a Canada Immigration Lawyer would be the smartest move you could make!

IELTS Canada | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I really need to take the IELTS test?
You do not require taking the IELTS to present your application. Though, if the visa officer who is managing your file requests that you complete the IELTS, you will require obtaining the test so as your application to be processed to conclusion.

2. How do I plan to take the IELTS?
There are training courses obtainable through educational institutions and on the internet. It is worthwhile to take one of these courses as most of them offer you with practice tests.

3. Should I take the IELTS Academic or the IELTS General Training Module?
The General Training Module is solely required for Canadian immigration purposes. The IELTS Academic Training Module is only necessary for candidates who wish to study in Canada at an undergraduate or post-graduate level. It is the liability of the candidate to inform the test centre whether they wish to acquire the Academic or the General Training Module.

4. Where do I take the IELTS test for Canadian Immigration?
On the authorized IELTS website, you can look for your adjacent IELTS test centre on the top direction-finding bar.

5. How much does the IELTS cost?
The cost varies but is usually around $200CDN.

6. How long does the IELTS examination take?
Cambridge IELTS 7 Self-study Pack (Student's Book with Answers and Audio CDs (2)): Examination Papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge Books for Cambridge Exams)The whole examination takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete.
The division is as under
Listening module – 30 minutes
Reading module – 60 minutes
Writing module – 60 minutes
Speaking module – 10-15 minutes

7. How long does it take to acquire my IELTS results?
Results are usually issued 13 days after the test.

8. If I’m not pleased with my results, how shortly can I take the IELTS test again?
Candidates are capable of repeating the test at whatever time they wish. You will need to submit one more application form; on that form you must point out the date on which you last took the test. New fees will be relevant.

9. Can I do again only the IELTS module in which I did not score good?
No. The IELTS is meant to give a general profile of a candidate’s English proficiency at a given time. For the results to be precise, all 4 modules must be taken over at the similar time.

10. How long are the IELTS test results valid for?
IELTS test are generally valid for 2 years for study purpose. But for Canadian Immigration purpose IELTS results are valid for 1 year.

Why Take IELTS Test For Canadian Immigration

Cambridge IELTS 7 Student's Book with Answers: Examination Papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge Books for Cambridge Exams)Visa officers want that Canadian immigration applicants take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for better settlement in Canada. IELTS outcome help visa officers decide whether the applicant has enough English language ability for proper mixing into Canadian culture and the Canadian labor force.

To show language aptitude, lots of immigration applicants present a written English document with their application. Yet, an application that relies exclusively on a written submission may acquire longer to be practice than one that is submitted with IELTS results. For the reason that the IELTS results are self-governing and demonstrable, the visa officer will recognize these results as determinate and will be capable of concluding language ability more rapidly. For CIC i.e. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, IELTS results are measured the only decisive proof of English language proficiency.

If the visa officer requires you to win the IELTS, you will require making contact with your local IELTS test centre to discover the dates when you will be capable of taking your test and what the expenditure will be. Then, download and complete the submission form, and send it the local IELTS centre, together with your photos, a copy of your ID, and your payment proof.

Congratulations Newcomers | New Resource is Available Online

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)From discovery of information on how to set up a new business to opening a bank account, there are a lot of steps newcomers take to fruitfully make their way in Canada. At the present, an internet resource has been created for newcomers in Canada to help them rapidly and effortlessly find various government services, as well as settlement services, in their communities. This resource is easy to find at

The Services for Newcomers source has been establish to help beginners discover the private sector and government services they need to achieve something. With this resource, newcomers will simply find a lot of services obtainable to them, for instance how to buy their first home. This can only boost their chance of victorious integration in their new communities, and this is a significant goal for Canada.

Settlement services are a necessary part of the federal government’s immigration program. CIC funds numerous services, including language training, employment related help and community service referrals to assist newcomers resolve become accustomed and put together into Canadian society. These services are bringing in partnership with provinces, territories and community-based organizations. Since 2006, the Government of Canada has tripled immigrant resolution funding, after it had been beforehand frozen for years.

More Demand of Skilled Immigrants in Ontario

Consistent with a latest report, the requirement for skilled immigrants in Ontario will go immense high in the future years! The similar report by Seneca College depicted that Ontario would face a main skills shortage, leaving ample unfulfilled positions in the lime light! The topic can only be solved by taking qualified skilled workers to Ontario!

