Dental Assistant Resume Sample

Following is an attractive resume sample for Dental Assistant job. This sample resume will give you an idea to make your own eye-catching resume.

Dental Assistant Job Description:
Dental assistants help dentists throughout the examination and handling of patients and carry out clerical functions. They work mostly in dentists' offices, or they might be employed by government and learning institutions.

Alternate Job Titles:
Following are some alternate job titles of dental assistant and the following resume sample is also useful for these titles
1. Certified Dental Assistant
2. Preventive Dental Assistant
3. Intra-Oral Dental Assistant
4. Dental Clinical Assistant
5. Dental Clinical Assistant – Military
6. Certified Intra-Oral Dental Assistant
7. Licensed Dental Assistant
8. Registered Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant Resume Sample

Anna K. Smith
35 Example Street, Edmonton AB S9T 6E9
(999) 999-9999, [Email Address]

A competent Dental Assistant with strong understanding of doing clerical work in dental health clinic keen to get the similar position in order to utilize my qualifications and skills.

• 3 years of experience in the same capacity
• Able to be a second pair of hands for a dentist
• Vey reliable and work well with others
• Good manual dexterity
• Knowledge of workplace Health and Safety procedures
• Excellent attention to detail.
• Have the ability and keenness to undertake further training for self-development
• [Add your qualifications here]

June 2008 – Present
Dental Clinic @ Zellers - Brampton, Ontario
Dental Assistant
• Get patients ready for dental examination and assist the dentist throughout the examination
• Take and build up X-rays
• Schedule patient arrangements and trace dental procedures performed
• Generate Invoice for patients for dental services
• Organize dental instruments and filling materials
• Educate patients regarding oral cleanliness
• Arrange dental and office supplies
• Polish teeth and clinical crowns and relate fluoride and sealant
• Take beginning impressions for analytic casts
• Make temporary crowns and restorations
• Disinfect and maintain instruments and utensils

• Very skilled in preparing patients for dental examinations
• Able to organize filling materials
• Skilled in sterilizing and maintaining dental instruments
• Profound knowledge of developing X-rays

High School Diploma – 2007

Available on Request

Canada Immigration Levels 2011

CIC says that there will be no fall in immigration level and numbers for 2011. The level of immigrants permissible to go to Canada fell by a quarter for the period of the opening quarter of this year, as compared to the parallel period last year.

Along the lines of data released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – the federal department in charge of immigration subject – immigration fell in all main categories, together with skilled worker class, Canadian Experience Class and family-sponsorships.

As it stands, just more than 63,200 people were settled visas during the primary quarter of this, down from the just over 84,000 visas granted for the duration of the similar period last year.

But officials from the CIC indicated that 2010 was an extraordinary year for immigration, as that year 281,000 foreigners were settled permanent resident permits, which is a 50 year record. And by itself, the first quarter of last year witnessed a maximum numeral of visas issues.

This year, Canada will permit between 250,000-265,000 immigrants, and CIC officials say the first quarter numbers reproduce that in general quota. Within the general quota, though, the government has been making changes. For instance, the CIC recently cut by half – from 20,000 to 10,000 – the figure of people who will be allowed below the federal Skilled Worker Class. For that reason, the amount of people permissible under each of the 29 main concern occupations under this class was also halved, to 500.

Government officials say they want to bring the application long jam and backlog down as much as possible. In addition, the government is also assessing what kind of immigrants Canada desires, and how to hit a balance between extremely skilled immigrants such as managers and engineers on one side, and skilled trades-people for instance plumbers and electricians on the other.

Australian Visa Fee and Cost

Traveling Australia is somewhat expensive and you even have to give extra for visa applications to obtain the visa. At the same time as the visa application procedure can be a difficult, fortunately there are a number of companies and agencies that can direct and help you through the groundwork and application procedure. The disadvantage to this is that you’ll be spending almost certainly double or even triple the cost of the Australian Visa Cost because of “consultation fees” or a number of other fees of the agency.

The primary part of your Australian Visa fee is the Visa Application Charge or VAC. The Visa Application Charge is the sum of cash that you are charged for your visa application that is paid in Australian Dollars; this is a throwaway expense even if your request is rejected. VAC’s are viewed each first of July every year and as of this there is always a possibility that the VAC might raise, which then rise your Australian Visa Cost. The VAC is for all time included in your Australian Visa Cost statement, regardless of what kind of visa you are applying for.

