Historical Facts about Irish Emigration to US

The residents of the republic of Ireland are approximately 4.5 million and that of Northern Island is about 1.8 million. About sixty million people all the way through the globe assert that their ancestry belongs to either the southern or northern parts of the Irish island. The main Irish population resides in the US, and also plenty of Irish people live in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

They are also bringing into being in some other parts of the world living in tiny communities. In the Australian continent, around 2 million claim to be from Irish ancestry that makes up around nine percent of the whole population. People of Irish descent are also found in the UK that makes around ten percent of overall population of the country.

How the Irish emigration took place in such huge numbers is a big subject. But noteworthy studies have provided facts that states how emigration in such big numbers took place. Thousands of Irish fled to America at some stage in the great famine in the 1840s from Ireland. An utmost population among these landed up in Boston and the inhabitants in Boston increased from thirty thousand to hundred thousand. The majority of the population was not expert sufficient and were uneducated at that time. This led them towards slavery and it is predictable that around seventy percent were servants from the Irish origin in Boston. For that reason the Bostonians started believing that the Irish are from a servant race.

The Irish feminine servants were called as “Bridget”, and the Irish male servants were called as “Paddy” by the citizens of Boston. In the Irish, servants that supply to around seventy percent of the total population of servants, and around 2/3rd were women amongst Irish servants. A lot of of the Irish servants lead a despondent life like the men suffered from seclusion and depression while most of the women suffered from psychological illness that also of high level.

The Irish immigration gradually declined in the US by the start of the nineteenth century as serious carelessness was offered by the Natives in the American society.


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