It is fine news for all those job seekers preparing to make Ontario as their next job destination. Rick Miner, ex- president of the college holds this faith that Ontario’s financial system in upcoming years would be subjugated by skill based employments! But the present education scenario, the state of labor pool and their training makes it hard for the province to accomplish its needs.
Additionally, the aging inhabitants of Ontario’s skilled workers are making the entire condition even poorer! The situation would certainly affect the companies who need skilled workers to accomplish their positions on an urgent basis!
But what will occur to those workers who are deficient in knowledge and sufficient skills to fit in a meticulous job? The financial system would be intensely affected by this factor too!
Therefore, it becomes compulsory to greet more and more skilled workers and conquer this situation the instant possible.

Study In Canada | Better Place To Make Your Profession Energetic

These days people can find various alternatives from which they can obtain best value education. If you are seeking the best study abroad purpose, Canada can be one of the countries with so much beneficial features. Canada is ranking foremost to be tilted as a most excellent place to live. Study in Canada is cost effective and furthermore brings excellence education services.
Canadian universities are quite reasonably priced in terms of fees as compared to other English speaking countries. It is the country that provides safe and nonviolent surroundings with contented population density, low occurrence of aggressive crime and a good health care system. You can find this country with vary culture and always friendly. It gives confidence new students from a variety of countries and after graduation students can obtain a chance to work devoid of a work permit for one year.
There are a lot of universities that help you to pursue a specialized degree in your choice such as law, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and dentistry. The continued development and progress of the country can be fit the world class higher education in Canada.
If you want to Study Abroad, then deciding the Canada is the correct destination. There are countless short term and full degree programs obtainable. By means of getting to know concerning countless new things, it can be the life changing knowledge for one while studying in Canada.
If you are paying attention to study in Canada, you just require gathering the information and facts about all the universities located in this country. Canada is not only well-known for academic but is also a value living place for business and pleasure.
When you ever imagine studying abroad making your profession thoughtful, study in Canada can be the ideal preference. This country promises you to bring best education. In addition, your days spend in Canada will be the most bright days in your life.

How an International Moving Company Canada Works

Moving to Canada can be both frightening and exciting. There is the view of seeing new places in Canada, becoming familiar with people from different cultures in Canada, and learning customs of Canada different from those of your home country. However, chiefly for the person who has lived overseas before, there are comprehensible anxieties, particularly about the safe handling of one's family possessions.

Understanding your Move to Canada:
Order for service and restriction of responsibility. At the time your goods are loaded and once more at delivery, you will mark an agreement with your international moving company of Canada known as and regulate for service. It will be full of all charges for services performed, as well as terms and conditions under which your goods are moved.

Packing and Loading of your possessions:When the packing team arrives at your home, your private possessions will be placed in suitable moving boxes or containers. To shield your goods from harm, items will be independently wrapped in paper pads as desirable. Made of shock-absorbing strand, the paper pads are used wholly for international relocations.

Once your consignment has been ready for loading, it will be positioned inside one or more containers. The sort of containers chosen will depend on the method of transportation, the size of your consignment and your goal. Your shipment can be loaded into one or more of the following:
- Air containers
- Lift-vans
- Steamship containers

Preparation of Appliances:
Previous to the International packing company arrives at our home, ensure all of the appliances you map to take have been cleaned and serviced. Be sure to verify your owner's manuals for cleaning directions.

Types of Transportation:
Your shipment will be forwarded via one or more modes of transportation:
- Steamship line
- Motor freight carrier
- Railroad
- Airline

After your consignment has been filled and loaded, it will be transported by automobile or rail to the port of way out. Depending on the kind of transportation selected, the container(s) will be laden into a ship or into an aircraft.

Opportunities in Canada after Moving

Canada can be a land of opportunity to lots of people. This is why so many people are still moving to Canada. Canada can be a enormous place to find jobs and perk up your living situation. Canada also gives immigrants things they would not usually receive in their own countries like public education and other social services. Perhaps the best cause though is the freedoms that Canada has that other countries do not.

All sorts of citizens are always moving to Canada. When the majority of people move, it is because of work. Canada, even though newly in an economic decline, still has all sorts of jobs open for people. Often these jobs are not the kinds of jobs that most people would find attractive. For example, the fast food industry is always hiring. Other types of jobs that one may classify as menial labor are also always hiring. After all who truly wants to do a grubby job for a living. These kinds of jobs have extremely high turn over rates. People do not constantly realize that in other countries people do not even have the alternatives of taking on an awful job. Those people are moving to Canada for the opportunity to work at all.

