Thing to Do After Getting PR of Canada!

After obtaining the Permanent Resident PR Status in Canada, it is compulsory that the migrant should apply for the following:

A Permanent Resident Card:
Once getting the status of a Permanent Resident PR of Canada, you become eligible to get a Permanent Resident Card, which would be provided to you, free of cost. It is a wallet sized card that is necessary for all the migrants living as Permanent residents in Canada. Permanent Resident Card expires after every 5 years.

SIN Card:
SIN stands for Social Insurance Number and is necessary to work in Canada. So you have to apply for the same as soon as likely in order to start your professional career. Ensure that you have a PR Card and a verification of PR and Visa counterfoil before applying for a SIN Card. Also make sure that you have all the documentation required to apply for the card.
Note: Applicants can apply for a SIN Card at any Service Canada Center.
Never reveal your SIN Card Number to anyone!

The Health Card:
It allows right of entry to the health care facilities provided by the Canadian government. As a PR, you are entitled for various health care facilities. Everybody must have his own health card, including all your family members. Certain services are not covered in Health care and for that it is recommended to take a Private Health Card.

Interview Tips for Canadian Immigration

Interview is a decisive factor in the process that covers your Canadian Immigration application process. It is natural for you to be concerned about your Interview and do all the essential preparations previously to keep away from any annoy in future.

1. The first thing - You have to prove your intentions are genuine, not fake, before the Immigration officer.
2. Make certain that you have all the documentation so as to prove your qualifications.
3. It is very important to understand the interview questions to answer them appropriately. Misinterpretation often leads to wrong answers and thus enhance your chances of a visa denial. If by in any case, you are not able to hear the question correctly, never be uncertain to ask the question again, but respectfully.
4. Be polite to your Interviewer at the same time as maintaining an eye contact with him. This will demonstrate your honesty towards your case.
5. You can also make notes during your interview to get ready for your question in advance. Write down the main points in the bulleted form to make it easier for you.
6. Have a brief knowledge about your occupation, the country where you are planning to immigrate and other such factors linked with Immigration. Knowing the official language of Canada i.e. English or French would give you an added advantage.

How to Hire the Top Immigration Lawyer

There are numerous people who are in the hunt for a new place to live, work, or simply buy a new house for vacation in, but do not completely know the process of what it takes to go into a country, for example Canada. There are a lot of places in the globe that need strict rules and have methods of decision if you are qualified to live or work there. Actually there can be dozens and dozens of ways a person can emigrate to a country, and following the mistaken method can lead to rejection.

One of the best ways to really make sure your process and methods of being excepted into a country is to take into service an immigration lawyer that will help you with everything you need to file and know when it comes to immigration. Large numbers of people make the easy error of not knowing some small facts or ways of rising there chances of getting accepted and drop their chance, an immigration lawyer is the one who facilitate you with that. One of the first things that an immigration lawyer would help you with is considering the methods you can meet the criteria with, whether you have someone living in Canada, you have a working class that is actually needed, or you simply want to immigrate to work and live there, they are the ones who will help you with the best ways you can do that.

So here is comes down to how you know if you are hiring the right immigration lawyer and if they are not a scam or fraud, well that is simple. I know that there are many Canada immigration lawyers Toronto or any other city, that can be found online and on websites, this is a main plus when you are thinking of hiring one. If you go on their websites and check information about them, you will know ahead of time that they are and their experience. You can check how much work they have done, how many appointments they have, and if in broad they are a good investment to make in.

Also an additional helpful way to go about getting an immigration lawyer is by going on the main website where you can read about all the lawyers’ backgrounds and see which one you want to take into service and pay.

Canadian Immigration - The International Graduate Visa program

With its energetic immigration policies, Canada welcomes thousands of new residents and short-term workers every year. For those concerned about moving to Canada, there is a variety of immigration options available, whether you are consider making a permanent move or seeking base yourself temporarily in one of Canada's fine provinces. With a standing of having practical and innovative promotion of its immigration policies, Canada remains an exceptionally well-liked destination for the relocation of individuals and families alike, providing for a variety of entry alternatives including skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Though, students and recent graduates should be aware that Canada also keenly seeks those who have freshly graduated with high awards; an initiative termed the International Graduate Visa program.

