Can an American Immigrate To Canada?

Yes, Americans can easily immigrate to Canada. There are a lot of options of Canadian immigration for Americans who want to immigrate to Canada. As an American citizen you might be interested to know that Canada welcomes (even encourages) you to consider becoming a Permanent or Temporary Resident of Canada.

A lot of Americans are able to meet the criteria for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under the economic stream of immigration– whichever the Skilled Worker Category or the Business Category of Canadian immigration.

A Canadian Permanent Resident may turn out to be a Canadian Citizen and take delivery of a Canadian Passport after three years. Canada allows dual citizenship and you would not have to surrender your U.S. citizenship, if you do not wish to. Both Canada and the America allow dual citizenship.

Americans who desire to enter Canada on a short-term basis also take delivery of special treatment. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) facilitates the admission of Americans who desire to come to Canada to work or to set up or get hold of a Canadian business.
To find out if you qualify to come to Canada on a Permanent or Temporary basis, you may visit official website of Canadian immigration


Anonymous said...

i am working in microsoft usa. what is my scope of canadian immigration from usa. i want to permanently move to canada

Andy said...

I am working as cook in USA for last 7 years. Can i immigrate to canada from USA?

Comrade said...

Dear Andy,
your experience lies in the 29 demanded occupations so u r eligible for canadian immigration

Abraham said...

Hello there stunning people,
I am an American Citizen and I would like to invite my girlfriend to visit me in the U.S. She presently lives in Medellin and she’s also self employed. Do I have to mail her an invitation letter? What do they desire me to write in the invitation? Is there a sample letter that someone might be able to assist me with? I'm desperate! I understand that nearly all of you are saying, this guy needs to pay money for himself a plane ticket to Medellin, and that takes care of it! But, she wants me to assist her get a visa, and I'm doing my finest to help her attain that goal. Guys thank you in advance for all the aid that you all can give me regarding this matter

Anonymous said...

Hello,I am former US Marine and I want to immigrate to Canada.Will I be able?This considering Canada has stop taking skilled workers

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