Best Way to Bring Your Spouse To Canada !

The best way to bring your spouse to Canada is to submit an application to CIC along with all required documents of Canada marriage Immigration. If you want to bring your spouse to Canada, following are 6 aspects that must be kept in mind:

1. Genuine relationship with your spouse; an important requirement is that you and your spouse have to have a real relationship with each other. The Immigration officers must never think that this association is created just to accomplish the purpose of Canadian Immigration.
2. Marriage Certificate: If you were married in Canada, you are requisite to show your marriage certificate. If married exterior to Canada, the marriage must meet the terms with your country’s law.
3. Medical Fitness: Spouse or dependants might be refused on the foundation of their medical inadmissibility. It is binding to provide documentation linked with health records and other facets.
4. The Immigration officers at Local CHC and CIC should never think or consider that the applicant is trying to take advantage of the Canadian immigration system.
5. Make sure that the spouse has a transparent background and is free from any criminal record
6. You have to show that you have sufficient finances to sponsor your dependents. Financial statements should be shown in the form of bank slips, loan payments (if any) and proof of other assets

How to Bring Your Souse to Canada?


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