The International Graduates visa, in its beginning, was conceived as an attempt to reduce the current and future education and skill shortages by providing an enticing alternative for foreign students with offers of jobs from Canadian employers. This program allows international graduates a safe and more rapidly progressing path to obtain their visa requirements for both temporary and permanent residency status. The program gives precedence to those graduates who can show their ability to put in to the Canadian economy for permanent residency, which is another smart feature of the initiative. The skills required vary depending on the provinces involved and the exact skill gaps that they need to be addressed.

The program is obtainable in the following provinces, presented in alphabetical order: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

The essential criteria for all provinces comprise the requirement of completing a post-secondary qualification, being attained from an educational institute within the region, together with an offer of employment that relates to their field of expertise. Variations between the provinces for approval within the program include the necessity to have been employed with the same employer offering the full time place for a period of between 3-6 months before the application is filed. Moreover, some of the provinces will only recognize qualifications from institutions that they have deemed entitled, while some place precise restrictions of the specialties and the grades one must have attained.

Canada Fiancee Visa

Canada is certainly one of the most accepted immigration destinations in the world, and definitely for good reasons. Known for its lenience and recognition of diverse races, beliefs, values, religions, and cultures, it is a country where people from a broad range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds can truly feel at home.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which is liable for overseeing almost every aspect of the Canadian immigration process, recognizes the value of reuniting families. In actual fact, family reunification or family immigration is an essential goal of Canada’s public policy. Spouses, partners, and dependent children who move toward Canada through a Canadian sponsor are referred to by CIC as the Family Class.

Canada Marriage Immigration and Family immigration law in Canada is quite different compared to other English-speaking countries for example England, New Zealand, USA and Australia. Dissimilar to UK, USA and Australia, Canadian immigration law does not present any advantage of a Canada fiancee visa category. For example, permanent residents and citizens of the UK and Australia can bring a foreign spouse or partner to their country on prospective marriage visa or marriage immigration. There is a special K-1 fiancee visa category in US immigration law that permits a US citizen to bring a foreign fiancee to America for the reason of getting married. Unluckily, there is no comparable visa category in Canadian immigration law. Canadian sponsors, who desire to bring a foreign fiancee to Canada, must decide between the unmarried partner or common law partner and conjugal visa categories. The conjugal partner visa is usually used by Canadian citizens and permanent residents in the place of the traditional fiancee visa.

While the description of a partnership is quite severe, Canadian immigration law recognizes that certain factors may stop couples from living together for a wide period of time, or entering into a lawful marriage or civil partnership. Canadian sponsors have an undoubtedly defined and legally-binding compulsion to provide financial support for their foreign spouse, partner, or same sex partner. This compulsion also applies to any dependent children who are given derived status on an immigrant visa application.

Canada grants immigration to couples who are not only married or living together, but also to those who are not able to meet the requirements for a spouse or common law visa due to justifying circumstances. If you have a foreign partner or spouse, and are eager to bring them to Canada on a permanent resident visa, there are three types of visas that you may be entitled to follow.
1. Canada Marriage Immigration
2. Canadian de facto partner visas
3. Canadian same sex partner visas

Severe Measures by CIC to Protect Overseas Temporary Workers

The Canadian government is very keen against any kind of exploitation of foreign workers in Canada. The government is now particularly being vigilant on the employers hiring these foreign workers. Since the Canadian government considers its immigrants as a precious asset, it is being looked into that they are being treated reasonably. Together with this, severe action would be taken against companies who are doing unjust with the immigrants.

This decision has been issued in the interest of the temporary foreign workers because they are one of the most significant contributors to the Canadian economy. The Canadian government feels that it is its duty to guard its new resident in return to their key contributions to its country.

Though, some changes have been planned to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The changes involve severity in the assessment concerning the credibility of the job being offered to the immigrant. Conversely, it is also now catering to an immigrant’s residence in Canada.

Additionally, a trial period for the duration of two years is also under consideration for all those employers hiring overseas professionals. This is particularly for all those employers who have been found to be treating foreign nationals unjustly. a lot of organizations have been found to be paying low wages and deprived working conditions to the immigrants compared to the market value for the same job.

