Motivational Factors behind Canadian Immigration

If you have ever speculated why a good number of people choose Canadian immigration, you almost certainly want to know the motivational factors behind Canadian immigration. Who knows, you might find yourself wanting that as well on one occasion you get to know the reasons behind the country’s demand! There are manifold Motivational Factors behind immigration to the North American country. Here are top reasons as to why citizens consider weaving a dream to migrate to Canada.

A Peaceful Nation:
Canada makes a factual home away from home. As one of the most open-minded and diplomatic nations, Canada in fact deserves to be everyone’s dream destination. The country has people from all around the world- a establishment of world’s cultures, ethnicities and faith. Aside from being home to numerous languages- particularly French and English, Canada respects each outsider’s values, beliefs and principles.

A Livable Life:
Canada has most number of habitable cities inside its boundaries is not an old one. Measure the livable factors are way of life, safety, and infrastructure, Canada is just invincible. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary are amongst world’s most preferred places to show the way to a healthy and calm life. This leaves almost no doubt as to why populace flocks to Canada and wish to settle there lastingly.

A Safe Place:
When you are taking the choice to move your base and shifting from our residence country, you just cannot meet the expense of ignoring the safety feature. Safety is anyone’s one of the major concerns- one desires to make sure that their new house place is evenly safe as their home country, if not safer! But, when your new home is Canada, you in fact get additional than you ask for on this facet. The country has comparatively lesser crime rates contrast to many countries. Inside Canada, provinces like Ontario and Quebec are your safest bet.

Numerous Employment Opportunities:
Immigrants are always privileged by the prospect offered by Canada. There is without a doubt by means of a varied cultural absorption; the country also hosts a different work force that owes to varied opportunities obtainable there. Canada does not retiring away from borrowing skills and experiences from the most excellent and the brightest people from crossways the world. It has sufficient options to house immigrants in its labor market. You can even think further than the labor market and doing businesses. Being a open-minded culture, Canada’s political ground is open for immigrants.

A Stable Economy:
Canada is one of the financial systems that have shown quicker revival from the recent global recession. The steady economy of this country is a pleasure for world skilled people, businessmen and entrepreneurs. This exclusively can play the determinant for these people to think Canada as their immigration destination.

Best Healthcare Facilities:
Health care is one more important factor when deciding to immigrate to an in total a new place. Canada boasts an outstanding, first-rate health care program. To pinnacle it, the health program, together with various other social programs is realistic and inexpensive. Immigrants certainly cannot ask for more.

Canadian Immigration Cap 2011-2012

The new immigration cap is 10,000 for new Federal Skilled Worker applications who have no offer of arranged employment. Inside the 10,000 cap, 500 of maximum new Federal Skilled Worker applications for each National Occupation Classification or NOC code will be consider for processing each year.

The cap year will effective from 1st July 2011 and end on 30th June 2012. Resulting years will be calculated from 1st July to 30th June, apart from any further indication in a future Ministerial Instruction.

Cover Letter for Post Office Job

While applying for a post office job, never forget to include an attention grabbing cover letter in your application package. Look at the following cover letter for post office job in order to make your eye-catching and impressive cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Post Office Job

977 Example Street
Houston TX 69888

May 1, 2006

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
The US Postal Service
29 Example Avenue
Houston TX 69888

Dear Mr. Doe:

Your Postal Office Clerk position demands the skills, talent, and work ethic that I have developed in my previous position as dispatch clerk in different companies. An experienced clerk with extensive knowledge in office communication and postal services, I am enthusiastic to leverage my past experience and qualifications to add to your bottom line.

Based on my understanding of Postal Office Clerk positions at The US Postal Service, here are a number of aspects of my background that seem most appropriate to meet your requirements:
• Reply questions regarding mail regulations and procedures, postage rates
• Check mail so as to make sure correct postage and that packages and letters are in appropriate condition for mailing
• Complete forms about changes of address, or stealing or loss of mail, or for particular services for instance registered or priority mail.
• Feed mail into postage canceling devices or hand stamp mail to withdraw postage.
• Maintain the cash and order of money drawers, and record and balance every day transactions.
• Get signatures from recipients of registered or particular delivery mail.