The additional fee and expenses that come with a visa application though might vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. There are a number of kinds of visas that are obtainable for application, the worker visa, the immigration visa, visitor visa, student visa, company visa, among others. For the employment visa, it is classify beneath two categories – employer sponsored, where applicants are documented through their skills and are supported by employers whether Australian or abroad at the same time as the other kind is for professionals and other expert migrants. The Temporary Work Visa cost comprises the Visa Application Charge which differs depending on the diverse kinds of visas applied for, the proposal charge, and the sponsorship charge. The Permanent Work Visa on the other hand is more classy and done in two installments; the first installment for the Australian Visa Cost is based on whether the Visa Applicant lives whichever in or out of Australia. The second installment is for those applicants who have modest to no English speaking skills.

To submit an application for a Visa as a tourist is much cheaper than the employee visa since, except the reality that the period of the stay is shorter; the only cost made when applying for this visa is the traveler visa itself. For the student visa which is for public who wish to study in Australia, the Australian Visa Cost for students comprises an International Education Contribution which supports international teaching by the government. This payment is charged to the applicant as together with the Visa Application Charge in addition to the Permission to Work expense.

Rising Figure of New Skilled Immigrants per Year

For the precedent decade, Canada has received approximately 250,000 new permanent residents yearly, but that figure jumped in 2010 to further than 280,000, the utmost total in more than 50 years. As Canada’s residents’ ages, some supporters have suggested Canada must rise up its immigrant intake to further than 300,000 a year. But the subject is passionately contested by those who disagree that current immigrants have fared poorly in the labour force.

Studies recommend Canada would require tripling or quadrupling its immigration levels to maintain its present ratio of workers to old-age dependents.

“Simply put, we do not have the funds or capability to incorporate a million new immigrants each year,” Mr. Kenney said. “We can’t train them English or French. We can’t overflow our taxpayer-funded services like health care and public teaching. We can’t put such elevated pressure on housing and property markets.”

Debbie Douglas, executive director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, is one of those calling for Canada’s immigrant intake to go up over 300,000 a year.

“Last year was telling. We were capable to land 280,000 immigrants. We have the ability,” Ms. Douglas said. “For me it’s in relation to political will, and we’re at a time when reasonably we need more immigrants.”

Ms. Douglas said Canada have to place extra stress on permanent migration. She’s opposed to the policy of accepting rising numbers of temporary foreign workers in Canada, who have a hard path to citizenship and must leave the country after four years. There are further than 300,000 temporary foreign workers in Canada at the present time.

She also wants to perceive steps taken to decrease the backlog of family reunification applications from parents and grandparents. Mr. Kenney was condemned during the current election campaign for waiting times that had grown to more than a few years.

He is not likely to considerably revise overall immigration intake, but he expects to face hard choices when it comes to adjusting the immigration mix.

About 26 per cent of immigrants who come to Canada every year do so under the family class. Mr. Kenney said the importance must be placed on those applicants with work experience and skills who can straight away contribute to the financial system. At present, only three in 10 new arrivals have been selected for their economic prospective, he said. If that figure is to rise, there may have to be cuts in other areas, for example the family class. Those decisions remain open for conversation.

New Canada Immigration Rules 2011-2012

Every developed country that provides immigration facility has their own cluster of rules and regulations, directives and guidelines to control the admittance of each foreign individual in the country. As far as Canada is concerned, it is said that it is one of the most well-liked destinations for immigration. Immigration has been essential in the economic history of Canada.

Recently, the difficulty of Canada immigration has forced the immigration lawyers of the country to build up some creative practice in the area of immigration rules of Canada. Previously, the immigration lawyers of Canada supported families in the country to support the members of their family abroad, helped the businessmen of the state to employ abroad workers aside from representing people subject to deportation order from Canada.

With the intention of employing immigrants of economic class, for example: the skilled workers and business class immigrants, the Immigration and Citizenship Department of Canada have build up certain very important immigration criteria. The present department of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship, which is also known as CIC Canada, is considered to be the most momentous organization of the administration of the country.

If you are preparing for Canada immigration, in the beginning, you have to come about with the immigration application by means of the approved forms for immigration purposes. The Immigration Department of the Canada keeps a proof of the statistics of the figure of migrants to the country, figure of approved applications, the kind of persons migrating to Canada and further data.

The government of Canada has freshly introduced new immigration rules for companies, for the temporary foreign workers. These fresh immigration rules will be appropriate to both labor market and exempt work permits. These alterations will make the government of the country more influential and will assist them to watch temporary abroad workers and their employers. If anybody fails to fulfill with the modifications, then it will lead to solemn some consequences for the blameworthy employer.

In keeping with the Canadian government, in reducing the abuse of Temporary Foreign Workers by employers and agents, these adjustments will be very helpful. Furthermore, it will assist in increasing the answerability of the employers including refutation of service and to encourage faithfulness to terms and conditions.