All things considered, a temporary foreign worker would not be entitled to work in Canada for more than four years. This is for the reason that this program is meant to provide to the short term labor accomplishment.

With some strict limits in place, it can be guaranteed that Canada is one of the most excellent places to immigrate in times of day.

Immigrants in Canadian Small Towns

As said by a latest report issued by the Conference Board of Canada, lots of small towns in Canada have found it highly favorable with immigration. The new immigrants have brought a new charter of life for these towns with the appropriate Canadian Immigration policies.

With inhabitants of the towns being as less as 1,539 has seen an increase to 18,510. The report is known as the “Immigrant – Friendly Communities: Making Immigration Work for Employers and Other Stakeholders in Small – Town Canada”. The report says that aside from the immigrants, the local community has also been a binding force helping the people immigrating to Canada to settle down. These contain the local schools, faith groups, employers and especially the local government which have been very vital for the above.

Additionally, the report also mentions that these towns are short of skilled workers and therefore, the immigrants would show to be the benefactors in these towns. Together with this, the major Canadian cities would be less stressed as more and more immigrants target Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver typically.

This report is a clear meter of rising number of options in Canada for its future immigrants. With this, small towns give the perfect getaway for the rest of the lives only to live in cool and a peaceful environment.

In particular, it has to be remembered that Canada has always recognized its immigrant population and has always measured it as an asset.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer – Canadian Immigration Free Advice on Net

Although there is no need to hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, but if you feel that it is impossible for you to know all the process of Canadian Immigration, its terms and meaning of the law than you may hire the services of a Canadian Immigration lawyer.

On the other hand, you can also find a free immigration lawyer on the net who gives you free advice on Canadian immigration matters. You do not have to pay a single penny for this free immigration service. Just write your queries in the comments and find the answers of your queries promptly.

Try to take out all your doubts with your free immigration advice on this blog, so that you can be more positive of the successful accomplishment of your migration application. This blog also helps in bringing out any unknown problems which you would have missed otherwise. See the comments of other peoples too so that you may prepare a solid case for your Canadian Immigration.

Canada Marriage Immigration: Some Important Factors

A Canada Marriage Immigration visa category is for persons who have entered into the tie of marriage that is lawfully authorized and recognized by CIC. The wife or Husband of the sponsor may be presently living in Canada, or the sponsor may be married to a foreign national residing outside Canada in order to get Canada Marriage Immigration.

Besides meeting all of the essential eligibility requirements, sponsors as well as foreign applicants must meet all of the following additional requirements to be eligible for a Canada Marriage Immigration:
1. The marriage should be accepted as a legitimate union by the Canadian government. If the marriage ceremony was performed outside of Canada, the marriage must be documented by both the Government of Canada and the country or authority in which the ritual was performed.
2. If any partner was the legal spouse of a different individual, i.e. polygamy or polyandry, at the instance the ceremony was performed, Canada Marriage Immigration will not be approved.
3. If the sponsor and the claimant have been living separately for a period more than one year, the foreign applicant will not be eligible for a Canada Marriage Immigration.
4. If sponsor or applicant is the common law or conjugal partner of an additional person, you are not entitled to sponsor a foreign spouse for a Canada Marriage Immigration and same for applicant.
5. Under Canada Marriage Immigration law, you must be in ownership of your marriage certificate. If you were married outside of Canada in a foreign Embassy or Consulate, the marriage ought to be lawfully binding consistent with the laws of the country in which the ritual was performed. The acknowledgment of the union by the country represented by the Embassy or Consulate is not adequate to meet this requirement.
Note: Keep hold of your wedding pictures as well as any other proofs which may helpful to confirm your marriage. It will help you a lot when you will apply for Canada Marriage Immigration.

If all of these requirements are met, and all required documents are submitted to the appropriate Canadian immigration authorities, it is very much possible that your Canada Marriage Immigration application will be approved, and your wife or husband will be granted permanent residence status to reside and work in Canada.

What’s next?
An immigration officer may even make a decision to waive the Canada Marriage Immigration interview requirement if the entire case does not lift any serious doubt, and the application is complete and perfect. If the immigration officer is not satisfied based on the written petition, though, the recipient or the sponsor perhaps required to attend a Canada Marriage Immigration interview to convince the immigration department that their relationship is valid and continuing. The ultimate decision as to whether the foreign spouse qualifies for Canada Marriage Immigration will be made by the immigration official during the interview.