As you are looking for a candidate who can settle in and contribute to your different clerical functions, I expect you will think about my credentials. I will contact you next week to find out there is possibility of a personal interview. In the meantime, I can be contacted at [Contact #] or email at [Email Here]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sara K. Arnold

Enc. Resume

Cover Letter for Immigration Attorney Resume

A good cover letter for Immigration Attorney resume is vital while submitting your job application. Keep in mind that an Immigration attorney is supposed to be certified to practice law officially. Immigration attorneys can concentrate in different areas, for example employment-based petitions, family-based petitions, visa applications, and demonstration in immigration court. Attorneys can work as singly practitioners, in a mid-size or large immigration company, in addition to at a nonprofit organization.

Following is an excellent immigration attorney cover letter sample. You may modify it as per your requirements

Cover Letter for Immigration Attorney Resume

Your Street Address
City, State and Zip Code


Mr./Ms.(Employer’s Name)
AAA Immigration Firm
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name):

In response to your recent advertisement for the position of Immigration Attorney in The Daily Times, I am submitting my resume for your consideration. Along with post graduate degree in Immigration Law and three years of experience as Immigration Attorney, I am certain in my ability to become a central member of AAA Immigration Firm.

My diverse and strong academic, professional, and leadership experiences would make me a valuable asset to AAA Immigration Firm. Currently, as an Immigration Attorney, I prepare petitions involving H-1B, L-1, TN, and E-2 visas. In addition, I conduct consultations with clients, prepare petitions, file petitions, and help in addressing issues that may arise, for instance processing delays and the like. I am also familiar with concepts for example consular processing, adjustment of status, immediate relative, and priority date. I have extensive experience in presenting cases in immigration court.

My resume and transcript are together with this for your assessment. I will contact you on the week of July 10 to schedule a time in which I may additional talk about my qualifications for the Immigration Attorney. In the interim I can be reached at (999) 999-9999. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Typed Name]

Enc. Resume

How to Work as a Live-in Caregiver in Canada?

The Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada is a particular program whose purpose is to bring workers to Canada to perform live-in work as caregivers when there are not sufficient Canadian Citizens to fill the obtainable positions.

A live-in caregiver in Canada is someone who provides care to kids, the aged or the disabled inside a private household.

Victorious overseas applicants take delivery of an employment approval allowing them to work in Canada as live-in caregiver. Subsequent to two years of employment, which ought to be completed inside three years of the caregiver’s influx in Canada, program participants can submit an application in Canada to turn out to be permanent residents. They might be granted permanent resident status provided they meet up a number of requirements.

There are three major requirements you will have to meet to meet the criteria under the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada:

1. Successful achievement of the equal of a Canadian high school education. This obligation will help to make sure that participants who submit an application for lasting residence after two years will be able to do well in the general labor market. Studies point out that the mass of new jobs in Canada need at least a high school education.

2. Six months of full-time training or 12 months of knowledge in salaried employment in a field or job connected to the job you are looking for as a live-in caregiver. You might have gained your training or knowledge in early childhood education, aged care, pediatric nursing or first aid or the like. You might have completed your training as fraction of your prescribed education. so as to meet the criteria for experience, you have to have completed one year of full-time paid service, including at least six months of nonstop employment with one employer, in that field or profession. This experience ought to have been obtained inside the three years right away prior to the day on which you apply for an employment approval to a visa officer.

3. Ability to converse read and understand whichever English or French. You have to be able to function separately in a home setting. For instance, you have to be able to contact emergency services if necessary and to recognize labels on medication. You will be unsupervised for most of the day and might be put in a position of having to converse with somebody outside the home. A first-class knowledge of English or French will also allow you to read and understand for yourself what your rights and responsibilities are.

New Canadian Immigration Rule to Speed up Older Applications

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has proclaimed much predictable changes in upcoming immigration rules of Canada. Canada is amending its intake of applications of federal skilled workers under federal business programs. This is being done to decrease backlog of pre Feb 2008 applicants and improve wait times at the same time as meeting country’s labor market needs.

The announced changes would perk up processing and wait times for backlog of applications, in that way making immigration process faster for cases filed under old immigration rules.

