Visa Invitation Letter Ireland Sample

Following is a sample invitation letter for visit visa of Ireland. This is just a sample for your reference, you can modify this sample visit visa invitation letter for Ireland as per your requirements.


November 19, 2010

The Visa Officer
Embassy of Ireland

Re: Issuance of Visitor visa

Dear Sir / madam:

I, Angel Smith of legal age and holder of Irish passport # A12457777 issued in Dublin on 05 May 2008, have been residing in Ireland for 7 years, and permitted to remain in Ireland till 2015. Find enclosed copies of my passport.

I have been residing at 18, Peter Street, Dublin Ireland for the last 11 months. I confirm that I have invited Mr. John Abraham, 31 Example Street New Delhi India, for visit commencing 08 December 2010.

I have been knowing Mr. John Abraham for 10 years and am connected to him by virtue of the fact that he is my ex-class-fellow. John Abraham will reside with me at 18, Peter Street, Dublin Ireland for the duration of his stay. The house is a 3 bedroom Apartment (Tenant Agreement Enclosed). I also enclosed are my pay slips, bank statements and Income tax returns as an evidence of my financial status.

I have never relied on public funds, and have not acted as a reference for a visa previously. Mr. John Abraham is also currently employed with Microsoft India. For the duration of stay in Ireland, Mr. John Abraham will be partially support himself by his savings.

I guarantee that he will return to India within the defined time limit and he will not be a financial liability to Ireland public funds. Please find enclosed proof of applicant's ties and assets in his home country certifying his intention to depart Ireland after the visit.

In case of any query, I can be reached at [Your Contact # Here] or E-mail address [Your Email Address Here].


Angel Smith


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This is really a great sample letter for visitor visa. I appreciate your efforts.

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A good sample. You have solved my problem

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Iys amazing. I cant beleive that i can get help on internet.

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good day i am a cameroonain i will like to come in ireland how shold i do.

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