Everybody who is interested in Canada migration should be conscious of all these new modifications. It will not only assist the applicant in his or her immigration to the country, but also will defend him or her to place any mistake that might cause paying penalties. If you desire, you can take the help of an immigration specialist who can direct you through your Canada immigration and will make your migration easier.

Significant Decline in Canadian Immigration 2011

Canada allowed 26% less immigrants into the country in the opening quarter of 2011 compared to the similar period in 2010. The figure of permanent resident visas issued by CIC between January and March cut down from 84,083 in 2010 to 63,224 this year, in keeping with figures obtained by the Star.

The most recent department numbers show a turn down across the board, with visas for skilled workers losing 28 per cent, family-sponsored relatives downward 14 per cent, and refugees dipping by 25 per cent. The noteworthy drop in visas comes on the eve of public consultations Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is holding on the country’s immigration altitude and classes of populace that are supposed to be allowed in.

In the month’s primary up to the May 2 federal election, the Conservatives touted 2010 as a sign year in immigration; receive 280,000 permanent residents, the maximum in 50 years. In 2009, just about 265,000 immigrants were granted permanent status.
Mention this year’s quarterly figures, immigration officials say it is unjust to use the 2010 figures as a standard since it was a record year in granting permanent visas. On the other hand, department is convinced that regardless of lower visas/authorizations issuance and admissions in the initial quarter, it will meet its yearly target of visas,

Over the previous 15 years, Canada’s yearly immigration levels have remained around 250,000, about 0.8 per cent of the residents.

Immigration lawyers say less permanent visas could mean larger backlogs, particularly for family sponsorships where there is no limit on applications like there is for skilled workers and investors. Immigration lawyer Mario Bellissimo said he would not be surprised if the minister brings in a latest law to limit family sponsorship applications. Since 2006, the figure of visas for sponsored relatives and refugees has turn down, at the same time as visas for workers have progressively increased.

Since 2008, the federal government has made many changes to its immigration program in an effort to get rid of backlogs and route applications in a more opportune fashion. It counts on capping the figure of immigration applications it accepts for processing.

A section backgrounder for the future consultations, which are by invite only, suggests at the same time as increasing immigration may be one way to resolve the growing demand, “there are obviously a number of pressures that make trade-offs predictable.”

With an elderly population immigration levels will require to be raised to 350,000 yearly to support Canada’s financial growth.

An Overview of Transit Visa for USA

This post gives information regarding the transit visa for the United States. A transit visa of USA is also called C visa. It is your job to ensure that you have the accurate travel documents. Failure to get hold of a transit visa, when necessary, may result in you being left without boarding by the airline.

There are different types of transit visas for USA:

General Transit Visa | C-1 Visa:
If a non-US citizen is passing in instant and nonstop transit throughout the United States, he/she might require a official transit C-1 visa, except he/she is a citizen of a country that has an accord with the United States let their citizens to take a trip to the United States lacking a visa or they are entitled to transit the United States exclusive of any visas under the Visa Waiver Program.

C-2 Visa:
A foreign national can submit an application for a C2 visa, if he is an invitee, official representative of information media, or an envoy of a consulting nongovernmental agency traveling to or from the United Nations headquarters region in New York City.

Foreign Government Transit | C-3 Visa:
An associate of a foreign government on official business can get hold of a C3 visa at the same time as transiting through the United States. The official's direct family members, attendants, servants, or private employees are also allowable to navigate United States.

Restrictions on C Visa - Transit Visa for USA:
1. Transit Visa for USA or C visa is a single entry visa. For that reason, if you leave the United States and desire to re-enter the U.S. for transit purposes, you will have to reapply for C visa.
2. If you like to visit friends or going to places of interest, a transit visa is not a suitable type of visa.
3. You can't alter to another non-immigrant status at the same time as on a C visa.
4. You cannot make bigger your stay further than the original permitted stay on C visa. If you would like to make your stay bigger, consider applying for a suitable Business (B1) or Tourist Visa (B2) or if you meet the criteria, take a trip on the Visa Waiver Program.
5. You might not apply for a green card or for a change of status whilst on a C visa.
6. You can't work or study at the same time as on a C visa.
7. There are no dependent visas for Transit Visa for USA or C visa holders. Each person in the family needs to submit an application for separate C visa.

Social Worker Immigration to Australia

Are you paying attention in migrating to Australia in the category of a Social Worker? If you are, then there are sure decisive factor that you require to accomplish to meet the criteria. A skill level up to a graduate degree or superior degrees is the fundamental requirement for this profession.

Completion of a credited 4-year undergraduate degree such as: Bachelor of Social Work; a 4 or 5 years of double-degree; or a 2-year postgraduate aptitude like Master of Social Work is requisite to meet the requirements for this Australian skilled occupation.