Starting from July 1 2011, for applicants lacking an offer of employment in Canada, government has additional limited figure of new federal skilled worker applications that would be considered for processing to 10,000 a year. This figure was 20,000 previous year. Within this limit, a utmost of 500 new applications in every of present 29 priority occupations will be considered. These limits do not relate to applications with an offer of arranged employment.

On the other hand, since caps are proclaim on federal skilled and federal investor categories, opportune filing of cases is very important to ensure cases are timely received at the CIC. In June 2010, government released a modernized list of 29 priority occupations and introduced a worldwide cap of 20000 for federal skilled workers, in addition to a sub-cap of 1000 under every occupation.

Low Cost of Living in Canada

Canada is the second biggest country of the globe, consisting of ten provinces and 3 territories. When it comes to the expenditure of living in this Canada, the home cost of living in dissimilar regions may significantly vary from each other.

For example: Toronto has the utmost cost of living followed by Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa in that order.

Getting a thought on the cost of housing, taxes and family expenses in a variety of Canadian cities would be helpful for you, as it will assist you to decide the right place for your immigration in the country.

In Vancouver, BC the existing cost can be superior to other regions of the country. This is why, to keep your standard of living in this region you might need to have one extra wage-earner.

In accordance with the residents of the UK and Europe, the expenditure of living in Canada is lower than their inhabitant countries.

Mainly, the accommodation rate of Canada is rather cheaper than the other industrial nations crossways the globe. The standard housing rate in the country is about 7 times the standard yearly salary. Though, the accommodation prices in Ontario and Alberta are 7 times the standard wage and in Vancouver, it is 11 times the standard wage.

Populace migrating to Canada with the earnings of house sales from other countries with more expensive housing, can buy a house in the country with considerably less mortgage. It helps them to use their takings for other necessary activities.

In contrast to other western countries, food, petrol or gasoline, cars, car insurances, power all are cheaper in Canada. In line with the survey,

•As contrast to London, the existing cost in Toronto is 30% lower.
•The livelihood cost in Vancouver is 12% lesser than in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
•The expenditure of living in Ottawa is 5% inferior to Glasgow.

Mother Helper Resume Sample

A well-written resume for the position of mother helper is important to be noticed by the employer and lead to a successful interview call. For this reason we have designed an excellent resume sample for mother helper job.

In general, mother’s helper attends to children at schools, businesses, private homes, and childcare institutions. They perform various tasks, for example dressing, feeding, bathing, and supervision play. A profession as a Mother Helper falls below the broader career category of Childcare Workers.

Mother Helper Resume Sample

Sara K. Smith
333 Example Street, Atlantic City NJ 98999
(999) 999-9999, [Your Email Address]

Seeking a position of mother helper in a private household or childcare institution where I can utilize my extensive experience of childcare and babysitting.

• Natural ability to inform when something is incorrect or is probable to go wrong
• Excellent ability to pay attention to and understand information and ideas presented from side to side spoken words and sentences
• Ability to converse information and ideas in writing so others will recognize
• Excellent logic and reasoning skills to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of substitute solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems

May 2007 – Present
St Jones Childcare Institution, Atlantic City NJ
Mother Helper
• Keep records on every child, including every day observations and information regarding activities, meals served, and medications administered
• Discipline kids and suggest or start other measures to control activities, for example caring for own clothing and picking up toys and books
• Wash toys and play equipment
• Make children's rest periods conform
• Maintain a protected play surroundings
• Observe and keep an eye on children's play activities
• Read to kids and educate them simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs
• Dress children and change their diapers
• Communicate with children's parents regarding daily activities, behaviors, and correlated issues
• Categorize and store toys and materials to make sure order in activity areas
• Hold up children's emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and optimistic self-concepts
• Teach children in health and individual habits, for example eating, resting, and toilet usage

Private Household (Mrs. Lee’s House) [Address]
Childcare Worker
• Sterilized bottles and prepare formulas
• Performed common functions, for instance supervision, training, and scheduling
• Placed children into baths or pools
• Performed common directorial tasks, for example taking making phone calls
• Identified symbols of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring them to parents' or guardians' notice
• Accompanied kids to and from school, on outings, and to health check appointments
• Assisted kids with homework and school work
• Helped in preparing food and serving meals and snacks to children
• Made developmentally suitable lesson plans
• Performed organization duties, for example laundry, cleaning, dish washing, and changing of linens
• Systematized and contributed in leisure activities and outings

High School Diploma – 2007

Available on request

Note: It is strongly recommended that you modify this Mother Helper Resume Sample before sending it.