People are not only moving to Canada for superior jobs however. People also move to Canada for better opportunities obtainable to themselves and their children in the form for free public services. Not every country has things like free education or wellbeing for those not making sufficient. Free education is particularly attractive to most people in poor countries. It is priceless to parents who did not have the chance to get educated. It gives them hope that their children will have a better youth than they had. It gives them hope that their children could go on to do great things and not be intended to live the same often times unhappy life that their parents had to live. People take so much for approved in Canada. Even just having public works set up to have working drainage systems is reason enough for some people to think moving to Canada.

An item people say Canadians take for granted is their freedom. This is perhaps more of a label about Canadians. Canadians are typically very aware of lots of of their freedoms. Freedom of religion for example is very obvious in Canada. Practicing religions are all over the place and practice very, very honestly in Canada. This is not the case in other countries so populace is moving to Canada to have the similar freedom. One more freedom that Canadians are very conscious of and that is very attractive to those that do not have it, is freedom of talking. Canadians absolutely know that they can say whatever they want at anytime they decide and do so. Other nations moving to Canada to do the same.

Canadian Family Immigration - FAQ

Who qualifies for immigration Canadian Family Immigration?
Applicants under the Canadian Family Immigration are sponsored for a Canadian Immigrant Visa by a close family member who is whichever a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident. The Canadian family member is known as the sponsor. To meet the criteria under the Family Class, an applicant must be associated to the Canadian sponsor in one of the following ways:

The claimant must be the sponsor's spouse; common-law or conjugal partner; father, mother; orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece, or grandchild - under 19 and unmarried; a child under 19 who is whichever orphaned or placed with a child wellbeing authority for acceptance and who the sponsor intends to take on; the sponsor's needy child; or, if the sponsor has no relative as listed above and no relatives who are Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents, one other family member.

Who can be incorporated in a Family Class application?
The other half or common-law partner and dependent children of the principal Family Class applicant can be included in the application for Canadian permanent residence. All individuals included in the application will be required to pass police and security clearances and medical examinations.

Who qualifies as a Dependent Child?
For Canadian Immigration reason, a "dependent child" means a child who is:

- Under 22 and unmarried on the date the request for sponsorship is submitted (and still unmarried on the date the child lands in Canada); or

- Of any age or marital status and monetarily dependent on his or her parents as a result of being either: incessantly enrolled and in attendance as a full-time student in an educational institution since the age of 22 (or since the date of marriage, if married before 22); or unable to support him or herself due to a physical or mental disability.

- Students who break off their full-time studies for less than one year in total and remain economically dependent upon their parents during that time will still be considered "dependent children".

What if the dependents will not go with the Family Class applicant to Canada?
All of the principal Family Class applicant's dependents are requisite to pass applicable police and security clearances, and medical examinations, whether they are accompanying the principal Family Class applicant or not.

Online IELTS Preparation Canada

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a globally owned and worldwide recognized direct English language evaluation that is eagerly obtainable all through the world.

Cambridge IELTS 5 Self Study Pack (Cambridge Books for Cambridge Exams)
IELTS is a trustworthy, realistic and valid English language judgment first and foremost used by those looking for international education, skilled recognition, bench-marking to international standards and international mobility. IELTS is one of the most appreciated English language exams.

IELTS have possession of, developed and delivered all the way through the partnership of the British Council, IDP Education Australia: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.
This blog is specially designed to get you prepared for IELTS Canada Immigration or Canadian Student Visa. Following posts will help you a lot for your online IELTS preparation for Canada.

How To Avoid Fraud Regarding Canadian Immigration Lawyers

Here are important tips to know about how to spot immigration fraud.

(1) Do not blindly suppose the individual you hired, even if they converse your language, is truthfully on your side. He may have been born in your country, yet he might not truly care if you turn out to be a permanent resident. Unhappily, many people who place fraud will add up on the immigrant's feelings of familiarity.

(2) Do not employ anybody who promises you will succeed your case or achieve any precise outcome. Be doubtful if anyone uses an expression like "100% success rate” Even the most excellent, most decent immigration lawyers do not succeed every single case. Too many variables, external the attorney's control, can alter the last result.

(3) Never disburse cash to anyone who says they have friends inside Canadian immigration office who will assist you. You could be getting system as part of an immigration scam. Anyway, the Canadian immigration system has more than a few checks to prevent an "insider" from influence outcomes.

(4) Refuse to recline or framework facts on any documents you present to the Canadian government. An ethical Canada Immigration lawyer will counsel you about what you are not required to reveal. But he or she will also caution you not to lie concerning your home country, entry dates, matrimony, arrests, or no matter which else.

