Canada Immigration Lawyer

Websites with information on Canada immigration lawyer are as abundant as the multiplicity of people hoping to reconcile in Canada. There are over 60 options for Canadian immigration together with a free assessment to help you decide the accurate option. At the same time as it is not a requirement to hire a Canada Immigration lawyer, the knot of official procedure and requirements is overpowering.

The Canadian governments care for all immigration applications the similar whether the applicant retains a Canada Immigration lawyer or not. Your application does not take delivery of particular thought or faster processing for the reason that you hired the services of a Canada immigration lawyer.

There are things that an immigration lawyer experience, expertise and understanding provide that effort to plan through the procedure on your own does not. Laws frequently change and immigration agencies help with providing information but they cannot give legal advice.

Very frequent, individuals asking questions at a technical agency receive wrong or mistaken information. The customer service agents are taught to give standardized-not specific-information. A customer service agent cannot assess your case over the phone and lineups at information offices are long.

There are two types of immigration representatives who can help you: paid and unpaid.

Only three types of representatives may charge a fee to advise you on immigration and refugee matters: 1) Lawyers in good standing who are members of a law society.
2) Immigration consultants who are members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants
3) Notaries of the Chambre des notaries du Quebec.

The Canadian government does not acknowledge unauthorized representatives.

A person or association who does not charge a fee for instance a family member or friend or a member of a non-governmental or spiritual organization is a suitable unpaid immigration representatives.

Perhaps the most excellent way is to ask people you belief to recommend a lawyer. When you speak to the lawyer establish what services they provide and the fee. Obtain the information in writing. Make sure you are aware of the contract.

One concluding question to ask a Canada immigration lawyer goes further than the landing procedure to consider life in Canada. Immigration websites advertize the opportunities and economic benefits of settling in Canada with its reasonably priced education, renowned health care, and large quantity of land and secure cities. All too often persons do not inquire the "Now what" questions of "How do I earn a income?" "What is the expenditure of living?" or "What if I have a checkup issue or a special need?"

A reputable Canada immigration lawyer ought to help you in answering some of these questions or guide you to the resources to help you find the answers.


Anonymous said...

Good day sir,
i am from nepal and i have completed my graduation from india in B.A computer science. i got 6 Score in ILETS. i want to apply for january 2011 intake, could u plz suggest me the process and is my ILETS score is okay. Is canadian universities are open for all nepali students ?? thanks for u revert

Hotel Jobs in Canada said...

Could you please tell me that what is the reason behind current low pace of new immigrant to Canada, whether it is election or something else Thanks

Ritesh said...

We just got Canadian PR visa from Delhi. My wife is principal applicant in the visa application.
Is it mandatory to travel with principal applicant when you are landing first time in Canada ?
Or family member can travel without principal applicant when landing first time ?
Please assist.

Anonymous said...

can some buddy tell me what is public and service affair passport?

Renji John said...

I prefer to apply Canadian PR, My IELTS band score is 5.5 , Is this point is eligible for this ?

James Kulangara Joseph said...

Sir have a good day!
I am a lecturer in English in an industrial college, Saudi Arabian University and I have applied for Canada immigration in 2006 March from India and I have already got my file number but nothing is heard thereafter. Can I hope processing of my file in the first months of 2012?

Anonymous said...

i would live to migrate to canada is theyr a relayable lawer in south croydon who can guide me do let me know

Anonymous said...

Please update, CSIC is no more the regulator of the consultants. It is now Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Comrade said...

Thanks for update

Anonymous said...

i do posses resident card of 10yrs in France, can i migrate to canada

harry said...

Is diploma of production horticulture from Australia is valid to apply for canadian PR

Anonymous said...

can i apply assylum while I am on transit visa

shobhan said...

Hi there, i am currently on H4 in the USA. I fall under the FSW (social worker). I am interested in knowing my chances for a PR in canada. This step is primarily because of the backlog on GC, in which my husbands application is stuck. Please advice how the Canadian PR would help us.

Anonymous said...

Hi,i must say u're really doing a great job there,more grace to u,pls i am a nigerian i recieved a msg of a job vacancy in alberta canada and the company is going to fund the air ticket,working permit etc,but i am asked to get a canada legal entry acceptability resolve(clear)document,and this is just going to be my first going to canada,how do i obtain this document,pls i am really in need of help,write me on my email as u do so god bless u.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir, I am NDANA HAPPINESS, I will to live and work in canada. Please help me. My email Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi , good day,
i have completed my bsc nuring and got ielts 7.5 as a band with l-8.0 , r-8.5 , w-6.0 , s-7.0
please let me know how could i apply to canada to work

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