Severe Measures against Human Smugglers in Canada

Recently, Canadian government has changed legislation to stop human smugglers from exploitation of Canada’s immigration system. The Canadian government continues to be utterly clear. Human smuggling is a shameful crime and any effort to mistreatment of Canada’s kindness for financial achievement will not be accepted,” said Minister Toews. By re-introducing this legislation Canada is sending a clear message that its doors are open to those who take part in by the rules - including all lawful refugees. Yet, Canada will clean-up on those who jeopardize human lives and warn the integrity of Canada’s borders.

Canadians gave a strong authorization to put a stop to the abuse of Canada’s bighearted immigration system. Canadians have told that abuse of its munificence is a genuine problem that has to be stopped. Canada is a sympathetic nation of immigrants with a bigheaded history and custom of welcoming refugees. Simultaneously, every sovereign country has a responsibility to protect its borders, and no Canadian thinks it’s acceptable for criminals to violate Canada’s immigration system for financial gain.”
With the planned Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act, the Government of Canada is cleaning human smugglers with numerous new measures, for instance:

• Making it easier to put human smugglers on trial and introducing binding least sentences for criminal human smugglers;
• Making vessel owners and operators legally responsible for use of their ships in human smuggling;
• Establishing fixed custody of uneven mass arrivals to let for the resolve of identity and permissibility of illegal migrants and any other inquiry;
• Preventing illegitimate migrants who are fraction of a smuggling operation from obtaining permanent resident status or bringing their relations members to Canada for a period of five years;
• Ensuring that the remedial benefits received are not more liberal than those received by the standard Canadian; and
• Withdraw the refugee status of individuals who no longer need Canada’s protection — for instance, should they go away from Canada to go back to their country of origin or should country conditions change.

The averting Human Smugglers from exploitation of Canada’s Immigration System Act and backgrounders can be discussed at

500 Cap on Canadian Immigration New Applications

Canada has reduced the figure of new applications for federal skilled worker to 10,000 for each year. The immigration department of Canada is expecting that decrease in the figure of applications will facilitate them to deal with its log jam of visa applications.

In accordance with the system of Canadian federal skilled worker, the skilled migrants can get a permanent residence visa together with their family members, if they could make adequate points on their points test. On the other hand, Australia and Denmark also use this points-test system.

To submit an application for any skilled occupation in Canada, the applicants are necessary to have knowledge in an occupation included in the National Occupation Classification list. In accordance with the newest immigration policy, each year, only 500 applications can be lodged for any one of the skilled occupations and 10,000 visas will be settled.

It has made the procedure of applying for Canadian skilled immigration a tricky job for several; at the same time as because of the reduced quota few people can submit an application for it. With the intention of reducing the log jam backlog that makes the applicants wait for a longer period of time to obtain their visa, this new strategy is introduced by the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada.

For the citizens who wish to live and work in Canada, there are a lot of schemes or policies obtainable along with the most recent federal skilled worker program, for example: Provincial Nominee Program and the Quebec Skilled Workers system. For some skilled migrants, these immigration schemes can be a superior option for Canada migration.

Overview of Medical Test for Canadian PR

The Medical test obligation for your Canada immigration applications is on the cards and there might be a little complexity involved. Medical requirement turn out to be more essential if you are applying for Permanent Residence of Canada.

Depending on your Canada immigration application and details provided, you might have to carry out a medical exam. As a rule, permanent residents of Canada have to go by a medical requirement exam to make sure that your health is not hazardous to the Canadian public or will not enforce an extreme medical command over health and social services of Canada. The medical exam check includes autism, learning disabilities and rest circumstances that might entail extra medical care or social services. Subsequent to submitting your Canada visa request, you may take delivery of directives on medical exam undertaking.

