How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume?

Following is a sample cover letter which gives the answer of the question - How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume? This sample cover letter template is not specific to Canada but it might be usable to other countries like USA, Australia, NZ and UK.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume?
Follow the instructions and pattern of the standard cover letter while writing

Your Present Address
City, State, Zip Code

Date of Writing

Employer's Name
Company/Organization Name
Street Address
City, Province/State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]:
First paragraph: Mention why you are writing; name the opening, field or common area of work regarding which you are asking. State how you learned regarding the job opening or the company.

Second paragraph: Mention your qualifications as they narrate to the job opening or position for which you are applying. The main word is skills. Refer to your work experience, educational groundwork, activities and ability which make you eligible to meet the requirements of the position and would make you an advantage to this organization. Specify why you are supposed to be considered as an applicant, focusing on how your ability can accomplish the needs of the business. Mention precise results or accomplishments. This is the major paragraph, the one that can differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

Third paragraph (Optional): Have as a minimum one sentence explaining why you are concerned in this organization. What makes it extraordinary? What magnetism does it hold for you? How does the company’s mission maintain your career development?

Closing paragraph: Close your cover letter by making a precise request. Generally this means a request for a meeting or interview. State when you will be obtainable and how you can be contacted. Specify that you will follow-up with a phone call to organize a mutually suitable time to meet or talk on the phone. Also indicate that additional references will be furnished upon request. Thank the employer for his/her time and consideration.


(Your Signature)
Your Typed Name

Enc. Resume

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Qualifying Criteria for Canadian Citizenship

After receiving temporary resident status, populace move to PR (Permanent Resident) status of Canada, therefore aiming their journeys in the direction of Citizenship. But in the middle of all this, they have to understand the accomplishment of those main tasks which would relieve out their path that ends at their final aim – Canadian Citizenship! On the other hand, the case and state of affairs might require extra authorization which might go further than these points too.

Following are essential requirements of Canadian Citizenship

Know about Canada:
It turns out to be vital to know regarding Canada. What are your privileges and tasks as a Citizen? What are the principles and institutions decorated with the past and culture of Canada? Carry out a detailed study and keep yourself up-to-date with these aspects on a constant level. Keep in mind, it’s a steady process… thus; don’t bound your capabilities to learn about Canada each moment.

Time Period in Canada:
This is obligatory to live in Canada for a minimum of three years over a period of four years. Every now and then, applicants are failed to get Citizenship even if they accomplish this authorization.

Language Requirement:
It is predictable out of potential Canadian citizenship applicants to have acquaintance of English or French for them to converse in Canadian society effectively, express themselves in interviews, and clear their suspicions with local and Canadian authorities.

Background Check:
Applicants applying for Canadian citizenship have to have a apparent record (no criminal background in the last three years of applying for the citizenship), must not be in jail/probation or parole.

Age should be to be 18 or more at the time of citizenship application. However, parents are entitled to submit an application for citizenship for their children while applying for themselves.

The application forms have to be attired with all the documents necessary in the procedure of obtaining Canadian Citizenship.

Oath of Citizenship
After meeting all the necessities, support of submission form and clearing all the tests, the applicants would be informed the date and place where they are entitled to take their Oath of Canadian Citizenship.

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Pakistani Cases Moved to CHC London

This forum is designed for those those pakistani future immigrants whom files have been moved to CHC London. Please share your information, suggestions and concerns in the comments below.