How to Apply for Permanent residence of Canada?

Derived from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada, and candidate can only file his application for permanent residence in two types of locations:
1. Where the immigrant has been lawfully allowed to enter Canada for a minimum of a year.
2. The native state or country of the applicant.
This is as stated by the Section 11 of the act.

In case, a person is emigrating to Canada from outside Canada, he must be qualified under the new rules. Together with this, if the applicant does not have a work permit and is not selected under any of the provincial nominee programs, he has to guarantee that his profession is listed in the 38 occupations list required for emigrating to Canada. If his profession appears on the list, then he have to prove his eligibility in the form of educational qualifications, working experience along with some other documents and must submit the complete application form.

The process is very easy and you can easily apply for yourself. But sometimes small details are forgotten and may lead to rejection of application. To help an applicant with such matters, Canadian immigration Lawyer or Canada Immigration Attorney may be contacted. A Canadian Immigration Lawyer can guide you through the whole procedure. Most Canada Immigration Lawyers offer an earlier assessment of an applicant’s skills and qualification which gives a improved insight into an applicant’s case.

Canada Visit Visa – Letter of Invitation

Your sponsor or the person who is inviting you in Canada must write the letter of invitation himself. By writing a letter of invitation for you to have a visit to Canada, he is not legally responsible for you once you enter in Canada, but he must provide the letter in good faith.

Your sponsor will send the invitation letter to you for a visit to Canada. You then submit this letter to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate of your country when they you for your Visa Visit Canada.

The Invitation letter should contain the following information about you:
1. Your complete name.
2. Your Date of birth.
3. Your address and telephone number.
4. His relationship to you.
5. The purpose of the visit.
6. How long the person you intend to stay in Canada.
7. Details on housing and living expenses.
8. The date you intends to leave Canada.

Invitation Letter for Canadian visit Visa must also include the following information about your sponsor:
1. His/Her Complete name.
2. His/Her Date of birth.
3. His/Her Address and telephone number in Canada.
4. His/her Occupation.
5. His/Her Status; whether he is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
6. A photocopy of a document proving sponsor’s status in Canada. For example, a Canadian birth certificate if he was born in Canada or a Canadian citizenship card if he is a naturalized citizen. If your sponsor is Permanent Resident, he/she must send proof of your permanent resident status (a copy of his PR card or his IMM 1000 proof of landing).

A Visit to Canada: Who is eligible?

If you are thinking to have a visit to Canada, you must fulfill the following requirements:
- Have a legal travel document, for example a passport
- Be in excellent health
- Assure an immigration officer that you have ties, for example a job, property, home and family, which will bring you back to your country of origin.
- Assure an immigration officer that you will depart after a visit to Canada.
- Have sufficient money for your stay. The amount of money you need may differ with the situation of the visit, how long you will stay and whether you will live in a hotel or with friends or relatives.

You may also need:
- Canada Visit Visa
- A medical examination
- A letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada

5 Benefits of Provincial Nominee Program of Canada

It is always better to submit an application under a Provincial Nominee program as it can be considered as being more advantageous compared to the other immigration programs of Canada.

Following are the benefits of Provincial Nominee Program of Canada:

1. Provincial Nominee Program leads to quicker processing of your application. This could make possible faster award of a Permanent Resident status. With a quicker approval, it would mean no more standing in queues or read-through your status online or waiting continuously for Immigration.

2. When compared to the Federal Immigration program, the eligibility criteria on the Points Based System are very strict. But Provincial Nominee Programs of different provinces has relaxed criteria.

3. Provincial Nominee program system is likely to differ for each state. There are a lot of applicants who wind up not qualifying under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The Provincial Nominee program is a fresh breathe for such candidates.

4. The criteria of PNP are different for every province which makes it very easy for the candidate to submit an application. These provincial programs do not have criteria relating to the Point Based System.

5. Some provinces are very friendly to employers. In such a case, if an employer finds a person who he thinks would be competent in contributing to the Canadian economy, province would usually accept the employer. Nevertheless, the employer has to show evidence of his good faith and that he is genuine.