After your Canadian Immigration medical test, you will not be informed by the doctor of the medical exam result but any serious health problem requiring medical attention instantaneously. The practitioner will not present any pass-fail medical result to you; as an alternative he is responsible to pass the information to CIC office and CIC will take the absolute decision depending on your medical exam. You will be provided on paper if there is any problem regarding your health. Note that PR medical requirements and rules are more severe and be different to temporary residents, students or visitors’ regulations.

Time Limit for Canada Visa Application Medical Exam:

After victorious medical test you will be issued your medical test report which will be legal for 12 months. If your medical test report has failed the specified date then you will require taking again. You have to visit approved medical practitioners or doctors by CIC for Canadian Immigration or Canadian permanent citizenship.

Bank Teller Cover Letter

A cover letter for bank teller resume is imperative for obtaining your desired job in your proffered bank. For this reason, we have designed an outstanding cover letter sample for bank teller resume which will guide you creating your own cover letter.

Overview of position:
A bank teller is an individual who is linked with the cash and customer service. The responsibilities of the Bank Teller job are huge and diverse A teller has to count and tally money, greet customers, know how to read notes, know crisis push button against theft, assisting customers with opening new accounts, make loan payments, deposit or cash checks for customers, reply any questions for the client or refer them to somebody who can assist answer phones.

Bank Teller Cover Letter Sample

Your Street Address
City, State and Zip Code


Mr./Ms.(Employer’s Name)
The Bank of Ontario
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name):

I am pleased to submit my application for the position of Bank Teller in the Bank of Ontario in response to your current advertisement on Along with post graduate diploma in accounting and six years of hands-on experience, I am sure in my ability to become a central member of The Bank of Ontario.

My high level of concentration and excellent teller and organizational skills has helped me achieve a strong professional record as a bank teller. I am very expert in receiving and processing money when customers make deposits; distributing money when customers write checks on their accounts or take out savings. In addition, I have a vast experience in cash payroll checks, exchanging foreign currency, receiving loan payments, and issuing traveler's checks. I can also validate checks before cashing them and able to recognize the customers for whom they cash checks by asking for an individual identification number, checking for photo recognition, and comparing the customer's signature to the record.

I am sure that these are the kinds of skills and abilities you are seeking in a Bank Teller, and I would like very much to meet with you to talk about this further. I will call you the week of July 10 to see if we can arrange a meeting. If you require contacting me before then, you may reach me at (999) 999-9999 or via email at [Your Email Here]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Typed Name]

1. Resume
2. Recommendation Letter

New Canadian Visit Visa Program

Canadian Immigration Minister has freshly announced that the country will begin a newest visa visit visa program. It will make it much easier for populace to take a trip of Canada than before, as it is designed with easy application process by making enhanced use of government resources.

With the intention of temporarily visit Canada, citizens of a number of countries have to choose a visitor visa. At this time, the maximum validity period of a multiple-entry Canadian visit visa is 5 years. At the same time as other nations are issuing visitor visas with 10 years validity period, now the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department is also planning to change its policy for that reason.

In keeping with the modifications, people who are applying for multiple-entry Canadian visit visa might now get visa with the utmost validity of 10-year on their passports. In order to meet the criteria, the applicants have to meet a number of requirements, for instance:

1. Present applications for multiple visa
2. Ought to have a passport valid for 10 years
3. Have to qualify as a case with low- risk

The government of Canada advises that these kinds of visas must be granted to grandparents and parents with sponsorships in practice and business reason visitors.

In accordance with the immigration procedure of Canada, the Immigration Minister Jason Kenny, has said that extra applications with higher expectations specify that Canada immigration wants a more friendly and flexible system of processing application. He also expressed that with the intention of attaining that, the CIC is providing the proper tools to the employees and applicants to deliver the best on the expectations.

Family Based Immigration USA

There are different ways to be entitled for everlastingly immigrating to the United States for instance your close relations who are residing legally in the USA are able to sponsor you which is known as family based immigration. A number of professionals of a given profession are in short supply in the USA and your company would like to support you (service based immigration), by applying in a green card lottery to win permanent residence (not all citizens of all countries are qualified), political asylum, investment based and the like. This part of this blog describes family based immigration of USA. Parliament, by conferring permanent residence eligibility upon a number of family-based groups, has appropriately emphasized the significance of family amalgamation in American immigration law.