The Canadian government is very competent when it comes to fact-finding. Almost positively the government will learn the reality and you will be denied nationality or even expel with small hope of reversing the choice. It isalso likely you could be punished for illegal fraud and verdict to spend time in jail.

(5) When you engage someone to arrange immigration papers, ask, "Will you sign the papers as my preparer?" If the answer is no, you are almost certainly not working with a CSIC recognized lawyer. You need to stop the procedure and take into service an attorney otherwise ensure an attorney reviews your papers previous to you submit them. A simple error, a single mistake, could end your chance to become a legal resident - from time to time or forever.

Statistics of Immigrants in Canada

Immigration to Canada is the process by which people move around to Canada to be inherent in permanently in the country. Countless, but not everyone, turn out to be citizens. People have been migrating to the geographic area of Canada for hundreds of years but patterns of immigration are varying. After 1947 local immigration law went through lots of major changes, most particularly with the Immigration Act, 1976, and the present Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2002.
In Canada there are 3 categories of immigrants’ i.e. family class , independent immigrants which are admitted on the base of skill, capital and labor-market requirements and refugees.

Currently Canada is known as a country with a wide immigration policy which is reflected in Canada's ethnic variety. Consistent with the 2001 census by Statistics Canada, Canada has 34 ethnic groups with no less than one hundred thousand members each, of which 10 have over 1,000,000 people and many others represented in smaller amounts. 16.2% of the inhabitants belonged to visible minorities most numerous amongst these are South Asian (4.0% of the population), Chinese (3.9%), Black (2.5%), and Filipino (1.1%). Outdo visible minorities in quantity, though, were (non-British or French) invisible minorities, the main of which were Irish (13.94%), German origin (10.18%), and Italian (4.63%), with 3.87% claiming Ukrainian origin, 3.87% maintaining Dutch origin, and 3.15% claiming Polish origin ("North American Indian", a categorization which may comprise in-migrants from native peoples of the United States and Mexico but which for the majority part are not measured immigrants, comprise 4.01% of the nationwide population). Other imperceptible minority ethnic origins include Russian (1.60%), Norwegian (1.38%), Portuguese (1.32%), and Swedish (1.07%).[1]

In THE YEAR 2007, Canada received 236,760 immigrants. The top ten sending countries, by country of origin, were People's Republic of China (28,896), India (28,520), Philippines (19,718), Pakistan (9,808), United States (8,750), United Kingdom (7,324), Iran (7,195), South Korea (5,909), Colombia (5,382), and Sri Lanka (4,068).[2] The crest 10 source countries were followed narrowly by France (4,026), and Morocco (4,025), with Romania, Russia, and Algeria. Each contributing over 3,500 immigrants in Canada.

Immigration Future Canadian

In the 2001 census, 13% of Canadians recognized themselves as be a member of a evident minority. But by 2017, if Statistics Canada ridge hold true, that figure could go up to among 19 and 23 per cent.

By Canada's 150th birthday, approximately 95 per cent of noticeable immigrants would live in urban areas, with 3/4 living in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. And approximately half of the populace living in Toronto and Vancouver would belong to a visible minority by 2017.

In keeping with the projections, the visible immigration population of Toronto will range between 2.8 million and nearly 3.9 million within 12 years.

Nonstop Immigration to Canada
The major reason for this is a hope of continued immigration to Canada over the next 12 years. Statistics Canada builds five different scenarios for future immigration rates and inhabitants growth. These scenarios forecast that Canada's immigrant population could reach between 7 million and 9.3 million in 2017.

Chinese and South Asians including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Middle East and Sri Lanka were the main obviously minority groups in Canada, and the projection doesn't see that changing. Roughly half of all visible minorities would belong to those groups by 2017.

Distribution of Immigrants in Canada
In Toronto, approximately one third of visible minorities would be South Asians. Almost one half of the visible minority inhabitants in Vancouver would be Chinese. And in Montreal, blacks and Arabs would stay the main visible minority groups, representing 27 per cent and 19 per cent of the minority population, correspondingly.

Immigration Lawyers in Vancouver Canada

Mr. Joshua B. Sohn Embarkation Law Group
Vancouver Immigration and Citizenship Lawyers
600 - 609 West Hastings Street P.O. Box 26,
Princess Building Vancouver,
British Columbia V6B 4W4 Canada
Tel.: 604-662-7404 Fax: 604-662-7466
Embarkation Law Group is an experienced, professional team of immigration and citizenship lawyers.