Aside from that, as the profession of a social worker requires a promise for considerable training, therefore the applicant wants to qualify for long time lead. For effectual industrial operations and economic enlargement of the country entirely, the social workers also need to accomplish the requirement for high disruption.

Contrasting other skilled occupations in Australia, the profession of Social Worker has no such requirements for legal listing in any state or region of the country. Though, police checks are required with the people who are working with children and other responsive social areas.

The Australian Association of Social Workers is the related authority for social work in the country. Furthermore, to meet the requirements for a number of jobs in government agencies, the applicants have to turn out to be a membership of the AASW. To be converted into a member of the AASW, the applicants have to complete an AASW-accredited degree.

Alike to other skilled occupations of Australia, the occupation of Social work also require meeting precedence and commitments of the administration policy both at the state and Commonwealth level. Policies of child security, native difficulty, health and wellbeing, homelessness and social inclusion etc come under this.

Assessing a variety of social needs of individuals, families and groups, assisting and authorizing people, developing and using the skills and resources that are necessary to resolve social and other such issues together with in general human wellbeing, protecting human rights, social fairness and social development are some of the essential duties of a social worker.

Canada Might Change its Immigration Levels

In July 2011, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism launched a sequence of consultations with stakeholders and the public to talk about the matter of Canadian immigration levels.

The reason of the consultations is to look for feedback on how many immigrants are supposed to be established into Canada every year and to decide a logical mix between economic, family class and protected persons (refugees). Whilst determining the levels of immigration, CIC consider participation from provinces and territories, the ability of the economy and communities to greet newcomers, and current and prospective economic conditions.

CIC also considers its aptitude to process applications in a well-timed manner, which has progressively converted into a problem as a lot of Canadian immigration offices are experiencing large backlogs. There is presently a backlog of almost 165,000 parental and grandparent sponsorship applications alone. The Montreal Gazette freshly hinted in a piece of writing that the Government of Canada might stop accepting immigration applications in total in order to clear the enormous backlogs.

“There’s an limitless number of citizens who want to come to Canada,” said Mr. Kenney in the Gazette article. “We used to have hundreds of thousands of applications more than we could process, and it’s unintelligent and unjust to make people wait seven, eight, nine years for their application to be even looked at. That’s the underlying principle for limiting the figure of new applications.”

In the previous few years, Canada has narrowed the number of immigration applications being accepted. On June 24, 2011, CIC proclaim that a total of 10,000 applications would be accepted for the Federal Skilled Worker Program with a maximum of 500 applications being accepted for each eligible occupation. This is a 50% lessening from the figure of applications accepted in the Federal Skilled Worker Program previous year. It is vital to note that fresh applications are being processed more rapidly than those submitted before the first Ministerial changes in 2008. Applicants who put forward their Federal Skilled Worker applications before February 2008 might put forward a fresh application if they meet the criteria under the new instructions.

With so many applicants wanting to go into Canada as economic immigrants, CIC has recommended that this would be a good chance to set superior standards for their Federal Skilled Worker Program. Earlier this year, CIC also held consultations about the Federal Skilled Worker Program and recommended that the selection principles should be changed, including elevate the level of language skill required to meet the criteria for the program and favouring younger applicants.

Bakery Sales Resume Sample

An attractive resume for bakery sales position is always desirable by the prospective employer. While writing a Bakery Sales Resume keep in mind that this position involves the sales, excellent customer service, maintenance and delivery of bakery items. For your help, we have designed a sample resume for Bakery Sales position. Take this resume as a standard and make your own individual resume.

Bakery Sales Resume Sample

Aliya K. Smith
345 Example Street, Vancouver BC S9R 6E9
(999) 999-9999, Email Address

Objective: Seeking a sales position in a bakery in order to utilize my sales and customer service skills.

• Passionate about bakery sales
• Zealous about customer service
• Prepared to challenge if somewhat is not right
• Motivated by being a team player with a widespread objective
• Strong sense of accountability and aspiration to get things done appropriately
• Extremely self-motivated
• Warm, welcoming and engaging personality

Vancouver City Bakery | 2008-Present
Bakery Sales Assistant
• Greet, assist and sell bakery items to customers
• Operate till and manage financial transactions
• Take on cleaning and housekeeping duties
• Recurrently develop an understanding of the bakery’s culture, products, ethical initiatives, additional areas of business, and mirror this in everyday performance
• Merchandise and refill bakery stock as directed
• Assist with deliveries and stock treatment as directed

High School Diploma - 2002

• Ability to adjust in frequent change and a high temperature and pressure environment
• Confident, expressive and perfect spoken English
• Ability to attempt and elegant
• Knowledge of the bakery settings
• Ability to start contact and communication


Note: Add more points in this sample Bakery Sales Resume as per specific job requirements