A lawful permanent resident in the USA is an overseas national who has been granted the freedom of lastingly living and working in the United States.

In order to be able to support a relation to immigrate to the United States, you have to meet the following decisive factors:
• You have to be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States and be able to give credentials proving your status.
• You ought to have a qualifying family connection with the recipient.
• You should be eager to sponsor your relative for legal permanent residency by filing the I-130, appeal for Alien Relative.
• You have to prove that you can maintain your family, your family member and all other sponsored family members at 125% above the commanded poverty line.

Petitioner: The individual or business that files the supplicant. Also, called the sponsor.

Principal Beneficiary: The individual on whose behalf the petition is filed is called the principal recipient.

Derivative Beneficiaries: Spouse and slight children who also might be entitled based on the primary beneficiary's petition are called the derivative benefiaries.

US Visit Visa Interview Tips

The following post will provide you with a detailed idea and tips of the US visa interview and how to get ready for it. This article is composed assume that the US Visit Visa applicants are parents or parents-in-law of persons previously in the U.S.

The visa interview has individual and accordingly changeable factors involved in whether your visa application gets established or rejected.

Consular officers would actually like to see that interviewees are truthful, stay for the authorized period and come back on time after that. They would not desire anyone to stay unlawfully in the U.S. Although the U.S. is a country of immigrants, it does not mean that any person can enter the country for any reason.

A lot of people don't know the fundamental rules of US Visitor Visa. Several are not aware of the punishment for breaking the rules. If you obtain a business visa of the USA, it does not mean you can depart to the USA and begin your company over there. If you obtain a 10 year multiple entry visa of USA, it does not signify that you can reside in the USA for 10 years. A 10 year multiple entry visa means you can depart to the U.S. anytime inside next 10 years. For every visit, your authentic stay will be determined by the date embossed in the I-94 form at the port of entrance. It is typically 6 months. You can make longer your stay up to another 6 months.

US Visit Visa Interview Tips

Following are some useful tips of US Visit Visa interview. Adhere to these tips while preparing for interview of US Visit Visa

1.            Be dressed in formal clothes as if for an official business meeting. The meeting officer will always be a Native American (the interpreter if required may be of your country). Preferably the man should be dressed in a tie. Americans always be pleased regarding formal clothing, so they will not discover you over-dressed if you wear a tie.

2.            Reach your destination early. You would not like to miss your US Visit Visa interview just for the reason that you got jammed in traffic.

3.            Do not get anxious. Be positive. You will be more confident if you have equipped methodically. Smile when you get together the visa officer for the first time. Don't show signs of anxiety for instance flickering of eyes, shaky of fingers as that could go not in favor of you. Look into the eyes of the officer at the same time as speaking.

4.            Both candidates should welcome the officer with a smile and a "good morning", as soon as you go into the interview booth.

5.            Both candidates are supposed to have a positive attitude and look at the interviewing officer straight in the eyes all through the interview.

6.            Be certain in your answers, no matter what you say. Make little, clear, succinct replies, in a loud and apparent voice. Do not tell anything that is inappropriate or not asked. By error, you might give some needless information that may cause your rejection.

7.            Be courteous, do not dispute and do not ask needless or unrelated questions. Do not needlessly make your responses complicated as this might not work in your favor.

8.            Show admiration in your language even if you don't feel this is being shared.

9.            Over and over again you might not understand what the interviewing officer is saying as a consequence of his/her Native American pronunciation and/or the microphone system. If you do not identify with one of their sentences do not feel frightened to say, 'beg your pardon; I did not identify with you.' If he/she repeats the query and you still do not recognize, that is not a problem, do not fright. Peacefully and confidently say, sorry sir/madam. I still did not understand you. Could you compassionately repeat what you said?

10.          If you are acquainted with English and can understand and speak easily, it is preferable to have the interview in the English so that you and consular officer can recognize the each other. Interpreters make a mess sometimes.

11.          Consular officers are very well-groomed in their line of work. They can work out true intentions of applicants the majority of the times since of their training and experience. Some of them also might know regional languages of your country.