Elgin, Cannon & Associates
Vancouver Immigration and Citizenship Lawyers
970 - 777 Hornby Street Vancouver,
BC V6Z 1S2 Canada
Tel.: 604-683-0007 Fax: 604-683-6664
elgin, Cannon & Associates is a leading immigration law firm in Vancouver, Canada.

Canada Pension Plan

Approximately all of today’s older people in Canada receive money from Canada’s public pensions: the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS). Jointly, the CPP and OAS give a self-effacing base upon which Canadians can put up their retirement income. Basic monetary support is also obtainable to survivors and to citizens who turn out to be disabled to work and their children.

In support of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Service Canada delivers over $59 billion in benefits yearly to millions of Canadians.

As the federal focal point for strategy design and research related to Canada’s public pensions:

• HRSDC make certain the long-standing sustainability and relevance of CPP and OAS;
•Offer a balanced and supple retirement income system, responding to the varied and changing needs of Canadians; and
•Partners with and connect third parties to boost consciousness of CPP and OAS benefits.
HRSDC also talk international social security agreements, which help citizens qualify for benefits from Canada or abroad.


American Doctors Moving To Canada

American doctors would have to convene Canadian standards of medical education. I have known doctors from somewhere else in the world who had to improve so as to meet Canadian standards, but I ought to think that an American doctor from a trustworthy school would almost certainly not have to do any upgrading.

There is a lack of doctors in Canada, particularly in remote and rural areas. I just dated a doctor. When he graduated, he was offered $160K in addition to all living expenses remunerated (a residence to live in, a car to use, etc.) to go job in Sudbury. He twisted it down, and now makes $180K in Toronto (and by the way, he was astonished to realize what I make and that I take a mortgage on it

Medical licensing measures differ from province to province. You might have to manage immigration issues as well. There's in essence a points system that Immigration Canada uses to make a decision whether or not to let you permanent resident status, where you're awarded points for things like knowing English or French, contain funds to set up yourself, etc.

With the shortage of doctors in Canada, one can only expect that appointment promises are kept and some improved programs are instituted to re-train doctors from abroad in order to create their skill set well-matched.

Canadian Married To American Moving To Canada

My girlfriend and I are doing arrangement on getting married and living in Canada. We both presently live in the US. I'm Canadian and finishing up a TN work visa.

As declared, we are scheduling on moving to Canada.

Should we get wedded in the US or in Canada, or does it matter?

Once we obtain the official procedure started to petition to get her to immigrate to Canada. Will she be permissible to reside with me during that time? Or does she should remain outside of the country? Can she work throughout that time? In addition, can she work if she's sponsored by a Canadian company?

How long can she live in the country although visiting, waiting for the rules and regulations to go through?

I know this site is typically for Canadian Immigration, are there any additional websites devoted more to Americans trying to come to Canada?

Re: Canadian Married To American Moving To Canada
When does your TN end? Do you preparation on moving back to Canada once it expires, or do you plan to renew it?

Does not matter where you get married, but if you are in the US now, might additionally just get married and start the formalities. You can petition for an "out-land" request, which generally only take about 6 months or so. If you stay to do it until she is in Canada, it will take 18 months or longer, and she will not be able to work throughout that time. If you do outland, it will be about 6 months, then you move to Canada simultaneously and she can start working practically right away.

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada greets you as a tourist, learner or temporary worker. Each year, more than five million citizens visit Canada to take pleasure in the lots of opportunities our country has to offer.

Depending on where you reside, and the cause for your tour, you will require meeting certain entry requirements. In a number of cases, if you plan to stay in Canada for a certain period of time, you will require a Temporary Resident Visa.

Government Of Canada Immigration Test

Government Of Canada Immigration Test will help you conclude if you meet the requirements of a skilled worker migrant.

This test is merely to give you a suggestion of whether you will meet the criteria as a skilled worker. A Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) official will make a conclusion about your application based on the information you give.

The information from the analysis is for your use only. CIC does not maintain a record of these results. If you desire to keep a record, you can print or put aside your results from your computer.

Pass marks:
The current pass mark for Government Of Canada Immigration Test is 67. The pass mark could alter. You must check for restructured information on a normal basis.

Who is supposed to take the test?

You are supposed to take this test to assist you make a decision if you want to submit an application to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. If you are wedded or in a common-law relationship, you and your partner should take the test to see who scores the majority of points. The individual with the most assortment points should submit an application as the principal applicant.

Source and Test Link: