Find a job in canada !!!

Its never be too late to start your job search for Canada.
Finding the job matching your profession is very important to you if your Canadian immigration process is under processing or in case you are thinking about canadian immigration.
There are a lot of advantages of having a genuine Canadian job offer. Some includes

1. A job offer from Canada gives you extra points in case of the Federal Skilled Worker Category of Canadian Immigration.

2. It is a mandatory element for qualification if you are applying under under the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

3. A job offer letter will expedite the processing of your application for a Canada Immigration Visa.

4. Fast entrance in Canada on a Work Permit in the time of the processing of your Canadian Immigration application.

5. The last and the most important is that a Canadian job will finish your uncertainty, give you food and shellter.
So try now to find thousands of jobs by exploring the job websites of Canada.
It is not difficult to find a job in Canada but you have to work hard on finding a job in Canada.
Canada is offering thousands of jobs for aliens in the year 2009 . So dont loose your chance to get a Canadian job in 2009.
These links are very useful to find a job in Canada
Best of luck to all.

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Hansika said...

Khandakar,Which job websites is best for Canada?

Created by Saba said...

Khandakar your perception about getting a job in Canada is not right. Thousands of forigners are getting jobs and work permits of Canada every month.

You have to try hard to get a job in Canada.
Keep searching and remember that onle search for job in your respective field.

Anonymous said...

I am Raj Sharma, a software engineer from India. I took guidence from this blog and applied for the job of software engineer through the website Luckily i received an interview call for the applied position. Can some one guide me what to do next.
Thanx to owner of this blog

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I sent my forms for Federal skilled worker 1st March 2009 , they returned me back with a letter that my job experience details were incomplete ,Could anyone please help me by sending me completed" Schedule 3 page 2-3 (work experience) " by e-mail that I will be able to get ideas to fill and send again .
Many Thanks for your help
Dr.Vahideh mirkhani , email:

Saba said...

Dear Dr. Vahideh mirkhani,
Keep visiting this blog to find the answers of all your questions regarding Canadian Immigration.

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I'm working in Dubai for about 4 years now as a nurse.Im about to have my visa as an immigrant and planning to move ealy next year in canada..What bothers me now is the job opportunity that awaits on me..Can u post,either help me to look for job online so that I have an idea/work before I land there...
Hoping that you can help me...
Thanking you in advance..

Comrade said...

try to get immigration before applying for a job in canada

Comrade said...

Try the following website

Anonymous said...

i want to find a job before immigration. please guide me

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